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Kintail Burn, Dusky Track,Fiordland, NZ 2012 Six Moon Designs ‘Swift’ pack @ 450 grams


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31/12/2013: Film of Douglas Mawson at Commonwealth Bay Antarctica in the summer of 1912 (Play it and notice how large patches of land are completely ICE FREE). Today’s team of warmie scientists are stuck in ice 75 kilometres off the mainland:

31/12/2013: Charles Hoy Fort used to think we were FISHED for (plus many other strange ideas, Atlantis, etc) but I sometimes wonder at the sheer NUMBERS of folks (and DOGS) going missing on Facebook! I can understand the missing lovely teenagers (someone who doesn’t have to put up with them MIGHT surely want them – if they haven’t simply run away, as everyone’s kids did sometime if they had any gumption  - and most of us STILL want to from time to time, surely) but the ugly old men (and women: no sexism HERE) and the REALLY ugly dogs…WHO/WHAT could be fishing for THESE? What could their sinister purpose BE. What possible USE could they put these folks/dogs TO? Life is redolent with mysteries!

31/12/2013: I am mystified by the changing nature of ABC announcers’ emphasis. Remember a few years back when every reporter on TDT etc had to emphasize every fourth or fifth word no matter how insignificant? ABC News Radio has now gone one better. Reporters there are now emphasizing EVERY SINGLE WORD. It is SO VIOLENT. It is as if they are saying, ‘YOU WILL LISTEN TO THIS!’

 31/12/2013: We CAN be TOO kind (particularly to the good folks of Afghanistan it seems). I wonder just what long-term consequences we will reap from all this largesse:

 30/12/2013: Looks like fun; may try it someday (French tourist - one year in Australia in one minute) :

 30/12/2013: The Health Nazis are SUCH an ominous force. In many countries (including Oz) they are succeeding in having e-cigarettes banned (just in case they MIGHT prove dangerous – or encourage les autres!) In just the same way they waged a vicious attack on ‘passive smoking’ which (while it might have been annoying to some) had NO adverse health consequences at all, as many long-term studies showed - including a huge one done by the WHO:  &

 30/12/2013: NEAT mnemonic: ‘Stalactites (ceiling) and stalagmites (ground)’. Always had trouble with that. No more.

 29/12/2013: 250cc Motorbike which weighs 57kg:

 29/12/2013: A pair of hiking pants which you can wear for 365 days and even sleep in which weigh 75 grams and a raincoat that you can ALSO sleep in @ 123 grams. That's REAL weight saving: &

 29/12/2013: Have fitted a SECOND pair of heavy duty shocks to the rear of the old Defender. That seems to have finally settled the camper down so that it is just like driving a car NOW. Looking forward to our next trip! Merrin & Matt are to trial it first this week.


29/12/2013: ‘The Desolation of Smaug’ gets my recommendation of ‘Must See’. So much better (quicker and less didactic) than the first episode. I like the way they are weaving the story into the ‘First War of the Rings’. Smaug is SUPER!

 29/12/2013: Della is the owner of a new domestic robot for Xmas (thanks to the kids). We toyed with calling it ‘Hired Girl’ after the first one in Heinlein’s ‘The Door Into Summer’ (1957) but have settled on ‘K9’ after ‘Doctor Who’. It IS still having some trouble negotiating some of our monumental untidiness but (laziness) will force us to change all this, so that the house floors will be forever spotless (except for ‘Spot’ the dog, of course!)

 28/12/2013: Does Jesus need an electric hair curler for Xmas? Or a sky-diving voucher? Panadol? A kayak?

 28/12/2013: The old grey thrush has just about finished raising her SECOND clutch of three babes in the chink in our mud-brick wall where she nests. She seems determined to fill our small valley with birdsong! I was reminded yesterday afternoon that she is nonetheless a descendent of Tyrannosaurus, when she returned to her nest with a tiny still wriggling garden skink and managed to voice her melodious song with it still I her beak. I realised then that if we were the size of garden skinks we would view her song VERY differently!

 28/12/2013: More snow and ice in Antarctica than there was 100 years ago when Mawson was there. If he had been there THIS year he would have DIED:

27/12/2013: Do you TOO wonder what percentage of the fawning Lefties lamenting the demise of Ford and Holden actually DRIVE an Australian built car? I suspect if they did, we would have a vibrant and viable automotive manufacturing industry!

 27/12/2013: If this guy is right, and someone has created malware which can communicate and spread via audio, the world has just become a wee bit more spooky (if not dangerous). All those folks who leave their mikes and cell phones off may be right after all:

 27/12/2013: Spectacular (&memorable) Earthrise on Apollo 8, Christmas Eve, December 1968: (& See:

 26/12/2013: Received one of these knives for Xmas. It is just brilliant: overall weight 36.5g, knife only 27.5g (US$12.27). Blade is definitely thick enough and strong enough to split kindling though its big brother, the ‘Zombie Acheron’ has a slightly longer blade. It would definitely butcher a sambar deer or any other use you could put it to. Its sheath has a lanyard hole so you can hang it around your neck and quickly access it with one hand

 26/12/2013: The good news is that Alan Turing, a brilliant mathematician, (cf the film, ‘Enigma’) has been pardoned posthumously. I have long thought this should be the case even though he WAS convicted of ‘gross indecency,’ which was what homosexuality was (quite properly) seen as in c1950. Even though his personal conduct was (no doubt) disgusting, this does not mean that it should have been then (or now) illegal, even though it should quite properly be condemned then (& now) and be permitted/practiced only in private.

 26/12/2013: If the US, the EU and the UK can have FRACKING, I think it is about Vic’s turn too! Let’s not miss out on this prosperity. The opportunity may not knock again:

 25/12/2013: A very decent Xmas message from Tony:

 25/12/2013: Christmas is for EVERYONE:  &

 25/12/2013: It isn’t very often that we get to celebrate the life of one of the world’s great gun innovators such as Colt, Mauser, Mannlicher, Purdy etc BUT today Mikhail Kalashnikov IS no more:

 24/12/2013: As mentioned in an earlier post 04/11/2013, I have ordered a heap of ‘hiking’ knives which might best be used to split wet firewood to create dry kindling & ‘excelsior’, but yesterday found THIS ‘Scanpan’one on sale in Aussie Disposals for $5.95! Weighing a mere 47 grams (including a VERY secure sheath) it will be hard to beat for the purpose. It would also make an excellent kitchen or utility knife maybe as a Xmas gift:


24/12/2013: If you are STILL in denial about JG, you really need to get your head around the issue, because she WILL be charged. Read this: and this:

 24/12/2013: A reminder of this fine speech by the late Michael Crichton:

 23/12/2013: COLONISATION, not multiculturalism; I prefer neither:

 23/12/2013: What the future holds? ‘The typical American family has seen its real income (adjusted for inflation) fall for 5 consecutive years now, and it earns less in real terms that it did in 1989.’ We just can’t keep BORROWING to make a living:

 23/12/2013: The ‘Pause’ continues:

 22/12/2013: Joe Bastardi:

 ‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the news, there were reports of record cold , so many were confused;

 Told global warming is why we should care, And that the point of no return would soon be here;

The children were bombarded with tales of dread, While visions of climate disasters were stuck in their heads;

 And mamma in her Prius , and I on my bike, To save the planet, got rid of the cars that we like. When suddenly in the data there arose such a clatter, The earth was not warming, what could be the matter?

 The warming stopped, as quick as a flash, Leaving proponents in sack-cloth, bathing in ash For far too common was new-fallen snow More than forecasted, temperatures 0 or below,

And , what to my wondering eyes should appear, But an uptick in sea ice, and even more polar bears,

With a little old driver, called the PDO, I knew in a moment it had to be so Howling like beagles fearing the shame, AGW pushers called skeptics many names;

 “Now, Denier! now, madman! now neanderthal ,you’re lying! You’re an idiot ! your stupid, know nothing, we’re frying!

To the top of the chart ! breaking through the temperature wall! The warmings out of control, its frying us all!”

 As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly, This is the worst drought ever, global warming is why,

So up to the IPCC the climate pushers flew, With a gravy train of grants, and politics too.

Make economies pay, we need no proof Just keep saying temperatures are going through the roof

With the media complicit, my head was turning around, To see the global temperature level off and then come down.

 The warming had stopped, in their mouth was their foot, Exposing the scam, and the making off with the loot.

 Readjusting temperatures, from many years back Peddling disinformation to the media pack.

At conferences they would drink and make merry! While the deceit grew in a way, that made it quite scary

For the tide it had turned , there was cold that would show, You cant say its warmer, if there’s too much snow;

 The cold that was showing, led to chattering of teeth, As the cycle came full circle, not unlike a wreath;

The face of global warming, had become a subject smelly, Their position as “solid” as a bowlful of jelly.

Hockey sticks broken, sea ice on the increase, I laughed when I heard their excuses not cease.

 Events we all knew were something ahead were twisted into worst ever, something to dread;

How dare mother nature destroy AGW’s lifes work, These deniers are as nasty as a Miley Cyrus Twerk,

But the data is there and everyone knows The temperatures leveled off while co2 rose So when in the wire, you hear the cold wind whistle, The AGW agenda is ready for dismissal

 So let me exclaim, as this fades out of sight, “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night.”

 22/12/2013: Waterproof split-toe socks: you would THINK the Japanese (& others) who wear nothing but thongs would have long since invented them, but it seems they do NOT exist! However, I have modified my ultralight thongs into ultralight adjustable ‘thandels’ (@ 61 grams per pair) so that I can wear them with my seal skin waterproof socks making them into a useful pair of waterproof hut booties with very tough soles. The commercial alternative are these at 1.7 oz per pair. Their down socks sound great too:

 22/12/2013: First the BAD NEWS: ‘Australia is one of the world’s last surviving AAA states, yet its position is precarious. It has built up external liabilities of $855bn US dollars and has a net international investment position (NIIP) of minus 64pc of GDP, the world’s most-stretched after Europe’s Club Med bloc. The International Monetary Fund usually regards minus 30pc as a warning signal.’ Then, the GOOD NEWS: ‘Morgan Stanley report predicts that gas exports will help (the) country eliminate its current account deficit for the first time in four decades…Australia is to become a global gas superpower by the middle of the decade and eliminate its current account deficit for the first time in almost 40 years’. Take THAT you anti-fracking nut-jobs:

 21/12/2013: A REALLY GREAT speech! No wonder this guy was our longest serving Prime Minister:

 21/12/2013: A SELF-WINDING watch! How I used to lust for such a treasure when I was a kid. I finally snagged one a couple of years ago for $200 and was over the moon. Quartz watches for some reason make me itchy and I haven’t seen a wind-up one for some time. This guy has Seiko self-winders on eBay from $65 + $18 delivery. You just HAVE to treat yourself:

 21/12/2013: Just in case you might want to treat yourself TWICE, there ARE still manual winding watches, like this beauty for $12:

 20/12/2013: ‘14-year-old Gabi Stricker-Phelps…the only Australian child adopted by a non-relative last year through the NSW Department of Family and Community Services. The only child allowed to escape a lifetime of neglect and abuse.’ Political correctness and ‘Stolen Generation’ myth-making GONE MAD. When ARE we going to SAVE THE CHILDREN?

 20/12/2013: Interesting paper: ‘This solar “de Vries cycle” together with the AMO/PDO determine practically completely the global climate of the past ( Fig. 4 ). This rules out any significant influence of CO2 on the climate. The latter is not surprising in view of the small amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and its weak infrared absorption cross section.’ See also:

 20/12/2013: Courtesy of an old friend, this interesting video; you have to wait until @ 2:45 but it is worth it. Our jumping jacks can expect this treatment soon:

 19/12/2013: DD-WRT: For every problem, there is a solution. A bit difficult for the novice perhaps – and I haven’t tried this yet – but we do (all) have just such problems with our routers (eg our internet radio, streaming video wirelessly from one device to another etc), and it would be nice to think this would solve those issues. When I am game I will try it and let you know…

 19/12/2013: Herbicides DO make thistles look SO sad; I almost feel sorry for the cursed things: the ten year drought compounded the weed problem (too much bare ground) but we are slowly getting on top of them again. This year our spraying efforts have been delayed by too much rain – not that I’m complaining: there has been plenty of sheep feed so far – you almost wish you had a thousand ewes…but not quite, somehow!

 19/12/2013: The ‘Bolt Case’ illustrated just how extreme our anti free speech laws have gone here. In England they have gone even further. Thankfully the Abbott Government is set to reform some of such laws here:

 18/12/2013: I am quite pleased with my latest ‘invention’ a self-cleaning pet water bowl. As you can see a timer empties the bowl (as often as desired) and it refills with a float valve (you could add a tap or another timer here to better regulate it). I have used a ¾” ‘Yorkshire’ copper elbow, some ¾” rubber hose and some ¼” micro irrigation outlets to help ‘flush’ the bowl. I will make the anti-drowning feature out of stainless mesh when I have located some. This should work well for messy birds (such as Della’s Dusky Lorikeets), or even as a dog waterer on the verandah:

 18/12/2013: This guy’s ultralight stove set-ups are astonishing. Imagine a wood stove which weighs 32 grams! Or a Titanium version of the ‘Bushbuddy’ ( that weighs only 78 grams! For the real ultralighter, there is a 2-fuel pot and stove combo that weighs 45 grams! Comparable products are Trail Design’s Ti Tri ( and Evernew’s DX ( 

 18/12/2013: The Fawcett expeditions: watched an interesting doco an SBS about Col Percy Fawcett which mentioned the astonishing substance ‘Terra Preta’ which has been discovered (partly) as a result of his (fatal) efforts ( See also: for a recipe). Taken together with this guy’s insights into fungi ( & see also: I think Tony’s alternative carbon ‘solution’ IS the right one. If we can massively increase carbon in soils in these ways we can vastly increase agricultural (and natural) outputs – which is surely a win-win strategy?

 17/12/2013: Watched the movie/documentary, ‘The Last Trapper’ (2004) tonight. Well worth a look. It certainly reminds me of why I still push for multi-day wilderness hiking trips – if you have never done such a thing, you should. (Put it on your bucket list! At least!). We are planning several days hiking out of Supper Cove, Dusky Sound, Fiordland, NZ sometime Feb/March ( Have been there before (lots of times) but am still drawn back to the wilderness, the beauty, the solitude, the challenge… We will probably do some camping out in our Zpacks Solo-plus ( ‘tent’ this time, not just staying in huts…

 17/12/2013: Now HERE is a great idea for our car industry (and a wonder no-one thought of this before!) – let’s NATIONALISE it so we can roll out a heap of (compulsory) Trabanths, Ladas etc to replace your shiny new Toyotas, Nissans, etc:

 17/12/2013: Mind you, it MIGHT be a good idea for the Federal Government to buy Land Rover and move it to one of the now defunct car factories in Melbourne, etc. Strategically it would be a smart defensive thing to be able to produce heaps of tough 4WD vehicles which could be co-opted for that purpose in the event of a national emergency. We WOULD have to solve the problem of corrupt (and lazy) unionists FOR ALL TIME too. I have never understood why THAT one is so hard…

 16/12/2013: Yesterday we shore, drenched and injected ALL our remaining sheep – a job which used to take a week, and still had time for a cold beer on the verandah! SO nice to be retired. I am also happy I no longer have to pick up and turn over 1,000+ lambs at marking time. Can’t even imagine any longer how my back stood up to THAT. Our apologies that we no longer feel up to providing you folks with 100,000+ MEALS per year (not to mention 10,000+ jumpers) but we have to have a spell sometime: I note that the weather is to be warm this week AND that there is plenty of water in Gippsland’s rivers – time again perhaps for a bit of white-water work, maybe an overnight trip to proof-test our new hiking tent?

 16/12/2013: Khayyam: ‘Like snow upon the desert’s dusty face…’

 16/12/2013: Re the above quote; if you haven’t read Khayyam, please DO. I still think Fitzgerald’s 1859 First Edition is the BEST: ‘…one thing is certain, that Life flies; One thing is certain, and the Rest is Lies; The Flower that once has blown forever dies’:

 15/12/2013: Very good news for the second driest continent on Earth: In any case lots of water: Enough to sustain a lot of lives for a long time!

 15/12/2013: Bizarrely enough, THIS is NOT a joke! The lengths (and ends) some folks will go to to further terrorism, religion, whatever…This guy wants to be repeatedly sodomised to make his arse BIG enough to accommodate lots of explosives. I would have though he is a big enough arse already, but there you go:

 15/12/2013: Even a GENIUS isn’t always smart with money. The ‘South Sea Bubble’ and ‘The Tulip Bubble’ & etc bear a striking similarity in my mind to Australia’s ‘Housing Bubble’ which WILL burst one day:

 15/12/2013: Maybe you should also get your head around this; life was actually BETTER under apartheid: ‘Today South Africa has a 26 percent unemployment rate and a 17 percent HIV rate…Among the 18-34 age group, 56 percent of whites, 53 percent of Indians and 43 percent of those of mixed race want to leave the country. Among blacks the number is only at 33 percent which still means that a third would like to leave…Today 77 percent of South African households face food insecurity and most teachers are not able to teach students how to read independently…With its high crime rates and high AIDS rates, South Africa has a life expectancy in the fifties. Afghanistan, Sudan and Haiti all have higher life expectancies than South Africa’:

 14/12/2013: ONE boat containing THREE people this week –AND they will all be promptly sent home! WELL DONE TONY!

 14/12/2013: WELL DONE George Brandis! I think THIS is the first time in my life that one of our governments has struck a blow for INCREASING FREEDOM:

 14/12/2013: I feel SO sorry for people who have nut allergy because…is there anything more delicious than Kraft’s Whipped Peanut Butter? Well: Nutella, Thai Chilli Peanuts, Sea Salt Macadamias…

 14/12/2013: I’m sure THIS is how it works here too. Redistribution only fuels the entitlement mentality. Everyone should pay a proportion of their income as taxes so that they feel their Government and society BELONGS to them – and so they will have an interest in how Government money is SPENT: not just sit idly by with their beggar’s bowl crying ‘Poor Me’ and expecting a handout from the rest of us:

 13/12/2013: Courtesy of my bird-brained wife, Della:

 13/12/2013: Just as they destroyed Holden and Ford, Shorten’s bully boy union mates want also to destroy Toyota - AND the Government is proposing giving such ex-employees further hand-outs? A further boot up the arse is what they deserve: ‘Late yesterday, Toyota Australia’s cost-cutting strategy received a serious setback when a Federal Court judge blocked the company from holding a meeting of employees today to consider changes to their workplace agreement, ruling that the carmaker had breached the “no extra claims” provision of the workplace agreement covering employees. Toyota Australia president and chief executive Max Yasuda said ... GM Holden’s planned closure in 2017 “will put our manufacturing operations and the local supplier network under unprecedented pressure so it is now more important than ever before that we make urgent changes…A decision will be made next year on the next-generation Camry and export program and we need to take urgent action if we want to stay at the negotiating table for future investments,” he said. “The proposed changes were designed to remove outdated and uncompetitive terms and conditions that make it difficult to compete with other Toyota plants throughout the world”’

 13/12/2013: Don’t let THIS be YOU:

 13/12/2013: WILL the Royal Commission into child sex abuse investigate these prominent political figures? Horrifying:

 13/12/2013: A LONG history of EQUALITY which we would be foolish in the extreme to dismantle: ‘When the state constitutions of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania were framed in 1850s, voting rights were granted to all male British subjects over the age of 21, which included Aboriginal men.’

 12/12/2013: It sure is COLD out there: minus 94C measured in Antarctica – cold enough to freeze CO2 out of the atmosphere (though because of partial pressure, NOT at that altitude – nearly 4,000 metres!) SOME planet:

 12/12/2013: WHO would have thought: Movember is racist AND sexist:

 12/12/2013: Puzzles of our times: why ARE we only FULLY HUMAN in the mornings until after TWO cups of coffee?

 11/12/2013: Went to these folks’ site to order Della a set of lenses for her smart phone when I was blown away by the photo gear they have for smart phones! Freight is reasonable too:

 11/12/2013: Elon Musk is AMAZING: his SpaceX has just launched its first geostationary satellite. Next stop; Mars!

 11/12/2013: Lung cancers can now be detected and CURED with regular screening. As this is a cost effective way of reducing the death rate, it should be adopted as breast screening has been. Of course, there will be opposition from wowsers who view smokers as bad, and lung cancers as their just desserts! There is no end to the evil folks CAN get up to! An interesting observation: this medical ability may now mean that if you were going to die from cancer rather than eg heart disease that smokers may gain increased longevity over non-smokers. I predict this is an outcome which the ‘virtuous’ will not allow:

 10/12/2013: Mandiba. What a great guy! His (and Winnie’s legacy): 80,000 whites murdered including @10% of the nation’s farmers, tens of thousands of black ‘opponents’ of the ANC ‘necklaced’ to death, a host of terrorists bombings etc, support for and from a heap of nasty dictators world-wide, his country (once so peaceful and prosperous) NOW an economic basket case and the murder capital of the world (far MORE dangerous than even Iraq!)…he WAS a good communist – just like all the rest. The Left ‘celebrate’ his life. They are completely unable to distinguish good from evil. He should be remembered for NO achievements.

 10/12/2013: What a great outcome THAT would be. Hope MANY others join them: ‘Mr Haddad said the men were so incensed that, if they could, they would leave the country and not return.’

 10/12/2013: ‘We are living through a disruptive innovation as far-reaching as the steam engine or the discovery of petroleum…The people who created the shale gas revolution, and their gutsy backers in the financial markets, sank billions of dollars into often fruitless gambles over long periods before eventually reaping rich rewards. It is a reminder that innovation is neither easy nor cheap nor inevitable…Yet we… can now benefit from their efforts…They reduced the use of chemicals by 95 per cent to very low levels; they proved that significant earthquakes or the contamination of aquifers by fracking are both almost impossible; that methane leakage is no worse than in conventional gas drilling; that the time and cost spent in fracking a well can be greatly reduced with experience. We can come in, in other words, when others have shown how effective, safe and affordable slick-water fracking in shale is.’

 09/12/2013: Re Ju-Liar today,"I am satisfied that, in each instance, the communication was made or the document prepared in furtherance of the commission of a fraud or an offence." Victoria's chief magistrate Lauritsen who has granted police investigating the AWU slush fund scandal access to hundreds of documents, finding they were part of a fraud and therefore not covered by legal privilege:

 09/12/2013: Chief Magistrate Lauritsen will rule today on whether Gillard and Wilson’s Slater & Gordon documents are protected by (client) ‘privilege’ – or whether Vic Police can use them as EVIDENCE. I’m barracking for Vic Police myself! The net draws ever tighter. She WILL be charged AND gaoled, the first Australian PM to have been PROVEN to be a criminal – there are plenty of other candidates, I’m sure!

 09/12/2013: THIS flying jellyfish robot (weighing just TWO grams) IS rather neat:

 09/12/2013: Human prehistory becomes stranger and stranger:

 09/12/2013: Definitely a good question: ‘When, if ever, will Facebook contain more profiles of dead people than of living ones?’ And the answer:

 08/12/2013: Homo Erectus mastered fire 790,000 years ago: and maybe created THIS amazing artefact 230,000 years ago (cf ‘Our conclusion is that this object was purposely modified by hominids.’;jsessionid=C3820F32074D17818923916A23FF7713.journals?fromPage=online&aid=76619) maybe also the Tan Tan figurine from Morocco @ 400,000 years old ( These little guys certainly made their way to some places (eg islands) where they would have had to be able to build large boats to access (which argues for their having had LANGUAGE). If so, then the ‘human brain’ PREDATED humans – which is a pretty mind-boggling concept really. It also makes you think about the ‘legends’ of the ‘little people’.

 08/12/2013: STOP paying folks to BREED! This will make a ‘better’ movie even than ‘Snowtown’! Kids who have barely even learned to talk! Omigod! AND we are having a Royal Commission into a handful of perverted priests who ought to have been publicly castrated and hanged generations ago. Why don’t we throw some MORE money at such wonderful social ‘problems’? Sickening, but DO read the article – all this happening in the hills just a few kms out of Canberra! Who knew:

 08/12/2013: Life constantly tosses up novel unexpected experiences. Yesterday driving into Churchill I saw two tiny rails on the side of the road (like miniature brown-feathered velociraptors). My guess is they were Lewin Water –Rails (or maybe Marsh Crakes – probably the latter as they were very small; I only saw them for an instant). I am almost astonished that in a life mis-spent wandering wild places I had NEVER seen them before, yet yesterday saw them on the verge of a busy main road!

 07/12/2013: Here’s an interesting water and energy conserving gadget: ‘How much water does the Quench shower consume during Step-2 (Auto-Mode re-circulating shower)? Around 4 litres (1 gallon) of water is all that is required to enable the Quench shower to operate in Auto-Mode. You can shower for as long as you like in Auto-Mode – using no more than 4 litres of water.’

 07/12/2013: ‘The bulk of his adult life, Nelson Mandela was a failed Marxist revolutionary and leftist icon, the Che Guevara of Africa.’ There are many, I’m sure who wish he had died BEFORE he had ruined his country: See, eg: & & SA was a peaceful prosperous nation before he took over. Now it is the murder capital of the world and descending rapidly into desperate poverty and chaos.

 07/12/2013: Structures 15 TIMES the diameter of the Earth (and in plain view) found ‘hiding’ in our neighbourhood! What else don’t we know about the sun? Yet Chicken Little believes EVERYTHING is down to AGW! What fanciful tosh!

 06/12/2013: Just across the valley, this morning THIS is the forecast: SNOW! (AND we have the heater on!) O, AGW ‘WHERE is thy sting?’

 06/12/2013: It is not just a LOCAL phenomenon either:

 06/12/2013: AND in the Arctic:

 06/12/2013: All over the country farmers, pet owners, manufacturers of animal housing, feeding, & handling equipment make and install equipment which does NOT injure or kill animals. Lucky sheep, ducks, parakeets, etc. Melbourne zoo, with oceans of ‘qualified’ staff (and no doubt countless meetings, bonuses, perks etc) cannot care for ONE BABY ELEPHANT. WHAT? Did I hear them correctly? ‘It hanged itself with/from its favourite toy.’ The lunatics are running the asylum!

 06/12/2013: Albert Einstein: "As he lay dying of an abdominal aortic aneurysm in 1955, he refused surgery, saying: 'It is tasteless to prolong life artificially. I have done my share, it is time to go. I will do it elegantly.'" (Albert was 76 and one month old, and had lived a VERY productive life, unlike most of us – some more of his bon mots here: ) I think the author has a point: there has to be some cost/benefit analysis on the issue of prolonging life, particularly if the life is really not worth living, and especially as someone ELSE has always to pay the piper - & as the kitty is rapidly running out. At a somewhat creaky 64 I think about this issue more and more, and feel it is long past time we could go to the doc and say, “Some of the pretty blue tabs Doc, I’m out of here’, then just go home, say ‘Goodbye’ to friends and family, ring the undertaker, and depart without leaving huge bills behind for unnecessary and unwanted ‘care’:

06/12/2013: The Dalmatian pelican at up to 15kg is the largest living bird that can fly. What an impressive beast. (PS: It never did feed its young from its breast but sometimes beats its breast with its bill to assist regurgitation, which is what may have given rise to the myth):

 05/12/2013: ‘O, Brave New World’ – Huxley’s millennial predictions were surprisingly prescient:

 05/12/2013: Indos at it again (PS: Perhaps we should hang onto this lot – and the Herc - until THEY release Schapelle!) :

 05/12/2013: Strange how the Left courts it…Religious tolerance is ONE thing, Islam is another: restriction and punishment are common elements of Sharia as followed by extremists:

An eye for an eye

Drinkers (of alcohol) and gamblers must be whipped.

Homosexuals must be put to death

Adulterers must be stoned to death

It’s ok for men to hit their women if they want to

If you say anything negative about Islam, you can be put to death

 04/12/2013: It was instructive to hear Kate Ellis this morning banging on about the need for more education funding BECAUSE Oz students have fallen to 17th place in Maths after a decade of INCREASED spending on education. Just a VERY little arithmetic applied to this argument shows it to be fallacious. Isn’t it more likely that the Whitlam’s ‘reforms’ which threw out the ‘Three Rs’, especially phonics, and substituted for hard knowledge (and didacticism) cuddly-softy leftie wanks and ‘student-centred’ learning might have effectively DESTROYED a whole generation’s education? Especially concerning eg is that in NSW students no longer have to continue with Maths until even Year 10 – and this is not if they have ALREADY mastered calculus: indeed they do not have even to master Algebra or Trigonometry! Nor do ANY graduating teachers have had to do so – is it any wonder then that our students are innumerate, illiterate & etc. What is needed is not more money, but more TEACHING! What is it about dy/dx that is SO hard to understand?

 04/12/2013: The Australian Curriculum: ‘Mathematics values Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures. It provides opportunities for students to appreciate that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies have sophisticated applications of mathematical concepts. Students will explore connections between representations of number and pattern and how they relate to aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. They will investigate time, place, relationships and measurement concepts in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contexts.’ Oh, WOW!

 04/12/2013: Today celebrating the Big Six-O with the lovely Dell-A. Seems like only yesterday I met her when she was just seventeen; she is ever my Dellight! Have a lovely day!

 04/12/2013: Nov 2nd’s ‘New Scientist’ headlined the idea, ‘Does Now Exist’; STILL an interesting quandary - even though our consciousness may never be able to deny time’s flow. It IS interesting to recall  how Newton’s Laws first codified the relationship between time and other things, velocity, mass, distance etc (eg the 2nd Law ie: F= dp/dt = d(mv)/dt) . Then along comes Einstein and shows first that you can turn the equations around so time becomes a variable, producing the ‘time dilation’ effect or it can be negative! No surprise that you can substitute for ‘t’ (Time) in the equations and it disappears –THAT was 1905 – still folks have not got their heads around it! Not sure it is possible to consciously do so really: we are SO hard-wired for seeing causality, for example. At the event horizon of a ‘Black Hole’ there IS no time. If you could get inside one, it would be travelling ‘backwards’…

 04/12/2013: William Blake’s ‘Auguries of Innocence’ still rings redolent of the Luddite romanticism he represented (remember his ‘dark satanic mills’?) It is astonishing just how many of his rat-bag ideas still linger amid the Greens, animal libbers, vegans & other like-minded nincompoops. STILL a great poem, & I confess I love some lines eg the opening quatrain and,

‘Every night and every morn
Some to misery are born.
Every morn and every night
Some are born to sweet delight.
Some are born to sweet delight,
Some are born to endless night.’

 03/12/2013: FAR too warm TODAY, so:

 03/12/2013: Another similar paper here:

 03/12/2013: So we do this:

 03/12/2013: Interesting thoughts on the Jewish faith:,-reposted.html Also see: Reading this, who can doubt that ideas take precedence over the material world.

 03/12/2013: DEEPLY worrying:

 03/12/2013: Under Abbott, 207 boat people in November. Under Gillard, 2630 boat people last November! (7.8%! – even less when you consider Ju-Liar ran the numbers up to OVER 3,000 per month = 6.9% ie DOWN 93%!)

 02/12/2013: Some of those mountain men were TOUGH, eg Hugh Glass. There is an excellent 1971 movie loosely based on his life, ‘Man in the Wilderness’…terribly wounded in an attack by a grizzly, he nonetheless survived and made his way back 200 miles to ‘civilisation’:

 02/12/2013: Also ‘Jeremiah Johnson’ another of my favourite movies;  The Mountain Men 1980, Death Hunt 1981, Daniel Boone 1936…The ‘Mad trapper of Rat River’ aka Albert Johnson still presents an interesting mystery:

 MORE on the ‘Mad Trapper’:

 02/12/2013: I managed to score a heap of cheap mushrooms from Safeway’s ‘Bargain Bin’ yesterday so (it) looks like mushroom and bacon pasta for tea tonight…here at Jeeralang Junction the decade long drought played havoc with our annual autumn mushroom season which has still to recover. If the following article proves true, it certainly will. With fungi identified as the largest life-forms on earth, (and considering their ubiquity) it may hap they are major players in the climate game (and Gaia will be reborn!):^headlines

 02/12/2013: Thinking BIG: earth to be powered by solar installations on the moon; (Next stop a ‘Dyson Sphere’ ( :

 02/12/2013: Further reading: Robert Heinlein, ‘The Moon is a Harsh Mistress’ (recommended, nay: REQUIRED reading!)

 01/12/2013: I-Phone telephoto…NEAT idea: (Others available: , , etc)

 01/12/2013: THAT long ago! Concorde was SUCH a beautiful bird. Wish I had flown to London in  it:

 01/12/2013: Rumour has it that the Labor politician accused of raping a 16 year old girl (albeit 27 years ago!) is none other than the Hon (?) Bill Shorten, ex lover of Nicola Roxon and confidante of Julia Gillard and Bruce Wilson. In a move reminiscent of Ju-Liar’s knifing of Rudd, Tanya Plibersek has (apparently) called for a full investigation. Does anyone think he should maybe ‘stand down’ whilst that happens? The Labor Party sure can pick ‘em: Gillard, Obied, Williamson, Thomson, Shorten, Rudd…

 01/12/2013: Great men of our time? “To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary.  These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail.  This is a revolution!  And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate.” Ernesto Lynch, aka Che Guevara, ‘Known as ‘the Butcher of La Cabaña’, Che Guevara is known to have ordered the execution of several hundred people he suspected of betraying his communist ideology’:

 01/12/2013: Seems like Shorten’s involvement in union corruption (which dates back to Ju-Liar’s 1990’s shenanigans) continues unabated IF this half a million dollars was (improperly) diverted to boost his leadership campaign. Meanwhile the police investigation into Jools draws inexorably towards its inevitable conclusion, ie she WILL BE CHARGED AND FOUND GUILTY, the first PM in Oz history! ( What a dent THAT will put in Labor’s vote:

 30/11/2013: Though still a bit stiff and sore (I think mainly from the VERY hot walk on Wednesday afternoon) I am pretty happy to be still able to walk 20+km a day carrying a pack (even in fairly rugged country). Of course it helps if you can reduce the weight of the contents of your pack (including the pack weight itself). Some tips: Zpacks sell cuben fibre packs which weigh from less than 230 grams (Della’s), (Tip: include a Sea to Summit ultrasil pack liner bag and another for your bag and clothes in case you have to swim!), sub-zero sleeping bags from 397 grams, two person tents (inc poncho floor) less than 350 grams; Gossamer Gear’s carbon fibre hiking poles are @100 grams each (a MUST! They reduce walking effort – and falls - by 30%+); Trail Designs will sell you a three fuel cookset which weighs under 250 grams; Montbell’s  ultra light super-stretch down sleeping bags are wonderfully comfy and their down vests and jackets (or synthetic if you plan on getting wet) are very light weight (and GREAT!). We wear Columbia lightweight nylon shirts and trousers. Wigwam make GREAT socks (Tip: always wear liner socks; use blister pads immediately if you develop a sore spot!) Thermarest’s new Women’s Neoair Xlite mat is 340 grams and R3.9 - the most comfortable sleep you have ever had. We are each wearing Keen hiking shoes at the moment (my sandal models are less than 350 grams ea in size 8, probably HALF the weight of the shoes YOU are wearing. THIS makes an ENORMOUS difference. TIP: Don’t worry about getting your feet wet, but do weigh your shoes when wet: some brands MORE than DOUBLE in weight when wet! Happy trails!

30/11/2013: Just a couple of excerpts to whet your appetite; you really should read this : Friedrich A. Hayek, ‘The Road to Serfdom’

‘Who can seriously doubt that the power which a millionaire, who may be my employer, has over me is very much less than that which the smallest bureaucrat possesses who wields the coercive power of the state and on whose discretion it depends how I am allowed to live and work?’

‘Our generation has forgotten that the system of private property is the most important guarantee of freedom. It is only because the control of the means of production is divided among many people acting independently that we as individuals can decide what to do with ourselves. When all the means of production are vested in a single hand, whether it be nominally that of society’ as a whole or that of a dictator, whoever exercises this control has complete power over us. In the hands of private individuals, what is called economic power can be an instrument of coercion, but it is never control over the whole life of a person. But when economic power is centralized as an instrument of political power it creates a degree of dependence scarcely distinguishable from slavery. It has been well said that, in a country where the sole employer is the state, opposition means death by slow starvation.’

30/11/2013: ‘Cargo Cult Science’, a really thoughtful piece by renowned scientist, Dr Richard Feynman:


29/11/2013: THIS is a VERY interesting article (as is its conclusion): ‘In general, the best times for man in the last 18,000 years are the warmer periods. The times of the disruption of civilization are the cooler and more arid times. This is quite consistent and since we have not seen unusual warming in the present warm period, relative to other warming events in the last 18,000 years, it seem doubtful that this warming period will be a problem for man to adapt to. Much of the last 18,000 years is characterized with much more rapid sea-level rise than we see today and this has caused a lot of disruption as it will in the future. But, the current rise in sea level is very slow relative to sea level rise during most of man’s civilized period. Our current warming and the current rate of sea level rise are very unspectacular’:

29/11/2013: TO THE LIGHTHOUSE: 43km, two days: one hot, one wet & cold to (& from) Wilsons Prom light station. For full story you will have to wait for Della's post. Today: both a bit calf-sore but busy helping cut and pack ten lambs for Xmas (& many other) dinners!

27/11/2013: Friedrich A. Hayek’s great work, ‘The Road to Serfdom’ is available (albeit as a Readers Digest Condensed Book) FREE, here:

27/11/2013: SWEET:

27/11/2013: (Australia) ‘is increasingly moving away from a nation of self-reliant individuals, where civil society flourishes, toward a nation of individuals less inclined to practicing self-reliance and personal responsibility. Government programs not only crowd out civil society, but too frequently trap individuals and families in long-term dependence, leaving them incapable of escaping their condition for generations to come. Rebuilding civil society can rescue these individuals from the government dependence trap.’:


26/11/2013: I have been wondering too what China has been up to with the spats over the Spratleys and Senkakus. David Archibald likens it to the situation vis a vis Japan just prior to WW2. If he is correct, it is a MUCH more worrying scenario – particularly considering our huge trade with China which would suddenly end, throwing Australia IMMEDIATELY into a DEPRESSION:

26/11/2013: NOW that the NSW fires have been washed out by heavy rain (Ah, climate change you heartbreaker!) it might be time to consider whether fires ARE becoming more frequent - and whether it really IS appropriate to reward ‘firies’ with generous emoluments. Of course, the PAID ones are not the ones who fight BUSHFIRES anyway. THAT is left up to unpaid volunteers. (I was a member of the CFA for MANY years. After very nearly giving my life, I thought I would take a break!) I suspect that there has been a steep decline in the number of fire events here too brought about by similar things: smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, better electrical installations & building materials, a decline in smoking rates…

26/11/2013: MIGHT the Indos become so annoyed with our dumping their illegal immigrants back on their shores they would declare war on us? Even if they did, (even though they have 250 million people and our Defence spending is at its lowest since 1938 – not for long!) we would crush them like a snake:

25/11/2013: NOTHING I have read in the last decade is as important as THIS (ex Karl Popper):

‘(1) The state is a necessary evil and its powers should be kept to the minimum that is necessary.

(2) A democracy is a state where the government can be changed without bloodshed.

(3) Democracy cannot confer benefits on people. "Democracy provides no more than a framework within which the citizens may act in a more or less organised and coherent way".

(4) Democracy does not mean that the majority is right.

(5) Institutions need to be tempered and supported by traditions.

(6) There is no Liberal Utopia. There are always problems, conflicts of interests, choices to be made between the lesser of evils.

(7) Liberalism is evolutionary rather than revolutionary. It is about modifying or changing institutions and traditions rather than wholesale replacement of the existing order. The exception to this is when a tyranny is in place, that is a government that can only be changed by violence and bloodshed.

8) The importance of the moral framework.’

Please read on:

25/11/2013: An important paper by an Australian scientist. Its Conclusion: ‘Natural temperature change and variability in soil moisture, not anthropogenic emission, is the chief driver of changes in CO2 concentration. These changes may act as a feedback contributing some warming but are not its principal cause.’

25/11/2013: SO, the Indo ‘hissy-fit’ is ALL about their corrupt military losing a handy source of finance (ie the people smuggling racket, which is THEIR private boondoggle). That being so, we need to hit them in the hip pocket some more to bring them to heel, eg by turning off the lucrative aid and tourist taps. What we certainly don’t need to do is have Tony apologise for Krud & Ju-Liar’s inept spying activities…  

24/11/2013: Confucius: ‘The palest ink is more reliable than the most powerful memory.’ This is a trick I increasingly utilise!

24/11/2013: And YOU thought all these nice refugees would turn out to be good guys? What TOSH! From the 7:30 Report (hardly a refuge of conservative opinion): ‘Police believe an Afghan faction inside the notorious Brothers 4 Life gang is responsible for a recent outbreak of bloody and indiscriminate gun violence in Sydney. The leader of the breakaway faction is an Afghanistan-born 30-year-old whose family sought asylum in Australia. He cannot be identified due to a court order. However, in the past four years he has beaten three murder charges, including the shooting death of a boxer Bassam Chami in 2006. 7.30 understands the new gang boss is an ally of Brothers 4 Life founder Bassam Hamzy, Australia’s highest security prisoner. Hamzy is serving at least 36 years in jail for crimes including murder, and has converted to radical Islam behind bars…However, with the emergence of a new faction taking over Brothers 4 Life, this time originating within the Afghan community, the threat appears far from over, with the gang moving in on valuable drug territory across Sydney… Foot soldiers recruited by the gang in recent times include Mobin Mirzaei, Wahed Karimi, Serkehl Rokzayi, from Sydney’s Afghan community. The three were arrested earlier this month and charged with the shooting of two rival Brothers 4 Life members…Mohamed Azamy, of the Afghan Community Support Association, says he is worried about the increasing violence and the growing number of young Afghan Australians turning to gang and bikie crime, and that the Afghan community has also been a target of violent extortions and shootings. “The community is afraid, the family is afraid of the future of the kids or involvement with the gangs, and they being targeted in different ways,” said Mr Azamy, who is building the first mosque for Sydney’s growing Afghan community.’

24/11/2013: The ‘Year Without a Summer’ (1816) – Reminder: we could get a repeat of such an event ANY TIME. NB COLD is much WORSE than warmth:

23/11/2013: BEFORE you say, ‘Sorry’, some things to consider: &

23/11/2013: Just wondering WHEN ‘Bambam’ is going to APOLOGISE for the murder of the ‘Balibo Five’! Yeah, Sure!

23/11/2013: Bryce should GO NOW! How dare our GG take a partisan side in politics? If she and JG are what you get when you put women in charge (rather than the horrible aberrations they both are) it will be long before the Australian public wants to repeat such experiments. Fortunately the two Bishops shine in contrast!

23/11/2013: ‘FOLLOW THAT STAR’ -  a serious injunction. One that the fabled ‘three wise men’ or ‘Magi’ (Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar) are supposed to have done. Trouble is, such a course of action would have had them walking in circles!

23/11/2013: TRY this out for yourself. The mind is certainly a ‘strange country’:

23/11/2013: ‘How to fund the needs of France's pensioners? Why, the solution is simplicity itself! Give all female workers pay raises so they can pay more taxes and make that nasty deficit go away.’ Maybe WE should try this instead of making productive citizens work until they are 70? OR, dare I say, if our (1 million+) unproductive citizens contributed THEIR 45 years’ plus work effort to the economy instead of relying on lifetime welfare, the needs of our elderly might more easily be met?

22/11/2013: GO Dave: “We’ve got to get rid of this green crap" British PM David Cameron:


22/11/2013: Cameron Stewart & Paul Maley: ‘INDONESIA has strengthened its ability to spy on Australia and other neighbours this year by boosting its army's intelligence unit and buying new eavesdropping equipment, despite claims by Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa that his country has no need to spy on foreign governments. The head of Indonesia's Badan Intelijen Negara (the national intelligence agency), Marciano Norman, has told his agents foreign spies are a priority target. And in the wake of leaks by US National Security Agency fugitive Edward Snowden, he has ordered a review to boost the capability of his intelligence service to gather information and protect classified information’:


22/11/2013: Black Thursday 7 February 1851, quite possibly Victoria’s hottest day on record:


22/11/2013: THIS is the sort of evil country it is: NEVER say ‘Sorry’ to them, Tony:


22/11/2013: TOUCHE: ‘The cables from the US embassy in Jakarta, sent between 2004 and 2010, contained a series of startling but unverified allegations about the conduct of Dr Yudhoyono, his wife and family. Among the allegations were that Dr Yudhoyono ordered a corruption investigation into political powerbroker Taufik Kiemas be dropped and that he received funds from controversial businessman Tomy Winata via a middleman.’ Andrew Bolt: ‘Which suggests a neat face-saver. Surely Indonesia can argue that leaked intelligence is notoriously inaccurate, and leaks suggesting we spied on the President’s phone are as improbable as leaks suggesting the President is implicated in corruption.’


21/11/2013: Just I case you didn’t know:


21/11/2013: I am so sick of TREASONOUS bastards in the ABC, the Guardian, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, etc leaking state secrets in order to destroy elected Governments and cause the deaths of service personnel - or other innocents. WHY have we repealed the DEATH PENALTY FOR TREASON or for other serious crimes for that matter?


21/11/2013: Quote of the day: Benjamin Zycher: ‘The precautionary principle itself — a framework under which no one would venture outdoors at any time for work or play, as any number of horrors loom, all of which carry probabilities greater than zero. Even indoors, of course, the precautionary principle requires eternal vigilance, as Pravda in its glory days would have put it, as the roof might collapse at any time. I am surprised that the Left has not proposed a requirement that individuals wear hard hats when indoors, a diktat qualitatively identical to seatbelt and motorcycle helmet laws and other such manifestations of nanny-statism. The precautionary principle, accordingly, is a fundamentally totalitarian construct, as it leads inexorably toward a world in which government dictates which risks are acceptable’



21/11/2013: AND THIS QUOTE SAYS IT ALL, 'In 1960, there were only three game farms in South Africa. There were only half a million head of game. Changes in the law to permit private ownership of game and commercialise big game hunting coincided with the sea change that we see today: 10,000 game farms, supporting 20 million head of game on as many hectares. By contrast, the government formally protects only 7.5 million hectares as national parks. The game farm industry employs 100,000 people, which is reportedly three times more than employment in ordinary livestock farms. Income from game breeding stock sold at auction rose almost 15-fold in just six years, from R60 million in 2006 to R864 million in 2012.'


21/11/2013: And this, 'In terms of their vulnerability, lions aren’t under nearly as much pressure as rhinos. What has hunting done for the rhino population? Extending full private property rights to the animals and legalising trophy hunting has arguably saved both the black and white rhino from going extinct decades ago, according to a detailed study conducted by environmental economist Michael ‘t Sas-Rolfes.'


21/11/2013: This SERIES will become a ‘must read’ for those who seek to understand ‘aboriginal’ society’s problems (and what, if anything) can be done to ‘solve’ them:


21/11/2013: The second instalment of Frank Pledge’s ‘trilogy’ is even more disquieting than the first. An example (concerning the ‘entitlement epidemic’), "In Kulgera, I heard the view expressed that Aboriginal elders effectively fulfil the same role as judges in mainstream courts, and therefore should be paid at the same rate as magistrates" :

20/11/2013: Have been canoeing the Macalister River for over twenty years – and there have always been fish eagles like this guy. Magnificent creature, feasting on the many introduced carp, redfin and trout to be found in the river – and without which he (and his mate – off somewhere nesting I suspect) would not be there.


20/11/2013: Spent yesterday (5 ½ hours) white water canoeing on the Macalister River in our new ‘Old Town Pack Angler’ canoes which worked wonderfully. What was not so wonderful was that our JR, Tiny fell out of Della’s canoe unnoticed on an entertaining 1 metre drop. When we stopped a couple of km further on to portage a dangerous Grade 3 rapid we noticed she was missing and had to paddle/hike back to look for her. After 2 hours and 1km vertically up and down we finally found her and could resume our journey. Understandably this morning we are all quite tired. There is a new river height gauge at Licola. Yesterday it was 1.73 which made for quite good conditions (probably about .85 -.9 on the old gauge. I would say the river is canoeable from about 1.68 to 1.8 after which it would become much more entertaining. Warning: There are a number of trees stuck in rapids, particularly the Grade 3 rapid just below the Burgoyne’s Track crossing which definitely need portaging (on the right).


20/11/2013: Gauge height had dropped to 1.71 this morning so likely was more like 1.72 yesterday, excellent conditions. I figure it to be canoeable at approx 2" less than that (though much canoe bottom scraping) so from @1.67


20/11/2013: Thinking seriously about investing in some better insoles to improve hiking comfort: &


19/11/2013: Neanderthals destroyed by global warming – very funny:


19/11/2013: This is an excellent example of how deconstruction degrades meaning (or what Orwell would call ‘Newspeak’). This amazing collection of trough denizen leftoids call themselves ‘Progress’ whilst militating against every advance in human knowledge/technology. Just an example: how many do you think would be in favour of nuclear fusion research?


19/11/2013: CAPE York indigenous leader Noel Pearson has ... declared that a “person is not automatically disadvantaged just because he or she is indigenous…A person should be rewarded on their merits, and assisted in their needs,” he said. ”Race, and indigeneity, should be irrelevant to matters of public welfare and government assistance...”


18/11/2013: Aloksak make really great waterproof to 200 metres snaplock bags. This one is even big enough to put your rifle in (great for canoeing/boating/hunting trips. It is the only waterproof gun bag I know of:


18/11/2013: Tony Jones should be sacked from Q & A (and frankly the whole ABC Board which endorses all such partisan programmes as the ABC (universally & in total defiance of its charter represents). Miranda: “I’m stopping you,” Jones told Peter Hitchens. “Don’t stop me … I haven’t finished my answer,” protested Hitchens. “You haven’t stopped anyone else.” It’s always the way. The audience is as bad. “It’s a rally,” Hitchens told them, waiting to speak over applause for a Savage interjection. “While you do this I can’t talk, and you know it, and that’s to your shame because silencing opponents is a very wicked thing to do.” He even told his fellow panellists they were “fantastically intolerant”. “This is the absolute seedbed of totalitarianism. When you start believing that the opinions of other people are a pathology then you are in the beginning of the stage that leads to the secret police and the gulag.”


18/11/2013: Airframes are AMAZING: I see the US are reconfiguring B52s (yet again) to extend their service life out to 2044! This is an aeroplane which first flew in the 1950s – already some of the pilots are the grandchildren of the folks who first flew them back in the 1950s! Amazing engineering! Yet the current offering of passenger vehicles are mostly junk at the sales room door, and the folk who militate that we cannot have plastic shopping bags are buying new one-tonne throwaway cars in droves - instead of insisting that cars emulate airframes!


18/11/2013: This is a bit like finding a new continent which has been hiding somewhere in the world. I remember when they first put Landsat up, they did exactly that: found 100,000 square miles of extra land in South America. Don’t expect that will happen again. But, you would think docs have been dissecting knees and doing knee ops for long enough they would have noticed this ‘extra’ ligament. I’m wondering whether it’s why my left knee has been sore since I drove to Warren in Western NSW in June to attend my sister’s 70th? Too soon to expect they can fix it, I guess. Like most things it will either get better or kill me I suppose:


17/11/2013: Who was Australia’s WORST Prime Minister? You decide:


17/11/2013: A very thought-provoking article: ‘Free-market economists are wont to point out that economic freedom is in one sense more tolerant than political freedom. If you like apples and I like oranges, then economic freedom means I can have one and you can have the other, and we are both happy. Political freedom means that we take a vote on whether we all should have apples or all should have oranges, and the loser is disappointed.’


17/11/2013: Here at Jeeralang Junction we had our summer back in September. Since Melbourne Cup Day (a date after which we NEVER [?] have to light a fire – Ha! Busted!) we have had inches of rain and quite some snow on the ranges. We may yet have another summer (and winter) before the year ends. This is (what used to be called!) WEATHER.


17/11/2013: In my Facebook sidebar I keep getting adds for ‘Finitro’ whch is apparently intended to banish my arthritis (I wish!) but I suspect it is as badly misnamed as the ‘Endone’ the (euthanasia?) doctors once wanted to give me for acute pain…


16/11/2013: With friends like this…  


16/11/2013: ‘Ah, but I may as well try and (tax) the wind’...Shorten’s favourite lyrics (apologies to Dylan)


16/11/2013: Interested in children’s education. Read THIS and weep. Like many things, it has fallen victim to what used to be called ‘communist infiltration’: ‘…the Rudd/Gillard inspired national curriculum provides further evidence of the cultural-left nature of Australia’s education establishment. Every subject has to be taught through environmental, Indigenous and Asian perspectives where new-age, 21st century generic skills and competencies undermine academic content. Instead of acknowledging that “direct instruction”, championed by Noel Pearson and endorsed by the US study Project Follow Through, is the most effective way to teach, the national curriculum embraces an inquiry-based, child-centred view of learning. Unlike in Finland, a world leader in international tests, where teachers adopt a more formal approach to classroom pedagogy, Australian teachers are told to be facilitators, to base learning on the child’s world and to embrace open classrooms and activity based learning. The draft civics and citizenship curriculum air brushes Christianity from the nation’s civic life and institutions and adopts a post-modern, subjective definition of citizenship, one where “citizenship means different things to people at different times and depending on personal perspectives, their social situation and where they live”. The history curriculum, in addition to uncritically promoting diversity and difference instead of what binds us a community and a nation, undervalues Western civilisation and the significance of Judeo-Christian values to our institutions and way of life. As previously reported in The Australian, the English national curriculum adopts an exploded definition of literature, one where classic works from the literary canon jostle for attention along side SMS messages, film posters, graffiti and multi-modal texts. While nodding in the direction of teaching phonics and phonemic awareness, where children are taught the relationship between letters and groups of letters and sounds in a more formal, structured way, the English curriculum also favours “whole language”, where children are taught to look and guess.’


16/11/2013: Some excellent Aussie weather:


16/11/2013: ‘The simple truth is that buying non-organic is far more cost-effective, more humane, and more environmentally responsible’:


15/11/2013: I thought Keating was a slime beast when he was PM. His speech at the War Memorial on Remembrance Day reveals he has not improved one jot! To describe our magnificent WW1 VOLUNTEER heroes as ‘cannon fodder’ dupes is reprehensible: (“Young Australians … can no longer be dragooned en masse into military enterprises of the former imperial variety on the whim of so-called statesmen. They are fortunately too wise to the world to be cannon fodder of the kind their young forebears became: young innocents who had little or no choice.”) Presumably he feels the same about ALL our VOLUNTEER heroes from WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc TOO! He should be drowned to the vile swamp which spawned him:


15/11/2013: The mysterious bombing of Anthony Mundine’s coffee shop:


15/11/2013: Beautiful abandoned buildings:


15/11/2013: The LIE of the century? ‘The 97.1 % consensus claimed by Cook et al. (2013) turns out upon inspection to be not 97.1 % but 0.3 %. Their claim of 97.1 % consensus, therefore, is arguably one of the greatest items of misinformation that has been circulated on either side of the climate debate.’


15/11/2013: BEST MOVIE of the C21st so far ‘Hugo’ 2011 (by Johnny Depp and others). It won FIVE academy awards and a host of other awards. The storyline rotates around a writing automaton such as I posted about on Wednesday: as a result of which my son-in-law, Matt recommended the movie – excellent choice, Matt. DO give it a try:


14/11/2013: Goodbye Krud - 1,500 drowned, 55,000 illegally here, 4 dead in ceilings, hundreds of billions blown, industries destroyed, a catastrophe…The only ‘positive’ anyone could find was the ‘apology’ to the ‘stolen generations’, an apology for something which NEVER HAPPENED: the consequence of which has been the condemning of a whole new generation of aboriginal children to the most dreadful (sexual) and other abuse and awesome neglect. Great work! He must RALLY hate the Labor party though – to bring on a by-election (mayhap presaging the results of an imminent double dissolution election as a second referendum on the carbon tax). Imagine if Julia is charged in the meantime (an event into which Shorten will also be drawn)…I suspect we will soon see the end of ‘Electricity Bill’, but Labor will also have to repudiate its neat new leadership ‘system’ (another ‘gift’ from Krud!) to remove him. O, what a sorry old Party!





14/11/2013: Rather than all going extinct, there are some real cutesies still out there, like these:


14/11/2013: If Kepler’s results prove true (ie one in five G3 stars are likely to have habitable planets) the we surely are NOT ALONE. Looks to me as if SETI ought not have been abandoned:


15/11/2013: Sorry I was wrong, SETI is ongoing:


14/11/2013: An interesting variation on the ‘penis enlargement’ scam playing itself out in US courts:


13/11/2013: This beautiful writing automaton child from 1770 (sic!) is truly amazing:


13/11/2013: Ah, sausage POLICE…long have we yearned for them:


13/11/2013: Ain’t it so? ‘Adherents of Marx at some level must like the mass killings. Perhaps they make them feel powerful.’


13/11/2013: NSW folk are to get the ‘right’ to clear their own land to prevent bushfires. Loud cheering: (though I doubt the detail will reveal as large a victory over the forces of darkness ie Government, Greens etc) as might be hoped. The decision also misses the point: that it was always one’s OWN land which Government had no (constitutional or other) right to confiscate or otherwise interfere with! However, Dennis, PLEASE NOTE – and follow suit, preferably BEFORE our fire imminent season is upon US again! PS It might be a good idea to allow/encourage folk to clear a couple of chain (NB a ‘chain = one cricket pitch) of PUBLIC land adjacent to their properties too.


12/11/2013: DEATH to the eagle & bat shredders:


12/11/2013: WHAT killed the car industry? ‘HOLDEN workers will receive cash bonuses and annual pay rises worth almost $5 million during the next two months as the carmaker seeks extra taxpayer assistance from the federal government to stave off closure. The struggling car company, which has received $2.7 billion in subsidies over the past 12 years, including a $275m co-investment package from state and federal governments last year’…Holden is apparently losing about $275 per car…


12/11/2013: Rent Seekers International to co-ordinate mendicants. What a fine idea. Someone needs to facilitate submission writing workshops so that the ‘deserving poor’ can be properly cosseted. These folk are a case in point. Not satisfied by the insane generosity of over 200 years feasting at the public trough meanwhile causing an inordinate share of crime, property destruction & etc they would NOW like their own nation – hopefully it will be funded exclusively by their own taxes and there will be a strong woven wire fence separating it from the rest of us:


11/11/2013: I see Fenix has a new SINGLE AAA head torch, the HL 10 ( weighing 42.5 grams including the head elastic. I have been using their LD 01 coupled with a couple of O-rings, one micro-cord lock and some hat elastic for this purpose but this arrangement doesn’t point well (due to the shape of heads = just above where the eyes focus. If you replace the Fenix headband with the above arrangement you should have a torch which points where you want it @ less than 20 grams (discluding battery). Of course, as an emergency back-up torch we also carry a ‘Photon Freedom’ @ 6.2 grams including battery (


11/11/2013: An INCREASE in storm activity (as a result of AGW)? Phooey:


11/11/2013: I supposed devoted social planners won’t read this, but the rest of you should. Just a short history of union bastardry in Oz. Union responsibility for the dreadful deaths of 1,000+ men in the Sandakan death march should be added to the toll. I think you could also add the loss of West Papua, and 8 million people butchered in South East Asia by communists after the fall of Saigon, so long engineered by ‘darlings of the left’ to the litany of evil:


11/11/2013: Watched Deborah Kerr in the 1961 film, ‘The Innocents’, a depiction of Henry James’ ‘Turn of the Screw’. THAT guy could really write, and THAT gal could really ACT. What a brilliant film! Half the film I was frightened out of my seat (and without ANY loud noises or sound effects at all)! 21st film makers could learn a lesson or three there!


11/11/2013: Shocking News: Half the Australian population have below average IQs! The Government MUST act!


11/11/2013: When I heard that Australian ultra-communist Lea Rhiannon had been detained in Sri Lanka I hoped at first they would KEEP her. No such luck unfortunately. Not fit even for a hot curry. Why do we have this stupid Senate system which allows such evil folk to ‘represent’ us?


10/11/2013: ‘Lies, damned lies – and statistics’: Is the danger of death REALLY increasing? Well, maybe not:


10/11/2013: So this is really what ‘Obamacare’ was all about? (Not so very different from our own ‘system’, I suspect). MORE free stuff for those who do not (and do not want to) look after themselves. It is an infinite trough. AND will end in tears. A time WILL come when the rest of us wake up and say, ‘We really can’t afford all this’ and turn off the tap. All very cruel I know – but I never wept when I skinned my knee, and neither should anyone else! Mommy is no longer around: time to stand on your own too legs and shift for yourselves!


10/11/2013: I suspect it HAS recently become ‘deviant’ or at east mildly disgusting (certainly openly) to admire delicious members of the opposite sex. Instead, homosexuality, rather than something spoken of only in hushed voices and practiced behind closed doors, has become almost de rigeur. I notice (at least) that many young women are ‘expected’ to demonstrate a predilection for feminine company in order to attract young males – at parties and such! Is there no end to perversion? Soon ‘we will see a listing for pedophobia, the shameful condition suffered by neurotically narrow-minded people who are judgmental about pedophilia.’


09/11/2013: WHAT a powerful animal a MOOSE is (Fast Forward to about 1:30):


09/11/2013: I have only recently learned that the principal ingredient of ‘flatus’ is hydrogen (not methane – we are not ruminants – at least MOST of us, though I have known some I wondered about…) so the ecologically minded telephone recharger aspirant might also take along a plastic hose and bag to collect their productions and use these to recharge – other folks could just buy the purpose built canisters. This ‘must-have’ camping gadget shows surely there is no limit to human ingenuity, credulity & etc:


09/11/2013: Here’s an idea to test your ‘New Age’ views: perhaps this useful gadget should only be available for women to buy? Girls, though it would clearly be illegal, I suspect as you are buying it from a hiking supplies firm that you declare it to customs as a ‘hiking torch, gift’ and see how you go: 


09/11/2013: Ann Bancroft was JUST MAGNIFICENT in John Ford’s ‘7Women’ (1966) – LONG before Germaine’s stupid silliness. Great film!


09/11/2013: The ‘elephant in the room’ STIRS:


09/11/2013: Time to get tough with Natalegawa. Either he takes the illegal immigrants ‘saved’ in THEIR territorial waters back or, we drive right up to their beaches and tip them out there, and to Hell with the consequences – or we cut off the huge pipeline of aid the Indos are sucking on. Charity begins at home! Time to get out the BIG STICK, Julie. Point is, it was HIS mates Ju-Liar & Krud were spying on them anyway! BUT, might there not be a pretty good reason to keep a close eye on a huge Moslem country which is maybe not as alarmed by jihadists as we have every reason to be?


09/11/2013: ‘Ju-Liar, the Movie’! Boy, will THAT be a winner! Is the world READY for this:


09/11/2013: No boats have arrived now for a fortnight.

09/11/2013: They have locked up HALF the state! Is it any wonder they are an economic basket case? This is what the future holds if we follow the lead of the evil and idiotic Greens. Time THEY were endangered. To make it worse, we have walked/driven across vast expanses of awfulness that has been locked up eg huge stretches of ‘button-grass plains on the West Coast. If Rio wants it/them (or anyone else) they should just give it away. Bulldoze the Tarkine! So much of these treasured ‘wilderness areas’ are just rubbish:


08/11/2013: ‘I love people, and people love me’ – the words of a pop idol perhaps? No, this is Hajj Abd Al-Nabi…the executioner of the Arab Republic of Egypt. A charming chappie. Unfortunately, we could use a few of his ilk here to deal with some of our recent murderers (eg of Sarah Cafferty, Jill Meagher, & etc) & etc:


08/11/2013: MORE things to worry about, eg WHEN will the Universe END? O dear, only about 10 to the fiftieth power years left:


08/11/2013: Kettle Logic (far too common unfortunately): Freud relates the story of a man who was accused by his neighbour of having returned a kettle in a damaged condition and the three arguments he offers in explanation: That he had returned the kettle undamaged; That it was already damaged when he borrowed it; That he had never borrowed it in the first place. Freud notes that it would have been better if he had only used one.


08/11/2013: Della WILL like this: Pigeon’s eye view amongst the following:


07/11/2013: I agree with the writer that cutting out daylight saving just when you could use an extra hour in the garden is downright cruel. If anything, daylight saving only makes sense in the winter(ish) months when there is a shortage of daylight - after work anyway. In summer there is heaps, so no sense at all then. I might support having it all year (as no upsetting changes). I also like the author’s idea of scrapping some of our time zones. Australia really could be on ONE time zone. We could go even further and metricate time: all these strange Babylonian measurements are SO dated:


07/11/2013: The ‘Ten Commandmants’ of Government (SOUND familiar?):

‘I Generally speaking, government always grows -- it never shrinks -- whether times are good or bad.

II In each area it purports to "assist", government attempts to replace individual decision-making with central planning.

III In order to implement its grand central plans and solidify its power, government must take from one citizen to give to another; this is, in effect, lawful theft.

IV No matter how many times central planning fails, the self-appointed masterminds in government assert that "this time is different" and that with only a few tweaks and more money, their delusional plans will succeed.

V Because it uses funds confiscated from taxpayers, self-restraint is no obstacle to government's ambitions.

VI Its fundamental misunderstanding of human nature notwithstanding, government must claim to grant "rights", which require it steal the labors of one citizen to give to another (such as food, shelter, employment, and health care).

VII No matter how widespread the harm it causes, government will never provide an honest and historical accounting -- a report card -- of its failures.

VIII As more individuals and families are harmed by the failures of central planning, government must find suitable scapegoats, must lie to do so, and therefore must also repress dissent.

IX In order to build its network of redistribution and grow a culture of dependency on its services, government must inevitably undermine the family unit, religion, and the notion of God-given rights in order to cow, bribe, or intimidate its citizens.

X As government grows ever more powerful, it must also become increasingly oppressive through compulsion and force. To do otherwise would mean government must shrink, and this it cannot do’:


07/11/2013: Just sick to death of these ‘anti-fracking’ nut-jobs. There has been any number of official enquiries (including Peter Reith’s) into this process, which has been used in Bass Strait - and elsewhere - quite safely for a generation (or two!) The world (Australia) NEEDS the cheap energy which will result from an expansion of the gas industry. Bizarrely those most against it are also those most opposed to coal mining and in favour of so-called ‘clean energy’! Furthermore, I look forward to a tenfold increase in my ‘Lakes Oil’ & etc shares, thank you very much!


06/11/2013: Vernal profligacy continues unabated (mostly outside) our bedroom window. The bronze-wing pigeons are well ‘at it’ with much fan-tailing behaviour and careful twig selection in typical ‘columbine’ fashion.’ Hazel’ & ‘Blackberry’ our new lepine (or lapine?) denizens, not yet pot-bound (as Della pretends incompetence with her Rossi .410) still scamper unaccompanied – but I fear not for long. Indeed (as Lear observed) ‘The wren goes to 't’ - or at least two (or more) do, sometimes as I noted once before with the Thornbills! ‘A young man’s fancy…’ Enough!


06/11/2013: 43 places to avoid, if, like me, you don’t like crowds of people – otherwise, go there:


06/11/2013: I’m not at all surprised that 1350 WA votes ‘went missing’ – or the corollary: that the vote count in EVERY electorate is wrong (NB WHENEVER there is a recount, the tally changes). As an old sheep farmer I KNOW that whenever you count even a small number of sheep (eg 100) the tally is different from the last time (even when you cross off their tag numbers on a list). There is always at least one sheep which appears/disappears, or even one which changes its gender (eg from a ewe to a wether, or vice-versa!) This is what used to be called ‘LIFE’, but evidently it is NOW a conspiracy – or a reason we should waste a few millions on having another Senate election so a different coterie of ‘trough pigs’ can be chosen! I have another preference: Let’s scrap the bloody undemocratic Senate altogether, AND abolish the preferential system (and PLEASE, the dreadful Hare-Clarke system in ACT/Tas – indeed WHY are there Territories – States even?) and just opt for ‘first past the post’. These changes will make for a lot fewer recounts, and much more certainty in Government!


06/11/2013: I voted ‘NOTHING’. Click to see whether the majority agrees with me:


05/11/2013: Shootndrink: If you haven’t got one of these babies, you are OLD:


05/11/2013: Horse breeders continue to show their incompetence in that racehorses do NOT carry an average person’s weight plus a reasonable quota of gear (Let’s say @ 15 stone or 100 kilos - REALLY what you would expect from a ‘carefully bred vehicle’ which weighs in at close to a tonne) but continue to (barely) struggle around the track with little more weight than a small trained monkey would represent. At least it provides a livelihood for midgets who might otherwise struggle in the ‘big world’, I guess.


05/11/2013: For those of you who figured I was just a bigot, I notice our security intelligence organisation (ASIO) shares my view. FYO: I was also against importing IRA sympathisers most of whom were Catholics (if not indeed atheists, like myself). Point is we have to have SOME discernment, or what USED to be called ‘discrimination’. O, how I hate the bastardisation of language. (Sometimes I actually wake up feeling ‘gay’, but NO MORE. AND, Della is a little jealous of ‘Gay’!):


05/11/2013: Further to my post about being able to light a fire in the rain, I have also long toyed with the idea of carrying/constructing a fire rain hat or raincoat so that heavy rain doesn’t put out your fire. The two occasions when it is really important to be able to light a fire are when it is very wet and cold and when there is a bushfire approaching (so that you can create burned ground as a refuge!) On such occasions if you don’t have a lighter, or can’t light a fire you’re a dead duck. Smokers clearly have an advantage here over more sanctimonious folk, and even though I gave up smoking more than a generation ago (! – THERE is an interesting method of measuring TIME) I still always carry a ‘Mini-Bic’). We ALWAYS camp in a shelter which allows a fire outside. A tent is a cold, creeping thing to have to retreat to when you can sit/stand in a warm open shelter, drink rum, play games, read etc in front of a cheery fire – and with a warm back! If you pitch a rectangular tarp high you can have a (small) fire at one end (though the wind tends to catch the tarp if it isn’t pegged to the ground on at least 2/3 sides. I think it should be possible to suspend over the fire (eg a 1 metre square) diamond of eg ‘Tyvek’ @ 1.75 ounces /square yard with a melting point of 800C. You need to be careful that the fire can’t ignite its ‘roof’ or use it as a wick to ignite your tent, but this shouldn’t be much of a problem in the rain. Set-up obviously needs to be when furled (a couple of rubber bands should achieve this) so you can pitch it over the fire when it is already lit. Weight should be able to be kept to less than 3 ounces (90 grams) including stakes and guys.


05/11/2013: Alcohol simmer stoves: these look good – may try out the ‘Turbo 1-D’ and the ‘Trailbaker’:


05/11/2013: The jury is BACK on the effectiveness of the American ‘economic stimulus’. The same reality applies to the dreadful Rudd/Gillard stimulus - and the horrendous debt it has left us with. Unsurprisingly the stimulus is revealed as the greatest economic disaster of all time. When WILL people wake up to the reality that Keynes is just communism repackaged – and that Government does not create ANY real wealth – and the corollary: that the best thing Government can do is ‘GET OUT OF THE BLEEDING WAY!”


04/11/2013: JUST when I was opining that folks who talk to dogs are going loopy, someone comes along and deciphers ‘dog-speak’, or at least dog ‘tales’, if you can pardon the pun:


04/11/2013: The first sign of madness…. A belief in canine telepathy: whenever you get a new dog, after a little while you realise that you have been asking ‘Spot’ to remind you to buy tissues when you next go to the supermarket, not to forget to water the carrot seedlings & etc…then you begin to wonder whether all this talking to animals is early onset whatever-you-call-it…Talking to birds (our parrots, for example) is reasonable by comparison (sometimes THEY talk back!), but when it comes to dogs – and then: ‘I talk to the trees’, well, it gives you pause…


04/11/2013: I have been thinking about the desirability of carrying a fixed blade knife mainly for those rare occasions when it is necessary to split branches to produce dry kindling and shave them to produce ‘excelsior’. Lighting a fire when it is VERY wet and cold is the most important time – and can save your life. You can’t really do this with a folder or any other of the ultra-light hiking options (eg Micro Leatherman – 50 grams, or Swiss card – 25 grams (though both are excellent multi tools for a variety of purposes; eg the Leatherman has the best toe-nail cutting scissors in the WORLD!) You have to be able to split dry branches you can break into eg six inch pieces over your knee. (The lightest hatchet/machete is too heavy for emergency-only carrying at 4-500 grams). You have to be able to hold the handle and tap on the end of the blade with another piece of wood, so the blade needs to be about at least 3” long. These two sites have some very light fixed blade knives ( & Kestrel’s ‘Ultralighter’ would be hard to beat @ 11.6 grams though a 2 ¼” blade is quite minimalist, but should do the job in an emergency and would still butcher game or fillet a fish quite satisfactorily. It IS a bit pricey at $100 though, so I may opt to carry a little more weight and try out eg the Ka-Bar Adventure Piggyback Knife  just over an ounce & $8.88 or the Ka-Bar ZK Acheron Skeleton Knife (with a 3 ½” blade also @30 grams) & $9.39 or the Mora Scout @ 85 grams including sheath $16.89 or the Gerber ‘Myth’: @ 30 grams & $19.95...


04/11/2013: I downloaded ‘The Hobbit’ and we watched it (with subtitles) and without all the attendant sound effects you now get in the cinema. IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER!


03/11/2013: Target’s decision to reintroduce plastic shopping bags was just about the best news for 2013. Just wish Bunnings would follow suit as I am sick of trying to carry out ungainly handfuls of various hardware – and I do NOT need another cardboard box, which I have to burn, thank you. Mind you they have become more vigilant against my stated penalty to them that I would simply steal every shopping basket in their store over time; I am only getting a free shopping basket now with about every second purchase! Of course the whole ban was just another Leftie/Greenie nonsense as the Productivity Commission made clear way back when:


03/11/2013: More good news:


03/11/2013: TEACHERS: It is your job to teach Maths, Physics, English Literature, Ancient Greek or etc, NOT to engage in politics of ANY sort. An article in the Herald Sun reported a study of 40,000 students which proved that some teachers are SIX TIMES better at doing their job than others. Such things ARE measurable. It would be far better to have such teachers in front of classes of 50 students, pay them much more and get rid of the ones who are not able to achieve results almost an order of magnitude worse! (ie, we are not talking about some teachers being 10% better than others; we are talking about them being TEN TIMES better!) Of course you may have to bring back caning (It should not have been removed anyway). You may need more secretarial assistants, computerised assessment & marking, protective service officers, etc. Discipline. Regimentation. If we need ‘thugs’ to convince ‘bad’ children to avoid their bad behaviour in future, we should have them. What worked for Pavlov’s dog, etc. The key requirement of an education system is that it makes children into productive (and loyal) citizens. What we don't need are more bad teachers, or me social ‘welfare’ or social experiments. It is just a nonsense that there aren’t VERY MANY in our schools - just as there were when Della and I were teachers (or students!). Standards have also clearly slipped. A sixth year of secondary and a seventh year of primary education have been introduced since I was at school, yet the curriculum is now only covering many topics at University (if at all!) which were then mastered at school. In fact so watered down is the curriculum that most students never (learn any)/master mathematics and science – let alone basic literacy and numeracy. The average HIGH School graduate has not mastered Algebra (which was mastered in PRIMARY School in my mother’s day! Imagine sending people out into the world (as ‘educated’ human beings – they have a piece of PAPER to prove it!) who cannot do calculus or trigonometry, have not learned their atomic table or valency, do not understand how business works or have an eagerness to take up its challenges, have no idea what chemical reactions are – let alone who are unable to quote large sections of Shakespeare or other great poets – and who have no knowledge or understanding of the wonders that were ancient Greece & Rome: have never read Plato or Homer etc, etc! Our school system is a hideously expensive, left-wing union dominated disaster area!


02/11/2013: ‘Electricity’ Bill Shorten really IS a dill! NOW he wants to deny the clear will of the people and retain a carbon tax they have clearly voted to have removed, THEN he wants to fight the next election vowing to bring it back again! PREDICTION: He will NEVER be Prime Minister – and thank goodness for that!


02/11/2013: A packable .22 Winchester Magnum rifle at under 1 pound has to be a useful thing to own, surely?


02/11/2013: Where your climate dollars are REALLY going. Boy, do these dudes know how to pay themselves BIG TIME. Pigs at a trough have nothing on these guys. Millions squandered. And you guessed it, NOTHING for the poor, or the climate:


02/11/2013: Quote of the day, former union official Grace Collier: ‘Back in 1975, 2000 officials were employed by unions with 3 million members whose membership dues provided a tax-free income stream. Now 4000 officials are employed, while union membership is down to 1.8 million. So twice as many union officials now live off less than two-thirds of the membership revenue. Where is the extra money coming from?’ Those CFMEU thugs (and others) sure know how to live it up BIG! Hanging IS too good for crooked union leaders.


02/11/2013: This guy’s worn-out sophism is viral at the moment; just a rehash of the tired old ‘Precautionary Principle’ really without any figures for ‘likelihood, cost-benefit, etc…Trouble is the catastrophes he thinks we should avoid are not real, as we already lived through the worst temperatures that CO2 could ever cause just back in the Middle Ages, and it was quite nice weather-wise anyway. Therefore if you took the action recommended you would have all the costs, but as there were no negatives to avoid,  it would be just insane to waste the money when there are so many more important things to spend money on right now (eradication of disease, famine etc). In any case even if there were increases in temperature and negative effects, it is going to be much cheaper (as a percentage of world GDP) to adapt to them anyway. It is after all also not possible that the 'action on climate change' WILL occur as the developing nations WILL not be kept in poverty. All the guy's arguments are spurious nonsense. Setting up such disjuncts (which are false and unreal - ie nothing validly follows from a false premise) is the trick which makes it look like he has a point. Go back to reasoning 101. One could as easily argue (as folks DID in the past) that GOD was going to bring catastrophes, destroy the world, etc unless vast amounts of money was spent on sinecures, indulgences, cathedrals, shamans, fetishes, shibboleths, etc. The SAME invalid conclusion would be arrived at (as in this case):


01/11/2013: Scott Morrison has just announced there have been no ‘illegal boat arrivals’ in SEVEN DAYS. This is the first time this has happened since Rudd/Gillard undid Howard’s ‘Pacific Solution’. Hope you can remember that before the election of the Abbott Government illegals were running at 100+ per DAY. This is what happens when you have a Government of GROWN UPS! Henceforth the Labor party will be known as ‘The Children’s party’!


01/11/2013: All that most folks know about ENGINEERING was taught to them by the nursery story, ‘The Three Little Pigs,’ which explains their passion for ‘brick veneer’ houses - which have to be just about the WORST DESIGN IDEA of all time for housing. Further to that folly, the design standards for even this disaster-in-the-making idea for a house have declined over the years - so that now the flimsy stick construction (which is what is supposed to hold up the single tier of bricks (which will not stand up by themselves - try this with your child’s blocks! Older houses were double brick) has declined from one HARDWOOD (F17-21) 2”x4” (50x100mm) upright every 18” (45cm) to one 1 1/4 “x 3” treated pine (F5-7) every 60cm and NO joints, everything just butt nailed. However, the metal ties which link the framing to the brick course have improved (They are now galvanised). If yours was built before this happened the walls WILL just fall down one day. On top of this flimsy structure people insist on placing an enormously heavy (yet poorly secured) masonry tile roof with no structural or tensile strength instead of screwed down (eg) galvanised iron as on their garage (which they can expect to last longer and withstand storms, fire etc better than their houses). People are also building such houses on concrete pads (instead of elevated stumps) on flood plains like almost the entire city of Brisbane. THEN they expect the rest of us to shell out for their ignorance and folly through vastly inflated insurance premiums. We have even had such folks turn up their noses at OUR hurricane, fire, flood and earthquake proof house because of its APPEARANCE, or because we have never quite finished it, or because we built it ourselves every brick, saw-cut and nail, or because it cost next to nothing! Literacy and numeracy have also declined!


01/11/2013: Scientists reply to IPCC’s nonsense:


01/11/2013: INCREDIBLE: Each U.S. taxpayer now has a federal-debt liability of $1.1 million, and rising.


31/10/2013: Interested in lightweight HIKING? This set of Links will set you off on some wonderful adventures, eg Brasslite alcohol stoves, down booties, Rutalocura products inc carbon fibre trekking poles & Tenkara fly rods for same, pack rifles etc, etc:


31/10/2013: If you are interested in hiking/fishing, these lightweight rods and reels are interesting too ( and these are just about the best hand casters in the world:


31/10/2013: Shorten is such a thuggish chump. Did you see the clown in Afghanistan with Tony? Whilst Tony went down on one knee to lay the wreath Shorten was too insensitive and too thick to do the same. When they were socialising with the troops Tony wore a ‘bomber’ jacket and a suit for the formal ceremony. Shorten was suited all the rime and looking more and more like a cross between Herman Munster and a poorly trained gorilla. Labor has saddled itself with this idiot until after the next election - what a gift for the Liberal Party!


31/10/2013: I can’t imagine WHAT Brendan Nelson is/was thinking: Rudyard Kipling was one of the great English writers AND a veteran of WW1. His epitaph to ‘unknown soldiers’ needs NO REVISION!


30/10/2013: Holland’s GOT Talent? Sure has – and at AGE NINE:


30/10/2013: STILL the elephant in the room: Iran. Nuclear BOMB. Action WILL come. Obama should have long ago stopped this, but he is (almost) a complete idiot. Israel WILL, but will their action provoke a widespread conflict? With so many Middle Eastern countries in ruins as a result of the ‘Arab Spring’ they MAY just get away with it – as they did with the bombing of Saddam’s nuclear facility so many years ago…


30/10/2013: Coming to a town near you SOON:


30/10/2013: ALSO coming to a town near you:


30/10/2013: Dr Spencer’s paper showing that ‘1/3 of ocean heating over the 20-year period from 1990-2010 can be accounted for just based upon a change in oceanic cloud cover alone’ is also worth a read:


29/10/2013: And to think that only LAST OCTOBER it was snowing in the Blue Mountains as a result of Global Warming!


29/10/2013: Scientific FACT: the VERY HEAVY RAIN falling on the bushfires in NSW is a result of Global Warming!


29/10/2013: Newspoll: Coalition 56:44. Past time ‘Electricity’ Bill made up his mind to allow the repeal of the carbon tax!


29/10/2013: Obamacare: CNS News reported: ‘Americans who were recipients of means-tested government benefits in 2011 outnumbered year-round full-time workers, according to data released this month by the Census Bureau…They also out-numbered the total population of the Philippines…There were 108,592,000 people in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2011 who were recipients of one or more means-tested government benefit programs, the Census Bureau said in data released this week. Meanwhile, according to the Census Bureau, there were 101,716,000 people who worked full-time year round in 2011. That included both private-sector and government workers.’ At least you can see where the money has GONE!


29/10/2013: Quote of the day: Henry Ergas: ‘LIKE the theologians Voltaire skewered for attributing the great Lisbon earthquake of 1755 to licentiousness and vice, the green lobby has seized on the NSW bushfires as a sign that the carbon tax must be retained… To believe Australia’s unilateral carbon tax reduces the likelihood of global warming, and hence could cost-effectively avert an increase in bushfires, is on a par with faith in the tooth fairy.’


28/10/2013: Save the country. Nuclear, not solar (or wind!)! Please? New nuclear power plant to be built in the UK:


28/10/2013: ‘Electricity Bill Shorten’. THAT will stick!


28/10/2013: Hiking food: Continental Sensations Cup a Soup: ‘Sweet Potato with Bacon & Cream’ IS delicious. Pop one in YOUR day-pack!


28/10/2013: Ice is needed by a ‘warming’ planet perhaps, but there’s more than enough here for many G & Ts: &


28/10/2013: The FBI’s ‘most wanted list’ of terrorists. Spot anything interesting (which ‘might’ throw a bad light on a particular ‘religion of love’)? Yes there are 2/32 folks there who are not members. And you STILL think we should have an ‘indiscriminate’ immigration policy? I think we need to be VERY careful to check out people’s bona fides. There ARE many fine Moslems (and over the years I have had many such friends), but it is undeniable that a fanatical fundamentalist jihadist element has hijacked, nay barbarised much of the Islamic world – and we import it at our peril. PS: I would be just as concerned about importing ‘Christians such as Timothy McVeigh:


7/10/2013: Merrin & Matt have certainly turned their shop into a WONDERLAND. Try some Xmas shopping in Yinnar:


27/10/2013: The platypus sure IS cute; I often delight to see one in the wild on one of my many backcountry hiking trips, but they rarely let me tickle them like this:


27/10/2013: A good laugh: Vale Climate Change:


27/10/2013: THIS will be a great invention if they can make it work:


27/10/2013: What a GREAT gadget: a hard drive which can store your stuff for a BILLION years. Just think, your bad poetry can still be around long after the species has been completely forgotten. Now there’s a ‘must have’!


26/10/2013: Quote of the day; Andrew Bolt: ‘Some things are indeed simple, and cannot be disguised or overcome with complexity. A knife still cuts the Gordian knot. The emperor still has no clothes…’YES!


26/10/2013: LIT CRIT may be FUN, but is it really worthy of STUDY, let alone vast subsidies from the public purse? For example, would research money be better spent in searching for a cure for childhood leukaemia, nuclear fusion, better anti-reflective coatings, higher tensile threads…or maybe working out the role of the brothel in Shakespeare? YOU decide:


26/10/2013: Time to rethink our statins?,0,2193813.story#axzz2iVqDuTTZ


26/10/2013: O, HOW WE need a ‘Boneta Bill’ here too! One of the few ‘rights’ in OUR constitution is the right to private property (and its converse) that Government may not confiscate it without (paying) just compensation. Yet the examples of Government doing just that are legion; from simple idiotic ordinances such as the children’s birthday party planning permit which provoked Boneta, to large scale confiscation of farmland for ‘environmental’ reasons… Frankly it frightens me to realise what most people (leftists) consider  to be ‘rights’. Their ‘rights, almost invariably MEAN the confiscation of someone else’s property for the ‘good’ of someone else (themselves?). The right to work, free speech, freedom of assembly, bear arms, self protection, justice, national defence…etc are low down on their list. Do they even MAKE their list?


26/10/2013: An (environmentalist driven) lack of fuel reduction burns is what is making bushfires worse: David Evans: ‘There has been a hiatus in the rise of average global air temperatures for the last fifteen years or more…While this does not rule out warming in some regions, climate cannot have been much of a contributor to the worsening bushfire situation over the last fifteen years…Current fuel loads are now typically 30 tonnes per hectare in the forests of southeast Australia, compared to maybe 8 tonnes per hectare in the recent and ancient past’:


25/10/2013: We are currently enjoying a ‘film feast’ of ‘golden oldies’. The most recent films are just too loud, there is too much action and too little plot & characterisation; the background noise and sound effects completely drown out the dialogue so it is impossible to follow them. There are SO few exceptions. We have been enjoying the 1940’s Sherlock Holmes films starring Basil Rathbone. We have begun a John Ford festival. I already mentioned his ‘Young Mr Lincoln’. Last night we delighted in Ford’s wonderful adaptation of Erskine Caldwell’s great, ‘Tobacco Road’. You have to watch this to appreciate just what the term, ‘Po’ white trash’ means. Seems we are breeding so MANY of these folks today…so many Ellie May’s and Jeeters!


25/10/2013: Dr Roy Spencer (of UAH) thinks CO2 probably does warm the earth (just not very much) which is likely right (& good for us/it), but his graphic pointing out the divergence between the climate ‘models’ and the temperature record HERE is striking:


25/10/2013: ‘Ah Love, let us be true to one another’…   


24/10/2013: Trouble is, Ted Bailleu was one of VERY FEW recent politicians in Australia who took action to seriously rein in (rather than increase) debt, so that now Vic’s finances are back in the black to the tune of a few hundreds of millions. AND, we dumped him. This is the lesson the pollies understood from this. It is why US & Oz debt continue to mushroom. Unfortunately there WILL be a day of reckoning for all this recklessness (note the derivation, ‘reck’ = ‘care’ OE). When the ability to pay finally runs out, we will have paid to breed a vast horde of utterly useless folk who can no longer be sustained – and we WILL REFUSE to continue hand-outs to them. WHAT, then, will be the consequence?


24/10/2013: Quote of the day: ‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!’ Upton Sinclair


24/10/2013: ‘How do I know my youth is all spent?’ More than anything I think it is the number of tablets I have to take in the morning. Before breakfast I positively rattle.


24/10/2013: Of course the SAME WEATHER pattern which is bringing NSW fires is bringing Tas and Vic cold, rain and even snow! Later on in the season when a weather pattern is bringing US fires down South it will bring NSW & Qld FLOODS. This is what WEATHER has always been like. It has NOTHING to do with climate change, besides NEITHER climate nor WEATHER has changed significantly in the C20th or C21st anyway!


24/10/2013: Just IMAGINE the good you could do with a BILLION DOLLARS A DAY (if you weren’t wasting it on AGW, that is):


23/10/2013: John Ford’s ‘Young Mr Lincoln’ (1939) reminds me why the American people BUILT the Lincoln Memorial.  Spielberg’s turgid debasement is unwatchable rubbish by comparison. Suggest you download the former from ‘Kickass’ and enjoy!


23/10/2013: In Germany most people pursue a TECHNICAL education, not a ‘college education’. It seems certain to me many years ago that we had exceeded the percentage of the population which could benefit from a University ‘education’ and that increasing the numbers of those tramping ‘the hallowed halls’ had only adulterated the ‘educational’ significance of a degree. Such education was only ever suited to those with an above average intelligence. It is obvious that the ‘average’ University graduate today does not have the ability to pursue (or any interest in) research, any high order critical thinking ability or indeed what would have passed for adequate High School literacy a generation ago. As a consequence they are channelled into make-work courses with null intellectual content (if not entirely polemic), and made to hone their plagiarism skills in the hope there will be ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ in the form of a highly remunerative (and richly deserved!) career! I think it is high time we throttled back on University ‘education’ (particularly of the impractical kind), and even ‘academic’ Senior High School and transferred our efforts into inculcating in our young practical, marketable skills. By so doing we would produce an economic boom, a happier generation of young people and an enormous reduction in unemployment! Most of today’s graduates (even freshpersons!) really do not have the wit or skill to become competent mechanics, fitters, even garbage disposal persons…nor do they have the energy or drive to become shearers, day labourers, navvies, etc…


22/10/2013: Evidently an 11 year old named ‘Global Warming’ lit the bushfires now engulfing NSW. Or perhaps his/her name was Flim Flammery or Adam Bandit?


23/10/2013: Obviously a product of good parenting:


22/10/2013: Quick ACTION ‘saved’ this British town from a creeping menace. We obviously need MORE political correctness here: ‘A council has removed posters advertising a circus following a complaint from a woman who is scared of clowns. Leighton Buzzard Town Hall Council said it took down the adverts after one complaint - in a town of 28,000 people. An unnamed female resident told the authority the posters were scaring her whenever she drove past them, explaining that she suffers from coulrophobia. The council removed all of the posters and told the circus not to come back to the town unless it uses promotional material without clowns on it’:


22/10/2013: What drives home the reality that our last Westie and our last cat are no more is the fact that a brace of (live) conies has invaded the garden (seen this morning outside the bedroom window enjoying their silflay), something we haven’t seen here in over twenty years. What the two JRs are doing about it is a mystery. It is (sort of) nice to see that they have survived the myxo, the calici, the bushfires, etc, etc BUT methinks they are destined for the pot – if I can work on Della’s gun handling skills a bit…


22/10/2013: UNPRECEDENTED bushfires: ‘of 48 major bushfires in NSW between 1926 and 2006, 11 occurred in October or earlier’…’Serious bushfires occurred in New South Wales in 1951-52, 1968-69, 1984-85 and 1993-94. In 1968-69 over one million ha were burnt and three people were killed (Linacre & Hobbs 1977; RFS 2003a). In 1984-85, 3.5 million ha were burnt, four lives were lost, 40,000 livestock were killed and $40m damage to property was caused (RFS 2003a). In 1993-94, bushfires burnt 800,000 ha, destroyed 287 residential properties and other premises and killed four people (Year Book Australia 1995 (1301.0)’:


22/10/2013: You KNOW you (at last) have a Government of grown ups when they instruct the relevant departments to call people ‘illegal immigrants’ and ‘detainees’ instead of ‘clients’. Well done Scott Morrison!


22/10/2013: The French will do ANYTHING, but it ought not be illegal:


22/10/2013: ‘SAVE THE Planet’, the ‘great unwashed’ scream, yet we may have already done so (and by the unlikely means of the Industrial Revolution’). Let me explain: Plants need @ 200ppm of CO2 to survive. If the percentage drops below that (ie .02%) life will pretty much cease – yet the pre-Industrial world tilted perilously close to that. The percentage has varied from upwards of 20,000ppm in the time of the dinosaurs for example, down to just over 200ppm over time, during which warm, tropical periods and ice ages came and went completely uncorrelated to its percentage. However, steadily the percentage of CO2 being liberated by volcanism and other processes eg from the carboniferous rocks, coal & peat deposits etc where it ‘ultimately’ becomes ‘locked up, declined until just before the Industrial Revolution its percentage was such that the cessation of life on earth was imminent. The forests shrank and great plains and deserts spread across much of the globe as there was not enough CO2 to build any more forests, and much of life had to retreat to what were really oases to survive. Just in the nick of time (folks of a religious persuasion will see this as predestined) as a result of the Industrial Revolution personkind began to liberate vast quantities of carbon in the form of CO2 and a wonderful profusion of life was the result. The forests spread, the deserts and grasslands retreated and once more a profusion of life saturated the planet: THAT is the era we are living in: the Anthropocene. It can only get better!


21/10/2013: Loony of the month: I’d bet you hadn’t realised this: ‘Butter-iced snares of self-loathing that sell precisely because they exploit young women’s insecurity about their looks and identity, and offer a completely false and self-defeating solace of temporary gratification, almost certainly followed by remorse and disgust’:


21/10/2013: THIS is the sort of Prime Minister I want: a man of deeds, not just of words:


21/10/2013: Compulsory ‘free’ health insurance/care for all IS utterly unaffordable and unnecessary (as this writer points out). The analogy to car insurance could be taken a few steps further: eg WE usually only take out Third Party property insurance (and only because others have a ‘right’ to sue us for damage to their more expensive cars!) and chose to drive older cars which we maintain ourselves. Cost of insurance = zero. If folks made a similar attempt to ‘drive’ a cheaper body and maintain it themselves, and accepted that when it is worn out it should simply be scrapped as no amount of repair costs can fix it, the cost would come down enormously – perhaps to somewhere reasonable. Demands for ‘free stuff for everyone’ are just infantile and irresponsible fantasies:


21/10/2013: This is quite important: Dr Spencer explains (for the layman) the role of positive/negative ‘feedbacks’ in the climate system (and attempts to allay some extremist fears):


21/10/2013: Tim Blair: ‘Bill Shorten’s mispronunciation of words containing “th” – “uvver” instead of “other”, “wiff” instead of “with”, “fink” instead of “think” – is known as th-fronting. It’s big in England. Happily, solutions are available.’ PREDICTION: Tanya Plibersek will be the NEW Ju-Liar!


20/10/2013: Playing Bandt’s game. Click on the Pic:


20/10/2013: Art for art’s sake (WARNING; This is hilarious! Well worth the $378!) :


20/10/2013: Quote of the day: Adj. Comr. Dedy Kusuma Bakti, the Cianjur Police chief, said his office was working with the West Java and Banten police forces to patrol the local waters for signs of people-smuggling activities …“The fact that they’ve coming in on tourist visas shows that they’re not really asylum seekers. People smuggling has become a big business here,” he said …Tedy Pembang, the Cisarua subdistrict chief, said many of the foreigners, mostly from the Middle East, had lived in the area for years, often arriving in the country by boat. He added that they tended to be ostentatious in their spending and socializing, generally keeping up a high profile that did not fit in with their claims of seeking asylum from repressive conditions back in their home countries.


20/10/2013: The Call: Carl H. Emmons


 Did you ever have a longin’ to get out and buck the trail,

And to face the crashin’ lightnin’ and the thunder and the gale?

Not for no partic’lar reason but to give the world the laugh,

And to show the roarin’ elyments you still can stand the gaff.


Don’t you ever feel a yearnin’ just to try your luck again

Down the rippin’ plungin’ rapids with a bunch of reg’lar men?

Don’t you ever sorta hanker for a rough and risky trip,

Just to prove you’re still a livin’ and you haven’t lost your grip?


Can’t you hear the woods a-callin’ for to have another try

Sleepin’ out beneath the spruces with a roof of moonlit sky,

With the wind a sorta singin’ through the branches overhead

And your fire a gaily crackin’ and your pipe a-glowin’ red?


Don’t you often get to feelin’ sorta cramped and useless there,

Makin’ figgers and a-shinin’ your pants upon a chair?

Don’t you yearn to get acquainted once again with Life and God?

If you don’t, then Heaven help you, for you’re a dyin’ in yer pod.


20/10/2013: These amazing fossil hominids from Dmanisi in Georgia may cause a further rethinking of the human narrative ( Schliemann’s discoveries at Troy and Mycenae ( made us realise that myth and archaeology could come together. Since then there have been many archaeological vindications of ancient stories (many Old Testament sites - eg Jericho, have been extensively excavated – though the Palaeolithic tower found there still provides many mysteries to answer). This has led some to wonder about the provenance of myths about ‘little people and giants’ in folklore. These homo erectus skulls and the ‘hobbits’ found on Flores give one pause to wonder, that’s for sure. You begin to wonder whether eg Ramapithecus ( or Neanderthal man have given rise to legends of trolls, goblins, etc or whether the fossils we have found are outliers, whilst instead we inhabited the same world as them (as has been clearly demonstrated by the Flores discoveries). The Sumerian ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’ – and particularly his hairy friend Enkidu, echoing as it does the Biblical ‘legend’ of Esau make one wonder. The fact that some of these early ‘men’ have been found  on islands which never had a land bridge over a million years ago also makes one realise that they MUST have been able to build boats which implies quite ‘human’ levels of cultural sophistication, including language?


19/10/2013: US debt jumped $328 billion, more than Australia’s total debt in ONE day, totalling now more than $7 trillion, more than ten times ours (per capita) – and this is a GOOD thing?


19/10/2013: Lots of news about the fires allegedly ‘caused’ by a non-existent global warming for the last c20 years and NOT by a very wet autumn-spring and lots of growth (the exact opposite of what the Flanneries etc predicted, a lack of fuel reduction burns, absurd locking up of bush areas by misplaced greenie ideologues, infringement of suburbia into the bush etc, etc and NOTHING about Canberra having its COLDEST morning on record which has virtually wiped out the wine industry there (but not the whining industry!):


19/10/2013: This is a brilliant explanation of why otherwise ‘normal’ indeed privileged folks with no problems at all really join hands in crazy mass movements such as environmentalism. The summary of Paul Bruckner’s book, here ( is a really important read (I particularly like it that ‘Tintin’ is to blame for all this), eg ‘In France, a Green politician, Yves Cochet, has proposed a “womb strike,” which would be reinforced by penalties against couples who conceive a third child, since each child means, in terms of pollution, the equivalent of 620 round trips between Paris and New York.’ There YOU go, Merrin: always buzzing around! His conclusion is sound: ‘Environmental worry is universal; the sickness of the end of the world is purely Western. To counter this pessimism, we might list the good news of the last 20 years: democracy is making slow progress; more than a billion people have escaped absolute poverty; life expectancy has increased in most countries; war is becoming rarer; many serious illnesses have been eradicated. But it would do little good. Our perception is inversely proportional to reality.’:


19/10/2013: Ah, the VALUE of studies! Personally I dislike the wretched things:


19/10/2013: The sane side of the climate change consensus: global warming has been and will continue to be a net benefit to the world:


18/10/2013: ATTENTION dual cab owners: Get a REAL 4WD, one that can easily tow a bogged Landie (Warning: May not be road legal – or affordable!) :


18/10/2013: Meanwhile, the wind begins to blow from the right direction:


18/10/2013: A day in the life of a gas protestor:


17/10/2013: It is SO hard to keep track of the origins of the influences which inform our opinions, nay our TRUISMS. An example: it was the Marxist historian Gordon Childe who ‘invented’ the ‘Neolithic Revolution’, a ‘fact’ which I had not questioned until recently. In so doing, he had drawn parallels with the ‘Industrial Revolution’ (which I must also reprise soon) and had created a narrative of the human story (which like the ideal of ‘progress’ for example) is wholly false, apparently. The discoveries at Gobeki Tepe, Jerf el Ahmar, Wadi Faynan, etc, etc undo the sequence of events in our prehistory underlining eg the certainty that culture takes precedence over necessity (thus overturning a fundamental tenet of leftist social studies curricula of the last 30 (?) years which have taught two generations at least that the essential human necessities are first & in order: air, water, food, shelter…) In these astonishing sites we see that prehistoric hunters were constructing (Palaeolithic) monuments LONG BEFORE the invention of farming, so that clearly CULTURE takes precedence over all else in the human mind: an adamantine fact which policy makers everywhere need to cleave to, utterly:


17/10/2013: Absurd Creature of the Week: This Prehistoric Elephant Had a Huge Spork for a Mouth:


17/10/2013: Quote of the day: Tim Blair: ‘the IPCC warns. “Another 800,000 people will fall ill year from contaminated food and water – while more than 270,000 homes will be at risk of collapsing into the ocean from rising sea levels.” These IPCC predictions seem remarkably precise, considering that they’re talking about the deaths of people whose parents haven’t yet been conceived. Could we please have the names of the doomed, so that future folk won’t bother getting too close to them?’


17/10/2013: When you realise that eg the Montebello Islands (Bikini, Moruroa, Nagasaki etc) can survive nuclear bombs and bounce back, concerns about a few hundredths of a degree of climate change, fluoride, shopping bags, bad attitude, etc, etc shrink into insignificance:


16/10/2013: Looking into ways to ‘convert’ a wagon into a camper. There ARE some interesting products out there, eg these two: &


16/10/2013: Farewell Scott Carpenter: FEW of the space pioneers remain (John Glenn being most prominent): &


16/10/2013: Seems there are folks who can’t distinguish between disagreeing with a CULTURE, and ‘racism’, the newest easy ‘put-down’ – all too distinguishable from ‘thought’. They have forgotten (apparently – did they ever KNOW?) that most of my and my parents’ lives (this is litotes) was spent fighting the dreadful culture of COMMUNISM, or that some years of my parents’ generations’ lives were spent eradicating the culture of Nazism, or that my generation stamped out the culture of cannibalism in New Guinea (and with it that fascinating parasite – responsible for the dread disease ‘kuru’ – which more than anything I know of proved that ‘life will find a way!), and so much more. Evil must be fought, whether it is politically correct to do so or not. Not all cultures are equal, certainly not all are good, and some are downright execrable. A culture which supports extreme violence and sexual abuse of women and children for example, MUST not be allowed to remain. There is ample evidence that there are some cultures which do have horribly evil characteristics at their very core: they MUST be eliminated. (I have NO time for the Saudis, for example). Traditional ‘aboriginal culture’ is an oxymoron. I am not (of course) advocating harming or killing ANY human being when I say this. For example, I had a number of friends who were ‘patrol officers’ in New Guinea in the 50’s and 60’s who were in the front-line in the ‘war’ against cannibalism and ‘cargo cults’. Some even lost their lives. One friend Jimmy, while helping to eradicate cannibalism in the Highlands, married a Chimbu girl, one of the most interesting (certainly the blackest) friend I have ever had (and the only cannibal!) who had the most awesome eidetic memory (as pre-literate peoples are said to do) and could repeat word for word conversations you had with her months or years before!…yet it was immensely to the benefit of her (and their children’s lives) that the culture of cannibalism was ended! Unfortunately we imported the ‘cargo cults’ and there are now millions of Australians who won’t live without this ‘manna from Heaven’ – or from their hard-working fellow countrymen at least!


17/10/2013: Reply to a comment: What I can simply NEVER understand about Leftists is how you have no moral sense: you simply cannot see the difference between right and wrong, so you can engage in rhetorical dispute about eg wording whilst turning a blind eye to mass murder - and that something could be done to prevent it, and to make the people (otherwise wholly ruined) have a decent life. Factual knowledge (eg hunting skills and plant use and identification) are utterly different matters to the 'culture' which sees MOST children and women in 'traditional 'aboriginal society molested and abused. Examinations of skeletal remains shows eg most have now and in the past suffered from skull fractures. There would not be one in a hundred (nay a thousand) in Western society who have similar skeletal injuries...yet you quibble about getting rid of an obscene 'culture' which has such awful outcomes. As I said before, you simply have no perception of right and wrong. You can still support socialism when you see what the Pol Pots, the Maos and the Stalins, do and have ever done. Shame!


16/10/2013: Quote of the day: Sid Maher: ‘On day two of his leadership, Shorten is exactly where the Prime Minister wants him. Voting with the Greens, which produced the carbon tax as part of their alliance with Labor in the last parliament, and facing attacks from the Coalition that he is defying the will of the people’.


15/10/2013: Frankly I think e-cigarettes should be encouraged too:


15/10/2013: My thanks to Prof Judith Sloan: The Draft Years 5-10 Australian Curriculum: Economics and Business: In the first paragraph, there is a reference to “exploring the way individuals, families, the community, businesses and governments make decisions in relation to the allocation of resources and to consider the effects of these decisions both now and in the future.” There are three priorities: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures; Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia; and sustainability… There is NOTHING about: eg percentages, simple and compound interest, net present value, etc, etc. In short there is NOTHING about BUSINESS or ECONOMICS. This is frightening!


15/10/2013: Australian farmers (and many others) have never been able to afford eg a High Court challenge to the clearly unconstitutional various environmental & ‘native species’ legislations which have stolen huge chunks of their land and deprived them of their livelihood for more than twenty years (aka ‘dispossession’). These laws are clearly unconstitutional in that they deprive people of their private property without just compensation perhaps the only ‘right’ existing in that document. Many have lost their farms completely. We personally lost over $500,000 (which would have come in very handy in our retirement!) Meanwhile though, our Government spends $74 million pa on ‘Aparthied Justice’ ie legal aid specifically for ‘aborigines & Torrres Strait islanders’ in addition to spending which is available to ALL Australians. Often it is spent on folks whom any civilised society would want to lock up and throw away the key, else hang from the nearest lamp-post such as the ‘perp’ in THIS case. Similarly folk of the approved colour (though not necessarily very much of it - as so many are blue-eyed!) can eg continue to demand (and receive) ‘land rights’ even though they have been state dependents for c200  years and have never paid a single cent in Council rates (nor ever will), nor (unlike the farmers above) produced a single scrap of food from their land, even land which was purchased for them as premium grazing properties, and continue to be state dependents and too often malefactors to boot. This apartheid HAS to stop :


14/10/2013: Dogs certainly have memories and feelings too:


14/10/2013: Spending like a drunken sailor, and all wasted. WHEN will these Lefties ever learn: ‘When Mr. Obama became president in January 2009, the total federal debt stood at $10.6 trillion. This week, it hit $16.7 trillion — an increase of 57 percent. In the same time frame under President George W. Bush, total federal debt rose 38 percent. Under President Clinton, it rose 32 percent.’ I calculate the per capita US Government debt at TEN TIMES the Australian Government’s which I have long since railed about as being unwise and unsustainable.. Unfortunately it is a little like the difference between owing the bank a little money and a lot of money: the former is your problem, the latter is the bank’s. ‘If America sneezes, the whole world catches a cold’ has long been the accepted economic truth (becoming less so for us now, as the so-called GFC demonstrated when our relationship with China ensured we would be completely unaffected). Still, the prospect of American default (yea even winding back its reckless and mindless spending) could plunge much of the world into recession and carve countless billions (No, trillions now!) off the worlds’ stock markets:


14/10/2013: Air Marshal Mark Binskin, at the weekly media conference on Operation Sovereign Borders, says just 215 boat people have arrived in the first three weeks. That’s about 70 a week. We were running at over 100 per DAY under Ju-Liar. In fact back then nearly that many people per week were DROWNING trying to get here. This is (ALREADY) a drop of 90% under Tony. He clearly WILL ‘Stop the Boats!’


14/10/2013: A great TRIBUTE: Miranda Devine: ‘THE state funeral for Rusty Priest; World War II veteran, RSL president and keeper of the Anzac flame, was magnificent. Dignitaries and old soldiers gathered at St Mary’s Cathedral and followed the gun carriage carrying his coffin across a sun-drenched Hyde Park to the Anzac memorial. A grand tribute to a humble soldier who did so much to boost Anzac Day and the Kokoda Track. Priest did not crave the spotlight. So it was fitting that a poem read by former Army Chief Ken Gillespie paid homage to the soldiers whose welfare Priest made his life’s work.


It is the soldier, not the minister, who has given us freedom of religion. It is the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the Soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the Soldier, not the campus organiser, who has given us freedom to protest.

It is the soldier, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is the soldier, not the politician, who has given us the right to vote.

It is the soldier who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the protester to burn the flag.’


13/10/2013: REALLY great win, Bill. 30,000+ members voted you DOWN 60:40, but 80 Caucus members voted FOR you 60:40. A triumph for the new Labor democratic way. Members at least had enough sense to understand that someone who has knifed TWO PMs and who is implicated in the soon to be prosecuted AWU affair is ‘not fit to shovel shit upon a Bombay lugger.’ Your mum-in-law GG must resign (but didn’t - corruption fair gallops in the family, and the Party). Of course you WILL lose the next election ; whoever won would, so does Anthony get a guernsey then? Labor, STILL a bleeding shemozzle!


13/10/2013: These hiking poles are wonderful. ($175 per pair –recommended). At just over 100 grams each they are about 150 grams lighter (per pole) than Leki (et al) which means for a lot less work using them. I reckon they take 30% plus effort out of walking - particularly over hilly and undulating terrain and they have prevented me from having MANY nasty falls (and possible broken bones, an increasing worry as you get older – and in remote areas. The number of people I have had to have ‘choppered out’ with such injuries over the years would amaze you. Unbelievably one of these poles will take all of MY weight. We also use them for tent poles, for our zpacks and home made tents. It IS possible to remove a small round ‘plug’ from the handle of one and to insert the bottom section of the other pole there to make an extra long tent pole (6’plus) such as might be needed for one of the taller pyramid tents (egMountain Laurel Designs ‘Megamid’):


13/10/2013: For pumpkin lovers:!.html


13/10/2013: 7 ½ hours walking the ‘Grand Strzelecki Track’  doing a section (Jeeralang West Rd to Branniffs Rd) which is supposedly 12 km. This was the longest 12 km we have ever walked. I would estimate the last four hours along Billy’s Creek was >12km. Della and the two Jack Russells are stuffed! A bit more work (and thought) needs to go into this track, particularly better suggested times, a few campsites would be handy (and a LOT fewer stinging nettles). Other than that it IS MUCH better than Tasmanian walks. 


13/10/2013: We have found THESE to be the best all-round sleeping bags (@624 grams) for a number of years: Their temperature rating is VERY generous. The older models used to weigh in at UNDER 600 grams. They are wonderfully comfortable because they stretch (unlike other sleeping bags). I have been quite comfortable down to minus 9C, though the addition of a Sea to Summit liner increases warmth by 8C at a weight cost of @250grams ( I have noticed that Joe Valesko over at has just sarted making sleeping bags. His equivalent bag would weigh 397 grams (plus 40 grams for a hood – sold separately).  We have a lot of Joe’s other ultralight gear (packs, tents, etc) and have found them very good, so we may just try one of these. I can see (particularly) that I can get Della’s pack weight down substantially with a 1000 fill power down jacket (now even available in ‘waterproof’ down) and one of Joe’s sleeping bags (more than 500 grams – nearly two days’ food for her!)


12/10/2013: A couple of years back we installed a  ‘Solatronics’ automatic gate opener ( ) on our front gate which has worked flawlessly since, and which we can lock when we are ‘out’. When we are ‘in’ you just press a button on a post to be let in. Chosen folks have a remote in their cars. It HAS discouraged Jehovahs and petty thieves quite well. There has been a complete drop-off in the number of cars mysteriously driving in and out of our property, not that we have a lot which is worth stealing anyway (unless you are an antique Subaru collector!) We are wondering if our front gate is now in contravention of the new legislation banning domestic fortifications? We had been planning installing security doors and screens, and possibly roller shutters at a later date. We are already well armed, though the purchase of a Rossi Circuit Judge (available Walmart: has been foreshadowed. Age seems to make one more fearful, if not more paranoid. I am more than disquieted that our nanny (Liberal?) State has banned people attempting to defend themselves from malefactors whose numbers still seem to be increasing – possibly because they have been paid to breed instead of being hanged for the last forty years?. First they came for the bikies…


12/10/2013: Attention ultralight hikers: this guy has some of the best alcohol stove anywhere and at a good price. We have found his products excellent and have used them for many years:


12/10/2013: A truly fascinating study of dogs’ brains:


12/10/2013: Always learning: I have known since Primary School what ‘a pig in a poke’ means (and why one should avoid its associated porcine salespersons!) but I am grateful to last night’s ‘QI’ for enlightening me that a ‘pocket’ is something to keep a ‘piglet’ in -  which had not occurred to me before, though it should have. I am yet to learn what ‘poke’ means on ‘Facebook’, and perhaps I don’t want to, knowing what it has always meant for MY generation. We had to learn the meanings of many other strange mensurational and venal terms at Primary School. I can still tell you how many ‘pecks’ there are in a ‘bushel’, and how many ‘bushels’ there are in a bag of wheat, (and that there are more in a bag of oats – something which I have put to good use, as sheep LOVE oats, though I don’t know about ‘ivy’ - which might be poisonous to ovines for all I know), and how many of those to a ‘ton’, for example. One of my grandfather’s favourite sayings was, ‘You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die,’ a most enigmatic and ambiguous admonishment which you ignore at your peril!


11/10/2013: One thing is SURE about ‘quantitative easing’ (aka ‘money printing’): it really puts the stock market up. This morning: ‘Whoosh!’


11/10/2013: We have been taking them since we read (somewhere?) that Vitamin B supplements can be protective against Alzheimer’s Disease. This morning I (almost) forgot to take them…this is deeply worrying…


11/10/2013: Matt Ridley is coming to Melbourne soon. Unfortunately at over $300 per ticket I will not be gong to hear him speak, though it would be worthwhile, eg: ‘Moore’s Law is a reminder that by far the most useful thing you can do for humanity is to lower the cost of something. Yet far too few people in government, charities, companies, churches or aid organisations think of this as their duty…More’s the pity’. I am not an economist, but as far as I can make out, for true economic growth to happen, something somewhere has to get cheaper. If you have to work for a shorter time to fulfil a need such as mobile telephony, sandwiches or an airline ticket, you have a bit of spare time left over to fulfil another need or want. That gives somebody else a job providing for your new demand. And so on.’


11/10/2013: Belgium may be taking euthanasia (which I generally support) too far. The case of two deaf twins who recently had themselves euthanized as they were beginning to lose their eyesight is a little disturbing, as is this case of ‘NancyVerhelst:


11/10/2013: GREAT news: Fusion experiment produces more energy tan it consumes:


10/10/2013: Bill Bryson has a new book on the year 1927, which is a very interesting idea for a book (Review here: I enjoyed his one about hiking the Appalachian trail ( )


10/10/2013: You can use this handy calculator to see when you are going to die – and whether or not it really is worth fixing that leak in the roof, booking that overseas trip or starting on training that new master/mistress ( and it will tell you that flossing will extend your lifespan by a full year (whether this will be mainly spent sitting in a wheelchair drooling and pooping yourself is a moot point). Attempts to make flossing sexy have generally failed, though the picture below is a good attempt. Unfortunately for OralB etc, the evidence for flossing is not compelling, so maybe you can relax and tippy-toe quietly to that grave after all:


10/10/2013: Christie Sims seems to specialise in ‘dinosaur erotica’. This could be the fastest emerging genre. It even comes with a warning: ‘Warning: This is a tale of beast sex. This story was written to unlock your darkest fantasies and innermost desires. It is not for the faint of heart and is not your mother's erotica. All of the sexual descriptions found in this book are very explicit in nature. It's not suitable for someone under 18 years of age. Read at your own risk.’


10/10/2013: As if that wasn’t bad enough, there is a restaurant which seems to specialise in cooked penises  (NOT a la Miewes, YET!) What IS the world coming to:


09/10/2013: Quote of the day: ‘The future is certain, only the past is unpredictable’. Polish saying from Soviet times, as AR5 crumbles and AGW slowly slurps its way down the plughole into the dustbin of ‘history’…


09/10/2013: A case for not recognising ‘aboriginality’ in the constitution. This was a SICK culture, and its remnants remain sick. WARRNING: This is NOT a pretty story. NB Gary Johns was a Minister in the Hawke Government:


09/10/2013: THIS (in reply to a comment: (‘The Fabrication of Aboriginal History’ has an important part to play. You can get a taste for it here: (


09/10/2013: And THIS, to another: Clearly evidence and argument are meaningless to you people! I grew up with aboriginal people (mostly half and three quarter caste) and have all my life had friends of aboriginal descent. The people I grew up with (in coastal and Western NSW) had (sensibly) WALKED AWAY from 'aboriginal culture) more than fifty years before I was born. As is common (and understandable) the women went first, for the same compelling reasons which (full blood) Bess Price MP talks about today in regard to the dreadful behaviour of so many folk in Central Australia. She had this to say on 19/05 this year: ‘Within the last four months, two more young mothers related to me were killed in Alice Springs Town Camp. One was injured mortally in the public, in front of several families. Nobody acted to protect her. Dozens of my female relatives have been killed this way. Convictions usually lead to light sentences. I was told by a senior lawyer that no jury in Alice Springs will convict an Aboriginal person for murder if the victim is also Aboriginal and he or she is only stabbed once’.


09/10/2013: Made my first Gmail ‘hangout’ video call yesterday to a young friend in the US. I KNOW most of you have been doing this sort of thing for years, but for me it was AWESOME (there, I’ve used the word!) We are at that time in life where the need to make new friends is paramount: not sure that we can do it quickly enough as the old ones die off or just fade away, to prevent our ending up alone sometime soon: just have to get OUT there and PARTY more, while there’s still time!


08/10/2013: A VERY endangered kind of bare:


08/10/2013: I notice the Americans have been doing without a Government lately, which seems like a GOOD IDEA. Maybe some more of us could try this trick, and if we like it go the whole way and do without Governments ALTOGETHER!


08/10/2013: Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic on towering Austrian economist Hayek, whom we ignore at our peril. He observes: ‘Europe needs Hayek and his merciless analysis of the over regulated, controlled, centrally administered European economic system and of the slippery road to serfdom that we have already embarked on.’


08/10/2013: An interesting idea: mind you I notice they just wasted the last $X million they received from our taxes, but it might help balance the budget:


07/10/2013: "The average human being has one breast and one testicle."


07/10/2013: This shows just what sort of scam artist Obama and his other lefties are: they are closing over 1,000 public parks which are entirely privately run and funded. Meanwhile they seek to squander vast amounts on a new health system which they refuse to own up to funding. It is another thing entirely to have a publicly funded health system. Mind you though it is very easy to introduce distortions into the market with nationalised medicine which end up making it inefficient and unaffordable. Ours has now arrived at the point where eg to have an essential back operation we were more than 50% ‘out of pocket’ (so who know what this means for those who haven’t saved for such eventualities – though mind you I think people should and not weep over demands on the public purse!) even though we have contributed to BOTH the public and private health systems for up to 50 years. Our own system is hardly fixed: have you tried to see a competent doctor lately? Of course partly the problem is that people are unwilling to accept their own mortality, or are not allowed to go peaceably when the time comes:


06/10/2013: After twenty years of cooling (during which the world emitted more CO2 than at any other time in human history) it should be clear to even the stupidest observer that the whole anthropogenic global warming scam was just ONE BIG DAMNED LIE, as it was. Here’s Don Easterbrook’s (Professor of Geology, Western Washington University) take on that:


06/10/2013: "His mother should have thrown him away and kept the stork." - Mae West


06/10/2013: The poor WILL inherit the earth (if we don’t stop them first!). From  Jean Raspail’s brilliant and brutally confronting 1971 satire (or indictment), Camp of the Saints ( :


‘Then, after a while, there were too many poor. Altogether too many. Folk you didn’t even know. Not even from here. Just nameless people. Swarming all over. And so terribly clever! Spreading through cities, and houses, and homes. Worming their way by the thousands, in thousands of foolproof ways. Through the slits in your mailboxes, begging for help, with their frightful pictures bursting from envelopes day after day, claiming their due in the name of some organization or other. Slithering in. Through newspapers, radio, churches, through this faction or that, until they were all around you, wherever you looked. Whole countries full, bristling with poignant appeals, pleas that seemed more like threats, and not begging now for linen, but for checks to their account. And in time it got worse. Soon you saw them on television, hordes of them, churning up, dying by the thousands, and nameless butchery became a feature, a continuous show, with its masters of ceremonies and its full-time hucksters. The poor had overrun the earth. Self-reproach was the order of the day; happiness, a sign of decadence. Any pleasure? Beneath discussion. Even in Monsieur Calgues’ s own village, if you did try to give some good linen away, they would just think you were being condescending. No, charity couldn’t allay your guilt. It could only make you feel meaner and more ashamed. And so, on that day he remembered so well, the professor had shut up his cupboards and chests, his cellar and larder, closed them once and for all to the outside world. The very same day that the last pope had sold out the Vatican…’


 & from the Australian folks pleading for asylum so they can have boob jobs:


05/10/2013: I LIKE this parallel argument: In February 2000, American philosopher Dr David Deming wrote a letter criticizing Yale University student Joni Kletter's February 18, 2000, syndicated article on gun control published in the University of Oklahoma's student newspaper, The Oklahoma Daily—a letter for which the professor was charged for sexual harassment. In her article, Kletter had claimed that "easy access to a handgun allows everyone in this country . . . to quickly and easily kill as many random people as they want." In his rebuttal, Deming wrote "I just want to point out that Kletter's 'easy access' to a vagina enables her to 'quickly and easily' have sex with 'as many random people' as she wants. Her possession of an unregistered vagina also equips her to work as a prostitute and spread venereal diseases. Let's hope Kletter is as responsible with her equipment as most gun owners are with theirs."


05/10/2013: It is kind of funny someone had to do a ‘study’ to find THIS out, as with so many things (hopefully under Tony ‘research’ will return to the meaning we would expect it to have eg scientific and medical research for the betterment of humanity). Surely only a fool would want to be identified with these scummy people anyway? Ho, Hum:


04/10/2013: Warren Meyer: ‘The IPCC does claim more confidence that warming over the past 60 years is partly or mostly due to man (I have not yet seen the exact wording they landed on), from 90% to 95%.  But this is odd given that the warming all came from 1978 to 1998. Temperatures are flat or cooling for the other 40 years of the period. The IPCC cannot explain these 40 years of no warming in the context of high temperature sensitivities to CO2.  And, they can't explain why they can be 95% confident of what drove temperatures in the 20 year period of 1978-1998 but simultaneously have no clue what drove temperatures in the other years.’


04/10/2013: Quote of the day: “I was dissatisfied with the quality of humans available on this planet, so I made my own.”


04/10/2013: Another Aussie Jihadist:


03/10/2013: Bad news for me: the only one I own is the Leatherman (Micro, by choice). I am a failure:


03/10/2013: I have long been a lover of Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) (& A.E. Housman)




Under the wide and starry sky,

Dig the grave and let me lie.

Glad did I live and gladly die,

And I laid me down with a will.


This be the verse you grave for me:

Here he lies where he longed to be;

Home is the sailor, home from sea,

And the hunter home from the hill.


Stevenson's Requiem is inscribed on his gravestone in Samoa. A great admirer, A.E. Housman, wrote R.L.S as a tribute to Stevenson:




Home is the sailor, home from sea:

Her far-borne canvas furled

The ship pours shining on the quay

The plunder of the world.


Home is the hunter from the hill:

Fast in the boundless snare

All flesh lies taken at his will

And every fowl of air.


'Tis evening on the moorland free,

The starlit wave is still:

Home is the sailor from the sea,

The hunter from the hill.


03/10/2013: Ultralight cooking: I think one of these ‘Sierra Cups’ (h each) @ 60 grams (or these: @ 50 grams) would be good for when you need to cook more than two things at once. I have the 900 ml pot set @ 125 grams ( which works well with the Bushbuddy Ultra ( ) woodgas stove @ 150 grams. I am wondering whether I can fashion a ring of motorcycle tubing (or like eg ) to prevent burning my lip. A titanium spork, cut-down pot scourer and mini cigarette lighter completes the kitchen at less than the weight (<400 grams) most folks would have in their ultralight gas canister stove (inc canister) alone! PS: I usually carry a Minibulldesigns 7 gram side-jet alcohol stove (eg ) and 100ml meths for when I get lazy ( and a few esbits for fire lighting)


02/10/2013: I just LOVE this camping mat: the Thermarest xLite Women’s @ 340 grams at R-3.9 is quite long enough for someone of my height (@5’8”) and exquisitely comfortable - & warm. For sitting around camp we pair it with the Big Agnes Cyclone Chair @ 170 grams: &


02/10/2013: This is a good example of why I hate greenie, leftie, animal libbie rabid dogs with a vengeance and think there should be an open season on them all. After ALL these years of ruin and vilification the local Giles Bros Abattoir in Trafalgar has been exonerated from any animal cruelty claims and the whole thing has been shown to have been concocted by ONE such loathsome creep. Like so many others our livelihood was dependent on this abattoir where our lambs could be processed for the local supermarket. I you have ever tried to make a profit by selling your lambs through the auction markets, forget it. A number of small town butcher shops in Gippsland could no longer source bodies economically and had to close, furthering the domination of the supermarket giants. Many ordinary workers in small-town Traf lost their jobs causing who knows what misery to their families – as to the Giles Bros themselves, the fact that one is STILL in Warrigal Hospital says it all:



02/10/2013: I have ALWAYS been disgusted by Ju-Liar (and the sooner she is arrested and banged up the better) but her sickening confessional to the sisterhood (chaired by the appalling Anne Summers) was overwhelmingly nauseating particularly the continuing ‘feminist ‘victimhood’ rhetoric. Look, you have just been Prime Minister, you CANNOT continue to claim 2nd class citizen status based on your genitals!


02/10/2013: Listen up sisterhood, THIS is misogyny – but you wanted there to be lots more of them here, didn’t you? Wake up! Women really shouldn’t drive –or vote!


01/10/2013: Remarkable: ‘An acre of corn is a living machine drawing CO2 from the air around it. In windless conditions, CO2 concentrations over a cornfield build up each night as CO2 diffuses from higher air and the organic matter and bacteria create CO2 from the soil.  A paper by Chapman et al  from 1954, shows that as soon as the sun comes up, to power-up those dormant photosynthetic cells, the plants rapidly draw down as much CO2 as possible, and when the CO2 levels fall too low, plant growth surely slows. On a windless day CO2 values rose to 410ppm overnight and fell to 210ppm during the morning.’


01/10/2013: You may have MISSED this: the CO2 percentage in a field of corn varies by >200ppm in a single morning – yet the ‘Chicken Littles’ (aka greenie fruitcakes) are worried about changes of 1-2ppm in a YEAR!


01/10/2013: Quote of the day: Willie Nelson: "I think it is just terrible and disgusting how everyone has treated Lance Armstrong, especially after what he achieved, winning seven Tour de France races while on drugs. When I was on drugs, I couldn't even find my bike."


01/10/2013: Frankly I find this TERRIFYING: The Bureau of Statistics estimates that the state's population grew by 102,000 or 1.82 per cent in the year to March. At this rate, Australia would have 25 million people by the end of 2017 - with the last 5 million added in just 13 years. A fifth of our population arrives in JUST THIRTEEN YEARS – and, Yes! YOU can believe they will feel a loyalty to our nation and our culture, but I DO NOT!


30/09/2013: ‘ABC quoting a survivor saying the passengers had been transported to the drop-off point by soldiers. "The army took us,"’ If this guy is willing to identify the Indo soldiers concerned who have ALWAYS been complicit in this dreadful trade. THAT will ‘stop the boats’!


30/09/2013: Quote of the day: Raymond Chandler: “I’m an occasional drinker, the kind of guy who goes out for a beer and wakes up in Singapore with a full beard."


30/09/2013: When my Uncle Pat, a Catholic priest, told me this in 1975 I thought he was speaking heresy, but NOW we have it straight from the Pope himself: atheists like me CAN go to Heaven. However, for atheists like me who are more than a little confident there IS no Heaven and that all who believe in such nonsense as Gods and an after-life are at best completely ‘away with the fairies’ and at worst inexpressibly evil, it is a VERY academic question:


30/09/2013: Tim Blair: ‘Ten per cent of English court cases now involve the prosecution of citizens who decline to pay for the BBC. That’s some 700 cases per day. We’d probably see a similar number in Australia if funding for our state broadcaster wasn’t drawn directly and immorally from our taxes.’


30/09/2013: I just LOVE the wild places, and have long ago discovered Teddy’s various books about hunting too; I think I started with a book about hound hunting mountain lions in what is now Yellowstone. It should never be forgotten that this, the first national park in the world was declared by this great Republican President - & famous hunter…I just loved the film about him starring Sean Connery and Candice Bergman; ‘The Wind & the Lion’. The most memorable photo in the book was of a treed ‘lion’ maybe 100’ up a pine tree with a huge hound baying at him from about 6’ below: "The encouragement of a proper hunting spirit, a proper love of sport, instead of being incompatible with a love of nature and wild things, offers the best guaranty of their preservation." Theodore Roosevelt. Yes!


29/09/2013: Outspoken atheist Richard Dawkins was involved in an online Twitter row on Thursday after tweeting: ‘All the world’s Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge. They did great things in the Middle Ages, though.’ (Comment: That was a LONG while ago actually).  Trinity College, Cambridge, has 32 Nobel laureates, as against 10 Muslims listed in Wikipedia. ( & ‘Islam has 1.62 billion adherents, making up over 23% of the world population’.) Meanwhile, Australia’s senior Islamic cleric, Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed threatened to withdraw community support for federal Labor in Western Sydney if union leader Paul Howes replaced Bob Carr in the Senate, a leaked email reveals. “As you know we have worked very hard to marshal our community to support and successfully retain the majority of ALP seats in Western Sydney against all odds, and the choice of Paul will threaten our efforts to maintain this momentum. Paul has WITHDRAWN! Here as immigrants or as COLONISERS? NO MORE!


29/09/2013: I am often gob-smacked by just how bright Willis Eschenbach is, but THIS observation was astonishing. Could breathing OUT more combat the breathlessness you get by strenuous walking uphill. I tried this out on my recent hunting trip, and it’s TRUE. I was able to walk in one go to the top of hills I normally have to pause several times to ascend and arrive completely NOT out of breath. Try it yourself:


29/09/2013: One-third of all the CO2 emitted since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution was emitted since 1998 (Yes, China - especially - HAS been burning A LOT!) yet there has been NO WARMING AT ALL in that time. The AGW theory does not involve ANY delay: the heat which is (supposedly) trapped, is trapped TODAY. CLEARLY, the theory is WRONG. QED.


29/09/2013: Back from one of my favourite places in Wonnangatta-Moroka: six hours walk in from my car & five hours drive from here to the closest driveable location. This has to be one of the remotest areas in Victoria. Deer (and dingoes!) as common as rabbits elsewhere. Took our old Jack Russell, Tiny along for the walk. Turns out she is fitter than me and was still keen to hunt after six hours’ walking. It also turns out that deer are utterly mystified by Tiny whom they honk repeatedly at whilst ignoring me utterly, whilst presenting (to me) perfect targets. Just had to shoot one (or two & etc) for the dog who promptly buried bits of them all over the bush, just in case she should pass this way again. At about 14 years old this becomes increasingly unlikely. TWICE we figured packs of dingoes were hunting us: about 8:00pm on Fri night a pack came barking down our back trail from up river and had deer honking at them at about 30 yards out in the dark, (& me only having four shots in these ‘new’ John Howard mandated rifles and my trusty machete). Figured we could take about five of them. This pack must have picked up on an orphaned calf and clearly made their kill about 200 yards up the hill behind the camp from where they set up the most infernal howling for hours! That, and a sudden wind change and downpour made it hard to sleep. As we were walking out on Saturday another pack were again seemingly hunting our back trail this time led by what sounded like a bloodhound cross from the baying (MOST unusual for a dingo – these wild dogs have crossed with who know what other nasty breeds and are no doubt becoming more dangerous. Note to self: take more ammo next time). Fortunately they picked up the scent trail of a stag I had previously had two shots at (but been unable to locate – worse luck). The pack located him though! Better than eating us I suppose.


25/09/2013: How the rent seekers and grant seekers flourished under Labor. You think it will be hard for the Libs to make some savings? Read and weep what Krud, Ju-Liar and their whole sorry lot squandered your hard-earned on (eg The Gwabba Yorga-Gabba Warra project received $500,000 to organise netball competitions!):


25/09/2013: Q & A reveals Suzuki is a ‘complete phoney’:


25/09/2013: Tim Flannery, Will Steffen & etc vow to fight on as ‘Climate Commissioners’ without (recently withdrawn) Government remuneration. Ah, noble rent seekers! I’m sure we could afford the vast army of bureaucrats we are currently burdened with at THAT price! It will be interesting to see just how long this lasts…


25/09/2013: Child marriage is SUCH a dreadful evil for girls. If I could castrate every man who does this, I would - & with a rusty knife! It IS so much more prevalent amongst some religious groups whether you agree or not. Religious tolerance MUST NOT extend to turning a blind eye to this obscenity. The death of this poor child in Yemen should energise us all to work towards ending this vile practice:


24/09/2013: TOP Gear (Well, bottom actually):


24/09/2013: An important review of an important report: Everything you need to know to ascertain that climate change alarmism is both wrong and silly, (& in my mind at least, wicked!)


24/09/2013: Josh Frydenberg is certainly (future) Prime Ministerial material: the parliamentary secretary with responsibility for the Abbott government’s deregulation agenda, has admirable intentions: ‘In little more than 5 1/2 years, Labor was responsible for introducing more than 21,000 additional regulations… And the Business Council of Australia has highlighted one resource development approval process that took years, was extremely costly and required a 12,000-page report, after which approval was finally granted with 1500 commonwealth and state conditions and 8000 sub-conditions attached…A paradigm shift will soon be under way…Two parliamentary sitting days will be set aside for repealing legislation each year… And the performance of senior members of the public service will be assessed in part according to their proven record in reducing regulation, with their remuneration calculated accordingly…The Productivity Commission will also be tasked to determine a framework for auditing the performance of regulatory agencies.’ YES!


23/09/2013: ‘One woman who doesn’t use accusations of misogyny and sexism to cover up her own failures, who has judgement, who doesn’t lie, who gets on with the job and, as a result, has the support of her people and wins an election in a landslide: Angela Merkel wins third term in German elections’


23/09/2013: I notice significant numbers of the jihadists responsible for the Kenyan massacre were American, Canadian, UK, Finnish…’citizens’’…Will you NOW begin to listen to me about the ‘Fifth Column’ dangers of indiscriminate Islamic immigration? I noticed also that had I been there, even if I had claimed to be Moslem, I would have been shot by them as I am (sort of) white (mostly red/grey actually – but what the heck?) This is clearly a terrible example of racist discrimination by these ‘good folks’. They should be taken to the ‘Human Rights Commission’ or brought before the ‘Anti-Discrimination Board’ and be given a (not too) stiff talking to!


23/09/2013: SEE what I mean:


23/09/2013: The renowned Ghanaian poet and statesman Kofi Awoonor was also among the dead.


23/09/2013: SUICIDE bombers have targeted an Anglican church in Pakistan's north-western city of Peshawar:


23/09/2013: Thank (human) goodness there are new Julian Lincoln Simons along to repudiate the idiocy of the environmental orthodoxy: ‘Neither physics nor chemistry nor even biology is adequate to understand how it has been possible for one species to reshape both its own future and the destiny of an entire planet. This is the science of the Anthropocene. The idea that humans must live within the natural environmental limits of our planet denies the realities of our entire history, and most likely the future. Humans are niche creators. We transform ecosystems to sustain ourselves. This is what we do and have always done. Our planet’s human-carrying capacity emerges from the capabilities of our social systems and our technologies more than from any environmental limits.’


23/09/2013: PROOF: the most important resource is the human mind. Without it we would all be sitting miserably in the dark:


23/09/2013: The Art of the Comma:


23/09/2013: Seems I was wrong about the ‘Rudd effect’ & that he ‘saved’ at least 15 seats. Expect to see him challenging for the leadership after Shorten/Albanese fails at the next election:


23/09/2013: Tim Blair: ‘Sooner or later, somewhere in the world a mainstream political party – possibly from the left – is going to say: “Hey, we went along with all of that global warming stuff for a few years. We were scared we’d lose votes if we didn’t. But now we realise that no policies we devise can make any significant impact. From now on, our environmental spending will be limited to the environment that people live in. Here are all your taxes back. Sorry.” On current trends, such a policy would probably do rather well.’


22/09/2013: AUTOBIKE: If it can be coupled with a crank driven electric motor, this bike would be PERFECT:


22/09/2013: Obama explained in another of his recent speeches, "Raising the debt ceiling, which has been done over a hundred times, does not increase our debt." There you ARE!


22/09/2013: Lots of bad things happening out in the ‘big world’ this morning: massacres and violence abound, but it all seems quiet and peaceful here at Jeeralang Junction. Perhaps our spells, runes and incantations are working – or the sign on the front gate which says, ‘Trespassers will be shot!’


22/09/2013: In those circumstances I too would have had a sudden conversion to Islam:


22/09/2013: Ah, Moby Dick:


22/09/2013: In memory of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt's foreign policy: ‘Speak softly, and carry a big stick.’


22/09/2013: Could not have put it better myself: Terry McCrann: ‘The more bleating we hear from Fairfax, the ABC, the Suzukis, Flannerys, Karolys and all the dreadful rest, the more we will know that Abbott is succeeding in the fine art of restoring rationality and even more basic sanity to government.’


22/09/2013: This may be so: well past time many fantastic schemes were ‘undone’: ‘We have reached a point of diminishing returns in our public life. Hardly anything actually needs doing. We may in fact be past that point; not only does nothing much need doing, but we’d benefit if much of what has been done were to be undone. What useful work can I do with Windows 8 that I couldn’t do with XP? Politicians make a living—a very grand living indeed at the higher levels—by saying there are things wrong that need fixing. Are there, though?’ A case in point, local company ‘Speednet’ have been offering 25 meg fixed wireless broadband here at very reasonable rates for at least a decade to folks not near an exchange - or anyone else who wants it. Evidently the NBN will, (at much greater cost) be offering the same service SOMETIME in the future…



21/09/2013: THIS is Northumberlandia, the ‘Goddess of the North’, the largest sculpture of a woman on Earth (note the size of the cars lower left). It is a reclaimed open-cut coal mine – and YOU said you were opposed to ‘King Coal’? Foolish mortal:


21/09/2013: Could it be true: alien bugs that look like Julia Gillard discovered in space? NOW we know where she came from:



21/09/2013: Quote of the Day: "What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite." Bertrand Russell


21/09/2013: Now THIS is an interesting approach to take to the global temperature data. Ask a specialist in digital signal processing whether any ‘signal’ can be discerned in the ‘noise’ of natural variability. I have long argued that the natural variations are too large and too chaotic for their to be any meaningful signal present in them, eg when daily temperatures in one backyard can vary by up to 40C and when different areas in the same backyard can vary easily by 5C or ore, where is the ‘signal’ from pretty shonky ‘world temperature records’ such as Hadcrut?


20/09/2013: It IS SO unfortunate that so much which passes as thought among the Left, literati, ‘progressives’ and other such ninnies SO closely resembles these delightful sideshow clowns forever open-mouthedly rotating in unison and emitting exactly like nonsensical platitudes, pulchritudes et al:


20/09/2013: Quote of the Day: Tim  Blair: ‘I haven’t translated the health warning on my packet of French cigarettes, but I think it says: “We are here for but a short time. Please, go right ahead.”’


20/09/2013: It IS JUST WONDERFUL: the awful hypocritical, incompetent, unscientific wanker Tim Flannery sacked and his whole Government Department (AND a number of like others, eg Ausaid, the ‘Social Inclusion Board’…) abolished – and it was only: DAY ONE. So many MORE good things to look forward to…


20/09/2013: Getting out into the world of people (which I do NOT often) IS interesting, though I feel a need for a goodly dose of wilderness to assuage it…It is pleasant that there ARE many sensible folks out there, but it is also unfortunate that there are so many who seem to have got their ideas from (perhaps a Greenpeace?) recycling bin, or as a job lot with a cheap set of steak knives…It IS bizarre to be lectured by folks about BOTH eg plastic bags, global warming and greed who drive to funerals in brand-new $60,000+ SUVs and who seem to be unaware that you can (if you feel THAT way!) eg brew your own beer , have a vegie garden, drive a  Landrover which NEVER rusts/wears out as EVERY part of every LR ever made is readily available (cheaply), and who are evidently unaware that the world has cooled for 202 consecutive months or that it was MUCH warmer in the Middle Ages or that ‘resources’ are created by MAN and NOT by nature: eg John D Rockefeller CREATED the petroleum resource (in creating Standard Oil) a resource which had until then only ever been a curiosity or a nuisance and that in so doing HE SAVED THE WHALES (c 1880!). NEW resources are being created daily by human ingenuity and enterprise as old ones fall into abeyance. So mote it be! How such folks (others sustained handsomely on  welfare yet who decry the evils of capitalism) fail to understand the immense benefits which human ingenuity AND capitalism have brought to the great bulk of mankind over the last couple of centuries, benefits which, if anything, are only accelerating (thank human Goodness!) today…


20/09/2013: Travelled to the Hunter the last few days to attend a funeral for a wonderful man I have known since c 1954. Caught up with many folk I have not seen for a VERY long time (having lived in Vic for nearly 40 years DOES attenuate relationships and origins) and at last met MANY delightful relatives for the very first time. Though I took my Samsung tablet, my arthritis makes it almost impossible for me to type on it, hence the paucity of posts. I thank the numerous people who evidently missed our disagreements, my daily doses of madness – or whatever. I will probably try to take the opportunity of a few days away hunting/hiking in Wonnangatta-Moroka as my chest has improved and my sore knee somewhat, so our conversations might not resume in earnest for another week or so…


20/09/2013: NOW 202 months without ANY warming: we really need to spend all those ‘carbon pollution’ dollars on ‘global warming’ mitigation:


20/09/2013: The science is settled: the West Antarctic ice shelf has recently been discovered to be 20 MILLION years older than previously thought: this completely debunks computer models abut how heat exchange works on earth over time, clearly throwing the whole AGW farrago further into disrepute:


15/09/2013: I noticed the informal vote was up slightly this year (to 5.9% - possibly due to the very complicated Senate paper), but still probably enough to effect a change of Government if all these folks had voted one way – or nearly enough for them to elect their own Senator outright; an interesting idea: the Informal Party, which stands for nothing, not that unlike the major parties perhaps! It is reasonable to think that if 5.9% of people can get it completely wrong (and taking into account the large accidental vote for the Liberal Democrats in NSW (enough to give them a Senator), then it is likely a similar percentage of votes were cast for a party other than the one intended. It could be reasonable to assume that idiots of all political persuasions cancel each other out (though I am more inclined to believe there are more idiots who vote for the OTHER side of politics – as who is not?), however, it is surely long past time that some simple instruction about and testing of competence was implemented to augment the franchise. I think it would also be useful to consider qualification for the franchise (eg the far too simple fact of being born in Australia seems too little to me, & failure to have ever paid taxes would suggest to me an automatic disqualification), as we will soon approach a point where those voting for a living outnumber those who are paying for them to vote – and then whence our democracy? It is not hard to imagine a military takeover to put things right (as happens in lots of other countries) were it not for the fact that successive reductions in the Defence budget over many years might well mean that there are not even enough in our military to take over the country, let alone defend it!


15/09/2013: Further bad news for ‘warmies’ is this evidence that ‘it’s the sun stupid’ is right after all - as the data comes in to prove that changes in the cosmic ray count explain ALL the fluctuations in climate previously erroneously attributed to homo horribilis. The BAD news is it looks set to get quite a lot colder:


15/09/2013: I think it is good to see that Tony & Julie will join Pope Francis in choosing a more modest style than their predecessors (at the public expense). Happy to see an end of big spending Government, apparatchiks with dachas & etc:


15/09/2013: ‘Deconstruction’ is an ‘intellectual phenomenon which ‘informs’ almost all Leftist ‘thought’ in this country (and others). It is the ‘intellectual’ heir of Hegelianism and Marxism, and ultimately traces its roots to Plato’s ‘sophists’ (Those whose task was ‘to make the worst appear the better reason’ as Socrates puts it). It is in my view the GREATEST EVIL OF THE MODERN AGE: its every intent is to invert everything, to turn good into evil, evil into good & etc…to destroy every tradition, every established truth - and replace it with its own perverted creeds. Every ‘issue’ it battens upon becomes weirdly distorted. It attacks time-tested traditional views, describing them as the ‘orthodoxy’, shortening the phrase to the ‘doxy’, so as to conflate them with a common word for a cheap prostitute, and thereby further debase them. It does NOT take them on intellectually; it just seeks to bury those views as somehow ‘no longer fashionable’. For example: HUNTING has been seen as a GOOD for the majority of time and for the vast majority of people alive today or who have EVER lived. (You can substitute for the word, ‘hunting’ in the previous sentence other long recognised ‘goods’: ‘marriage’, ‘honesty’, ‘thrift’, ‘honour’, ‘truth’, ‘patriotism’…you GET the point!) Today, the ‘deconstructionists’ in the guise of ‘Greens’, ‘Animal Liberationists’, ‘vegetarians’, ‘Whole Earthers’…want us to perceive hunting as generally evil, cruel, unnecessary, unwholesome, barbaric…It is a strange and MONSTROUS inversion of values. Most people who have ever lived have valued hunting highly, not only the many wholesome skills involved but the ethos of providing for oneself and one’s family, independence, oneness with nature, the continuity of a tradition and a sense of belonging in a tradition of one’s forebears…More about ‘deconstruction’ later.


15/09/2013: Keynes was WRONG and it is long past time we kept following him down the ROAD TO RUIN. Here in Australia (I hope) we have JUST pulled back FROM THE BRINK. The G7 (in contrast) have just spent $18 for each $1 of GDP growth, (much like Rudd/Gillard) a figure which surely UNDERLINES THE LUNACY of all Leftie economics:


14/09/2013: The Electoral Commission has the result this morning at 92:54. However one of the ‘close’ seats (EM, Fairfax, McEwen, &Parramatta) , Eden-Monaro has conceded (so, 93:53). Palmer is NOT so far ahead as thought and one would have thought McEwen OR Parramatta is in trouble, so the probable outcome is say 94:52. Sportsbet had Gillard on 51 at the time of Rudd’s overthrow of her, so THAT did not work! He DID NOT ‘save the furniture’ and Gillard supporters were right in their desire to let her win/lose the election by herself. It is also clear that (whatever the final outcome) Labor & the Greens will have (deservedly) a clear MINORITY in the Senate; so overall, a GOOD WIN FOR TONY:


14/09/2013: At 102, vale Ronald Coase:


14/09/2013: Harry ‘Smith’ of the Wonnangatta:  Having discovered BOTH the murder victim’s bodies (many kilometres apart), Harry was long under suspicion of the crime. We will probably never know.


14/09/2013: The grey thrush is sitting on a nest of eggs in the chink in the house wall where a brick has been missing (for this purpose) the last 20+ years. She missed a couple of years lately as her mate must have been killed by a fox/cat, but she has a new one now, and is working hard at filling our little valley with their wonderful birdsong. The swallows are back from China/Siberia/Korea – wherever they go, more numerous than ever. Nice to think someone else loves them as much as I do on the other side of the world. I sometimes wish I knew where they went - so I could visit them sometime there in our off-season. Would be interesting to meet their ‘other’ people if they have some. The wrens, blackbirds and thornbills are hard at it outside our bedroom window in the mornings, and when I open the front door there is a myriad of sparrow song from our archway straight outside. It IS Spring, after all!


14/09/2013: Hang on to your mobiles, kids: speed is getting faster every day (Now talking 450 megs):


12/09/2013: As a Coalition supporter (currently), I hope Labor hands ‘the poisoned chalice’ to Shorten rather than the clearly better man, Anthony Albanese, who may have some chance of undoing the monstrous corrupt wreck the once-great Labor party has become. It will be ‘interesting’ to watch Shorten reeling to the punches the promised Commission of Enquiry into the AWU will surely inflict on him - which may even end in charges being laid against him AS WELL AS Gillard and Wilson (which is a certainty!)


12/09/2013: I think Labor WILL roll over on the repeal of the carbon tax when it becomes the first item on the agenda (as promised) when Parliament resumes for the Spring Session because they will KNOW it will be repealed as soon as the new Senators take their seats on July 1, and will they really want the odium which will redound to them of forcing Australians to pay this unnecessary and expensive impost on their electricity bills & etc for a further 8+ months? They are ‘on the nose’ enough. Had it not been for the Liberals’ ‘botched’ campaign in Western Sydney (read James Diaz & etc) , & the return of Rudd, Labor’s share of the vote would clearly have fallen BELOW 30% (There was a stage in the dying days of Ju-Liar when 25% looked GOOD for them!). Even in this election we had last weekend, their Senate vote has clearly fallen BELOW one-third (12-13 sets out of 40) and conservatives will have a majority in the Senate for the next SIX years: 40-41 Conservative vs 35-36 Left – that’s as good as it gets! The Greens are DEAD MEAT to the Australian electorate. The Left/Green reform agenda; the whole climate lie, & etc are FINISHED!


12/09/2013: Come off it Bill…Labor already HAS a GREAT LEADER, ‘Andrew Fisher served as a Labor prime minister on three separate occasions. Rudd has told three journalists at this newspaper that he wants to emulate Fisher and become a three-time Labor prime minister. He has described himself as a “determined bastard”.’ Well, he got half that right!


11/09/2013: Rise of the Micro Parties: I guess we’ll have to see how it works out, but at the moment it looks like these groups (mainly of the Right, I notice) have broken the stranglehold that Labor & the Greens had on the Senate. If this is so, then Tony has nothing to fear from a double dissolution and everything to gain - as it will guarantee his agenda not just on those bills which serve as a trigger, but subsequent reform agenda items like ridding ourselves of the bewildering array of quangos and other outlandish bureaucratic hangers on which the Left have inflicted on us, mainly to CONTROL us - but overwhelmingly to WASTE OUR MONEY!


11/09/2013: That’s ME: ‘And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick's over’,

John Masefield, (Can YOU believe: 1 June 1878 – 12 May 1967?) ‘Sea Fever’, Ah, Yes! Lovely!

& This: ‘Let no religious rite be done or read

In any place for me when I am dead,

But burn my body into ash, and scatter

The ash in secret into running water,

Or on the windy down, and let none see;

And then thank God that there’s an end of me.’


11/09/2013: Hiking Food: we are always adding to our repertoire: on our last trip Della’s dehydrated savoury mince added to Continental Dehydrated Potato Mash reconstituted to a very acceptable ‘Shepherd’s Pie’ for example. Lately we have been trying out several dehydrated lentil meals. Coles have several under the name, ‘Celebrate Health’ (eg Indian Marsala Lentils - quite nice). The BEST so far is Ainsley  Harriott’s ‘Lentil Dahl’ which is SPECTACULARLY GOOD. We are eating this (&farting) at home indecently often. Highly recommended!


11/09/2013: Infantile and downright nasty Leftists have been (racially) abusing Warren Mundine who makes THIS point in return: "Two million Labor people voted Liberal. That is a massive shift. They are in big trouble and they haven't realised it." ‘Mr Mundine was overlooked for a Senate spot by Julia Gillard in 2012 after she instead chose Bob Carr who was parachuted in to be made Foreign Minister after Kevin Rudd's failed coup.’ Now become Paul Howes, apparently. THAT worked really well Ju-Liar! BTW, Warren used to be President of the ALP!


11/09/2013: Don’t know whether you caught this, ‘The Rise of the Continents’ (ABC 1 @ 8:30pm) wherein Prof Iain Stewart makes that slowest of all the sciences, Geology EXCITING! This particular episode (‘Africa’) explains the break-up of the super-continent, ‘Pangea’ (how does he know the name of this place which was destroyed by gargantuan elemental forces long before men (or dinosaurs even) existed? Clever man!) He identifies an early precursor of the whale, named ‘Basilosurus’ after my uncle, my father’s brother, Basil Jones. Extraordinary. No-one has been named, ‘Basil’ (or Sheila, his wife) since the Second World War. Della and I are now passed the right to name things (Well, people) – dogs are OK, and Della’s darling JR, named “Spot’ seems happy with his name, but if we were still in the business of naming people, I think ‘Basil’ WOULD be a good name – not much competition there – and ‘Bas’ for short is good.


10/09/2013: Quote of the day: ‘Hayek, writing in 1945, notes that it had become fashionable to downplay the wisdom of the streets and assume that the experts, armed with lumps of aggregated information, knew best. Yet, as he pointed out, ‘these facts are never so given to a single mind’, which is why commentators, like central planners, so often get it wrong’. Nick Cater. The Great Australian Public certainly ‘got it right’ this time!


10/09/2013: I am really sick of the INFANTILE character of so many Leftists: I’m sure you have all seen the childish caricatures of Tony Abbott as Gollum, gorilla, turtle, etc and the outlandish warnings of all sorts of dictatorial and weird or evil behaviour from him and his team – and these pinkos’ (unfortunately unfulfilled warnings) that they will take their bat and ball elsewhere. Why cannot such folk grapple with the real issues, articulate their political philosophy, explain how their agenda might WORK in the real world? It is long since time they moved on from their immature student politics, uni review sense of dependency on the public purse and set out to get a real living in the real world. Australia faces serious challenges to our future not least due to their favourite Government’s inability to manage a buoyant economy into anything other than bottomless debt, its endless corruption, disunity and disfunction, its endless ability to experiment with long since debunked socialist schemes, its insistence in ‘scaring the horses’ of economic growth, and especially its inability to take seriously the prime tenet of Government: the Defence of the Realm!


10/09/2013: DNA design & synthesis, 3d printers, virtual reality, computer gaming… mean that the distinction between matter and information is disappearing: people ARE able to meaningfully ask the question, ‘Could the universe we appear to inhabit be a computer simulacrum?’ a la ‘The Matrix’ & etc…Interesting times…


09/09/2013: The ASX200 was @ 6800 before Kevin ’07 when it crashed by OVER A THIRD. It fell again when Obama was elected in the US, presaging the infamous GFC, though the Dow has recovered there and has exceeded its all-time highs recently. This morning before opening the ASX was 5144. Historically it has gained @ 8%+ after inflation which would place it somewhere over 8-9000 today if not for those disastrous experiments in socialism: Rudd & Obama. With the election of a Coalition Government here it is rising again. I think it is likely it will rise 50% by Xmas. In any case it WILL go back to 6800 sooner rather than later, so hang on to your hats, and think about putting some of those savings into the stock market.


09/09/2013: Quotable quote: Philippa Martyr, Quadrant: ‘Take a stab, Bill. You're good at that. After Rudd, only one potential leader genuinely represents the party's appetite for betrayal, intrigue, leaks and relentless self-promotion.’


09/09/2013: You hear the Left intoning this pointless mantra, ‘The rich get rich and the poor get poorer’ as if Redistribution was the answer, as if you could carve up the pie into ever smaller pieces until everyone gets their fair share – but after they have eaten their share, all starve. You do not ‘make the poor richer by making the rich poorer’ as Abe Lincoln was reputed to have said. You have to make a bigger pie if all are going to have a bigger slice, and next day you need to bake an even bigger pie, and so on. You have to GROW THE ECONOMY in order that everyone will be richer. Far from being a greedy and mercenary goal (which the pious Left may blithely and wilfully disdain), this is the ONLY way to make the world a better place. It has been happening for a few hundred years now thanks to capitalism, and it need to continue at least until ALL have a decent living.


09/09/2013: I would like to see MANY referenda (eg on capital punishment, banning fireworks, the metric system, access to public lands, one law for all Australians, gay marriage, & etc, etc…) but MOST OF ALL, I would like us to be able to ABOLISH THE SENATE: I think it is absolutely disgusting that this vile institution still exists which denies THIS basic right: ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE! It is disgraceful that a voter in Tasmania has ten times the votes of one in NSW or Vic. This House is a dreadful anachronism, ( a harking back to the defunct ‘House of Lords’ in the Westminster Parliament), and simply serves as a vehicle to allow commies & crazies to impose their minority wills on us ALL– in the depraved guise of the Greens, for example. It has to be abolished, or at least seriously reformed!


09/09/2013: I REALLY like Lord Monckton, not least his wondrous vocabulary…today I learnt this excellent word: ‘monopsony’ (which is what it is if you only have one client – like so much that socialism builds), and was reminded that the Royal Society’s motto is ‘Nullius in verba’, (roughly translates as ‘We take no one’s word for it’ – a great motto) AND was reminded that once there were great Islamic scholars, such as Abu Ali Ibn al-Haytham, or Alhazen who was the founder of the scientific method:


09/09/2013: A volcano the size of the British Isles discovered in the Pacific – as big as Olympus Mons on Mars! I am amazed enough when someone discovers a new mammal the size of a cow in the jungles of Vietnam or somewhere, but it is hard to imagine not noticing a volcano this size until now. Truly, ‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,Than are dreamt of in your philosophy’. - Hamlet (1.5.166-7)


08/09/2013: Well Done Tony: Look forward to MANY years of adult Government – will be a pleasant change!


08/09/2013: Finally we can settle down to the more important issues, eg GOLF CARTS SHOULD BE BANNED:


08/09/2013: Or this explanation for the existence of evil (from ‘Time Bandits.’ PS: John Gielgud as God – excellent casting):


08/09/2013: ‘Older’ folks might remember THIS: ‘It’s Time’ (& weep!):


08/09/2013: Quotable quote (from Prof Bunyip): ‘The few remaining readers of The Sunday Age who are brighter than Earth Hour’!


07/09/2013: This may be worse than a Labor OR Liberal Government:


07/09/2013: Thank you ‘Courier Mail’ for this GREAT newspaper front page: the circus IS over:


07/09/2013: On the lighter side, some interesting ‘venereal’ terms ( a word which might NOT mean what you THINK it does. Clue: ‘a column of accountants’):


07/09/2013: A ‘Great Circle’ as most of you no doubt know, is a circle that goes clear around the entire globe, and whose centre is at the centre of the globe - such as the meridians of longitude, for example. The ‘Prime Meridian’ passes through Greenwich and the International Date Line where there is an island Taveuni, on which you can stand with one foot in yesterday and one foot in today!


07/09/2013: Education: Yes, there SHOULD be large CUTS here; too much money IS being wasted already (but there won't be, alas!). If people have been doing such a poor job (as results show) by an earlier doubling of funding, the worst thing you can do is throw MORE money at them. One should not REWARD failure. (One would have thought that this would be THE principal tenet OF education! O, Pavlov’s Dog, ‘wither goest thou?’) It would be better to dismiss incompetent teachers and put their unfortunate students in the classrooms of competent ones - and pay the latter more. You might even pay teachers per student success, so that those who were most competent could teach more students and be paid more for doing so. Paying for computers for students whose MINDS need to be improved was/is just a silly waste of funds (as with school halls etc). Clearly the curriculum needs to be improved (and returned to something more sensible which would emphasize literacy, numeracy, civics etc) instead of preaching left wing ideology, causes etc and telling students from poor backgrounds that they are victims, rather than holding up to them examples of Aussie heroes who have triumphed over such backgrounds and gone on to be outstanding contributors to our society (Doug Nicholls comes to mind). Education should be about uplifting people, not reinforcing them in their 'misery'.


07/09/2013: Members of my family were on BOTH sides of the Rothbury mine 'massacre' when numbers of workers were SHOT (near Maitland NSW in the 1920's). I can still recall being told by a relative how his father was shot in the head by a police special constable and how his dad tore the revolver from the policeman and bludgeoned the cop into unconsciousness with it - before passing out himself from loss of blood from the head wound. Another relative was part of mine management (later killed in a dreadful mining accident). His father drove the train which brought the 'scabs' to Rothbury to 'break the strike'. And so on. It is one thing to know your history (even to be proud of it), and quite another to want to repeat the mistakes of the past, continue with mistaken 'class war' nonsense and outdated Stalinist ideology. Capitalism has brought immense benefits to all. Socialism has brought nothing but misery, enslavement and death. You need to wise up to this, as I long since have.


06/09/2013: Green ‘values’: Scandal-plagued independent MP Craig Thomson has won a vote of confidence from the Greens, who have put him second on their how-to-vote card and described him as “an excellent local member”. And, of course billionaire coal miner Clive Palmer also gets their support and will win a Senate seat in Qld as a result! A triumph of morality over politics!


06/09/2013: It IS astonishing is it not, that the 200 months of cooling the world has just experienced (caused by the cooling in the mid Pacific Ocean) could be because the heat is ‘hiding’ and will spring out to fry us one day?


06/09/2013: Serves her right. At least she alone took the hit and not all of us as with Government ‘clean energy’ initiatives:


06/09/2013: Great article by Richard Lindzen a pre-eminent climate scientist who sees AGW alarmism as the heir to other pseudo sciences such as Lysenkoism, eugenics & etc:


06/09/2013: Where we would be today if we had not made the foolish mistake of voting for Krud the first time around… First of all the budget would be at least $15 billion per year better off as we would not have had to pay the interest on the $300 billion debt he has run up (nor pay it off – add another $30 billion a year for the next ten years at least). This would have provided a lot of funds for really important investments like plugging the huge gap in our marine Defence by the failure to have even one of the Collins class submarines operational. Of course Kevin also inherited an economy going ‘gangbusters’ as Peter Costello described it and able to generate budget savings of upwards of $60 billion per year. If these savings had been applied to nation building, we could have built the NBN in one year or even done something worthwhile – or just put the money away for a rainy day and reduce people’s tax burden by $60 billion per year (or $2400 less for each man, woman & child PER YEAR). It should be noted that Kevin inherited unemployment of just UNDER 4% which he has managed to drive up to nearly 7% during the ‘China boom’ – no mean feat, but he is ‘Superkrud’!


06/09/2013: Cuts, cuts, cuts: MILLIONS of dollars in taxpayer-funded grants for obscure research projects - such as the role of public art in climate change - will be scrapped or redirected to find cures for dementia and other diseases as part of a Coalition crackdown on government waste. So many of the cuts were to abolish hedgehog patting and telephone sanitizing. Looking at the list, I was astonished we were ever funding all this bullshit:


06/09/2013: Labor’s existing (and foreshadowed) restrictions on fishing, hunting 4WDriving, camping and free speech would be enough to see me vote for the coalition even if there were no other issues at stake!


05/09/2013: Personally I really LIKE this: ‘My vision for Australia is not that Big Brother government knows best; it’s that our country will best flourish when all of our citizens, individually and collectively, have the best chance to be their best selves. Government’s job is rarely to tell people what to do; mostly, it’s to make it easier for people to make their own choices.’ (Tony Abbott)


06/09/2013: I think it will be uplifting to have a PM who, when he uses the phrase, ‘the good life’ does not mean a life of trivial pleasures, who does not confuse ‘happiness’ with ‘pleasure’ (as so many do) and who does not equate ‘admirable’ or enviable’ with ‘pleasure’. Christ on the cross was ‘happy’ because he was doing something worthwhile, but he was NOT having fun! We are a fortunate country indeed which has produced so many whose (often tragic) service has benefited so many, and who have set such a ‘good’ example for other Australians to follow: Mary McKillop, John Flynn, John Simpson, Fred Hollows, ‘Weary’ Dunlop, Sister Bulwinkel…


05/09/2013: Lord Monckton’s satirical article nonetheless highlights why Victoria has become a net food importer (with the rest of the country soon to follow) if we don’t get on top of the proliferation of mad greenie bureaucrats out to destroy farming AND the natural landscape generally. Greenies really should be declared a pest species and an open season declared on them:


05/09/2013: An interesting article about how the U2 spy plane was built (contract signed March 2 1955, delivery July 1955!) which makes the point that (especially senior levels of) the bureaucracy have increased obscenely, and that they serve mainly to obstruct and obfuscate, NOT to facilitate and implement. If we are going to chop 12,000 civil servants (and why stop there – is there any need for Canberra at all?) we should rid ourselves of these senior bureaucrats who cost so much and DO so little:


05/09/2013: Our new TENT, (Thank you Della for the father’s day present!) z-pack’s hexamid solo plus tarp ( = 176 grams) mated with their double poncho/groundsheet ( = 173 grams), Total 349 grams plus guys and pegs and carbon fibre  pole (57 grams) if not using a hiking pole, still totals less than 500 grams! Pretty light for a two-person tent!


05/09/2013: So good to watch Clive James again and have some intellectual stimulation on TV – which hardly ever happens. There is NEVER any discussion of important ideas eg quantum theory and the multiverse: With which I mind, if the universe is truly infinite AND there are is an infinity of worlds where you and I exist (some having come instantly into existence from nothing), then there must also be an infinite number of Gods (as the Indians think) – of course there are none around here! However, given the speed of light constraint, these ‘Gods’ will have enormous problems communicating with each other (or anyone else) and will have long since all have gone mad from loneliness – which serves them right, really!


05/09/2013: A VERY important video: Topher is GREAT! Would YOU take out car insurance on your car if the annual premium was going to cost MORE than your car?[flash]/0/


05/09/2013: Timely warning from Jeff Kennett: ‘In 1999, at the start of the final week of the state election campaign, the polls indicated my Coalition would be returned with an increased majority. I warned the media at a press conference that we could still lose. They laughed. But that is what happened …This election could still be won by Labor with a minority government. The Coalition could still lose. We could be facing another three years of the same sort of leadership we have been experiencing in Canberra for the past six. Can’t happen? I know it can. Don’t waste your vote this weekend.’


05/09/2013: Having trouble deciding which was the funnier gaffe of the election campaign: Kevin’s ‘fart smoke’ instead of ‘smart folk’ or Tony’s ‘suppository’ instead of ‘repository’ (of wisdom). No correspondence will be entered into…


04/09/2013: It doesn’t get ANY better than this: Tony Abbott Worshipped and Kissed at Flemington Markets:


04/09/2013: Lo, how the mighty have fallen: in the Fairfax Press: ‘Privately some Labor MPs concede the best thing for the party, given the scale of the repudiation coming, would be for Mr Rudd to lose his Brisbane seat of Griffith.’(many of us agree with them and are excited at the prospect…only three more sleeps to go…):


04/09/2013: Quotable quote: Voltaire: ‘Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.’


04/09/2013: Miranda is right: THIS is why Tony Abbott will win and DESERVE to win: ‘Tony Abbott…is the candidate who connects with Labor’s heartland. He likes a drink, he’s a volunteer firefighter and surf club member. He doesn’t wear Zegna suits. He’s been going on holiday on the NSW south coast with the same families for 20 years. His roots in student politics were in the old Catholic arm of Labor, the DLP, not the toffy Young Liberals. His ordinary rugged blokeyness, and his instinctively moral language, strikes a chord in middle Australia. This is why Labor fears him more than any Liberal…voters are glimpsing a man who defies the characterisation of his enemies. They hear the testimony of a survivor of the 2005 Bali bombing who credits Abbott, on holiday with his family at the time, with saving his life’!


04/09/2013: Rudd has fallen out with serious Christians in his flippant misquoting of the Bible (on Q & A) as a result of his sudden conversion to the ‘ungodly’ cause of homosexual marriage. Claiming the Bible supports slavery may be the most stupid (and hypocritical) thing he has done:


04/09/2013: Historian, Keith Winschuttle: ‘Professed Christian Kevin Rudd not only doesn’t know his Bible very well but had to stoop pretty low to make the crack he did. This is particularly so given the historical track record of Christianity in opposing slavery. In the English-speaking world the two great milestones were, first, when in 1102 the Archbishop of Canterbury, Saint Anselm, called a national church council and persuaded it to make slavery illegal and, second, when in 1807 the English Evangelical Christian movement led by William Wilberforce persuaded Parliament to make the slave trade in the British Empire illegal.’


04/09/2013: The man is just an idiot: he dropped his ‘ungodly’ bombshell just three hours after he and Tony addressed ‘the Christian constituency’:


04/09/2013: Health Nazis are banging away this morning about some Ozis having upped their incahol uptake from 3000 to 3140 drinks per year. One such fool opined that this ‘might’ tip one over from being ‘healthy’ to ‘unhealthy’. Accordingly I have decided to up MY intake from 2500 to 3000 as I haven’t been very well lately! What tosh and wowserish nonsense this nanny state nonsense is - & what effect will it have on my Carlton and Fosters shares?


04/09/2013: Clive James (with Kerry O’Brien) ‘The Kid From Kogarah ABC1 8:30 tonight was one of the finest pieces of television in a VERY long while. Clive is presently suffering from two terminal illnesses (from which he bears up just so admirably). You can still catch the programme on ABC Online, and I recommend you do. Such a mind. Shall really miss him…


03/09/2013: Unsurprsingly, UN investigator Carla del Ponte claims it was probably the rebels and not Assad who gassed and killed over 1,000 people in Syria last week. After all Assad would have everything to lose and nothing to gain from such an evil act, whereas there are some very bad people in the opposition (including Abu Sakkar, the cannibal) who have everything to gain and nothing to lose…  


03/09/2013: Something else to thank chemists for: Just when ‘the science is settled’, we discover scientists were quite wrong about how the ‘carbon cycle’ actually WORKS. Someone should have TOLD us! Definitely time for action!


03/09/2013: And now for the REAL news: ‘Are big cat tracker's socks the oldest in Gloucestershire?’ & ‘Is this the biggest chip in Gloucestershire?’  &


03/09/2013: If Ju-Liar were still PM THIS might have been a BIG HEADLINE today. The noose is drawing tighter. She WILL be charged and she WILL go to gaol. Watch and learn:


03/09/2013: Meanwhile, Hedley Thomas, The Australian: ‘VICTORIA Police Fraud Squad detectives have seized Julia Gillard’s confidential personnel files, invoices, travel records and all documents relating to legal advice she gave 20 years ago to help set up a union fund for her then boyfriend, Bruce Wilson. Documents obtained exclusively by The Australian confirm the former prime minister is a focus of the investigation surrounding Mr Wilson, the former Australian Workers Union secretary who was dating Ms Gillard while she was his lawyer at Slater & Gordon in the 1990s…The documents have been kept in a sealed box at the Melbourne Magistrates Court pending claims of legal privilege, but Detective Sergeant Ross Mitchell, who is leading the investigation, yesterday applied to have them returned to police… His application said he would argue that any claim of privilege by Mr Wilson “should be rejected on the grounds that the contents of the documents prepared by Mr Wilson or solicitor/s at Slater & Gordon (or both), were made in furtherance of the commission of a fraud or an offence”.

03/09/2013: A man of NO principle. Just back in May Krud had the same view about homosexual marriage as the Christian pastor he humiliated on Q&A last night. Similar back-flips on other important issues, eg asylum seekers, carbon tax & etc:  He also admitted: ‘One in 13 people who come to this country by boat end up drowning.’ ie 4,000 people dead because of his 2007 backflip on illegal immigrants!

02/09/2013: Calling for suggestions for Krud’s ‘swan song’ (early) this Saturday night. My suggestion, ‘It’s My Party And I’ll Cry if I Want To’!


02/09/2013: Krud’s speech reached its nadir when he said Labor was in favour of ‘industries we haven’t even dreamed of yet’. The quality of Labor’s minions was shown by scattered applause.


02/09/2013: BILLIONAIRES: Here’s a group of folks for the Left to love to hate. Some very interesting stories here. So MANY started with NOTHING. There is hope for us all yet!


02/09/2013: 23 years we have been here (at Jeeralang Junction) and have not been able to see another house. NOW someone is building a MacMansion 400 metres away on the top of the hill overlooking us. May there be very big winds!

02/09/2013: From the Labor launch: Couldn’t be trusted to buy a mozzie candle: ‘THERESE Rein meant her speech at the Labor launch to show us a human side of her husband.  Sweet, but the Kevin Rudd she described yesterday sounded just like the Prime Minister who’s blown billions of our money on trash. Rein told the sad crowd: “I want to introduce a husband who was sent to Bunnings for a mozzie candle - one mozzie candle. “He comes back with Roman flares, Blu-Tack, an extension cord, potting mix, a step ladder, secateurs, but no mozzie candle.” How we laughed. Not. Remember how we sent this same bloke out in 2007 to end “this kind of reckless spending”, only to have him come back with school halls we didn’t need, roof insulation we didn’t ask for, a thousand Indonesian boats we didn’t invite - and not one mozzie candle? Sure, Rudd yesterday admitted he might have mucked up some of the national handyman jobs we’d set him.’ Andrew Bolt. Newspoll is 54:46 this morning. How come there are ANY folk willing to vote for these clowns – or their vile minions, the Greens?

01/09/2013: Spring, Day #1: 24C on the verandah here at Jeeralang Junction. Five days in a row forecast over 25C on the Wonnagatta River. Eye specialist appointment (Della) Melbourne Monday, but Tues-Wed (27C & 28C) are a possible two-day run down from eg the Kingwill Bridge to Waterford, but .6m over the ‘normal’ summer (canoeable) height of 1.8m at Waterford would make for an ‘interesting’ trip (may have to wait for the ‘real’ summer & our new Old Town ‘Pack Angler’ [@14kg ea!] Canadians): &


01/09/2013: Vale Seamus Heaney: Someone else will have to do the digging:


01/09/2013: ABU SAKKAR, a monstrous evil CANNIBAL is just one of the terrorists whom the West is being gulled into supporting in Syria. A guy who can cut out an enemy’s heart and liver and eat them raw (on film, see below) can surely also release chemical weapons to kill innocent civilians (as happened last week). I have no doubt that terrorists gained access to such weapons (eg by over-running Assad’s ordinance depots). Israel’s Mossad filmed hundreds of semi-trailers of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ exiting Iraq through the Syrian border as Western forces were advancing from the South during the Iraq War - which is why the UN did not find any (even though ‘Chemical Ali’ was hanged for killing 5,000+ civilian Kurds  with just such weapons, so they clearly had them). Later Jordanian authorities fortunately foiled a plot to destroy downtown Amman with a release of just such purloined weapons. The Middle East is such a hideously dangerous place. The only ‘civilised’ country there is Israel (who richly deserves our support). I am not happy for us to be dragged into yet another Arab imbroglio because of the wicked release of nerve gas in Damascus last week (or for any other reason):


01/09/2013: DEBT: the simple answer is that as a nation we owe too much money (debt to GDP ratio 215% - who would have thought?) The biggest slice of this has been the growth of household debt as bank deregulation has allowed folks to bid themselves into bankruptcy on house prices, a pointless folly. All this will have to change. An interesting article by Don Argus :


01/09/2013: Quote of the day: Tim Blair: “How puzzling this comment would seem to citizens in genuinely repressed nations: ‘The blatantly anti-government front pages of newspapers like the Daily Telegraph have sparked huge debate around the country about whether our media should be more regulated or not.’”


01/09/2013: How’s THIS for a title: ‘Model-based evidence of deep-ocean heat uptake during surface-temperature hiatus periods’? What an interesting concept: ‘Model-based evidence’ – would this be in contrast to REAL evidence?


01/09/2013: Good Grief! There is hope for me yet! Increasing CO2 is making people TALLER. Read all about it:


31/08/2013: Is Ju-Liar plotting a comeback NOW? This week could get VERY interesting as the Titanic sinks slowly in the East…


31/08/2013: What an amazing photo from the rover Curiosity : a solar eclipse on MARS with one of its moons (Phobos) producing an annular eclipse:


31/08/2013: The Politics of Envy: An excellent answer to the fork-lift driver from Mt Druitt who despised the ‘pretty little lady lawyer on the North Shore’, Derek: ‘Why should a hard-working lawyer, putting in 12 hours a day provide any sort of assistance to a man who's going to throw his carbon tax hand-out, family and healthcare rebates into the mouth of a poker machine at Mt Druitt Workers Club?’


31/08/2013: Must watch: ‘last’ Clive James ‘special’ on ABC 1 Tues 8:30pm.


31/08/2013: The petrochemical industry is just wonderful:


31/08/2013: Meanwhile in the real world, folks post interesting things like this:


31/08/2013: Wonderful that chemists are applying themselves so diligently to some of the fundamental (no pun intended) problems of the world like how to tell whether a coffee bean has passed through a civet’s alimentary canal. Great stuff fellas:


30/08/2013: Greenie sympathisers are banging away about Tony’s pledge to scrap Labor’s Marine National Parks. Frankly National parks are a bleeding disgrace: Since when did any National Park protect anything? I do multi-day hikes in (eg) Wonnangatta-Moroka all the time. It is a disgraceful example of introduced weeds and vermin proliferating, together with uncontrolled wildfire causing widespread destruction of native plants and animals. National Parks are a VERY BAD IDEA. Greenies did not discover them or ‘save’ them. Most have never visited them (and never will) – as for going on multi-day hikes in them: well, first of all under National Parks legislation it would be illegal unless one was a deer hunter (I am), second: pull the other leg: these folks will never get off their arses (or out of them!) The areas were obviously under perfectly good management BEFORE they were made into National Parks, else they would not have been there TO SAVE! A more piecemeal approach to land management (such as would exist WITHOUT them) would ensure a greater diversity of opportunities for plants and animals, and therefore be better conservation practice than the wholesale approach which locking up land as National Parks is - which just exposes the whole area to wholesale dangers (such as enormous wildfires) & etc.


30/08/2013: Gobsmackingly Krud is saying he might still go to the G20 on Sept 5-6 (to sort out the small problems in Syria - in my personal opinion best handled by arming BOTH sides in the hope they will wipe each other out!) Should just about be able to do that before he is no longer PM the next day! SUPERKEVNI!


30/08/2013: Exactly: Should the West really bomb Syria for al Qaeda?


30/08/2013: Treasury and Parliamentary Budget Office officials confirm Rudd and Bowen LIED. Listen up Krud and Rat-face, lying to the public makes you UNFIT FOR GREAT PUBLIC OFFICE! End of story. Goodness knows, $10 Bill would not have been much to be out in the forward estimates anyway (ie the next four years budgets -200 weeks) when total moneys will be @ $1700 Bill. After all over the LAST six years (300 weeks) your Governments have overspent $1 BILION PER WEEK, so that NOW our debt is roughly $300 Billion more than what Howard left you. In your first 30 days as PM (this time around) you misplaced $30 Billion as I posted on 4/08/2013! Begone! You are no better than your vile lying, thieving predecessor towards whom justice still marches remorselessly…


30/08/2013: Bounce Goes Out of Rolf’s Career: ‘She touched my wobble board’, senile entertainer blubbers, ‘I was only trying to put my joey in her pouch…’


29/08/2013: Clearly Abbott won the debates: Sportsbet is paying out on the election results NINE DAYS EARLY with the coalition favourites in 90 seats to Labor’s 56:


29/08/2013: The best line of the 2013 election campaign, from Tony Abbott: ‘If you want to know my character, ask my colleagues. If you want to know Mr Rudd’s character, ask his colleagues’. Touche!


29/08/2013: Satellite records now show 175 straight months of GLOBAL COOLING:


29/08/2013: What CAN you say about a man who threw our troops’ Xmas mail (presents) off the plane so he could fit the full complement of his media lackies on…KRUD!


29/08/2013: Bizarre that a man who called the Chinese ‘rat f---ers’ (& other gaffes too numerous to mention) has a better ‘temperament for diplomacy’ than Tony…not the greatest intellect of our time…


28/08/2013: Captain Cook observed (way back in 1770) that it (Sydney) was ‘the greatest harbour in the world’ capable of safely sheltering THOUSANDS of ships. Of course that (and the fact that NSW is HALF the population of Australia is why Garden Island has existed for the last 175 years, and why our fleet is based there. We ARE an island! Yet Krud, (not the greatest intellect of our time as I have observed before), has decided to relocate the navy to the Brisbane River (not a harbour at all, and needing extensive dredging to even fit ONE naval ship (leaving alone the risk of having the fleet bottled up in a river mouth by a couple of callow youths with air rifles!) Of course Labor was already losing Western Sydney (CERTAIN after this decision), but the great intellect Krud seems to think that the people of Brisbane will be grateful enough (for this immense Defence FOLLY) to vote for him after this decision! This makes ‘Pig Iron Bob’ seem like a great Defence strategist! Phooey!


28/08/2013: Not the greatest intellect of our time; even though Labor is clearly losing Tasmania (and elsewhere) with huge swings (10%+) because of its association with the EVIL Green WRECKERS, Krud refused to join Tony in preferencing against them. I predict that this will be the last time such folly happens in Australian politics. Unfortunately some of these emerald folk will still be around in their Senate seats for a while yet. However, if they force a double dissolution (eg over repealing the carbon tax) after the current election, the NEW Labor leader we WILL have after Sept 7 WILL preference against them and they will (thankfully) be GONE!


28/08/2013: It IS interesting how the Left want to begrudge the Paid parental Scheme to WORKING women (& men) apparently especially those on high incomes, whom surely any rational society would want to ENCOURAGE to reproduce – as compared with Labor’s perverse idea that the best we can do is pay the lame the halt and the indigent to proliferate endlessly – what, just in case the day comes when we actually need MILLIONS of such folk? But, as the ABC’s Fran Kelly (a fitting recipient of employer largesse herself apparently) reveals here, factory workers and other lowly folks ought not be paid to reproduce. Of course MANY more ABC presenters, telephone sanitisers etc ARE needed: Bring on the giant space goat to devour them all (with apologies to Douglas Adams)!


27/08/2013: Understand THIS: Government is FORCE; it is not charity, avuncular, earth mother. Its role is NOT to succour and support. It is TO CONTROL and DEFEND. To think otherwise is perversion. THIS is our prime duty: ‘SUPPPORT YOURSELF’. Crying out to Government for ‘support’ is ALWAYS just some ghastly selfish THEFT, an insisting that one’s fellow men and women OUGHT support you because you won’t support yourself. Whence comes this ‘owing’, this ‘debt’? I can understand it in relation to care for the elderly (perhaps) as they (surely?) can be expected to have spent a lifetime working, maybe building up some ‘social credit’ (but might they not also have been expected to have put away a little for a rainy day – or just such a certain eventuality as old age)? But the great majority of those who clamour for ‘support’ just want to suck at the public teat because it is there and it is easy, while ‘work’ is a four letter word best not discussed. They are ‘owed’ nothing. A debt presumes a corresponding credit which they have NOT built up.


28/08/2013: Government is FORCE #2: Further to my post of yesterday: Indeed the ‘great’ dependent unwashed clamourers have it the wrong way around: having been raised on a lifetime diet of dependency, eg free education, health care, welfare, public housing, all sorts of publicly provided services and checks and balances, law and order, defence, museums, public transport…the list is almost endless…THEY have a debt to REPAY: eg by service to their society:  by joining our defence forces, working for the dole, caring for the disabled, child minding, cleaning working folks’ homes, or etc…They have already been well paid for doing nought!


27/08/2013: Quote of the day: ‘Demanding we observe trivial distinctions of “race” - rather than stress our common humanity - is itself racist. I just wish some people claiming to hate racism didn’t actually insist on it.’ Andrew Bolt.


27/08/2013: It AIN”T half hot,  Mum: numerous studies of Arctic ‘data indicated that after the termination of the glacial period, temperatures steadily rose to a maximum of 2.5°C warmer than at present during the Holocene Climatic Optimum (4,000 to 7,000 years ago). The Medieval Warm Period (MWP) and Little Ice Age (LIA) were also observed in the record, with temperatures 1°C warmer and 0.5-0.7°C cooler than at the time of their writing, respectively. After the Little Ice Age, they report that temperatures once again rose, but that they had “decreased during the last decades,” thereby indicating that the MWP in this part of the Arctic was significantly warmer than it was just before the turn of the century’:


26/08/2013: In the end, THIS IS what it comes down to; one man is a gentleman, the other a self-opinionated krud who has never done anything for anyone else other than ‘selfie’, and all too often tramples those whom he considers ‘lesser’. Which kind of man do YOU think should be leader of your country?


26/08/2013: I am NOT in favour of melanoma, but I AM opposed to State interference in our life choices. I think the Vic Govt’s announced ban on solariums (without compensation! THIS IS TYRANNY!) is one of the most unjust acts a Vic Govt has promulgated in a long while…The overall lifetime risk of melanoma is about 2%. This presumably includes those with ‘bad’ behaviour (solariums, beach burning, etc) so the non-tanning number is maybe lower, but we will use 2% as our base risk understanding that it is likely high.  The 5-year survival rate from these cancers (which by the way tend to show up after the age 60) is 90+%. (AND a cure is just around the corner). So a teenager has a lifetime chance of dying early from melanoma of about 0.2%. (obviously MUCH less with the imminent cure!) A 50% increase to this would raise this to 0.3%.  An extra one in one thousand chance of dying early from something likely to show up in old age -- is that "so, so, so, so, so, so, so bad"? For some yes, for some no. That is what individual choice is all about. Some would LIKE to have what we once described as a ‘healthy tan’! Will there be a ban on going outdoors soon? Curiously I understand that melanoma is higher in office workers than outdoors workers…


26/08/2013: Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) The Gods of the Copybook Headings (1919):


 ‘As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man

There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.

That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,

And the burnt Fool's bandaged finger goes wobbling back to the Fire;


And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins

When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins

As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,

The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!’


(NB The "copybook headings" to which the title refers were proverbs or maxims, extolling virtues such as honesty or fair dealing that were printed at the top of the pages of 19th-century British students' special notebook pages, called copybooks. The school-children had to write them by hand repeatedly down the page.)


25/08/2013: This is the go: always hated the smell of the gym, and the very idea of exercise is, well, BORING – but a tab: ‘Yes. Please’:


25/08/2013: About time anti-fracking nutjobs and like-minded loonies repudiated the Industrial Revolution:


25/08/2013: YOU DECIDE: Would you rather watch Krud and Annabel Crabb EAT (rather than deal with the ‘Syrian Crisis – as alleged) OR watch: ‘The Hillbilly Slide And One Mad Coon’. No brainer, really:


24/08/2013: ‘Don’t mention ze poster’:


24/08/2013: I have to admit that one of the cruellest crimes committed by our ‘emerald’ brothers and sisters has been the banning of ‘golden rice’ (amid other life-giving GM crops) which has led to the unnecessary annual BLINDING of hundreds of thousands of children. The crop was donated free to the world by its inventor (No, NOT Monsanto!) Read all about it here: What PUNISHMENT is deserved for folks who will intentionally blind millions of children? I can think of SOME anyway!


24/08/2013: Cleaner air: who would have thought it might lead to AGW? My own observations looking West up Parramatta Rd from Sydney Uni attest to this. Between my earliest observations in the mid sixties and when we left fro NZ in 1974 (at the time fearing imminent global catastrophe I am shamed to remember) the distance I could identify a bus coming along the road diminished by hundreds of metres. During the same period it became impossible to ride a motorbike without glasses because of the sheer amount of crap in the air getting in one’s eyes. I WAS surprised when I took the children to the same spot in 2000 that I could once again see as far as I had been able to in eg 1965.


24/08/2013: This Greens’ attack ad is about as bad as it gets (who would WANT to wake up beside these folk the next morning either?) Mind you it says something about the intelligence of the ‘emerald folk’ that THEY have to wait until the NEXT morning to get the election results everyone sat up and waited for the night before. (Of course, in the case of the current election, I suspect the result will be in by about tea time: )


23/08/2013: WHO is the woman hater:


23/08/2013: Sleeping with the enemy: The Greens (in the pay of Big Oil & etc) do a deal with coal magnate Clive Palmer. Such PRINCIPLED luvvies:


23/08/2013: In a similar vein the actress depicted in Labor’s attack ads is nothing like the woman she portrays: instead in reality she lives in a posh house in ‘Paddo’ with her doctor husband, expensive Spanish tiles, sci-fi dishwashers & etc:


23/08/2013:  Rudd is trailing his Liberal opponent (Bill Glasson) in his own seat by about 4% and is avoiding debating HIM:


24/08/2013: And today it got even worse with Liberal volunteers eager to rush to Griffith to ‘play with Rudd’s head’:


23/08/2013: New oil drilling technologies could increase the world’s petroleum supplies six-fold in the coming years to 10.2 trillion barrels (about ten times what we’ve used so far):


22/08/2013: The Guardian’s Sophie McNeill talks to voters in Blacktown (Western Sydney). It is instructive how the many ‘New Australians’ she interviews are opposed to illegal immigrants on boats:


22/08/2013: Astonishing: ‘GLOBAL warming is causing apples to lose some of their crunch but is also making them sweeter’, a study has found:


22/08/2013: Good Lord: Sea level has been FALLING the last couple of years, so let’s explain this by saying it’s not because the world has COOLED but that all the missing water fell on Australia (and stayed there!):


22/08/2013: Bleeding hearts might weep over Bradley Manning’s  fate, but I think he should have danced at the end of a rope for his treason and the guys he caused to be killed in Afghanistan! I guess people who believe I fairies at the end of the garden end up with fairies like him!


24/08/2013: Or ‘Chelsea’ as I should now (more politically correctly) call him/her:


22/08/2013: Personally, if I had been Tony I would have pushed or king-hit the posturing bore who continually strutted up and down in front of him, motor-mouthing, interrupting, attempting to completely dominate the ‘debate’, and just before being told to ‘Shut UP!’ was right IN  HIS FACE!


22/08/2013: Just guessing, but I’m thinking Obama won’t see quite so much resemblance between his younger self and these young thugs: Chancey Luna, James Edwards & Michael Jones (whose future hopefully involves potassium chloride) after they murdered Australian, Christopher Lane…


21/08/2013: Fair Point: Patrick Moynihan: ‘You are entitled to your opinions, but not to your own facts.’ The anti-fracking loonies ARE just making it up as they go along:


21/08/2013: Such cogent points made by the English anti-fracking nut-jobs:


21/08/2013: Matt Ridley very cogently destroys the fear campaign that is AGW:

21/08/2013: The PROBLEM with ‘renewables’; they are going NOWHERE:

21/08/2013: New word for the day: PROTIST = eukaryotic microorganism: in an interesting article explaining the dangers of chemophobia (which is certainly a widesperead malady):


20/08/2013: And NOW: Time for some REAL fairy stories: Here’s one: The Turnip Princess: Can’t wait for some more translations…


20/08/2013: In the ONE month since Krud announced the ‘PNG Solution’ 2764 illegal boat migrants have arrived. That would make 33,168 for a full calendar year or 99 per day. THIS is a SOLUTION?


20/08/2013: Maurice Newman, former chairman of the Australian Securities Exchange, warns against falling for a scare campaign against cuts to government spending: ‘After the 2010 election, prime minister Julia Gillard expanded Kevin Rudd’s agenda. The people-smuggling industry, climate change complex, trade union movement and public service, which expanded by 13,000 full-time positions, enjoyed enhanced patronage at great expense to the wider population. Indeed, to pay for these ideological flights of fancy, Australians have picked up an open-ended tab currently running at more than $13,000 per person. That’s from zero in six years. For a family of four, this is equivalent to an unwanted debt of more than $52,000 with little tangible to offset for it. True, ...  Australia’s debt-to-GDP ratio is still low when judged by the standards of near-bankrupt economies. But it is real and growing at a disturbing rate. So far, the government has demonstrated the same nonchalance to debt shown by countries now on the brink…For those of us who have a passion for excellence, it would be tragic if voters opted for a continuation of the mediocrity, ideological experimentation and policy mistakes of the past six years. All scare and no responsibility may be fine for election campaigns but that won’t do in government. And while some Australians may find state dependency attractive, they should be aware of the brutal withdrawal of state welfare that has occurred in countries further along the dependency road than Australia’.


20/08/2013: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are: ‘Pestilence, War, Famine & Death’. Modern society & science have done much to banish three out of four of them, but WAR still looms as ever more terrifying. AND I still maintain that the roots of war lie in BELIEF. If we can rid ourself of this pestilential folly, and make people far more rational, I think the dangers war will recede. Of course there will have to be far more fact and logic based education: Science, History, Mathematics, etc and we will have to rid ourselves of all those ideological faculties: women’s studies, human rights, politics…you get the point!


20/08/2013: FAR too many Victorian women murdered this year by ‘parolees’. Let’s ‘bite the bullet’ (sic) on this one. Harvesting these guys for organs could have saved 30+ lives already this year. (Hopefully) they will spend the rest of their lives in gaol anyway. Instead, let’s at least give them the option of voluntary euthanasia and organ donation – if you cannot come at a compulsory death sentence. Many of these guys attempt (or succeed at) suicide in gaol anyway, which is a needless waste of the lives of others who could have been saved with their organs.


20/08/2013: Some examples:

20/08/2013: NBN discovers that it has ‘lost’ another $5 BILLION! Why worry? It’s only money! AND Malcolm Turnbull says Albanese is sitting on a report which shows NBN cost is blowing out to $94 billion (from $37!). This report should certainly be released BEFORE the election so that voters can decide whether they DO want such an expensive scheme – even if it may be (perhaps, still, at the moment) technically superior…

19/08/2013: The Climate Commission says this morning that Tony has a few million deficit in his ‘climate policy’. Oh Dear…Well, it won’t be hard to find the savings to FIX that. I note that Campbell put Blair’s husband in charge of winding up the whole climate boondoggle in Qld, so I imagine Flannery MIGHT be employed for a little longer getting rid of all the climate luvvies on that particular gravey train!


19/08/2013: Newspoll at 54:46 this morning! COME ON folks. You can do better than that! 60:40 is a much better number; Campbell is STILL there. Which lead me to THIS: Is there ANYONE except Labor CLIENTS who actually votes Labor. When you factor in those on welfare (25-33%), public servants, others employed in the client industry (in Health, Aboriginal affairs, the ABC etc) kids on Austudy, the families of those dependents (doctor’s wives etc)…it is hard to see how there can be ANYONE else who votes Labor!


19/08/2013: If architects, designers, builders, electricians etc knew anything at all about what we actually use a house for, there would be NO sales of extension cords – yet is there ANYONE who does NOT own at least a dozen of them? The Space Goat has more work to do yet!


19/08/2013: This IS a problem: There are ‘dozens of Muslim Brotherhood sympathisers in Australia, who receive political and financial support from the organisation overseas. "They call them 'sleeping cells'. They don't tell you who they are. Once they get the message that they are requested to do something, then they become active," said one community leader, Victor Bassily’. AND they are terrorising and shooting up Western Sydney (and nothing is done about it):


19/08/2013: Quote of the day: Greg Sheridan: ‘There are things people dislike about Abbott, but he is always the same man. In a decade as a minister and four years as opposition leader, there are no stories of mistreating staff, no stewardesses in tears. There is one episode in Abbott’s life I witnessed but don’t often recount because my own role was so utterly unheroic. In 1977, Abbott and I were lying on the sand at a surf beach some distance out of Melbourne. The surf was way too rough for either of us to go in. Suddenly a woman came up to us screaming. Her son had been pulled out by a rip and was in bad trouble. I was a weak swimmer and had I dived in someone would very soon have had to rescue me. Abbott was a strong swimmer and pretty much without hesitation jumped in, swam out to the kid, took hold of him, dragged him down the coastline a bit to get past the rip, and brought him safely to shore. He was not a bit interested in the mother’s thanks, rather a bit disgusted the kid had gone out in such treacherous surf. That was 36 years ago. I’ve got no doubt if the incident happened today Abbott’s response would be the same. Publicly and privately, he’s the same bloke. His personality may be unreconstructed, but also, it’s not a construct’. Let’s hope he can quietly SAVE AUSTRALIA as well!


19/08/2013: It is difficult to even IMAGINE Krud braving an ocean rip to save another person - though not so hard  to imagine him TALKING about it at some length: just as he recently revealed that not only had he gone 'beyond the wire' in Afghanistan but had also served in the Kokoda campaign. What an astonishing blimp! Character WILL out!


18/08/2013: Labor take note: Another clownwards spiral: A Chinese zoo's supposed "African lion" was exposed as a fraud when the dog used as a substitute started barking:


18/08/2013: Hot babes: &


18/08/2013: Greens withering on the vine: the major parties (+ Xenophon, & Katter etc) are preferencing against them already in SA & Qld. (So, thankfully: GOODBYE Hanson-Young - & your childish art & other tantrums!)  This strategy SHOULD be implemented nation-wide so that we will be rid of them. NB, without gaining a percentage large enough to form a ‘quota’ ensuring they take the fifth Senate seat in each state, they have to gain ‘surplus’ portions of the quotas of others (particularly the major parties), so that if everyone else preferences against them they will (after the next but one election) have DESERVEDLY disappeared from the political landscape. And LONG SINCE TIME – we cannot afford such a disastrous destructive menace in our political system as these (ex?) communists represent! But Labor will squib on this just because they ARE their commie mates!


18/08/2013: Babies are being made into soup in China. Now, that really IS taking abortion too far:

18/08/2013: A poll to decide what the next ‘new’ term for ‘global warming’ should be (now that ‘carbon pollution’ has become ‘old hat’). ‘Climageddon’ is nice. Also ‘Irritable Climate Sydrome’. There should be a prize for the best. Maybe ‘Chicken Little Effect’, ‘The Green Disease’…

18/08/2013: Brain Activity Shows Basis of Near-Death Experiences (Forget religion!):

17/08/2013: SEX appeal is not such a bad thing apparently. Liberal candidate Fiona Scott is polling 60:40 in David Bradbury’s Western Sydney Labor marginal of Lindsay. Across the country similar swings are happening, eg in Coorangamite in Victoria, Aston, Bennelong, Forde & etc. This is turning into a rout. They WILL lose over 20 seats, quite possibly 40. Labor desperately needed a NEW leader. Trouble is, ALL the decent folk resigned or refused to serve under Krud. Some are currently on holiday: Combet in France, Conroy in the US...Martin Ferguson, where are you NOW? Too late now. It can only get worse. It is looking like a Gillard-sized defeat at the moment.

17/08/2013: Great torch. Della bought me one for my birthday: Max 260 lumens. Weight 55 grams (with battery, 78 with headband too). A great little torch. Highly recommended. US$69 inc freight:

17/08/2013: The interesting adventures of Stavros ‘Chicken’:

16/08/2013: What Labor MPs deservedly think of Rudd’s gutlessness in not preferencing the Greens last: ‘What have the greens given us apart from electoral Armageddon…If we do any dirty deals with them we might as well give ourselves Ebola as well. And Kevin should be taking the lead on this’  Meanwhile his star is sinking slowly in the West (Sydney) where Labor is set to lose a swag of seats:  And we start to see what Tony will (AT LAST) do to STOP THE BOATS. THIS will work:

16/08/2013: Bad news this morning: You KNOW you’re over the hill when this link appears on your newsfeed:


16/08/2013: Jason John Dinsley: Another bastard deserving ONLY to be made into spare parts. When will we STOP this?


16/08/2013: LED Light Globes UPDATE: New Phillips 13watt 1055 lumen available at Bunnings are GREAT (and more than 50% brighter then the previous model though only using one extra watt). $20. NO 20+ watt CFL ever worked as well as this. Highly recommended.


15/08/2013: Kids are having fun with a new App on their ‘smart’ phones which allows them to remotely adjust television sets & etc: turning off security cameras at shopping centres, Musak & etc. Trouble is it won’t be long before they graduate to being able to adjust hearing aids remotely, turn off pacemakers, open garage doors, turn off car ignition systems on the freeway, or aircraft auto-pilots & etc. I suspect this technology will soon be banned.


15/08/2013: PEFO shows Government debt will breach (the agreed limit of) $300 BILLION in Dec this year. Great economics from guys who started with a $60 bilion SURPLUS. The NBN is also exploding, but Albanese will not release the latest figures which clearly show that there is a cost blowout there of roughly DOUBLE ($94 BILLION). Simultaneously, people are abandoning their home phone lines in droves (Something like 250,000 gone in the last year alone), so where is the revenue FROM the NBN going to come?


15/08/2013: VERY interesting…


14/08/2013: GREAT ad. Sure DOES bring tears to the eyes:


14/08/2013: THANK GOODNESS for THIS. Let’s hope Labor comes to its sense and does the same. This Green EVIL must end:


14/08/2013: Bleeding heart racist ‘aboriginal’ camp followers are always opining about how BAD it is to be black in Oz today. What nonsense fellas. Get a life! Get an education! Get a job! Try being black in Uganda, Somalia, etc…Aborigines do not live in ‘Third World’ conditions in Australia. Though some live in squalor, largely of their own making, we spend $100,000 per annum, per capita on them, MORE than on any other group! This level of spending is VERY ‘First World’. It is long since time that they removed any remaining chips FROM their shoulders and shouldered their responsibilities for our collective society instead! None living today was born so far as I can see, before Captain Cook arrived! None is a victim of European displacement or etc…Indeed many other Australians HAVE been victims (of just such displacement as ‘aboriginal’ activists claim) having arrived (often at severe peril of their lives) on our shores from some war-torn hell hole. What the vast majority of such folk do is knuckle down, get a job, get a life, save every penny, pay their own way, send their kids to Uni, and so on. Is it in any way unfair to insist that those who CLAIM to be descendents of autochthons DO THE SAME? Again, I want to post about THIS ‘New Australian’ who has richly REPAID his ‘debt’ to our great country. After 225 years of handouts, it is long since time ‘aboriginal’ folks did so too. Probably the most morally objectionable handout is the concept of free (aboriginal’) land which attracts no obligation to pay rates (or other upkeep) and which (unlike all other private land in Australia) is not repossessed by Government for non-payment of statutory obligations such as rates, but nonetheless other Australians (those who are paying FOR this luxury) are excluded from enjoying these hugs chunks of OUR country. This is, pure and simple, APARTHEID:


12/08/2013: ASYLUM seekers have found their own PNG Solution with two Somalis the latest to sail from Australia’s nearest neighbour across the Torres Strait to far north Queensland. Since the Government announced the PNG solution just over three weeks ago, 2270 people have arrived with the latest a vessel carrying 52 intercepted near Christmas Island on Saturday night.


12/08/2013: DEATH and THIS come to us all, I guess. I am tidying up the garage and shed, things which I can well understand the reasons for never having had time to do in the past. I will NOT be making painted backboards with outlines of all my tools to festoon the walls with. I have always delighted breaking into the sheds of those anal people who delight in such things, and hanging all their tools in the wrong places!  I only hope my next trick is not to go through all the old photo albums and annotate them. Such activities almost always in my experience indicate a fatal boredom, and such folks as engage in them are usually well on the way out…SO, perhaps I will find something else, interesting, to do TODAY…


12/08/2013: HERE is another serial rapist (Gary John Barker, aka Gary Collingwood) set free to pillage again ( I have a view which I describe as ‘moral economics’. This holds that such folks ought to recompense society for their crimes (instead of adding further costs TO society). So, for example, if such folks are killed and harvested for their organs, each death of such guilty bastards can give life to MANY innocents. In this way they repay their debt WITH INTEREST! This rebalancing of moral debts is what I mean by ‘moral economics’. Again, it is astonishing to me that we should spend upwards of $100,000 pa rewarding such scum with LIFE (eg in prison) when that money could be spent rewarding the INNOCENT with life, eg by paying for their cancer therapy, operations & etc, when at the moment we are rewarding the innocent with DEATH. To continue to REWARD THE GUILTY AND PUNISH THE INNOCENT is just so clearly WRONG! If you have done EVIL, you should be made to repay this debt (not so much with punishment, though I have no objection if such folks suffer TOO), but by DOING GOOD! Surely we have already decided (by incarcerating such people and denying them physical freedom) that their BODY is the property of society, to be used for the BEST purposes society can devise?


11/08/2013: Tony was SO much better than Krud who is now definitely TOAST!


11/08/2013: YES:


11/08/2013: About ‘oaths’ and ‘words’: Marriage as an institution is redolent with many ancient, tested practices such as the swearing of oaths. Traditionally oaths are/were sworn on that which you hold most sacred – in this case and many others that meant ‘on your life’! That is the origin of the phrase ‘Till death us do part’. You are swearing ‘on your life’. ie ‘on pain of death’ to be TRUE to your WORD: in this case, ‘I DO’! Many folks today want to hijack or dilute these ancient customs. This is MOST unwise.


11/08/2013: In another example, a ‘naturalised’ citizen is BETTER than one simply ‘born and raised’ because the former HAS sworn a binding oath. Many older Australians swore these oaths at the beginning of every school day - though I doubt many under about forty have EVER sworn fidelity to their country which has given them so much. Too many have NO LOYALTY, but only expectations that their country will PROVIDE for them: nothing about DUTY enters their heads at all. The daily oaths my generation swore spoke ONLY of our duties (‘I honour…I salute the flag’ etc) and NOTHING of our entitlements. ‘Entitlements’ are always provided by the hard work of our fellow citizens: they are always CHARITY. A citizen should avoid (on their life) becoming a recipient of charity. Similarly, the swearing of an oath (on your life) means that you hold that which you are swearing on more precious THAN your life. New citizens have thought carefully about this. Old citizens should too. We do right to honour our soldiers who have placed their lives between us and our enemies. Those who think otherwise are quislings and traitors, never citizens. Citizenship should be revokable, and ostracism should accompany its revocation.


11/08/2013: Bizarre Fact: The SA Premier, MR Jay Wetherill is Penny Wong’s Ex!


11/08/2013: Clearly, Ju-Liar, Tim Flannery and Al Gore are all true believers in climate change as they have all bought expensive houses within a stone’s throw from the beach!


10/08/2013: THIS is a really GREAT story:


10/08/2013: Little Bo Peep would not have lost THESE beauties. Perhaps a niche market we could exploit as retired sheep farmers?


10/08/2013: I noticed yesterday that Krud’s democratisation of the ALP does not extend to allowing the membership to pre-select the potential ALP Member for Forde! The man is SUCH a liar, cheat and humbug. Can’t wait until he is GONE. Happily Nielsen has it at Liberal 52-Labor 48% this morning, so things are moving in the RIGHT direction! 'Souffles do not rise twice' - A Bolt. In a major turnaround since July, 47 per cent of voters now rate Mr Abbott as more trustworthy than Mr Rudd.


10/08/2013: The GOOD NEWS is she WILL, ‘when I’m 64’!


10/08/2013: As Della already posted we camped at beautiful Blond Bay, Gippsland on Tuesday night & at the Glasshouse, Lake Tyers on Wednesday night. Winter is always the BEST time for camping as it is solitary and you can have a warm fire if you want (our camper has a as heater, so we are always toasty!) Most of the night we were lullabied by swan song: it is only the Northern Hemisphere swans who are mute (and give voice reputedly only in the moment of their deaths). Ours have many interesting vocalisations… AND the dogs bailed a hog deer not twenty yards from our caravan... AND, the deer BARKED back like dogs too!


10/08/2013: For nearly all of the ‘history’ of life on earth CO2 percentages have been MANY TIMES what they are now. Only one period (quite recently, when life almost stopped!) had a lower level. So, RELAX:


09/08/2013: Green Deaths per annum amount to millions worldwide: Malaria (where the unnecessary & illegitimate ban on DDT cost over a million lives pa for thirty+ years), support for biofuels (200,000+ pa from starvation as we burn food rather than allow the poor to eat it), opposition to food irradiation (100s of 1000s pa from food poisoning pa), opposition to nuclear power (deaths from radon, Carbon 14, coal mining  etc), opposition to GM crops, diversion of money (from eg health, shelter, food) to global warming ‘mitigation’, opposition to Western farming methods (& especially in the Third World = mass starvation), support for national parks before people…These folk are simply the most evil bastards EVER (making Stalin, Hitler, Mao etc look like patsies). AND it is not just people whom the greens murder in their millions. Animals and plants are destroyed by their policies in their billions: millions of hectares have been destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations and generally to grow ‘Biofuels’. Other millions of hectares are routinely destroyed by wildfires because of their insistence on a completely ‘hands off’ approach to forest management. At the same time vast numbers of creatures are destroyed by introduced vermin such as foxes, cats, pigs which they will not allow to be shot. Add millions of wildlife deaths pa from windfarms and from paving over land with solar collectors & etc…  Astonishing that 8% of voters say they will still vote for their policies. How can so many folk fail to be able to distinguish between good and evil?


09/08/2013: WONDERFUL headlines I have known, including ‘Whitstable Mum in Custard Shortage’, ‘Oven removed from home’, ‘No flood warnings for North Somerset’, ‘Smug swans attack Dalmatian’, ‘Mystery of wheelchair left in Shoreham pub’, ‘Road stays open’, ‘Man Found Nailed To Bench’, ‘Elderly terrified by food fight’, ‘Woman found in Germany’, ‘Guides delighted with their rubbish award’, ‘Goldfish catch sparks debate’, ‘Youth Found In Phone Box With Fork’, ‘Cat hops into delivery van’ ‘Rudd tries to buy voters’ love with borrowed billions’, and many others…


06/08/2013: Meanwhile the NDIS looks set to blow out by at least 50% (from $15 billion pa to at least $22 – as much as we spend on Defence!). Bemused service providers in both Newcastle and Geelong said…they would never be able to operate with the meagre payment offered, with one CEO claiming the pay rate was so low he thought it was an error… Disability service groups believe the DCA has no option but to increase their pay rate - as low as $33 an hour for consultations and service provision’. Now that’s $1320 per week or $68,640pa. I can tell you THIS: farmers tending veggies would be delighted to be paid HALF this much. Most are working AT A LOSS! Come ON now! This is a scheme which replaces 24 hour care by a carer pensioner for @$12,000pa? Maybe some of those (what 1.5 million folks?) who are already paid to do NOTHING could help out at NO cost even? AND much of the cost will go to keep folks ticking who would rather be dead (or who would be better off dead – or never having been born!) We should rethink this NONSENSE scheme.


06/08/2013: Let’s not have this happen to us:


06/08/2013: We must beware the Fifth Column which is so rapidly growing within us: ‘Per capita, the Islamic community is sending three terrorists off to fight with Islamist groups for every soldier the rest of this country sends overseas to wage war against them…Later this year, Australia will withdraw most of its troops from Afghanistan…the Islamic population in Australia has doubled during this war.” Presently they represent 2.2% of the population having doubled in less than a decade. At the current rate of growth they will be the majority in about FIFTY years (2 to the sixth power = 64; 6 x 10 = 60). Some European countries (eg Austria, are set to become majority Islamic within a generation ie 25 years!) No, this is NOT a good thing – diversity is one thing; domination quite another:


05/08/2013: Commonwealth receipts as a percentage of GDP ($1379 billion) are expected to be 0.4 per cent ($5.5 billion) higher this financial year than last, spending as a percentage of GDP has risen two and a half times that: an even larger rise than at the height of Kevin Rudd’s stimulus. I repeat: ‘There will never be a surplus under a Government I lead’.


05/08/2013: Meanwhile in New Guinea…the Opposition Leader has filed a High Court challenge to the Manus Island/PNG ‘solution’. It’s all starting to unravel Kevni, just like it did LAST TIME!


05/08/2013: The ‘Decline of the West’ – something I have long been concerned about. THIS looks like a very good read about the topic by renowned historian Niall Ferguson:


05/08/2013: Well I WAS WRONG. Clearly Krud believes it is now as good as it gets. Reachtel (taken AFTER the announcement) has it Coalition 52: Labor 48%. Newspoll this morning has exactly the same figures. Greens at just over 8% still look like a party in decline (Thank Gaia!). Katter at 1.4 and Palmer at 1.8 are interesting and might make for some excitement in Queensland (where they will be much higher and may make it difficult for Labor in some of its ‘safer’ seats). I liked the Telegraph’s front page headline this morning, ‘FINALLY YOU NOW HAVE THE CHANCE TO KICK THIS MOB OUT!’


04/08/2013: Journos have been banging on all weekend that Krud will call  Sept 7. Only if Monday morning’s poll puts him in a hugely winning position; otherwise he is desperate to attend the G20. Think late Oct or even Nov. He is lovin’ bein’ the man! However, the 2010 election was held on 21 Aug, so we are already two weeks overdue with a Sept 7 date. The earliest he will go after that is Sept 21 (FOUR WEEKS LATE). See how this leaves Labor open to valid the criticism of desperately (and illegitimately) hanging on to power…PS: an election can only be held on a Saturday at least 33 days after it is called – Sept 7 is now the earliest date (the latest possible date is Nov 30 – so don’t hold your breath!):


04/08/2013: ‘There will never be a surplus under a Government I lead’: Krud’s ‘Swan Song’? How did they lose ANOTHER $30 billion dollars in just ONE MONTH? ALL the figures are extremely dodgy, no wonder at all coming from this most duplicitous of human beings:


04/08/2013: Practically everything you ever wanted to know about hammock camping (plus a little more):


04/08/2013: Ain’t it so: ‘Put bluntly, failure attracts more money than success. Politically, failure becomes a reason to demand more money’, (Thomas Sowell, ) Hence the need for Gonskis, the NDIS, the PNG ‘solution’, the ‘new car industry plan, more money for ‘renewables’, Depts of ‘indigenous’ affairs & so on ad nauseum… Meanwhile  (eg)  in the USA teen black unemployment hits 46%! Doubt that it is SO low here!


04/08/2013: The greatest food in human history:


04/08/2013: PS: Given youth unemployment just hit 27.3% I would have thought we could use a few more Maccas (and the like) so I have little sympathy for the bizarre protesters at Tecoma!


03/08/2013: Couldn’t agree more:


03/08/2013: TOP TIP: You know how you can’t cut through the roots of trees with a chain saw as it goes immediately blunt when the chain hits dirt? If you want to cut a tree right down to the ground (or below) a sabre saw is the answer (eg . PS: I have found my cordless Makita angle grinder to be just about the best thing I have ever had and strongly recommend one for your beloved’s Xmas pressie. PPS: Some brands of cordless sabre saws take a pole attachment which would be good for tree pruning.


03/08/2013: I notice Krud has appointed THREE new 457 Visa folk to head his re-election team. The guy is such a humbug: Tom McMahon, the former executive director of the Democratic National Committee, Joon Kim of the consulting firm New Partners and British social media expert, Matthew McGregor, will be part of Mr Rudd’s election campaign team for 2013.


02/08/2013: The pencil is mightier than the sword:


02/08/2013: TOP Environmental stories: the Neo Nazis get all the hot chicks (& best underwear!), and Al Gore’s environmentally sensitive office is the most energy inefficient in New York (much worse than the 80 year old Empire State -despite winning many awards). What is it with the Greens? &


02/08/2013: Now here is a neat gift for the executive geek, Tetris Lights:


02/08/2013: Taxing smokers (I include excise generally) is unfair and discriminatory. It is targeting the poorest with the highest levels of taxation and making them pay the bulk of (eg everyone’s health care) costs whilst simultaneously discriminating against them in the provision of services. I think the Opposition should announce that it will abolish excise altogether and maybe make up the difference by increasing GST or income taxes which are a much fairer revenue measure. I have long since written to every Opposition member with this suggestion but received the usual silence in reply. NB I do not smoke.


01/08/2013: Just LOVE Dr Google who has shown me how to cure the incurable (computer invisible) engine problem in our new TD5 Defender which now goes like a rocket!


01/08/2013: AND should you need to make your own machine gun out of those stray plumbing fittings in the garage (surely a DIY must have?), this guy has some excellent plans (I would be careful about downloading them though…):


01/08/2013: If you happen to need a lock pick (and who des NOT?) these folks have them. Their lock pick gun @ $69.95 would make lovely gift for any of your outlaw relatives:


01/08/2013: These folks have some pretty neat stuff, suitable for presents (NOT a hint), survival & etc, eg miniature compasses & signalling mirrors, springers for fishing, a great range of knives - & this is ‘peanut lighter:


31/07/2013: Take an eight-minute break to restore your faith in humankind:


31/07/2013: Back from the DEAD: the massive heart attack which has kept me silent for a couple of days turned out to be a freaky infection on the outside of my heart now (hopefully) completely cured by antibiotics…still a very scary and bizarre experience especially coming as it did on the 50th anniversary of my own father’s death!


31/07/2013: Mind you, I was more than a little sceptical of the hospital giving me Endone for the pain something surely more suitable for euthenasia!


31/07/2013: Hard to believe, but there you go... <iframe src="" width="320" height="240" frameborder="0"></iframe>


31/07/2013: Snuffy the seal’s triumphant return to the sea (goes wrong!) :


28/07/2013: "Perhaps the essence of the Liberal outlook could be summed up in a new decalogue, not intended to replace the old one but only to supplement it. The Ten Commandments that, as a teacher, I should wish to promulgate, might be set forth as follows:


1. Do not feel absolutely certain of anything.

2. Do not think it worth while to proceed by concealing evidence, for the evidence is sure to come to light.

3. Never try to discourage thinking for you are sure to succeed.

4. When you meet with opposition, even if it should be from your husband or your children, endeavour to overcome it by argument and not by authority, for a victory dependent upon authority is unreal and illusory.

5. Have no respect for the authority of others, for there are always contrary authorities to be found.

6. Do not use power to suppress opinions you think pernicious, for if you do the opinions will suppress you.

7. Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.

8. Find more pleasure in intelligent dissent than in passive agreement, for, if you value intelligence as you should, the former implies a deeper agreement than the latter.

9. Be scrupulously truthful, even if the truth is inconvenient, for it is more inconvenient when you try to conceal it.

10. Do not feel envious of the happiness of those who live in a fool’s paradise, for only a fool will think that it is happiness.


Bertrand Russell

(18 May 1872 – 2 February 1970)


28/07/2013: Pie in the sky: Chinese authorities shoot down world's first cake drones

The authorities in Shanghai have shot down the world's first cake drones, deployed by a bakery to whizz pies through the sky:


28/07/2013: Spain moves to tax sunlight. Free air will be next:


28/07/2013: Unexpected consequences: If this proves to be true then the medical establishment’s injunction against salt intake must be leading to a reduction of intelligence – I suspect this has already happened, as evidenced by the increase in credulity amongst mung bean munchers and other intellectually challenged greenies: Interestingly, not everyone is in favour of reducing salt intake:


27/07/2013: Could Percy have been made to confess using Sodium Pentothal? Could Camilleri? Could Dupas? Could Milat? Could Brady?...Should we find out? There ARE lots of dreadful unsolved crimes out there, and many grieving relatives longing for closure…


27/07/2013: Quote of the day: Mark Awerbuch: ‘Many of those who gravitate to the Left have failed to achieve success in life and seek solace in providing succour to a side of politics willing to mitigate their failure by punishing those who have succeeded. We understand, but it is tiresome’.


28/07/2013: 'Success' could be as little as the ability to get up in the morning, shower, dress in clean clothes and be at a 'workplace' at a designated time...and anything moving upwards from there. We have OVER 1.5 million folks on the public trough who can't 'succeed' at that most simple of tasks - YET THEY VOTE - you can guess what side of politics they vote for!


26/07/2013: Since Wednesday night when Krud announced his Manus Island policy, a total of 816 people from 11 boats in seven days has arrived. Manus Island has (theoretically) facilities for 600. The Manus Island ‘solution’ is swamped! What will he try next?


28/07/2013: CORRECTION: Latest figure indicate 1260 arrived in the 7 days, quite an increase in the ‘usual’ average of 100/day!


26/07/2013: Remembering Otis Redding…  


26/07/2013: Like: BJORN LOMBORG: the environmentalist whom the ‘climate crazies’ love to hate:


26/07/2013: Astonishing: the (very temporary) Federal Treasurer, Chris Bowen encouraging people to evade tax ( a gaolable offence): "Within the first 12-month period the individual concerned can pick the three months they want to maximise their chances of getting the maximum tax concession ... we would like some evidence that the car is being used for business purposes."


25/07/2013: EVEN MORE good news: Scientists have managed to turn off the defective chromosome which causes Downes Syndrome. The future of GM is SO wonderful:


25/07/2013: MORE good news: the world is awash with food and the situation is likely to get even better:


25/07/2013: ‘Today I give sincere thanks to Prince William and his lovely wife Kate for naming their baby son Kevin Michael in my honour. They’re bonza people. A most appropriate gesture that’s for sure. I can’t wait to take a selfie of yours truly and bonnie prince Kevin Michael. We’re cooking with gas now. That’s a fair shake of the sauce bottle: imagine King Kevin Michael Windsor with Prime Minister for Life Kevin Michael Rudd! I’ve got to zip’.


25/07/2013: It WAS just such an astonishing (not to mention its racism incitement) thing for a president to say (ie that 35 years ago he could have BEEN Trayvon). So, does this mean that Obama’s past includes king-hitting guys, sitting on their chests and smashing their heads against the sidewalk (as Trayvon was PROVEN to be doing)? Who would NOT have blown him away in such circumstances? He was apparently 4” taller than Zimmerman: we have only been shown photos of a much younger Trayvon, not the nasty hulk Z shot. Where DO folks GET these awful names anyway: ‘Trayvon’ – I note that the late hooligan’s mother’s name is ‘Tracey’ – perhaps we should have called our kids ‘Stedell’ or ‘Dellstee’? This MAY be worse than naming your kids after the latest sitcom – apparently there has been a rash of ‘Kaleesis’ after ‘Game of Thrones’! What a heartbreak old world…   


25/07/2013: ONLY 145 folks in the Manus Island detention facility yet torture and (male) rape are described as ‘widespread’!! Methinks if you selected 145 Aussie men at random and took them to such a place neither of these things would happen at all, EVER. What sort of people are trying to force themselves upon US? Krud has evacuated them all to the mainland. Nice one, Kevni. What ELSE have we got to look forward to?


25/07/2013: CORRECTION: 60 folk have been left on Manus Island: Would these be the rapees or rapers? Could there really have been 60 of either out of 145 people? QUESTIONS:1.  Won't bringing them to Australia mean they have to be processed according to OUR laws? 2. Wouldn't it be better to send the rapers BACK to wherever they came from?


24/07/2013: WHAT a STUNNING photograph: our solar system is brilliant – and look how small all our concerns really ARE (Earth & Moon arrowed):


24/07/2013: Your taxes at work: “...Three years of improvisation, research, discussion and imaginings resulted in a chimerical narrative about the Hindu deity travelling to Germany to reclaim the swastika, an ancient Sanskrit symbol, from the Nazis. ‘We sat on that storyline for about a year, thinking there is no way that a small theatre company from Geelong made up of six actors with intellectual disabilities can re-write European history…”


24/07/2013: Meanwhile NBN contractors are demanding they be paid 40% more pushing the total cost to over & $70 billion – one more huge black hole in the budget to join all those already there. This guy Krud can REALLY manage!


24/07/2013: As if it was not bad enough PNG is planning to ban Islam, but also have huge penalties against homosexuality (eg 14 years gaol) so who knows what penalties these people would face there:


23/07/2013: I notice PNG are considering voting to ban Islam. This could prove interesting...


23/07/2013: ‘Whatever happened to the rangakanga,

The rangakanga caused much anger,

Send him to the donga to become a sanga,

And into the slammer with the awful ranga!’


23/07/2013: It is interesting that Walmart (@ 25:1) has many more applications per vacancy than Princeton (13:1). I wonder also how many of the latter have previously been the former? Capitalism provides opportunity. Socialism provides Detroit and the Gulag.


23/07/2013: It's official: Krud apogee passed...going down. Newspoll this morning: Coalition 52: Labor 48. My guess is his ego will ensure he will hang on as long as he can as he enjoys being 'the man':  Come ON November!


23/07/2013: It's a boy! No urgency to change the constitution this CENTURY after all with THREE kings now in line!


23/07/2013: Just wondering how (well?) Moslem illegal immigrants will enjoy PNG’s ‘traditional’ dish of ‘long pig’… Some of them may well find out! Today’s mystery: ‘Would Moslem ‘long pig’ be halal?’


23/07/2013: Today’s OTHER great mystery: Don’t forget the KANGAROO! What ever HAPPENED to the rangakanga?


22/07/2013: Here are just a few of PNG’s new citizens. They are welcome to them…Perhaps machine gunning wasn’t such a bad idea after all…


22/07/2013: It becomes ore obvious by the day why half of the ALP hate him…and Tony Burke – if Krud had changed the policy to sinking the boats and machine gunning the occupants in the water (as the Japanese used to do so charmingly to us), Krud & Burke could put a positive spin on it…


21/07/2013: The trouble with sacred cows is they turn out to be such bum steers!


22/07/2013: ‘In 1936, aged 24, (Alan) Turing wrote: “We may now construct a machine to do the work of this computer.” It makes no sense today, but that’s because of what Turing wrought. In 1933 a computer was a person, usually a woman, who knew how to compute.’ This was the man who broke the ‘Enigma’ code (there is an excellent film of that name), but he was also a great scientist. So great was his contribution to society that Henry VIII MAY have been wrong to declare that homosexuals should be ‘boiled in oil’ (the traditional punishment – but I don’t wish to be hasty about this)! Nonetheless his homosexuality led to his death. The British Parliament are debating a ‘pardon’ for him. (PS ‘are’ IS correct in this case). An interesting article here:,-a-great-scientist.aspx


22/07/2013: Like: BJORN LOMBORG: the environmentalist whom the ‘climate crazies’ love to hate:


22/07/2013: APOLLO 11! Still thrills me 44 years later. These WERE the rocket engines which took those three brave men to the moon back when Detroit (and America) was STILL great! ( Watching the launch is still exciting:


22/07/2013: Cost of Howard’s ‘Pacific Solution; $300 million over 6 years = $50 million per year. Cost of Krud & Ju-Liar’s illegal immigrants = BILLIONS each year (AND GETTING WORSE) Axe this clown!


22/07/2013: ‘Drab, pietistic uniformity is the curse of the collectivist age. Today, with a fearful and unanimously acquiescent docility, the hive mind tediously hums the Party Line, now rebranded “consensus”. Imagination, initiative, inquiry, inspiration, intuition and invention are not merely discouraged but hated. Individuality in any form is not merely loathed but punished.’ Lord Monckton. A VERY important essay. DO find time to read it through:


21/07/2013: Can’t find any Government waste to cut? Read on; this is actually TRUE: ‘LABOR'S former climate change department didn't know whether it was hiring or firing before the agency itself was sacked. The abandoned stand-alone climate change bureaucracy spent $2.2 million sacking 49 public servants in the months before it was swallowed by another government department in March. But figures show the agency also hired 62 people in the same period before the merger, with the new salaries estimated to cost up to $5 million annually - based on average public sector wages. After the merger, the department changed tack again and embarked on another savings drive and made 12 staff as redundant at cost of $555,000’.


21/07/2013: THIS is art #2: And YOU said there could be no possible Government savings: Well how about this: The Australia Council has awarded $38,000 to a lady named Linda Dement (I kid you not) for photographing herself having sex with a skinned rabbit:


21/07/2013: Quote of the day: Lord Monckton: ‘A governing party incapable of balancing the books should be automatically ejected from office and debarred from standing in the consequent general election.’ Hear, hear!


20/07/2013: DETROIT: The fate of this once great city is one of the worst things I have known. Imagine a metropolis of millions reduced to a few hundred thousand largely illiterate dysfunctional welfare recipients living in a mostly abandoned, decaying landscape where services and facilities are collapsing everywhere…Imagine also that they did this to themselves…Is this the fate of the West, as the lights slowly go out one by one? I certainly hope not, but there are many warning lessons here that should be heeded: 


20/07/2013: Illegal immigrant boat arrivals have been averaging OVER 100/day. In just ONE MONTH we will exceed the 3,000 projected to go to Manus Island. It currently holds about 200 out of a ‘possible’ 600 and has taken OVER a year to (not) get up to scratch. That is, there are probably already 3,000+ folk already in the pipeline (eg on their way here from Africa etc) who just about can’t be stopped. This means the facility will be swamped before it is ever built (just like the ‘Malaysia Solution’) – effectively meaning the people smugglers have already called Krud’s bluff and before any possible election can be held (which takes a minimum of 33 days from any given Saturday), so that the whole deal will be seen as a sham before polling day. Remember also that the whole mess: the dismantling of the (working) ‘Pacific Solution’, the 45,000+ folks who have arrived - 15,000+ already this year, the 1,000+ DEAD, the incredible COSTS… are all down to Krud’s past meddling with our orderly refugee process. All of which leaves aside whether our country can (legally or morally) effectively KIDNAP folks arriving on our shores and just dump them in some awful Third World country where they will likely be attacked, beaten, robbed, raped, etc. New Guinea is NOT a paradise for such folk and clearly some will end up there before the end. Their fate will be BIG news…


20/07/2013: VERY disturbing reflections. We all guilt-trip about whether we are/were ‘good parents’…It’s a simple question really: ‘Do we spend enough time WITH the kids?’


20/07/2013: THANK YOU Miranda: What a GREAT Bio:


20/07/2013: HOW he will be remembered, (or best forgotten): ‘Kevni of the thought bubble’! East Timor, Malaysia, New Guinea…Someone Save Me! Will the newest bubble be any better than the last?


20/07/2013: Three years ago (after she had backstabbed Krud) Ju-Liar had three important to-dos before she could call an election: carbon, illegals, mining tax. After he backstabbed HER, Krud obviously had the same list: IF YOU BELIEVE HIM ANY MORE THAN YOU SHOULD HAVE BELIEVED HER, YOU’RE A BLOODY IDIOT!


19/07/2013: Great unanswered questions of our time (esp. with Will & Kate's babe imminent - indeed overdue; how dare it keep us waiting. PS I predict a boy to deconstruct all the inheritance stuff which will then be three generations away): 'Did Jules finish the kangaroo?'


19/07/2013: Fair Point, Tim Blair: Last night’s State of Origin streaker is a repeat offender. The bulky yet elusive fellow is currently stalling the law: “He’s not cooperating with police at all, he’s being very difficult,” Inspector Hill said. “He’s refusing to identify himself or answer questions so we’re going to have to fingerprint him and go through identity checks before we can work out the charging...It’s going to take a good few hours.” Only a few hours? Let’s put these cops in charge of border protection.


19/07/2013: Greg is right:


19/07/2013: The dominoes are falling here, REALLY:


19/07/2013: PREDICTION: the greenies will love this one – it may even become compulsory:


19/07/2013: Krud’s APOGEE has been reached! Two week’s running polls had Labor:Coalition at 50:50. No leader has EVER improved on his ‘honeymoon’ period during an election campaign. It will be all DOWNHILL from here as he makes ever more fly-by warm fuzzy split-second crazy decisions, and folks become more and more sickened by his glib fatuous spin and the ever increasing numbers of live and DEAD illegal immigrants. The sharks in the Timor Sea must be getting VERY dangerous having feasted on over 1,000 human bodies since Krud scrapped the working ‘Pacific Solution’. The size of his ego assures me that he will go later rather than sooner (certainly after the G20 on September 7), which means the earliest opportunity will be on his birthday September 21. The longer he waits, the more seats Labor will lose. It will be interesting to see whether he can lose as many as Ju-Liar would have, ie 30+. Meanwhile her arrest must move ever closer. A major sinking &/or terrorist threat or action in the last week/s of the campaign will sink it too. Interesting times…


19/07/2013: The grip of Middle East oil over the US has been broken. Perhaps soon WE will see that their would be enormous advantages to us economically in abolishing excise duties and making cheap gas and electricity available to Australian industry and consumers:


18/07/2013: STRANGE (?) the way these ex trade union Labor has-been types are found to be the most suitable types to head up huge industry super funds (eg both Combet and Crean are scrambling to head up CBus) and Bracks is pegged to be our next Consul-General in New York. The rats are fighting over the fallen plums before they are available to Liberals too!


18/07/2013: Labor’s 1917 Manifesto:


18/07/2013: ANOTHER latter-day Kaspar Hauser?




17/07/2013: Quote of the day: Adrian Rogers: “You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”


17/07/2013: NO. I am not joking: I was working full-time 7 day roster shift work in a heavy metal refinery at age 15 and paying my own way full-time though University. Over the years we have always had to pay for everything ourselves and also pay for other people's nice taxpayer funded treats. NOW we are not entitled to an Old Age pension (and would not accept the charity even if we were) because we have saved too much money even though we have paid more taxes than all the bludgers we have supported over the years and are still supporting. I do not believe in free stuff! Someone has to pay. I am sick of people wanting to live off other people's efforts and other people's money as if it was their RIGHT. They have no such perverted right. The important right they have is the right to WORK HARD AND MAKE SOMETHING OF THEMSELVES.


17/07/2013: Last night’s 4 new deaths at sea take to @ 20 the number of deaths of illegal immigrants Krud is responsible for since he became PM again 19 days ago ie @ ONE MURDER PER DAY! Since he abandoned the ‘Pacific Solution’ back in 2007 (which had shrunk the number of folks in detention to FOUR) Krud has been responsible for over 100 deaths! Making him BY FAR THE WORST MASS MURDERER in Australian history! Still there are folks who would like to see him WIN the next election. Of course there are also people who wish ALL the illegal immigrants should DROWN!


16/07/2013: After @300 revisions (before word processors), THIS is probably my favourite poem: FERN HILL by Dylan Thomas:


Now as I was young and easy under the apple boughs

About the lilting house and happy as the grass was green,

       The night above the dingle starry,

               Time let me hail and climb

       Golden in the heydays of his eyes,

And honoured among wagons I was prince of the apple towns

And once below a time I lordly had the trees and leaves

               Trail with daisies and barley

       Down the rivers of the windfall light.


And as I was green and carefree, famous among the barns

About the happy yard and singing as the farm was home,

       In the sun that is young once only,

               Time let me play and be  

       Golden in the mercy of his means,

And green and golden I was huntsman and herdsman, the calves

Sang to my horn, the foxes on the hills barked clear and cold,

               And the sabbath rang slowly

       In the pebbles of the holy streams.


All the sun long it was running, it was lovely, the hay

Fields high as the house, the tunes from the chimneys, it was air

       And playing, lovely and watery

               And fire green as grass.

       And nightly under the simple stars

As I rode to sleep the owls were bearing the farm away,

All the moon long I heard, blessed among stables, the nightjars

       Flying with the ricks, and the horses

               Flashing into the dark.


And then to awake, and the farm, like a wanderer white

With the dew, come back, the cock on his shoulder: it was all

       Shining, it was Adam and maiden,

               The sky gathered again

       And the sun grew round that very day.

So it must have been after the birth of the simple light

In the first, spinning place, the spellbound horses walking warm

       Out of the whinnying green stable

               On to the fields of praise.


And honoured among foxes and pheasants by the gay house

Under the new made clouds and happy as the heart was long,

       In the sun born over and over,

               I ran my heedless ways,

       My wishes raced through the house high hay

And nothing I cared, at my sky blue trades, that time allows

In all his tuneful turning so few and such morning songs

       Before the children green and golden

               Follow him out of grace,


Nothing I cared, in the lamb white days, that time would take me

Up to the swallow thronged loft by the shadow of my hand,

       In the moon that is always rising,

               Nor that riding to sleep

       I should hear him fly with the high fields

And wake to the farm forever fled from the childless land.

Oh as I was young and easy in the mercy of his means,

               Time held me green and dying

       Though I sang in my chains like the sea.


16/07/2013: THIS is ART? ‘The Hungry Vagina…In three vertical screens, the vagina is a decorative flourish in boastful public self-gratification. It makes its own proscenium arch, pumping in languid spasms that make you wonder about the cause of the pulsations’:


16/07/2013: The tenth Commandment exhorts ‘thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass.’ I am not sure whether that last is a misspelling, but the current push to have gay marriage and bestiality brothels & etc adds a certain poignancy…I prefer the eleventh Commandment myself, ‘Thou shall not GET CAUGHT!’


15/07/2013: The Greens at least/last seem to be acknowledging they have run out of other people’s money to spend and want $43 billion dollars worth of new taxes. They seem to think the banks and the rich have lots of money that should belong to someone else! They will spend our past, our present and our future until there is absolutely nothing left…Clearly they are so driven by that covey of baby boomers who having spent their parents’ humble bequests have pissed all their own money up against the wall and have left nothing for their own children: so admirable!



15/07/2013: I see Rio’s new copper mine in Mongolia is coming online (after only four years’ development!) Meanwhile BHP (and others) are building huge copper, gold, silver, etc mines in the Atacama desert in Chile…Care to guess WHY big Aussie miners have deserted us?


15/07/2013: FORMER Labor Party president and indigenous leader Warren Mundine has accused KRud of trying to destroy two years of work to create bipartisan support for an indigenous recognition referendum. Mr Mundine warned the Prime Minister to butt out and leave Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin to build the cross-party support for the major change and determine the question to be put to voters, after KRud this week accused Tony Abbott of delaying the process. “Rudd has threatened bipartisanship support on the referendum with his political negative spin,” Mr Mundine told The Australian yesterday. “Macklin had been working hard with Tony Abbott and the opposition for the referendum to succeed. In one stupid brain-explosive sentence, KRud has almost destroyed all that work. “My message to Rudd is to shut up and get back on board and stop using indigenous people and the referendum as a political football. We’re sick of being used.”


15/07/2013: MANY questions settled: Oh, so TRUE:


14/07/2013: Dog Goldberg Machine by Beneful:


14/07/2013: THIS is so embarrassing:


15/07/2013: ‘The best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity.’ How true: WB Yeats: THE SECOND COMING


    Turning and turning in the widening gyre

    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

    The best lack all conviction, while the worst

    Are full of passionate intensity.


    Surely some revelation is at hand;

    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.

    The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out

    When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi

    Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;

    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,

    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,

    Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it

    Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.


    The darkness drops again but now I know

    That twenty centuries of stony sleep

    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,

    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,

    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?


14/07/2013: Krudd once said global warming was “the great moral challenge of our generation”. Now he is Abbottlite, axing the tax (albeit replacing it with a lower price through emissions trading). I repeat: ‘The best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity.’


14/07/2013: I know there are those of you who will consider me a pretentious tosh if I claim I only consume large quantities of Dimensions Cab-Sav because it contains Resveratrol…In other news scientists claim that lots of sex keep one looking younger…You may have wondered at my continuing emulation of Peter Pan…Oh…Wendy…Veni, Vini, Vinci!


14/07/2013: Some things that really ought to be BANNED: whipped peanut butter, Lindt chocolate, pistachio nuts, beer, cream, crumpets…


14/07/2013: Graham Richardson on the KRudd’s proposed new Labor rules that would make him virtually unsackable as Prime Minister: ‘The idea that a spill could not occur unless 75 per cent of the caucus agreed effectively means that no leader could ever be defeated...There are plenty of examples of why such a cumbersome mechanism makes no sense. HV Evatt was in the process of succumbing to the early stages of dementia. Mark Latham had an almighty meltdown, refused to take calls from anyone and disowned everything he previously stood for. What if these problems occurred during a three-year term of an elected prime minister? What if on top of the 70 per cent requirement there would still be a need for the entire party membership to vote in a leadership ballot? I can only guess on how long such a vote would take, but four to six weeks would be a reasonable guess. There is no doubt to how the voters would react to the nation being held hostage for the six weeks because of the Labor party’s rules’.


14/07/2013: The Dunning-Kruger Effect: I’m sure we all know SOMEONE who has this defect, (reminds me of ‘pronoia – the delusion that people LIKE you) where ‘unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than average’ – Do you also suppose Krud is a sufferer:


13/07/2013: Senator Carr said asylum seeker numbers had spiked and 20 per cent of Australia’s immigrants now arrive courtesy of people smugglers …and they are coming from as far away as Africa with huge proportional representation among boat people of land-locked countries such as Sudan and Afghanistan:


13/07/2013: Fatal warnings of ‘Howard Lite’: Back in 2007 Krudd promised to ‘turn back the boats’, he was ‘a fiscal conservative’…every Howard policy which he thought was popular was embraced warmly by the slithy tove. As soon as he was in power the Australian stock market dropped 30% (AND HAS NEVER RECOVERED!) NOW, Krudd wants to blame this on the GFC (which we didn’t have to have, given China – only the inordinate costs apparently) but it was HIS policies which wrought economic ruin: unemployment is now 2-5 times what it was under Howard (when it had a 3 in front of it – and the unemployed were paid the SAME amount as pensioners!); we had a national CREDIT then: now we have debt of nearly half a year’s GDP and NOTHING to show for it; Yes we have low interest rates: this is because growth has slowed; there is no demand for money; people are saving their every last cent because they are fearful of the future; the economy is going over a cliff – particularly the mining industry: some of the companies whose shares are worth between ONE SIXTH and one Half of what they were ONLY a year ago when the carbon and mining taxes were introduced (Remember these were key Krudd policies): BLY, ASL, FMG, WHC, NCM, AAX, TSE…There are heaps more whose value is STILL less than a quarter what it was before the GFC – but read before ‘Kevin ’07’! NOW, he is once again pretending to be ‘Abbott Lite’ stealing all of the Libs most popular policies, but is that what we will get if we vote for this opinionated wrecker? Not on your Nelly: he will accelerate the Australian economy over that cliff and fill our country with unwanted Moslem extremists and other undesirables. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA!


13/07/2013: I have always been astonished at the way the Left can’t distinguish between good and evil: Like him or loathe him Jeff closed down many schools and sacked many public servants & etc in order to rescue Victoria from the brink of insolvency where reckless spending & money printing by the previous Leftist Government had brought it. His conduct bears no relationship at all to the sort of folk who shot Malala, or who have been responsible for the bombing of over a thousand Afghan & Pakistani schools.


13/07/2013: Some say, ‘Tolerance is a virtue’ but I do not. There may be a million religions and at least as many ‘gods’. Clearly not all can be true, but all can (indeed must) be false. I would say, ‘There is no God’ (not Allah, Jahweh, Ba’al, Krishna or even Loki – my personal favourite!) and Mohammed (Jesus, Buddha, Zoraoaster, etc) is NOT his prophet. Those who pretend to know the will of fictional ‘gods’ and be able to pass on their pronouncements are always and all when fakers and scoundrels (just as no-one can know the future and anyone who claims to be able to should be given a wide berth!) All religion (rather than being the source of enlightenment) is the enemy of truth. Its business is always to obscure and obstruct the process of discourse, enquiry and the pursuit of knowledge. It is perfectly appropriate to be intolerant of all religions.


13/07/2013: Well done Malala, and Happy Birthday:


12/07/2013: So for eleven days in July, we’ve seen 15 illegal maritime arrivals transporting 1,379 illegal arrivals which costs taxpayers $96,530,000.When will Rudd do something to stop the boats like he promised? Oz navy taxi service and merchant ships being hijacked by self-harm threatening Ozzie wannabees from INDONESIAN waters have cruelled his ‘Tampa’ moment just as he was luxuriating with his ‘mate’ BSY!


12/07/2013: Meanwhile Krud’s shaving mishap was clearly staged to appeal to the bogan element (rapidly growing – but I wonder does anyone consider themselves a ‘bogan’. Reminder to self: ‘Must look in mirror’) …back to the story: but does anyone really believe that Krud cut himself shaving at 9:30am when he had been up for hours or that the cut had mysteriously disappeared minutes later?


12/07/2013: Can CO2 harm the oceans? This is the ultimate fear campaign waged by the ‘carbon police’. THIS rticle debunks it from a chemical engineering background. It is fairly hard going, however the bullet points at the end are worth reading. Here is an example: ‘It is essentially chemically and biologically impossible for carbonate dependent organisms to suffer from CO2 increases… The organisms most susceptible to ocean acidification from CO2 evolved at a time when concentrations were 15 times higher than today’ and here the complete article:


12/07/2013: And you thought Auntie wasn’t biased? Come on now: THIS is how the ABC previously saw the delightful gay parents (who last week were gaoled for 40 years for paedophilia): More thoughts on this matter here:


11/07/2013: Your pet cat, ‘Tibbles’ may soon have something more to worry about f this global warming goes on and on:


11/07/2013: And, further to that: good news for junkies; all that CO2 is increasing the amount of morphine in poppy plants – indeed they may soon become giants and take over the world: 


11/07/2013: DEEPLY disturbing. Before you jump to a conclusion, please note that the blogger Bob Parks, IS a black American. ‘What happened to large numbers of American blacks between the beginning of WW2 and 1970? Before WW2, blacks, mainly in the South at the time, led aspiring, family-oriented, church-going, bourgeois lives (despite social segregation). How and why did this sub-cultural transformation happen?’ Similar sub-cultural transformations have happened and are happening here – and THEY MUST BE AVOIDED:


11/07/2013: Six Reasons Why Men Are Avoiding Marriage: and below is a seventh!


11/07/2013: Interesting: ‘Every day American culture is a little more like a Black Mass against nature and manhood and anything decent or beautiful or noble or worth saving. Western Civilization has become a Black Mass for Western Civilization. Everything our better fathers believed in has been spit on and placed like a tainted Host between the yeasty thighs of a giggling whore’.


10/07/2013: I’m afraid THIS is us, Bing Crosby, ‘Busy Doing Nothing’ from ‘A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court’ (1949):


10/07/2013: The AWU refuse to toe the line on Krudd’s plans to change ALP rules – of course it would interfere with their intention to axe him AFTER the election and install their ‘svengali’, Bill Shorten. I expect they will succeed (in both) and that (unfortunately) the unintended consequence will be even higher electoral support for (doomed) Krudd!


10/07/2013: As the old joke goes: what’s the opposite of diversity? University: A new book ‘Taxing Air: Facts and Fallacies About Climate Change’ ( by Bob Carter, who retired from James Cook University before he got interested in the global warming debate but remains an emeritus fellow looks interesting. He recently found himself deprived of even an email address by colleagues resentful of his failure to toe the line.


10/07/2013: This is how Macquarie University has persecuted Pr Murry Salby for doubting the global warming faith. No other word than PERSECUTION adequately describes what has happened to him:


09/07/2013: Can’t WAIT for this stuff to hit the supermarket shelves here. The world just keeps getting better and better (despite the tyranny of choice!) :


09/07/2013: Another great product: Ultra Ever Dry:


09/07/2013: I was a bit taken aback by this lady shrink’s bizarre lament over capitalism’s failure to ration choice ( Was Christ right, ‘the Statists will always be with you…’ ? Matt Ridley has an excellent riposte (‘There are poor teenagers in Indian villages who have none of these choices: I do not envy them.’ – Well, Yeah!):


09/07/2013: The fabulous NBN has made very little difference to the town where it was first rolled out four years ago (Midway Point, Tas), but now the 50%+ of folks still NOT connected to it are worried what will happen to them when their phones are cut off very soon:

08/07/2013: Unbelievably Morgan now has Labor at 55.5% and Coalition at 45.5%. Krudd should call an election immediately while this dead cat bounce lasts but as he wants to go to the G20 on 7 September he likely won't go till October or later - and will (hopefully) lose:

08/07/2013: Meanwhile Krudd and Rein clean up on the unemployed; they are now taking the Brits down for hundreds of mills, just as they did the Australian taxpayers (if you remember – and you should!). Naturally the unemployed get no benefit from all this ruddy welfare capitalism AT ALL:

08/07/2013: I DID like this comment (at Catallaxy): ‘Every day, every minute, every time Rudd opens his mouth, Labor voters – like beer fairies when someone drinks a Canadian Club – explode and die. It’s the mind-boggling condescension; the grotesque narcissism; the pretentious over-analysis of everything; the ludicrous thesaurus-mined vocabulary, that makes his every speech a weird froth of verbiage devoid of actual meaning; the overwhelming smugness; the insufferable conceit; the off-the-scale self-regard; the insane, all-consuming craving for unanimous awed recognition as the smartest person in the room (and any room); the teenage levels of self-aggrandisement; the hilarious bigging-up name-dropping; the crass, bathetic, utter inability to relate to anyone below his perceived level, AKA everybody; the primed-to-explode grievances that fester behind the rictus smile; the ridiculous OCD of the just-so white-shirt-coloured-tie-and-navy-suit – unless it’s a weekend and it’s the ridiculous OCD of the just-so-khaki-chinos-and-chambray-shirt; the painful fakeness of the manufactured persona; the desperate fist-clenching as he suppresses the anger that ordinary people make him feel; the lightning speed to perceive a slight; the drawn-out hundred-fold revenge in return; the delight in humiliating those beneath him; and the cloying, fulsome, gushing insincerity of his fawning over other world leaders. Does anyone seriously think this man can be voted in as Prime Minister again by an electorate now wholly and painfully aware – which it was not before – of all of the above? Sorry, Kevin, it’s over. Yes, those cool kids at school that got all of the girls’ attention, with their pathetic muscles and dumb macho posturing and stupid, smart-arsed lines – how could those morons have laughed? – while you – YOU! – went ignored for all those years! You tried to hide your superiority and suck up to them, those nobodies! But you showed them, you showed them, how dare those stupid cows ignore YOU, you were smarter and better than all of them! You showed them! You showed them all! Yes, you did show them. Be happy with that. Because it’s over. Australia knows you now.

08/07/2013: The Spider's Web (aka "Natural History"): E. B. White


The spider, dropping down from twig,

Unfolds a plan of her devising,

A thin premeditated rig

To use in rising.


And all that journey down through space,

In cool descent and loyal hearted,

She spins a ladder to the place

From where she started.


Thus I, gone forth as spiders do

In spider's web a truth discerning,

Attach one silken thread to you

For my returning.


(White, never one to waste words, wrote this poem in 1929 as a love letter to his wife).


08/07/2013: The BIG drillers Eg Ausdrill, Boart Longyesr…) are so cheap here at the moment (BLY is at one sixth of it 12 month high for example). You would think the world was going to end…yet we are on the cusp of an energy revolution (as soon as there is a change of Government anyway). Read about it here:


08/07/2013: Just suppose the ‘Little Ice Age’ is on its way back…what effect would a growing season which was ie one month late and only 2.5C cooler have? Answer: harvest down OVER 50%! Result: BILLIONS starve. And some folks are still worrying about global WARMING?


08/07/2013: Oh, Kevin, YOU KNOW something?


06/07/2013: SO many of them today:


06/07/2013: If only OUR judges were like this:  ‘Remember the guy who got on a plane with a bomb built into his shoe and tried to light it? Did you know his trial is over? Did you know he was sentenced? Did you see/hear any of the judge's comments on TV or Radio? Didn't think so.! Everyone should hear what the judge had to say.


Ruling by Judge William Young, US District Court.


Prior to sentencing, the Judge asked the defendant if he had anything to say His response: After admitting his guilt to the court for the record, Reid also admitted his 'allegiance to Osama bin Laden, to Islam, and to the religion of Allah,' defiantly

stating, 'I think I will not apologize for my actions,' and told the court 'I am at war with your country.'


Judge Young then delivered the statement quoted below:


Judge Young: "Mr. Richard C. Reid, hearken now to the sentence the Court imposes upon you.


On counts 1, 5 and 6 the Court sentences you to life in prison in the custody of the United States Attorney General. On counts 2, 3, 4 and 7, the Court sentences you to 20 years in prison on each count, the sentence on each count to run consecutively. (That's 80 years.)


On count 8 the Court sentences you to the mandatory 30 years, again to be served consecutively to the 80 years just imposed. The Court imposes upon you for each of the eight counts a fine of $250,000, that's an aggregate fine of $2 million. The Court accepts the government's recommendation with respect to restitution and orders restitution in the amount of $298.17 to Andre Bousquet and $5,784 to American Airlines.


The Court imposes upon you an $800 special assessment. The Court imposes upon you, five years supervised release simply because the law requires it. But the life sentences are real life sentences so I need go no further.


This is the sentence that is provided for by our statutes. It is a fair and just sentence. It is a righteous sentence.


Now, let me explain this to you. We are not afraid of you or any of your terrorist co-conspirators, Mr. Reid. We are Americans. We have been through the fire before. There is too much war talk here and I say that to everyone with the utmost respect. Here in this court, we deal with individuals as individuals and care for individuals as individuals. As human beings, we reach out for justice.


You are not an enemy combatant. You are a terrorist. You are not a soldier in any war. You are a terrorist. To give you that reference, to call you a soldier, gives you far too much stature. Whether the officers of government do it, or your attorney does it, or if you think you are a soldier, you are not-----, you are a terrorist. And we do not negotiate with terrorists. We do not meet with terrorists. We do not sign documents with terrorists. We hunt them down one by one and bring them to justice.


So war talk is way out of line in this court. You are a big fellow. But you are not that big. You're no warrior. I've known warriors. You are a terrorist. A species of criminal that is guilty of multiple attempted murders. In a very real sense, State Trooper Santiago had it right when you first were taken off that plane and into custody and you wondered where the press and the TV crews were, and he said:


'You're no big deal. '


You are no big deal.


What your able counsel and what the equally able United States attorneys have grappled with and what I have, as honestly as I know how, tried to grapple with, is why you did something so horrific. What was it that led you here to this courtroom today?


I have listened respectfully to what you have to say. And I ask you to search your heart and ask yourself what sort of unfathomable hate led you to do what you are guilty, and admit you are guilty, of doing? And, I have an answer for you. It may not satisfy you, but as I search this entire record, it comes as close to understanding as I know.


It seems to me, you hate the one thing that to us is most precious. You hate our freedom. Our individual freedom. Our individual freedom to live as we choose, to come and go as we choose, to believe or not believe as we individually choose. Here, in this society, the very wind carries freedom. It carries it everywhere from sea to shining sea. It is because we prize individual freedom so much that you are here in this beautiful courtroom, so that everyone can see, truly see, that justice is administered fairly, individually, and discretely. It is for freedom's sake that your lawyers are striving so vigorously on your behalf, have filed appeals, will go on in their representation of you before other judges.


We Americans are all about freedom. Because we all know that the way we treat you, Mr. Reid, is the measure of our own liberties. Make no mistake though. It is yet true that we will bear any burden; pay any price, to preserve our freedoms. Look around this courtroom. Mark it well. The world is not going to long remember what you or I say here. The day after tomorrow, it will be forgotten, but this, however, will long endure.


Here in this courtroom and courtrooms all across America , the American people will gather to see that justice, individual justice, justice, not war, individual justice, is in fact being done. The very President of the United States through his officers, will have to come into courtrooms and lay out evidence on which specific matters can be judged and juries of citizens will gather to sit and judge that evidence democratically, to mould and shape and refine our sense of justice.


See that flag, Mr. Reid? That's the flag of the United States of America . That flag will fly there long after this is all forgotten. That flag stands for freedom. And it always will.


Mr. Custody Officer. Stand him down."


So, how much of this Judge's comments did we hear on our TV sets? We need more judges like Judge Young.


06/07/2013: Such charming folks: Islamic militants (Boko Haram, whose name literally means, “Western education is sin”) have attacked a boarding school in northeast Nigeria, killing 42 people, mostly students, some of the pupils being burned alive. Altogether 1,000 Pakistan and Afghanistan schools have been bombed, burnt down or simply closed through intimidation in the last three years.


06/07/2013: Hours worked per week per Employable Person. An Employable Person is the sum of those employed and unemployed. This does NOT include the HUGE increase of folks on the ‘disabililty allowance’.  May 2010 - 32.16 hours per week, May 2011 - 30.24 hours, May 2012 - 29.16 hours, May 2013 - 28.77 hours. It shows a massive increase in underemployment under Labor (12.5%!) Some may remember that unemployment was down to around 4% under Howard (of course that was before the GFC we didn’t have to have); it is now 5.5% and RISING. No wonder the economy and the market are in the doldrums:


05/07/2013: "Terrorism's great achievement isn't hijacking jetliners, but hijacking the debate," wrote George Jonas in Canada's National Post. "Successful terrorism persuades the terror-stricken that he's conscience-stricken."


05/07/2013: After a week I remember exactly why Ju-Liar knifed Krudd. He is just bloody awful!   Just cannot stand the glib, sanctimonious little weasel. I hate his girlie hands and his horrid spittle dripping cock-sucking lips… I NEVER thought I would say this, BUT, ‘Bring back Julia!’


05/07/2013: FINALLY the tree ring data which provoked the infamous ‘hockey stick’ is GONE. In its place we have a VERY flat temperature scenario for the last CENTURY (See: The important graphic is here:


05/07/2013: Latter-day hippies should read Willis’s latest post. The problem with RENEWABLE energy is STORAGE. To store the amount of energy needed by a city the size of New York (or Victoria, for that matter) for three days needs storage of energy equivalent to that released by TWO Hiroshima bombs. Clearly this is not a problem which is anywhere near solved yet: The post that provoked Willis IS interesting:


05/07/2013: ‘A paper published  in the International Journal of Climatology finds that aging of the solar radiation screens on weather stations is causing a large positive bias in measured temperatures of 1.63°C, which by way of comparison is more than twice the global warming of 0.7°C recorded since the end of the Little Ice Age in 1850’ :


04/07/2013: Such born liars: KRudd on the 7:30 Report claimed we have the refugee problem because HE implemented the policy he took to the 2007 election (which was he’d turn back the boats, NOT scrap the ‘Pacific Solution’!) and claims the influx of refugees was caused by a ‘unexpected’ civil wars In Sri Lanka and Afghanistan which had both been going on for DECADES! Over 1,000 folks drowned because of him, the glib bastard!


04/07/2013: Charming ‘married’ couple. Forty years is NOT ENOUGH by a long shot:


04/07/2013: “In 2010 I did a story on two gay dads,” writes the ABC’s Ginger Gorham. “Those two men turned out to be pedophiles of the worst kind.”


04/07/2013: Of course the 40 year sentence was delivered in the USA. In Australia such a person might be sentenced to therapy or even have to deposit $20 in the poor box. Of course if he was an aboriginal nothing at all would happen to him. WHY are WE so lenient to these vile perverts? Miranda:


04/07/2013: More than one way to think about ‘marriage equality: ‘membership in a culture best noted for offering oral sexual services to strangers in public lavatories entitles you to have the government invent a parody version of marriage just for you…If indulgence in vice makes you special and gives you status and privileges, why are only sodomites being so favoured?... If sodomy is worthy of federal recognition, approval, and protection, why not polygamy, bestiality, and incest? There are doubtless people in California who want group marriages and others who want to marry objects of public infrastructure and redwood trees. On what logical basis can they now possibly be denied?


04/07/2013: The Daily Mail has abandoned the AGW orthodoxy – hopefully our media will soon follow suit:


03/07/2013: Kevin…He’s NOT the Messiah:


03/07/2013: There is a world of difference between Ed Husic and these men, just as there is a huge difference between the average Christian and Timothy McVeigh: Migrants we don’t want: During a lecture last month, Campbelltown Sheikh Jamil el-Biza said Shiites should be destroyed, ‘’either with our hands or with our blood’’. He berated young Muslims for caring more about the Canterbury Bulldogs NRL team than what is happening to their ‘’brothers’’ in Syria, Chechnya, Kashmir and Somalia…Zaky Mallah, who runs an office for the Free Syrian Army from his Parramatta garage, promises he can get young Australians into Syria in less than 24 hours but strongly denies he is recruiting people for the resistance… Zaky Mallah’s aim is to die in Syria. ‘’I wouldn’t mind being granted martyrdom,’’ he said. ‘’Call me crazy, call me weird, call me whatever but it’s a cause I’m willing to die for.’’ I believe he should be granted his wish!


03/07/2013: Deaths of 19 firefighters in Arizona NOT caused by global warming!  The ‘real’ explanation for heat waves, the existence and position of deserts and the various huge ‘permanent’ high and low pressure systems found in large areas on earth:


03/07/2013: In the article ‘Many cultures in southeast Asia used fire pistons to start fires by simply squeezing air in a tube.’ This is true: and Get one for $70:


03/07/2013: Meanwhile in Egypt 22 million have signed a petition seeking Morsi’s resignation whilst only 13 million voted FOR him, so perhaps fundamentalist Islam WILL fall to democracy and common sense after all and the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ may not be a total disaster after all?


02/07/2013: Fair point: Samuel J at the Cat tips a late election: ‘The G20 is being held this year in St Petersburg from 5 to 6 September 2013. Rudd cannot, and will not, miss this – he is desperate to attend and have the other world leaders fawn over his every utterance. His Government cannot be in caretaker mode either – that would limit his ability to prognosticate (under the Caretaker Conventions he would effectively be an observer if he chose to attend during a campaign). So the Parliament must be dissolved after his return from Russia. The Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 provides that the election be held on a Saturday a minimum of 33 days after the issuing of writs for election… If Rudd visited the Governor-General shortly after he returned to Australia from the G20 meeting, the earliest election date would be Saturday 12 October 2013’.


02/07/2013: I was interested to see in the paper yesterday that someone had a 27 year old wombat. This is much older than such an enormously destructive giant rabbit would live around here, but it is surprising how long some of the critters we live with DO live. We have had the same grey thrush nesting in a hole in our wall ever since we have been here (23 years) – and she was here when we came – as was a pair of blue cranes, a pair of wedge-tail eagles, welcome swallows who nest in our garage (who winter every year in Siberia) and are no doubt quite contemptuous of OUR sedentary ways, a VERY annoying flock of sulphur crested cockatoos who I’m told will likely outlive my children (but NOT unless they cease their destructive habits!) and so on. Often you can recognise individual animals (such as the English blackbird with a solitary feather in his tail who haunts the slope outside our window…it is not just OUR home.


02/07/2013: Unbelievable: Morgan: Labor 51.5, Liberal 48.5! Wake up Australia!


02/07/2013: Nelson Mandela’s favourite poem (and one of mine too):


Invictus (Undefeated) : William Ernest Henley


Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the Pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.


In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of chance

My head is bloody, but unbowed.


Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but the Horror of the shade,

And yet the menace of the years

Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.


It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll.

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul.


01/07/2013: Labor’s primary vote is the same as it was the weekend before Rudd was dumped – 35 per cent. AND GOING DOWN. Watch and learn!


01/07/2013: I’d like to see him try this now – Daring aviator lands on White House lawn:


01/07/2013: ‘Beam me up Scotty.’ This guy is seriously working on building ‘warp drives’ – and about time too:


01/07/2013: AND an interesting take on immigration: ‘...the Bill authorizes somewhere between 30 million and 60 million new legal immigrants over the next ten years, 90% of them low-skill and low-wage. The Democrats hope this will create a mammoth and permanent underclass that will be forever dependent on government for security, and will reliably vote Democrat for generations. Certain business interests hope the bill will deal a crippling blow to America’s working class, driving down wages and providing an inexhaustible supply of cheap labour.’


30/06/2013: Death is probably cheaper than divorce, but it is still completely unaffordable: ‘In that Medicare spending, between one-fourth and one-third goes to medical bills for a patient's final year of life, most of it in the last 30 days’. Most of this could be avoided if people accepted they should die quietly at home. We should get over it. We are not so unique and precious that others should have to pay over most of their taxes just to keep us alive (without even interesting bon mots as a reward in most cases! I DID like the General whose final words were reputedly, ‘They couldn’t hit an elephant from th…’). Face it, some really big sav