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The Ultralight Hiker - Hauroko Burn, Dusky Track, Fiordland NZ


05-12-2023: Odd things out there in the bush. I have seen some others but nothing like this one:https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/national/mystery-animal-wrestles-snake-into-the-river-on-the-nsw-midnorth-coast/video/6920286cf7a5d424a5047ede5322a9cd

05-12-2023: Telling the truth about covid will still attract a draconian response: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/12/hero-health-worker-turned-whistleblower-faces-court-after/

05-12-2023: When ‘education’ (degrees) become worthless you eliminate it. This is good news and will save the public billions on woke indoctrination programmes. It will also transform society onto a more common sense course once more: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/12/the-fall-of-academia-half-of-us-companies-are-dropping-requirements-for-bachelors-degrees/

05-12-2023: It’s worse than we thought: “The storage capacity needed to align power generation from solar or wind is around 25% of the annual energy consumption.” This can never be achieved. Ergo, we must abandon the whole costly exercise and start again. If you want to reduce ‘carbon’ (but why?) nuclear is the only feasible option currently available: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/12/04/another-critical-thinker-reaches-the-obvious-conclusion-intermittent-renewables-cant-work-on-their-own/

04-12-2023: Now even T.Rex was transsexual: https://moonbattery.com/moonbats-transsexualize-dinosaur/

04-12-2023: Let it begin: https://www.rebelnews.com/sa_council_becomes_first_since_the_voice_referendum_failure_to_ditch_acknowledgement_to_country

04-12-2023: I fear Maurice is right that our Aussie democracy is heading down the rat-hole of socialism: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/12/australia-a-democracy-in-name-only/

04-12-2023: Frozen on the way to Cop 28 ‘global warming’ conference. Perhaps they should just vote to ban private jets and such junkets? https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/12/private-jets-en-route-to-the-dubai-climate-extravaganza-get-frozen-to-runway-but-its-boiling-right.html

03-12-2023: Ultrafire Knife: Here’s a great little  ‘Stanley blade (neck) knife which weighs less than 20 grams available from Litesmith for US$19.95. It also includes a built in ferro rod (in the sheath) and so doubles as a fire starter. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/12/02/ultrafire-knife/



03-12-2023: Back when we had 100% literacy and numeracy (for pennies) it was because everyone had parents, everyone went to school, you had to master the 3Rs; if you misbehaved you were punished (with a stick). We have doubled and redoubled the money we waste on so-called ‘education’ now even insisting that ‘teachers’ have a ‘Masters’ (or ‘Mistresses’) degree even if their literacy and numeracy remains below what my mother’s was in Grade 6 back in 1930 or mine in 1960 (incidentally a proveable fact. There were external examinations back then whose records still exist): https://hotair.com/john-s-2/2023/11/30/chronic-absenteeism-in-dc-schools-was-at-43-this-year-where-are-the-parents-n595906


03-12-2023: I agree with Viv – We need a ‘climate exit’ referendum’. We never voted for this b-------t: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/12/message-for-dubai-from-viv-forbes-its-time-for-a-climate-exit.html


03-12-2023: How ‘ethnic cleansing’ actually works in Israel: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/12/wanna-talk-about-ethnic-cleansing.html


02-12-2023: Looking forward to the next 50+ years of adventures and fun at Della's 70th birthday celebrations last night. What joy this wonderful girl has brought to me and all who know her. All I desire is "To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths

Of all the western stars, until I die." with her (Tennyson, 'Ulysses')


02-12-2023: Arrest and deport. Repeat: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/11/peter-dutton-law-enforcement-authorities-should-have-arrested-these-protesters.html


02-12-2023: Cancel Anzac Day or Australia Day? I don’t think so: https://www.skynews.com.au/insights-and-analysis/nicolle-flint-unaustralian-scrubbing-of-phrase-anzac-day-from-south-australias-public-holiday-laws-is-an-insult-to-our-veterans/news-story/013c7341406a15c56820557528b4d54f


02-12-2023: Will anyone ever want to be vaccinated again? I have always been a supporter of vaccination as a preventative health measure and have been vaccinated against all sorts of minor health risks (rabies, shingles,  cholera etc) but Idid reject the mRNA vaccines (as too experimental/risky). Rightly so it turns out. Mind you I suspect I became very ill for several motnths after one Astra Zenica shot. In this case (covid – with its many cheap effective treatments available – but sometimes banned) the ‘cure’ was definitely worse than the complaint. Compulosory vaccination in this case was a ‘crime against humanity’ which (unnecessarily) killed/injured millions of people. Ergo, those responsible should be brought to trial and given serious punishment. Here in Victorias that means Brett Sutton and Dan Andrews to name a couple of the leading perpetrators: https://www.aussie17.com/p/new-zealand-government-data-administrator )


01-12-2023: Aquaculture Now Accounts for Half of the World's Fish Supply:



01-12-2023: Although it is no doubt ‘natural’ and ‘ecologically satisfying’ I find it somewhat disquieting: https://newatlas.com/science/decomposed-bodies-increasing-england-wales/

01-12-2023: We are bursting at the seams with migrants. We need to drastically slow the flow or lose our national identity: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/11/business-robbery-etc-118/

01-12-2023: EV’s are doomed. Anyway you will probably be banned from using them because of electricity shortages (https://joannenova.com.au/2023/11/germany-you-will-own-a-car-and-a-heater-but-you-cant-use-them/): https://joannenova.com.au/2023/11/evs-report-80-more-problems-than-petrol-diesel-cars/

29-11-2023: How not to transform an energy system. This tinkering will end up breaking it which will be a huge disaster: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/11/new-york-narrowly-missed-a-disaster-last-christmas-eve-gas-pipes-froze-and-90gw-of-electricity-vanished/

29-11-2023: NZ looks likely to begin rejecting undemocratic UN dictatorship. Come one Albo: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/11/rare-signs-of-democracy-in-new-zealand-govt-asking-if-un-treaty-is-in-the-national-interest/

29-11-2023: We now know the vaccine was deadlier than the disease yet our government is set to accept total control by the WHO this week: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/11/u-s-navy-medical-officer-exposes-defense-department/

29-11-2023: Moslems threaten to kill Jews - Albanese's response? Ban Hitler salute. Meanwhile thousands of illegals and other undesirables are permitted to weekly disrupt our streets with marches and ISIS salutes .Deport all of them!

28-11-2023: The ‘Tower Jews’ have been  safe in London since (at least) William 1 decreed it so, but the weekly Hamas ‘hate marches’ and their support by a Moslem Lord Mayor (not to mention the British ‘establishment’) now makes their position precarious – as is indeed the whole foundation of Western civilisation in these barbarous times. We need to gird up our loins and win this (Fifth) Crusade. These invaders need to be driven into the sea as they were the last time they threatened us nearly 500 years ago : https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/11/a-post-jewish-london/ 

28-11-2023: Releasing hundreds of dangerous criminals into the community (and at a cost of hundreds of millions) will not work out well: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/11/not-one.html

28-11-2023: B------t indeed, “We are told to believe that 18.4% of the plague burials were blacks. In 14th century England.” (The ‘study’ ignored DNA)  https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/11/was-the-black-death-racist/   & https://moonbattery.com/bbc-denounces-medieval-plague-as-racist/

28-11-2023: The importance of gratitude: https://stuartschneiderman.substack.com/p/giving-thanks?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=1523886&post_id=139099674&utm_campaign=email-post-title&isFreemail=false&r=l9hpt&utm_medium=email

27-11-2023: 12 Phrases Shakespeare Coined That We Still Use Today: https://www.inspiringquotes.com/12-phrases-shakespeare-coined-that-we-still-use-today/YDFlwLQR2wAGlAm0?liu=dedebf69916b31f8bd8f6619ee21d5e7&utm_source=blog&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=1971875116

27-11-2023: The rush of the net zero lemmings: https://richardsonpost.com/vivforbes/33849/net-zero-emissions-propaganda/

27-11-2023: London has fallen. The Nazis failed to crush it but Hamas has succeeded. Tommy was just reporting on an anti-Semitic crowd calling for a Moslem Army: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/11/this-is-london-tommy-robinson-gassed-arrested-protest/

27-11-2023: More leaders like this bloke please: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/11/gee-this-bloke-is-good.html

26-11-2023: When ‘climate sceptics’ get the upper hand: “So 56% of Argentian voters are climate skeptics…Milei has also called climate change is a ‘socialist hoax’” https://joannenova.com.au/2023/11/shocked-far-right-climate-deniers-get-more-votes-than-any-other-party/

26-11-2023: Another view of human origins: https://amazingtoday43.com/the-700000-year-old-skull-in-greek-cave-completely-shatters-the-out-of-africa-theory-2/?fbclid=IwAR3LmOvm_DEBZS25GSz0j_S0kGc2GMdjWEPxWPUog04KLq3_4oFsPX5R5kU

26-11-2023: Progress? “QUT will hire second-rate staff to teach crap to second-rate students for Aboriginal people who do not wash.https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/11/black-arts-faculty/

26-11-2023: Learn from the wisdom of the classics – or despair: Aristotle on Immigration, Diversity, and Democracy, “Aristotle clearly articulates how homogeneity, a common identity, and a sense of peoplehood are social goods necessary to citizenship, solidarity, and freedom from tyrannical government. He argues for good government oriented towards the common interest as opposed to towards individual “rights,” caprice, and equality as ends in themselves”: https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2017/02/24/aristotle-on-immigration-diversity-and-democracy/

25-11-2023: The origin of the word ‘idiot’ is interesting and surprising. So, a ‘patriot’ is someone who wants to be involved in government and an ‘idiot’ is someone who doesn’t. Have we got this wrong?  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idiot


25-11-2023: Is Pope Francis actually Satan? Certainly looks like it: https://notthebee.com/article/meet-the-group-of-44-trans-women-that-the-pope-invited-to-a-vatican-lunch-this-week

25-11-2023: The current strategy towards wild deer will see them move from game animal status to extinct in a generation. Then forget about having a reason to own guns: https://sportingshooter.com.au/news/wild-deer-not-as-abundant-in-victoria-as-previously-thought/?fbclid=IwAR3nxBAIeBPhL5IbYSwe3MmfRkCpiPEf3nU8rRy-7uCaShM1ce5mmBBWwfs

25-11-2023: “What you’re seeing is evil done for its own sake” I agree with Tucker. It is really strange that an atheist like me is now seeing Satan everywhere, What is going on with the world, - and why? Eg “Today’s lies are an exact inversion of the truth”. I used to call this ‘deconstruction’ – but it is more than this: https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1727090631850492257

24-11-2023: What a Wonderful World — Thanks to CO2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4nzRFhwuuU&t=142s

24-11-2023: Is this telepathy? https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-023-03619-w


24-11-2023: Things you did not know about ‘our’ government. Did ‘we’ vote for this - or the 1.2 million they have let in since they were elected? https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2023/11/22/australia-opens-the-door-to-palestinian-refugees-as-arab-countries-still-say-no/


If only 60 Palestinians per year were admitted to the US how many of the rabid anti semitic crowds we have seen on our streets are here legally? Dutton (Macron etc) are right. Deport them en masse: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/immigration/republicans-want-ban-palestinian-refugees-already-hard-get-in-us-rcna120892


24-11-2023: Will Panasonic be able to make this work? https://www.thestar.com.my/aseanplus/aseanplus-news/2023/11/20/panasonic-envisions-a-world-where-homes-and-offices-can-be-powered-by-their-windows


23-11-2023: Should you take Boron for your arthritis? https://alternative-doctor.com/borax-arthritis/ It’s certainly cheap enough 1kg = A$8.18: https://www.bunnings.com.au/glitz-green-1kg-borax_p4460527 Recommended dose is 6mg per day (men). A teaspoon contains approx 450 mg boron. Dilute with one litre of water then use 13 mls per day (1000/13 +77; 450/77 = 6 ) That $8 worth should last five lifetimes!. No wonder Big Pharma don’t want to get behind this cure. https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/borax.html)


23-11-2023: No-one will ever want to buy a Toyota again. You wish: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2023/nov/22/toyota-suv-adverts-banned-in-uk-on-environmental-grounds


23-11-2023: The Albanese Govt is Whitlam on steroids – and just as destructive. It will take a generation to recover from this one term disaster story – but will conservatives ever have a majority again in both houses after Turnbull’s deal with the Greens? https://joannenova.com.au/2023/11/australian-government-throws-giant-pile-of-money-at-renewables-so-big-its-a-secret/


23-11-2023: Argentina throws off the shackles of socialism (after decades). Meanwhile Wilders looks set to win the Dutch election too. The times they are a’changing: https://nypost.com/2023/11/20/opinion/cry-no-more-for-argentina-its-about-to-be-a-new-model-for-economic-reform/


22-11-2023: Learning about the value of friendship from Aristotle:  https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesbusinesscouncil/2023/11/20/how-aristotles-advice-on-friendship-is-relevant-in-the-modern-workplace/?fbclid=IwAR3AISmhYS-4PaFQZcDBzh7jheDZKfOXevoFQbhTCIibO8jvA67jhBxVvSo&sh=112021ac3b76


22-11-2023: An essentially religious view of ‘climate change’ ignores historical facts about how climate changes. I think the painting of the Dutch fleet being captured by French cavalry whilst frozen in the North Sea in 1795 is an important case in point: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/11/19/political-and-natural-hazards-arc-part-3/

22-11-2023: I agree Andrew: time Hamas surrendered: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/andrew-bolt/andrew-bolt-dont-the-left-care-about-freedom-democracy-and-peace/news-story/d90d40777d7dd28628df150831929772

22-11-2023: Well said Gina: https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/gina-rinehart-govt-strangling-of-australias-worldleading-mining-agriculture-industries-is-creating-a-nightmare-scenario-for-our-children/news-story/f727f96238de3c7fbe041b43cc887b96

21-11-2023: Ultralight Saw Experiments: I have not been completely happy with a DIY saw which weighs around an ounce for making my Ultralight Tent Poles when I am up the bush. Seems like I ought to be able to save around 20 grams on that – so here is my first effort which weighs exactly half that at 14 grams.

If I use 1cm x 1mm aluminium (this is 2mm) it will save  3.325 grams. If I cut off the ends of the bolts (1.5 grams) it will come in at under 10 grams (4.08 = 3.325 + 1.8 = 9.205). “It’s all downhill from there”. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/11/20/ultralight-saw-experiments/

21-11-2023: How we went dreadfully wrong in our response to covid: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/11/where-has-all-the-science-gone/


21-11-2023: We have reached a point where the far-left hates J.K Rowling but loves Osama bin Laden.


21-11-2023: It’s not just us you see. We are just echoing the decline of the West: https://moonbattery.com/result-of-basing-immigration-policy-on-moonbattery/


20-11-2023: Eratosthenes' experiment to measure the Earth's circumference is a classic example of early scientific measurement that can be replicated by anyone today.

Here's a simplified overview of how it worked:

Eratosthenes knew that at local noon on the summer solstice in Syene (now Aswan, Egypt), the Sun was directly overhead, as evidenced by the fact that it illuminated the bottom of a deep well, something that only happens when the Sun is at the zenith. There were no shadows cast by vertical objects.

At the same time in Alexandria, which is north of Syene, vertical objects did cast shadows. Eratosthenes measured the angle of the shadow cast by a stick and found it to be approximately 7.2 degrees, or 1/50 of a full circle.

The distance between Syene and Alexandria was known to be approximately 5,000 stadia (the exact length of a stadion is not known but is often taken to be about 185 meters based on the typical length used in the Hellenistic Mediterranean world).

Eratosthenes reasoned that if a stick in Alexandria cast a shadow with an angle of 7.2 degrees, then, in a full 360-degree circle, the distance from Alexandria to Syene must be 1/50 of the Earth's total circumference. So, he multiplied the distance between the two cities by 50 to get the Earth's circumference.

Using modern units for the stadion, the calculation would be:

5,000 stadia x 185 meters/stadion = 925,000 meters

925,000 meters x 50 = 46,250,000 meters

Thus, Eratosthenes calculated the Earth's circumference to be about 46,250 kilometers. The actual circumference of the Earth at the equator is about 40,075 kilometers, so although his method was sound, the accuracy of his result was off due to the inexact value of the stadion and possibly the accuracy of his measurements. Nevertheless, Eratosthenes' experiment was remarkably precise for his time and remains a powerful demonstration of the scientific method applied to the natural world.


20-11-2023: Young, brilliant and principled: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/11/good-on-you-darling-were-on-your-side.html


20-11-2023: 15 minute cities will be a giant concentration camp. The covid lockdowns were only a trial run: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/11/18/eu-parliamentarian-15-minute-cities-will-be-complete-impoverishment-enslavement-of-all-the-people/

20-11-2023: Quote of the week: “Every single person who confuses correlation with causation ends up dying.”

19-11-2023: Surviving the Everest Base Camp Trek: This may be harder than you think in the ‘post covid’ era. However, Della and I (plus Leanne) have just ventured there and back (again)… I will largely let them tell the story this time (our third) – with well over 100 photos and maybe some useful advice.

PS: Della and I are/were 144 collectively (a ‘gross’) of years old this trip…(Some more gross than others!) I know there are those (of you?) who may prefer watching reruns of old sitcoms on TV (at whatever age) or admiring the ‘interesting’ patterns baristas can make in the froth of their coffees – but ‘not these little black ducks!’ (Daffy) Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/11/19/surviving-the-everest-base-camp-trek/

19-11-2023: Byrd’s Snow Cruiser – great ideas that did not work (not unlike the Albanese Government actually). Perhaps they ought both be abandoned on the bottom of the Antarctic Ocean? : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antarctic_Snow_Cruiser


19-11-2023: Horrifying. Just when did ‘we’ begin seeing terrorists as the victims: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/israel/2023/10/the-management-of-savagery-part-ii/


19-11-2023: Yet we believed the world had banned biological and chemical warfare decades ago: https://rumble.com/v3w6kcm-kris-newby-lyme-disease-and-americas-secret-bioweapons-programs.html?start=151 & https://joannenova.com.au/2023/11/how-many-more-secret-labs-are-there-in-all-our-countries/


19-11-2023: “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”  Winston Churchill: https://richardsonpost.com/cliff-reece/33751/socialism-amounts-to-human-suffering/


18-11-2023: Best headline of the year, ‘Will artificial intelligence lead to artificial stupidity?’

 Ditto: Who took the ‘smart’ out of ‘smart phones’? The most terrifying thing is that for many they are ‘smarter’ than their owners – but who/which exactly is the owner here?


18-11-2023: And not before time either: https://babylonbee.com/news/target-releases-trans-muslim-chinese-quadruple-amputee-santa


18-11-2023: I’d certainly vote for her: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/11/suella-braverman-for-pm/


18-11-2023: Read these books. They’re free – and will change your whole perspective f the jistory of our wonderful country, eg “The wind was now fair, the sky serene, though a little hazy, and the temperature of the air delightfully pleasant: joy sparkled in every countenance, and congratulations issued from every mouth. Ithaca itself was scarcely more longed for by Ulysses, than Botany Bay by the adventurers who had traversed so many thousand miles to take possession of it.:

Watkin TENCH (1758-1833)

  • A Narrative of the Expedition to Botany Bay (1789)--Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI
  • A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson (1793)-- Text--HTML--EPUB--MOBI


17-11-2023: The ‘Virgin’ Mary’s Tears. Yet again a (final) proof of the existence of God? Where is James Randi when you need him? (probably dead actually). On the other hand is there any sane person who really beiieves Mary and Joseph were not bonking? PS: I still think the 'Derry Girls' take on this was the best. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/24731585/virgin-mary-statue-crying-as-pilgrims-witness-miracle/


17-11-2023: If you are my age you will remember questioning who was funding the anti-Vietnam demos…since then you might have questioned who funds the Greens (the same communists – this time China mostly). Who funds antisemitism (the Saudis, of course) – but also…Things don’t just happen ‘by chance’: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/11/youll-never-guess-whos-helping-fund-coordinate-radical/


17-11-2023: A worm turns slowly but once turned there is no turning back. The Left should beware before they are torn to pieces. The revenge of Shai-Hulud: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/11/is-life-over-at-75/


17-11-2023: Do you seriously want the Marxist Tedros to rule the world (or Xi?) He had one job already and he muffed it: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/11/what-looks-smells-and-acts-like-one-health-world-government/


16-11-2023: Society today would be horrified by our perfectly normal 1970s behaviour (when I was a young man). ‘Everyone’ smoked (tobacco); practically everyone drank and drove; gun ownership, fishing and hunting were commonplace pursuits; we thought nothing about felling a tree; sex without condoms was absolutely normal (and fun!); we all owned houses/homes or aspired to do so; we had never heard of nor gave a single thought to the ‘environment; most of the things which are considered normal today (think homosexuality, communism, Islam…) were recognized evils (and vice-versa)… Where have we gone wrong to become a bunch of nervous nannies? https://bettinaarndt.substack.com/p/lynching-of-men-is-our-national-sport


16-11-2023: Converting from Islam. A hopeful sign. Only a billion or so to go: https://www.thefp.com/p/ayaan-hirsi-ali-why-i-am-now-christian-atheism?utm_campaign=email-post&r=2k67t&utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email


16-11-2023: Satanism is rife. ‘First’ we had the bogus ‘love is love’ referendum overturning what we all knew was utterly evil and abhorrent into ‘good’ spearheaded by the openly gay and Moslem ‘President’ Obama (the details of whose birth and upbringing in am Islamic Madrassa) were even altered so he could qualify , he who has done so much to destroy the USA, then the sexualisation of children, ‘normalisation’ of incest, advocacy for bestiality from academics. All along we have had mass infanticide https://wmbriggs.substack.com/p/sex-with-dogs-and-other-critters?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=682601&post_id=138856969&utm_campaign=email-post-title&isFreemail=false&r=l9hpt&utm_medium=email


15-11-2023: Back to gold – get yours eg at the Perth Mint. A sovereign (or the like) weighs about a quarter of an ounce (7-8 grams) and is a bit under an inch in diameter (20-22mm) and costs from A$1-1500. It is pretty easy to have $10K in ‘loose change’ in your pocket. May be better than  a credit card.  Start now : https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2023/11/cash_beats_electronic_money_but_real_money_beats_cash.html


13-11-2023: Have you any doubt now that the Greens are evil murderous b------s? https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/white-cloths-used-to-demonstrate-children-killed-in-gaza-at-propalestinian-protest-held-on-front-lawn-of-parliament-house/news-story/a74b68f2a7395ba9008c2cb2ccb0d7cb?fbclid=IwAR1777FbWm-pcQimeovIvQWICDV0pBSOM7GAzaUrB7q9fOQOe0GjtqrL70Y


More than that: Remember the Greens murdered 100+ million people with malaria when they cooked up a crooked ban on DDT. This is more than the communists and Nazis (both extreme lefties too) murdered during the C20th. Now they are killing many more people with various 'renewables' programmes like legislating to produce fuel from food and palm oil - not to mention the billions of wild things they kill with their massive land clearances, wind farms etc. These people are the most destructive force against the environment in the world by a long shot. They are working at producing mass extinctions of practically everything - including human beings.


13-11-2023: Another punnet of strawberries please: https://nypost.com/2023/11/12/lifestyle/consumption-of-strawberries-may-reduce-dementia-risk-study/?fbclid=IwAR3_6HojAoZTZcIQsb0WuPh8r5SdOaCJbMAHJzANbP0vDcCYDWZaeYGmpvs


13-11-2023: Bring it on: https://www.roadandtrack.com/reviews/a45752401/toyotas-10000-future-pickup-truck-is-basic-transportation-perfection/?fbclid=IwAR070Eb0RCpZFaM8g0lZweWzq8gp1k-cVtVPUFsSMB_j-4iUe2TUmrBPPt0


13-11-2023: Where are the laments (in Western Sydney etc) for the (at least) 1 and a half billion people murdered over the last millennium by the tyranny (call it 'submission' if you will) of Islam, starting with all those butchered along the 'Barbary Coast' during Mohamed's own time and by his own 'warriors', millions of Christians, Jews and of course other Moslems. We must sop Moslem immigration now and indeed reverse it by large-scale mass deportations. The Nordic countries have already begun this process: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/11/douglas-murray-and-john-anderson-islamic-immigration/?fbclid=IwAR2Lzjh5zJ-xkv_HVh6UgASXq0HzJRXWsNxY2oPH3wCFG-ncE4_hNMn3SlI


13-11-2023: Truly a 'must read' - if you would understand how the Great March through the institutions' has been playing out Christopher Joliffe has wonderfully entertaining answers, eg 'A point of consternation for many conservatives is accounting for the strange menagerie gathered beneath the progressive banner. What exactly do the radical feminist types have in common with, say, immigrant enclaves in Western Sydney, whose family structures involve all kinds of problematic elements? What binds the fat activist to the fierce proponent of the environment, when one spends much of her time eating the obsessions of the other?" https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2023/11/the-left-and-those-they-love-to-exploit/?fbclid=IwAR1777FbWm-pcQimeovIvQWICDV0pBSOM7GAzaUrB7q9fOQOe0GjtqrL70Y


13-11-2023: Those climate crises which just keep not happening...A little more knowledge of history, prehistory and geology is needed. Such as this: https://wattsupwiththat.com/.../sahara-expert-says.../ and this: https://wattsupwiththat.com/.../west-antarctica.../ PS: Back from the dead (due to high altitude infection) this morning. Cheers, Steve.


13-11-2023: Stephen Cavura is just so utterly right: we have not 'stolen' the next generations' childhood; we have 'stolen their 'adulthood'. This ARC (Alliance for Responsible Citizenship) is such an important organisation - but will people listen to 'the adult in the room' or have folk become just too infantile? I feel that I am starting to see the first few swallows of a summer, but the young (those raised on the pernicious 'smart' phone and instant gratification) will be so hard to save...it does not mean that the task is impossible however. It was just this very (lost and indoctrinated) group which rebelled and took on tanks with their bare hands during he Hungarian uprising of 1956, for example. I have never lost faith in the basic goodness and promise of the human soul: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/11/arc-to-boldly-say-what-the-elites-dare-not/?fbclid=IwAR0o2KMtviFeTxtncM5wPqEssI0qtHgkwNEaCO8sPvHi--hex3TgwFdzUwE


22-10-2023: Burning money. Go Net Zero: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/10/20/matt-ridley-the-official-true-cost-of-net-zero-is-the-same-as-spending-1-a-second-for-the-next-31000-years/


22-10-2023: You are probably over George Floyd (and pro-Palestinian demonstrators) . I know I am. But just a reminder that an innocent cop is still in gaol for this criminal’s  drug overdose death: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/10/tucker-carlson-challenges-prevailing-narratives-george-floyds-cause/


22-10-2023: A ‘death cult’ indeed: ‘the more abominable the level of savagery is’, it is still less abominable than enduring stability under ‘the order of unbelief, nizam al kufir by several degrees’. https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/israel/2023/10/the-management-of-savagery/


22-10-2023: So exactly in what percentages of cases is it the woman who falsely accuses the man of rape? Are we talking one in five here? https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/10/false-rape-allegations-arent-so-rare/


21-10-2023: Sounds promising: https://newatlas.com/medical/brain-stimulation-dementia-treatment/


21-10-2023: Why won't other Arab countries take in Palestinian refugees? A clue: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/10/64-of-palestinian-refugees-taken-in-by-denmark-in-1992-now-have-criminal-records.html


21-10-2023: Once you subtract the urban heat island effect, instrument ‘error’ and downright fraud you might not have much global warming to be alarmed about: https://www.drroyspencer.com/2023/10/new-paper-submission-urban-heat-island-effects-in-u-s-summer-temperatures-1880-2015/


21-10-2023: Is this b------t or what? There needs to be a lot fewer of them: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/10/rort-wank-weaklings.html


20-10-2023: Telling it like it is – but nuclear and HELE are. What is the matter with our energy policy makers?: https://www.mattridley.co.uk/blog/electricity-from-wind-isnt-cheap-and-it-never-will-be/


20-10-2023: Yes (or 'No'): "If the voice is to fail, there should be a significant reset on the grounds that the separatism that has informed Indigenous policy for decades has finally been subjected to public scrutiny and rejected, including by a substantial percentage of Aboriginal people." Tony Abbott.


20-10-2023: The vast car ship carrier fires lately (4,000+ cars at a time up in smoke) did not completely kill the EV market but the Luton car park fire (1200 cars destroyed) just might. You don’t want that happening at your house? https://joannenova.com.au/2023/10/evs-luton-fire-just-killed-the-ev-market/


20-10-2023: Good Lord. Palestinian terror supporters storm the Capitol yet nothing is done while those American (patriot) protesters (of a stolen election) are still locked up without a trial. This is (in) the ‘home of the free’: https://notthebee.com/article/hold-on-a-minute-did-these-pro-palestinian-protesters-just-storm-the-capitol-i-thought-that-was-called-an-insurrection


19-10-2023: “They are people playing with fire who don’t even know that fire is hot.”  I am just astonished after years of so-called ‘education’ how dumb such folks are – and getting worse. Just this week I had two examples of this as I worked on repairing one of my Land Rovers which was seriously damaged by me allowing someone else to ‘repair’ it ((because I am ‘getting old’. Never again – I have fixed it now). During this process (because I was chasing parts) I learned of a Landie 300 TDI engine which had been thrown in a scrap bin which needed $10 worth of parts and an hour’s work for it to do another million kilometers. Unfortunately I (just) failed to retrieve it. However, at the same time I did manage to buy (for a song) a perfectly good Discovery 2 which was being ‘thrown away’ because it would not shift into a forward gear. $59 worth of parts and it is as good as new again and it will drive for another million kilometers! It did not matter that I explained these things to the previous owners. They just wanted to ‘trust the experts’. https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/10/the-return-of-rational-fear/


19-10-2023: You probably all know that I abhor the ‘welfare state’ but this essay with its many very early references reinforces brilliantly why such a state is undesirable and ultimately destructive of all that is most valuable in society. The perspicacity of Von Humboldt who died in 1837 is well-nigh unbelievable. How have we gone so wrong for so long? Truly a ‘must read’: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/10/enslaved-by-the-welfare-state-the-tragedy-of-australian-kindness/


19-10-2023: A small history of the ‘two state solution’: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/10/reflection-on-the-quests-for-a-two-state-solution/


Don’t believe Hamas lies https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/10/islamist-terrorist-neutralised-with-extreme-prejudice.html


19-10-2023: Warren and Jacinta – telling it like it is. Sometimes the solution to a problem is ‘tough love’ which will be rejected by the object of that ‘love’ if they are offered a choice – but to their eternal detriment: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/10/warren-mundine-tells-the-media-elite-to-wake-up/


18-10-2023: Who’d have thought – The whole ‘greenhouse theory’ is wrong – and after we have spent billions of dollars chasing it too, money which might have alleviated so many real world problems! https://www.wnd.com/2017/07/study-blows-greenhouse-theory-out-of-the-water/?fbclid=IwAR2bJLKBlB4ELqoVAowDJ1g7BD-p-Lr_uvmIn-kPOZWTid8zn_BtxM29P6w


18-10-2023: Deport the b------s. Do it Albo – instead of allowing Wong to continue to throw money at them: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.breitbart.com%2Feurope%2F2023%2F10%2F16%2Fmacron-calls-for-ruthless-deportation-of-all-migrants-with-ties-to-islamic-extremism-from-france%2F


18-10-2023: ‘Follow the science’ guys – right down the gurgler: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/10/sciences_inviolability_just_took_another_hit.html


18-10-2023: Well done NZ. Our turn next. Let’s rid ourselves of these dreadful leftist clowns: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/10/how-the-national-party-toppled-labour-in-new-zealand/


18-10-2023: Angry? So Jacinta A. did not understand we said, No!’ Other Labor states are in lockstep, even Qld where the proposal was most unpopular: https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/politics/victoria-to-forge-ahead-with-treaty-process-after-voice-defeat-as-jacinta-allan-commits-to-better-outcomes-for-indigenous-peoples/news-story/54ed9b1979b51e01b1d66f6fe367595a


17-10-2023: Towards an understanding of the barbarity of Hamas (and its associates): https://quillette.com/2023/10/10/the-ideology-of-mass-murder/


17-10-2023: Half of our electricity needed to decarbonise aviation. Back to walking again? https://joannenova.com.au/2023/09/to-go-green-lufthansa-says-it-needs-half-of-germanys-electricity/

17-10-2023: Exactly Warren Mundine, It is one thing to give people a ‘leg up’ but ultimately people have to ‘lift’ themselves.“I know by law that it is compulsory for kids to attend school. We need to go and work with the parents and the community leaders within the Aboriginal community to get those kids to school, every school day.

“And if we don't do that, then we're stuffed. We're never going to improve, nothing's going to change.

“And we've got to get people in jobs… if we get Aboriginal adults in jobs (and) kids going to school, there'll be no gap to change - no gap to close”. https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/leading-no-campaigner-warren-mundine-details-what-needs-to-happen-to-address-indigenous-disadvantage-after-voice-defeat/news-story/55800505907101fd365b319f9ab4c631


17-10-2023: Some simple maths. Did indigenous Australians support or oppose the ‘Voice’? National vote was approx 60:40. Lingiari for example voted 57% No yet is 40% indigenous. If the 60% not indigenous voted as the national average suggests then their 60% of the vote was split 36:24 leaving 21% (57-36) to come from the 40% indigenous ie a clear majority of the indigenous voters in Lingiari (Uluru remember?) voted against the proposal – and good on them! Other electorates with large indigenous populations were clearly even more against the proposal, some being 79% No.


16-10-2023: Yay! A drug which improves osteoarthritis symptoms: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2023-10-common-drug-osteoarthritis-symptoms.html


16-10-2023: Spot on Babylon Bee: https://babylonbee.com/news/islam-downgraded-to-religion-of-mostly-peace


16-10-2023: They are coming for your guns again. Just about time we all said we lost them all in a boating accident: https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/firearm-overhaul-set-for-wa-with-fresh-changes/video/96ecc719ab806cc838d7748c4c3c4345


16-10-2023: Just about time they all shut up and got a real job: https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/australian-indigenous-leaders-call-week-silence-after-referendum-defeat-2023-10-15/


15-10-2023: The Parting of the Ways: Perhaps it is true and there are just a limited number of themes which inform life. The Journey is certainly one such. Re-reading ‘The Odyssey’ or “Robinson Crusoe’ ever regenerates that thrill of the eternal journey, echoed so brilliantly in Tennyson's wonderful poem, ‘Ulysses’: ‘To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths Of all the western stars, until I die.… To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.’ Another recurring theme is ‘the parting of the ways.’ How often have we traveled with comrades on some distant adventure, or held a dying friend’s hand for comfort till we come to that penultimate end when we must part, perhaps be sundered forever. I’m sure everyone’s heart rings to Robert Frost’s lines from ‘A Road Not Taken’ ‘Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both… I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference’. How many themes inform one’s life? I’m sure it is far from infinite – it may be less than a dozen even. It may be the same with madness: that there is a small number of types of delusion which inform all mental illness.


15-10-2023: A Big ‘No’ to enshrining race in the constitution, something which we thought we had rid ourselves of in 1967 – or indeed 1788! The good sense of the Australian people as a whole is revealed nowhere more than in the Northern Territory, which has by far the highest proportion of actual aboriginal people (30%) yet it voted just as strongly against the Voice as all the other states did (62% voted No). NB: Notably ‘Uluru’ ie Lingiari voted against the proposal 58 to 42%! This vote was their ‘voice. Going forward we a should remove all ‘special’ treatment of people according to ‘race’ and so abolish all the ‘aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’ quangos etc as well as repealing the highly discriminatory ‘Native Title Act’ and like legislation. Australians have voted to be one people under law. Of course every effort should be made to address real inequalities and disadvantages (according to need) insofar as there is anything government can do (as opposed to individual effort) to redress these things – but such efforts should never be based on ‘race’. This is a vile and antiquated concept which should now forever be relegated to the dustbin of history: https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/voice-to-parliament/seats-with-high-indigenous-populations-abandon-voice-to-parliament-as-australians-reject-referendum-proposal-in-landslide/news-story/563527439abbdb9cb935da8dd4ab0735


Second best headline of the day: “Man dies after climbing rock face painted with 'Yes' mural just a day before referendum”: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12625529/Man-dies-climbing-rock-face-painted-Yes-mural-just-day-referendum.html?ito=social-facebook&fbclid=IwAR1GR6Fg7TsIYIcFsmV0WvBptmPvYysrRfuvjOnZTei21odHIhPutQw6-os


15-10-2023: Best headline of the day: “Hamas Disappointed Liberals (ie Leftists) Don't Believe They Massacred Jews After They Went To All The Trouble To Livestream It”: https://babylonbee.com/news/hamas-disappointed-leftists-dont-believe-they-massacred-jews-after-they-went-to-all-the-trouble-to-livestream-it


15-10-2023: Hamas deniers are no different to Holocaust deniers. Thankfully Bibi has moved quickly to scotch their vile lies but I’m afraid I just cannot watch the awful photos of beheaded babies and the like he has provided as evidence any more than I readily viewed the dreadful images of Belsen etc. My weak stomach doesn’t make me any less angry that there is a vile creed amongst us which actively promotes such dreadful acts and which is not opposed by our governments – indeed our government funds it through supporting religious schools etc. They have passed laws against ‘hate crimes’ yet if I condemn Islam it is viewed as one, but when Islam preaches and exhorts (as it does) that such obscene violence and murder are not only right but desirable nothing is done to suppress or punish it. The mosques should be closed, the Koran banned (it is a hate document) and Islam’s adherents deported unless they will recant this noxious faith with solemn and binding promises eg made on the lives of their own families.


Millions of Australian dollars are being used to fund an ‘education system’ in Palestine which teaches kids to hate and kill Jews: https://twitter.com/kylenabecker/status/1712506046135091634?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1712506046135091634%7Ctwgr%5E1d340effc4ea13ede110f035076b37c793e4d3e3%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.michaelsmithnews.com%2F


13-10-2023: Is this Bigfoot at last? If only Moses, Jesus or Mohammed had owned a smart phone we would have clearer picture of God too! https://cowboystatedaily.com/2023/10/11/cheyenne-couple-reportedly-spots-bigfoot-from-train-media-goes-bonkers/


13-10-2023: Looking like the great ‘renewables dream is coming to an end as economic reality bites: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/10/investors-are-starting-to-run-from-clean-green-energy/


13-10-2023: An Aboriginal Elder speaks out. ‘White fellas saved us – a ‘must read’: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/10/aboriginal-elder-white-fellas-saved-us/


13-10-2023: Let’s not stop with ‘non-citizens’ Peter. No-one deserves to be a citizen who has such execrable views about the acceptability of mass murder. For example, I see the Imams want every mosque to be lit up in support of Palestine for the next month! (PS: I see France is already doing it): https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/dont-have-any-place-in-our-society-peter-dutton-demands-all-noncitizen-participants-of-sydney-propalestine-rally-be-deported/news-story/74cb8c0104671a1a9d1c9af3d6114595


12-10-2023: A lesson in world history – which came first beer or the wheel?: http://real-man-truckworks-and-survival.com/index.php?topic=2797.0


12-10-2023: Well done that girl: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/10/what-a-legend-well-done-that-young-woman-israel-25-hamas-nil.html


12-10-2023: Naomi Seibt: The anti Greta. There is hope: https://twitter.com/SeibtNaomi


12-10-2023: Well said Bari Weiss –we are no longer Waiting for the Barbarians (Cavafy): https://www.thefp.com/p/this-is-what-decolonization-looks-like?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=260347&post_id=137824745&utm_campaign=email-post-title&isFreemail=true&r=l9hpt&utm_medium=email


11-10-2023: The heritage these two children will grow up with. Never forget the ‘Birkenhead’: https://www.breitbart.com/middle-east/2023/10/09/young-israeli-parents-hid-twin-babies-before-being-murdered-by-hamas-twins-survived/


11-10-2023: Unspeakable evil, “Around 40 babies were butchered in the village of Kfar Aza, in southern Israel.” Yet we have brought thousands of such folk to live among us and are still sending millions of our dollars to support their wicked government. We need to close down the mosques which preach such infamy and begin deporting such people. Even Sweden has begun to do so. Ban the Koran which advocates such conduct (ie cutting the throats of ‘infidels’): https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12615031/Hamas-terrorists-beheaded-babies-kibbutz-slaughter-IDF-soldiers-reveal-horrific-scenes-carnage-discovered-site-scores-people-massacred.html


Yes. Let’s deport these people – we know who they are: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/10/the-policing-intel-upside-from-islamic-throwbacks-holding-their-illegal-protest.html


11-10-2023: Geoengineering – Dangerous Maniacs: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/10/08/geoengineering-a-futile-attempt-to-fix-a-non-issue-and-dangerous-as-well/


11-10-2023: If even Ayer’s Rock (Uluru) doesn’t want it, neither should we: https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/voice-to-parliament/anthony-albanese-caught-in-awkward-moment-at-uluru-when-shown-polling-which-indicates-australians-around-alice-springs-will-vote-no-for-voice/news-story/af08499d7a0fcc3499dba6f4a444c771


10-10-2023: A profound study in contrasts – do you wonder why people of my generation say again and again, “We have seen the best times and are ‘glad’ we will not be here to experience the future”: https://moonbattery.com/norman-rockwell-paints-the-age-of-moonbattery/


10-10-2023: ‘Gaol Napalm’ – It couldn’t happen to two ‘nicer’ men: https://www.news.com.au/national/courts-law/ashley-paul-griffith-and-brett-peter-cowen-have-allegedly-been-attacked-in-a-queensland-prison/news-story/125e83b5142e87e3762e8ccdf3382ebe


10-10-2023: Sharri Markson Is great. Get your head around the facts behind this disgusting anti-Semitic evil: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/10/must-see-aussie-reporter-sharri-markson-breaks-down/


10-10-2023: It is unimaginable that there were large crowds celebrating this awful evil in our cities. Is this not a hate crime? We have imported (and supported) a vast Fifth Column which needs to be ‘walked back’ before we descend into the same internecine violence and terror which plagues so many countries – or until we are utterly subjugated. Should (such) people not (at least) be deported for (such) ‘hate crimes’?: https://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/news/wild-scenes-erupt-in-sydney-amid-protest-against-israel/news-story/e03a33f5cefe7c2bd081212cdea5978b


Your ‘fellow Australians’ chanting ‘Gas the Jews’ & ‘F—k the Jews’ on Oct 9th (after the terror attack on Israel). Do you seriously think this is right, or that Albanese should be giving (another) $32 million of your money (They are) to these people (ie Hamas)? The cops arrested one (Jewish) guy waving an Israeli flag and did nothing to these fascists: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/10/1930s-germans-thought-life-would-be-easier-to-just-give-the-sa-brownshirts-what-they-wanted.html


This dreadful crime occurred pretty much on the anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto which at least showed that Islam could (should) be defeated: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fpjmedia.com%2Fcolumns%2Fraymond-ibrahim%2F2023%2F10%2F07%2Ftoday-in-history-the-battle-of-lepanto-muslims-flay-christians-alive-for-refusing-islam-n1733070


09-10-2023: The Ibex, a Land Rover Defender alternative you may not have heard of: https://www.fwi.co.uk/machinery/4x4s/british-built-ibex-4x4-offers-land-rover-defender-alternative & https://www.ibexvehicles.com/


09-10-2023: Just as true today…“The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter. Winston Churchill.

09-10-2023: In a nutshell: “Islam is a religion in which god requires you to send your son to die for him. Christianity is a faith in which God sends his son to die for you.” What Hamas believes. (Such vile creeds deservedly need to be eradicated from the earth - not endorsed as the Left and the Greens are keen to do) : https://richardsonpost.com/paulzanetti/33296/the-real-reason-hamas-attacked-israel/

To think Sydney University used to be a great educational establishment (“being the last ‘man’ to feed the crocodile…”): https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/10/probably-not-your-wisest-choice-in-causes-kids.html

09-10-2023: You would imagine it is all over and that as a result governments all over Australia will withdraw from their handing over of money, power and land to ‘black’ activists: https://www.news.com.au/national/politics/its-over-new-polling-suggest-no-route-to-victory-for-yes-vote/news-story/7d297d59b9dfc8320d4ae0ad619d03a6


Imagine if maybe even the majority of ‘indigenous’ citizens intend to vote ’No’: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/nsw/first-nations-voters-divided-on-voice-too/news-story/173c67059760d59275687dab24176b4d


08-10-2023: Peace with terrorists who murder such young innocent strangers and clearly celebrate their evil deeds is just not possible yet our government (Wong) has been dancing with this very devil (Hamas and the PLO). I notice there are crowds of people celebrating this evil in London – and no doubt in Lakemba too. God is great, indeed!: https://www.rebelnews.com/aussie_socialist_celebrate_the_butchering_of_israeli_citizens & https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12606047/israeli-student-kidnapped-desert-rave-hamas-family-footage-gaza-missing-boyfriend-invasion-war.html & https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/10/woman-whose-body-was-seen-back-truck-hamas/


08-10-2023: Have no doubt, Hamas is a terrorist organization. Its actions are pure evil. Biden’s support of the Taliban, Iran and Hamas have a lot to answer for too: https://twitter.com/ReginierF/status/1710654496093692349


08-10-2023: Meanwhile, Albo apparently ‘persuaded’ the imams to support the ‘Yes’ case. No doubt they would do anything at all to destroy Western civilization anyway. This move should bolster the ‘No’ case significantly.: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/10/vanity-voice-albo-tongue-head-to-the-lakemba-mosque-for-yes-votes.html 


08-10-2023: The greens are such charming people: At the ‘Return to Nature’ Funeral Home: https://moonbattery.com/corpses-rot-at-green-funeral-home/


08-10-2023: Milton Friedman, ‘'President Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”… Neither half of that statement expresses a relation between the citizen and his government that is worthy of the ideals of free men in a free society. “What your country can do for you” implies that the government is the patron, the citizen the ward. “What you can do for your country” assumes that the government is the master, the citizen the servant.'’


07-10-2023: Do you think I was wrong in 2012 when I wrote this: “So, the Reserve Bank is still playing fast and loose with our money: as if Capital was so easy to come by - instead of taking a lifetime of hard work and saving. At current levels the reserve bank's rates barely (if at all) keep pace with inflation leaving savers with no income from their hard-earned money. On the other side of the ledger the punters who want to further leverage their outlandish Macmansions are encouraged to do so to the detriment of those who in the current real estate climate can't afford housing at all and have to continue to live with their parents and grandparents: I know several 'middle class' families of Sydneysiders (all hard workers) who are sharing three generation housing. Higher interest rates would advantage savers (including those saving for a home) and force the outrageous price of housing downwards. It would take probably twenty years of interest rates above 10% to force house prices down to the more modest American level. Question: Why does it cost several times more today to create a block of land and a house than it did thirty or fifty years ago? Where are the benefits to housing of productivity growth and labour saving machinery? In the 1950's, 60's and early 70's a father could afford to be the only wage earner and support a wife and two children whilst paying off a house and car. What happened to that Australian dream? Even though we have had reasonable income all our lives with both of us working and contributing, we have only managed to pay off a modest house (about half the value of a house in Sydney) and we built every bit of it with our own hands - even the bricks it is made from. The people running this economy are fools, swindlers or both!


07-10-2023: If all the warming we have observed in the weather records was down to CO2 that would equate to a 1.9c increase for every doubling of CO2. Much less than previous estimates but  that would mean we were only in for less than another 1C if CO2 should go to 560 ppm (centuries away) making the world still much colder than it was in the Middle Ages! And don’t forget the two premises which are likely false as well. Let’s just stop worrying about it please: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/09/29/spencer-and-christys-new-climate-sensitivity-paper-has-been-published-and-its-lower/


07-10-2023: A revolutionary idea indeed: “What if parents were to be given a voucher they could take to any institution to which their children gained admittance?” https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/education/2023/10/reforming-an-education-system-beholden-to-mediocrity/

07-10-2023: All over the West we have this same invasion of fighting age young (mainly Moslem) men. In the US, UK and most of Europe they are illegal immigrants whom no-one has the nerve to turn back. (They need a Tony Abbott desperately –as do we). Here Albanese is just throwing open the door. Did you know we ‘welcomed’ 100,000+ refugees last year? This will not end well; indeed it will be the end of (our) civilisation: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.israelnationalnews.com%2Fnews%2F377148

06-10-2023: A pain-free back! Long since time to give this book a try: https://www.amazon.com/0979303605-Esther-Gokhale/dp/0979303605?keywords=8+steps+to+a+pain+free+back&qid=1695934935&sr=8-1/wwwviolentkicom&linkCode=sl1&tag=drhelenblog-20&linkId=ac2c136be4f9280988adce86ee23c919&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl


06-10-2023: "For...ten years, false doctrines...nurtured the illusions of the working classes. They are...convinced that the state is obliged to provide bread, work, and education to all. The...government has...promise(d) to do so; it will...be obliged to increase taxes...to keep this promise, and in spite of this it will not keep it...How much disillusionment is in store...It would have been so simple and so just to ease their burden by decreasing taxes...they cannot see that (it) consists in taking away ten to give back eight, not to mention the true freedom that will be destroyed". Bastiat 1848


06-10-2023: UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman is revealing astonishing common sense in such woke times as this: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/10/uk-home-secretary-suella-braverman-proposes-legislation-stop/


06-10-2023: Further government over-reach - more ‘unintended’ consequences of a ‘Yes’ vote: https://www.rebelnews.com/experts_warn_a_yes23_referendum_success_could_reshape_federal_power


05-10-2023: September was warmer than usual, so El Nino has arrived (if even briefly). Slightly warmer than 1998 even, though no doubt no match for 1939 or those awful years we know about (from deleted BOM records) in the C19th and C18th: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/10/02/uah-global-temperature-update-for-september-2023-0-90-deg-c/


Looked at through a longer lens: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/10/03/applying-scale-and-context-to-2023s-record-high-temperatures/


05-10-2023: Ashley Paul Griffith – How could such a monster’s crimes continue for so long without ignorance, irresponsibility or complicity? But do you seriously think that there should not be worse punishments than what the law currently allows for such rapacious evil? This creature’s behaviour really sickens and angers me: https://www.rebelnews.com/australia_s_worst_child_sex_offender_exposed_after_law_change


05-10-2023: Fun with MGs. Another great EV positive: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/10/ev-kidnaps-the-driver-at-30-mph-runs-amok/


05-10-2023: On the other hand, do you think you need to buy a new car? https://www.drive.com.au/news/toyota-corolla-cracks-two-million-kilometres-in-new-zealand/ Just doing some running repairs/maintenance on my 1995 Land Rover Discovery which I also expect will run ‘forever’.


04-10-2023: Woke astronomers are coming for the clouds: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/astronomers-renaming-magellanic-clouds


04-10-2023: Probably the most cogent arguments for voting ‘No’ (I have read) - from Viv Forbes: https://richardsonpost.com/vivforbes/33201/why-i-will-vote-no/


04-10-2023: Such a s--t idea. Learn a bit of ‘tough love’…well, learn how to be parents: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/10/kindergartners_in_diapers_a_growing_trend.html


04-10-2023: Extraordinary news: 17 million ‘excess deaths (and that’s just the start!) yet they hand you a Nobel Prize. I guess the guy invented dynamite after all, which has killed a lot of people too: https://www.firstpost.com/world/nobel-prize-in-medicine-2023-awarded-to-katalin-kariko-drew-weissman-for-pioneering-mrna-vaccine-to-fight-covid-19-13194442.html


03-10-2023: ADH TV - Independent news and current affairs. Looks good: https://watch.adh.tv/browse


03-10-2023: Some real aboriginal history from renowned historian Prof Geoffrey Blainey, eg “in the late 1850s, in the three populous Australian colonies, most Aboriginal men were allowed to vote…In this same 1896 election in South Australia, even more revolutionary was the sight of Aboriginal women attending the polling booth…when 99 per cent of the women in the world did not have a vote…in the first federal election various Aboriginal women must have voted – an election in which no white woman in the four eastern states was entitled to vote”: https://saltbushclub.com/2023/07/28/geoffrey-blainey-on-the-voice/


03-10-2023: As if EVs weren’t unaffordable enough having to fork out $10,000 per year just to insure them might put a few people off buying them: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/10/evs-suddenly-become-uninsurable-unless-you-are-rich/


03-10-2023: Just in case you didn’t think governments threw too much money at covid – that’s a lot of ‘loose change’ for one man to pick up: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/10/socal-doctor-charged-stealing-150-million-federal-covid/


02-10-2023: They really didn’t know what they were doing with mRNA technology and it may take years before all the effects become clear. In the meantime continue to avoid this technology: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/10/dna-contamination-of-the-mrna-vaccines-would-you-like-a-part-of-an-sv40-monkey-virus-with-that/


17 million excess deaths - Here’s a worst case scenario people claim has already played out. "This would correspond to a mass iatrogenic event that killed (0.213 ± 0.006) % of the world population (1 death per 470 living persons, in less than 3 years), and did not measurably prevent any deaths," the authors said. The overall risk of death induced by COVID-19 vaccines is 1,000 times greater than previously reported in data from clinical trials”: https://www.theepochtimes.com/health/covid-vaccines-causally-linked-to-increased-mortality-resulting-in-17-million-deaths-scientific-report-5499001?utm_source=epochHG&utm_campaign=CFP&src_src=epochHG&src_cmp=CFP


02-10-2023: Exactly: “Aboriginality has declined, is declining, and will continue to decline until, eventually, over generations to come, it will become barely detectible. Accordingly, apropos the Voice, compartmentalising Australia into indigenous and non-indigenous populations is farcical. You can say the same, as it applies to land rights. Giving native title to people of distinctly mixed heritage is self-evidently absurd.” https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/qed/2023/10/intimate-interminglings-blood-thinning-prescription/

02-10-2023: Eeerily awful ‘education’ fail: “These kids can’t read. They can’t write a sentence. They don’t know what state they live in. No math skills. They can’t even attend to a three-minute video clip…Folks, you better have a plan. And your plan needs to account for the ability of the society you live in to maintain the ability to have such luxuries as running cold potable water, flush toilets, electrification, commodity production and transport, antibiotic production and delivery, and anesthetized surgery by a skilled surgeon… just to name a few items” Maybe the saddest part of this video s that the (middle aged) teacher is still living in a bed-sit herself: https://www.barnhardt.biz/2023/09/27/toldya-these-kids-cant-read-they-cant-write-a-sentence-they-dont-what-state-they-live-in-no-math-skills-they-cant-even-attend-to-a-three-minute-video-clip-dont-say-you-werent-war/

02-10-2023: Yeah: Something Has Gone Seriously Wrong With “Climate Change” Science: https://wmbriggs.substack.com/p/something-has-gone-seriously-wrong?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=682601&post_id=137506776&utm_campaign=email-post-title&isFreemail=false&r=l9hpt&utm_medium=email

01-10-2023: Cancer be gone in 60 days – this sounds promising: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-12571981/Scientists-developing-implant-cure-cancer.html


01-10-2023: Too many people today are failing to oppose the revolution which is sweeping our traditional civilization away: https://twitter.com/theblaze/status/1707809499539513723

01-10-2023: The myth of ‘aboriginal ownership’ of land. An issue long ago decided in law. Why are we giving away vast tracts of our public lands to these layabout rent-seekers who have never contributed a single cent or a jot of work to our great country? This is just insanity, and may lead to real anger in the future to win these stolen lands back: https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2023/08-online/193203/ & https://richardsonpost.com/ltcol-kevin-loughrey/32987/aboriginal-ownership-fact-or-fiction/

01-10-2023: Imagine building a city underground in order to hide from invaders (Moslems in this case) and imagine having to, Sweden and France are learning this lesson right now. Our turn next: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derinkuyu_underground_city


30-09-2023: The enormous advantage of having a two-parent family. How have we lost this? https://www.city-journal.org/article/the-two-parent-advantage


30-09-2023: Finally some of the truth about the dire consequences of the mRNA vaccines is emerging – but it will get worse: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/09/scientists-shocked-and-alarmed-at-whats-in-the-mrna-shots/


30-09-2023: So much of the ‘global warming’ scare has been poor or fake measurement of temperature (and CO2 levels): https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/09/27/summer-warming-1895-2023-in-u-s-cities-exaggerated-by-100-from-the-urban-heat-island-effect/


30-09-2023: It would never have occurred to me that any government could be so stupid as to send us to a multi-million dollar and hugely divisive referendum which is likely not even legally valid and will probably be thrown out by the High Court even if we were silly enough to vote for it, which we are not: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/the-voice/2023/09/the-voice-referendum-cheating-the-people/


29-09-2023: The ‘ultimate’ panopticon – you’ll never know when you’re being watched: https://www.freethink.com/hard-tech/salt-grain-micro-camera?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=echobox_freethink&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR2vLM0OYdnJlj-m6-WsNroDRx9LgjWitf-AQlBvuKUNBzyi7Tbx-TrAfhQ#Echobox=1695736389


29-09-2023: Willis is such a smart fellow: So where exactly is that greenhouse effect? https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/09/28/an-unsettling-insight/


29-09-2023: If we did not have Thomas Sowell we would have to invent him. Take that you ‘social justice’ (and keyboard) warriors: https://stuartschneiderman.substack.com/p/inequities?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=1523886&post_id=137378886&utm_campaign=email-post-title&isFreemail=false&r=l9hpt&utm_medium=email


29-09-2023: Home ownership is deemed ‘unaffordable’ to 99% of Americans, but look how cheap houses are there compared to Oz: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/homes-for-sale-affordable-housing-prices/


28-09-2023: Do we need more homes or more alligators? https://nypost.com/2023/09/24/florida-woman-sabrina-peckham-found-in-gators-jaws-was-arrested-for-trespassing-two-months-ago/amp/?amp


28-09-2023: Can you suggest an appropriate sentence? https://www.news.com.au/technology/science/animals/prominent-zoologist-guilty-of-60-bestiality-animal-abuse-and-possessing-child-exploitation-material-charges/news-story/bde8efd81c5263ac84707844bd51beec


28-09-2023: Tony Abbott asks the most important question about the ‘Voice’ referendum, Do you want Australia to remain a country with “no hierarchy of descent” and “no privilege of origin” https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/09/message-from-tony-abbott.html


28-09-2023: A UK Minister (herself a daughter of immigrants) calls out the dangers of such high levels of immigration. In Oz the foreign born are likely to outnumber the native born within a generation: https://nypost.com/2023/09/26/it-takes-a-british-politician-to-clearly-call-out-migrant-madness/?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=nypost_opinion&utm_source=twitter


27-09-2023: Reflections on Dan: “By gnawing through a dike even a rat may drown a nation.” Edmund Burke


27-09-2023: The success of ‘Snus’. Sweden often gets it right on health issues – as the covid ‘experiment’ also shows: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/09/snus/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MDS%20%2020230926%20%20GK&utm_content=MDS%20%2020230926%20%20GK+CID_245f434cef69e1d83266d6c73595e473&utm_source=CampaignMonitor_Australia&utm_term=explains%20the%20success https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/09/snus/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MDS%20%2020230926%20%20GK&utm_content=MDS%20%2020230926%20%20GK+CID_245f434cef69e1d83266d6c73595e473&utm_source=CampaignMonitor_Australia&utm_term=explains%20the%20success


27-09-2023: Apparently this is what the world will be like in 250 million years. What are we worrying about today? https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-023-03005-6?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=nature&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR2cSue-d9zeOyBxteg_Bra9cljhBgTeEVCoebFI8crp7YXRiA9pl_J41yE#Echobox=1695657298-1


27-09-2023: Can’t wait to see our conservative leaders in Oz wake up to the reality that ‘climate’ policies are unpopular and promise to wind back ‘decarbonisation’ – maybe build us a few new HELE (High Energy Low Emissions)  coal-fired power stations so we can have cheap electricity again: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/09/the-european-rebellion-against-the-sacred-quest-for-netzero-spreads-green-investors-are-reeling/

27-09-2023: AI girlfriends are ruining an entire generation of men. (The numbers are frightening) “While the concept of an AI girlfriend may seem like a joke, it really isn’t that funny. It is enabling a generation of lonely men to stay lonely and childless, which will have devastating effects on the U.S. economy in less than a decade’  https://thehill.com/opinion/technology/4218666-ai-girlfriends-are-ruining-an-entire-generation-of-men/ 

26-09-2023: Lightest 5000mAh Power Bank: Lightsmith have recently utilised the 21700 Lithium battery to make perhaps the most compact and lightest (at 73.5 grams) 5ooo mAh power bank. These batteries are available to 5800 mAh so expect some improvements still.They are selling for US$22 (Sep 2023). Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/09/25/lightest-5000mah-power-bank/


26-09-2023: They are using your money (banks, superannuation, insurance companies etc) to ruin your future. You can at least switch your super to self-managed (as we did years ago). There are no fees. I do my own tax and the audit costs us around $440 per year. As well, we get to decide what we invest our money in – win or lose: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/09/giant-australian-retirement-funds-are-being-corporate-climate-bullies-with-your-money/

26-09-2023: Just a reminder of how badly rigged the 2020 US election was – but the truth will out, and the perpetrators eventually be brought to justice: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/09/pollster-rasmussen-says-election-fraud-renders-scientific-election/ & https://richardsonpost.com/howellwoltz/33084/michigan-not-certified-in-2020-election/

26-09-2023: How did people ever fall for the ‘noble savage’ nonsense? https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/book-excerpt/2023/09/romancing-the-primitive-an-important-new-book/

25-09-2023: Warm Feet Warm Heart. Duck down camp shoes $28: Isn't there  a saying something like that? In any case for  many years we have used some Goosefeet Down Sox (which I highly recommend) which cost US$69 (Sep 2023) and roughly one ounce (28 grams each -twice that per pair) in Size Medium US 9s. They are very fine quality and toasty warm being filled with 850 fill power down. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/09/24/warm-feet-warm-heart/

25-09-2023: So many reasons not to buy an Electric Car. They are so bad they have to have been invented by an ‘environmentalist’ : https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4184473/posts

25-09-2023: Archaeological (Mis)appropriation. This may not turn out to be evidence of human occupation at 120,000 years ago but even if it did there is nothing (and will never be anything) linking those humans to anyone living today – any more than any modern human can ‘lay claim’ to the rock art of Europe, Israel etc which is also very ancient. People come and go. That has always been the case. : https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-05/moyjil-coastal-site-at-warrnambool-of-global-indigenous-heritage/12629934


25-09-2023: Confessions of a Red Guard. This is what our ‘education’ system today is turning young people into – leftist eco terrorists: https://edition.cnn.com/2016/05/15/asia/china-cultural-revolution-red-guard-confession/index.html


24-09-2023: The war on smoking has been lost: “Extreme retail prices at legitimate outlets are not really reducing smoking in the community, just masking it by pushing tens of thousands of smokers into the black market. …the incidence of nicotine in Melbourne wastewater has remained strangely stable in the last decade.”:https://www.heraldsun.com.au/truecrimeaustralia/police-courts-victoria/punitive-tobacco-tax-drives-smokers-to-black-market/news-story/e83f1419a678b11b07b59516670082d2


24-09-2023: You said it Pete – let’s make more Aussies ourselves instead of importing second-rate ones – it’s good clean fun too: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/nsw/peter-costello-says-more-babies-not-immigration-is-what-australia-needs/news-story/ecc3037c375ebeab4e42a43bb9d19e65


24-09-2023: Can the environment survive ‘the transition’ to ‘green power’? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-12545855/Devastating-transition-green-energy-metal-mining-23-million-people-toxic-waste-rivers-polluted-farmland.html

24-09-2023: The awful ‘culture’ that ‘The Voice’ seeks to preserve and reinforce. Such a ‘culture’ needs to be swept from the earth: https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/jacinta-price-explores-the-chilling-cold-case-of-her-relative-who-went-missing-as-a-fifteenyearold-41-years-ago-in-new-documentary/news-story/9bf1464712331c69afc6c77747e68693

23-09-2023: 5G via space - Some competition soon for satellite phones and Starlink: https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnkoetsier/2023/09/19/first-ever-5g-to-space-14-mbps-between-smartphone-and-satellite-equals-competition-for-starlink/amp/?fbclid=IwAR0Q3o5ty5N02cm5M3zxMuy4ucO_yJoY4lFv7Ts1JGptJK1HGbgSlmHSaVc

23-09-2023: And ‘they’ said we could not learn anything from history, This is quite a structure to have been fashioned by ‘primitive’ men: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-023-06557-9?fbclid=IwAR0RK4RSUSfvdTlQ5hUO_3xMegADNWO2AjDu08fiUnjqG3XLV7HQfwGdS3U

23-09-2023: We will soon run out of water, gas  and electricity in Victoria. We have added 2 million people without adding a single litre of water storage or a single watt of dispatchable power: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/andrew-bolt/andrew-bolt-we-can-sit-out-a-couple-of-dry-years-but-a-longer-drought-could-spell-massive-problems-especially-for-melbourne/news-story/bcaede6b874e63538e3c90d7bc677241

23-09-2023: I totally agree with Sam Newman. We should “Start booing or slow hand clapping” whenever they force one of these rude and demeaning ‘welcome to country’ ceremonies on us: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/afl/article-12538667/Sam-Newman-welcome-country-boo-AFL-grand-final.html?ito=social-facebook_Australia&fbclid=IwAR1bZdGNpEkI9jplC6XCoO0NjjDgyHh5lLF4OJklWKCN0h_0O6HVxphiw9M This woke b------t just doesn’t resonate with any ordinary Aussie. He has a better idea. Let’s sing The Seekers’ 1987 hit song 'I am Australian' instead: : https://www.rebelnews.com/sam_newman_shares_his_new_unifying_plan_to_drown_out_divisive_welcome_to_country

22-09-2023: Thank goodness we still have people like Gerald Rennick in our Parliament. We can do something after all about the tide of communism which threatens to overwhelm us. We need to install more such people and end the hegemony of the Liberal-Labor-Green alliance which denies us choice, control over our own lives and freedom which ought to be the hallmarks of democracy: .https://gerardrennick.com.au/the-native-title-act-needs-review/

22-09-2023: Happiness begins at 70 – I have found this to be (largely) true, though I have had an indecent amount of happiness for a very long time actually: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fstudyfinds.org%2Fwhat-age-peak-happiness%2F


22-09-2023: It had to happen; Woman diagnosed with ‘climate change’: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CwdDS73thU1/

22-09-2023: Bring it on for osteoarthritis too please – I am so over it: https://newatlas.com/medical/inverse-vaccine-reverses-autoimmune-diseases/

21-09-2023: Ian Callinan’s thoughts on the ‘Voice’ are an absolute bombshell. He is a retired Judge of the High Court so he is an expert in how the constitution is interpreted. We have been lied to comprehensively about what it means. It is by no means innocuous or symbolic. It is clear that voting for the Voice will give aborigines total control of our seas from the low tide mark outwards and require that they be paid ½ of its freehold value for every piece of land in Australia – and that’s just the start. If you don’t want to be turned into a beggar or a slave in your own land, Vote No : https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/national/former-high-court-justice-ian-callinan-opposes-voice-to-parliament/news-story/054b8dcf2e42e8108e120535b798027d

21-09-2023: The ’modern’ version of gladiatorial combat for young women: https://www.thefp.com/p/watching-girls-die-online?utm_campaign=email-post&r=2k67t&utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

21-09-2023: So, is anything killing koalas? I suspect they are much like that other poster child of the Green movement, polar bears whose numbers have simply exploded: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/doomed-planet/2023/09/koalas-too-cute-for-their-own-good/

21-09-2023: The UK is stepping back (a bit) from Net Zero just when our Govt is stepping it up. Frankly they all need to scrap the wretched idea completely: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/09/its-big-the-uk-does-a-netzero-u-turn-on-cars-heaters-and-promises-no-taxes-on-meat-or-flights/ Meanwhile Tony Abbott describes the whole boondoggle as a ’slow motion train wreck’. Please bring back Tony: https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/slowmotion-trainwreck-tony-abbott-slams-labor-for-current-energy-policy-and-expensive-tactics-to-reduce-emissions/news-story/bc6b858dd4500f02ca96cfda7ac8b6b3



20-09-2023: Denigrating women who just want to be women: https://www.skynews.com.au/insights-and-analysis/australian-sex-discrimination-commissioners-disgraceful-gender-agenda-is-bad-news-for-women-who-dont-want-to-identify-as-anything-else/news-story/b5634f034ffde9db84025366b5961105

20-09-2023: As if a black Ann Boleyn wasn’t enough: https://t.me/TommyRobinsonNews/51308

20-09-2023: I usually take the BOM’s seasonal forecast to indicate exactly the opposite conditions – and I am usually right!Hidden in the small print on the ABC site, but not mentioned on the nightly news, is that El Nino’s don’t always create widespread drought, and that the models are sometimes wrong, and the slow development of this years event “might limit its strength”.”  Anyway, ‘One swallow doesn’t make a summer’  https://joannenova.com.au/2023/09/let-the-mind-games-begin-scorching-summer-of-brutal-bushfire-hell-is-in-the-news-before-it-even-happens/

19-09-2023: Wind farms will completely exterminate our wedge tailed eagles (soon) plus lots of other rare birds – and are killing whales too. Let’s please build some conventional power stations instead like High Energy Low Emission (HELE) coal fired power stations like the 350 China is currently building: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/09/climate-change-wont-get-the-chance-to-kill-off-the-tasmanian-wedgetail-eagle-the-wind-industry-will-do-it-first/

19-09-2023: “A restoration of history, in all its complexity, is critical to escaping the polarized, rigid, and often insane political environment we now inhabit”: https://quillette.com/2023/09/14/history-matters/

19-09-2023: Why would you have ever thought that drugs were good for you? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/09/brutal-marijuana-studies-now-emerging-never-fully-legalized/

19-09-2023: Scouts long ago lost the plot. Baden-Powell , the hero of Mafeking would be a little more than astonished: https://pjmedia.com/columns/miltharris/2023/09/14/girl-scouts-diversity-and-sodomite-patches-n1727121

18-08-2023: Too bad if you love your lawn mower: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/09/democratic-governor-signs-executive-order-requiring-mass-replacement/

18-08-2023: The UN has zero effect on ‘solving’ real world problems but it keeps on pumping away at ’climate change’ and the ‘new world order’ and stealing every last freedom we still have. Abolish it now: https://news.yahoo.com/world-disappointed-un-now-looks-130000339.html

18-08-2023: I know cyclists are annoying, but who should be in charge of the death penalty – runaway teens or the law? Not so long ago we would have hung people like this from the nearest tree. Bring back the lash and the rope, please – and soon: https://moonbattery.com/the-story-of-the-century-if-only/

18-08-2023: You wanted to ban cigarette smoking and legalise marijuana? https://moonbattery.com/marijuana-will-hurt-you-and-they-want-you-to-smoke-it/

17-08-2023: John Howard Payne (1823)

This is a song for an opera, Clari.

Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home

A charm from the skies seems to hallow us there

Which seek thro' the world, is ne'er met elsewhere

Home! Home!

Sweet, sweet home!

There's no place like home

There's no place like home!

An exile from home splendor dazzles in vain

Oh give me my lowly thatched cottage again

The birds singing gaily that came at my call

And gave me the peace of mind dearer than all

Home, home, sweet, sweet home

There's no place like home, there's no place like home!

17-08-2023: The invasion of Europe – the Fifth Crusade has started: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/09/thank-god-for-tony-abbott-fixing-the-problem-here.html

17-08-2023: Thought provoking – Are we repaganising? https://www.firstthings.com/article/2023/10/we-are-repaganizing

17-08-2023: Of course; ‘one man one vote’ has long been an Australian principle even if nowadays we might say, ‘One person’. For this reason alone there should not be a separate (racially based) election or House. For just the same reason there ought not be ‘dual citizenship’ which allows people to vote in two separate jurisdictions. Make up your mind where your loyalties lie. They ought, properly be to ‘One Australia’: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/09/16/a-surprising-number-of-votes-or-not/

17-08-2023: The ultimate wilderness cabin – well done guys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGxsoHSKigg

16-08-2023: How a lack of available men is leading to a decline in the birth rate: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.theatlantic.com%2Fbooks%2Farchive%2F2023%2F09%2Fegg-freezing-motherhood-on-ice-marcia-inhorn-book-review%2F675316%2F

16-08-2023: Stating the obvious. Of course it did Jacinta, but brave of you to say so: https://www.news.com.au/national/politics/betrayalindigenous-senator-jacinta-prices-claim-splits-the-nation/news-story/dbde34ce0f7de0e0bfdd80d19dbead4c

16-08-2023: Patriot Switch – a way to buy goods without the leftist propaganda. https://patriotswitch.com/index.php We need something like this in Oz to counter the influence of the woke corporations like Apple whose latest ad is ‘cringeworthy’ https://joannenova.com.au/2023/09/apple-advertising-goes-full-climate-cult/

15-08-2023: ET. Are they fakes – or what? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/09/scientists-present-two-alleged-mummified-alien-corpses-three/

15-08-2023:Seven million people from all over the world have climbed Ayers Rock”,  but no more. The truth about climbing this Aussie icon: https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2023/08-online/193203/

15-08-2023: Is there still an organization interested in teaching boys to become men? https://pjmedia.com/culture/athena-thorne/2023/09/10/trail-life-usa-celebrates-10-years-of-picking-up-where-bsa-left-off-n1725825#google_vignette

15-08-2023: You will have nothing and you will be happy: https://www.rebelnews.com/australian_government_urged_to_introduce_controversial_inheritance_tax

14-08-2023: 2500 years of ‘climate change’ reveal the past was much more variable than the present: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/09/2500-years-of-wild-climate-change-in-southern-europe-it-was-warmer-in-roman-times-than-now/

14-08-2023: Do we really want to give all our public lands away forever to racists who will exclude almost everyone from them? https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2023/08-online/193203/ & https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/09/race-based-land-grabs-must-end/

14-08-2023: And why wouldn’t they? I have been very happy with my lovely wife for over fifty years: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/passport-bros-feminists-are-outraged-men-going-overseas-find-traditional-wives

14-08-2023: Kennedy assassination. Decades later there are still ‘mysteries’: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/09/resurfaced-interviews-jfk-assassination-nurse-back-up-former/

13-08-2023: Ultracheap Packraft: What's not to like about this? A Naturehike Packraft for less than A$600 - or a double for A$830 (Sept 2023). Aliexpress is great. This is a big saving over other brands which come in now at twice or more than three times that! See More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/09/12/ultracheap-packraft/

13-08-2023: P.J. O’Rourke :‘If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free.’ https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/09/too-much-free-stuff/

13-08-2023: Good on you Winston Peters – and if the Maori are not indigenous to Australia neither are any of the so-called ‘aboriginal’ peoples indigenous to Australia. But we can hardly all go back to where we came from, so let’s just cool it shall we? https://www.rebelnews.com/maori_are_not_indigenous_to_new_zealand_says_former_deputy_pm

13-08-2023: The science says there is no ‘climate emergency’: https://www.scribd.com/document/670411341/1600-Scientists-Signatures-on-this-paper-There-Is-No-Climate-Emergency#from_embed

12-08-2023: Hooray! Sir Henry Parkes, the father of Federation, said: “At some time we must unite as one great Australian people” https://richardsonpost.com/cliff-reece/32981/australia-pushback-at-activist-lies/

12-08-2023: Read every word Bess Price, a true aboriginal woman,  says here: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/09/brilliant-article-about-the-voice-by-bess-nungarrayi-price-i-urge-you-to-read-and-share-it.html

12-08-2023: The earth has no average temperature. This is (the) climate reality: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2023/09/the_earth_has_no_average_temperature.html

12-08-2023: Our ‘secure’ modern world is far more fragile than you would hope: https://daily.jstor.org/the-carrington-event-of-1859-disrupted-telegraph-lines/

11-08-2023: How good is wind power? https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/09/02/windwatching-sept-2023/

11-08-2023: Who would want to give up their car in order to add 13 minutes to their life expectancy? How far can you drive in 13 miutes in London traffic anyway? https://joannenova.com.au/2023/09/ulez-will-add-just-13-minutes-to-life-expectancy-in-london-but-the-mayor-is-forcing-it-anyway/

11-08-2023: Ominous – China gets ready for war: https://generalmcnews.substack.com/p/chinas-military-mobilizing

11-08-2023: Trump is not the only hope for the world: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/09/its-a-1775-moment-says-vivak-ramaswamy-but-the-deep-state-is-a-machine-we-are-up-against/

09-08-2023: The rent seekers are out in force after every bit of cash they can get. Damn them (to put it mildly): https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/its-just-bs-former-pm-tony-abbott-rubbishes-aboriginal-land-claim-over-land-adjacent-to-balmoral-beach/news-story/b3a0bd5b62b94651434282386592df5c

09-08-2023: He certainly was the best PM since Menzies at very least: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/09/tony-abbotts-record-of-achievement/

09-08-2023: Who’d have thought? https://www.rebelnews.com/nt_indigenous_leader_says_majority_of_aboriginal_people_don_t_support_voice_to_parliament

09-08-2023: What is ‘emotional labour’ and should you eschew it? https://stuartschneiderman.substack.com/p/what-is-emotional-labor?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=1523886&post_id=136848005&isFreemail=true&r=l9hpt&utm_medium=email

08-08-2023: Maybe Russia is winning.You decide: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.semafor.com%2Farticle%2F09%2F01%2F2023%2Fwhy-its-so-hard-for-europe-to-stop-buying-russian-lng

08-08-2023: Good on you John, but will ‘the truth set us free’ “We need to realise that indigenous people don’t suffer from the lack of a Voice, or voices, but a lack of solutions to the cycle of fatherlessness, domestic violence, substance abuse and poor education that grips certain communities. “https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/the-voice/2023/09/what-possible-gain-in-dividing-the-nation/

08-08-2023: Justice delayed: https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life/lady-of-the-dunes-cold-case-finally-solved-after-50-years/news-story/a8233fc622a3935efb1ff98b56d87be5

08-08-2023: Global boiling – taking a longer view: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/09/05/uks-global-boiling-summer-was-as-hot-as-1857/

07-08-2023: I wonder whether this is happening here too: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/09/robert-kennedy-jr-blackrock-is-robbing-americans-ability/

07-08-2023: Green dystopia, green panopticon; Now your love for your old fridge might land you in gaol: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/09/now-the-uk-government-wants-to-control-your-kitchen-fridge-or-send-you-to-jail/

07-08-2023: In case you wondered why we now have gay marriage (and a multitude of other evils which have followed from it): https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/09/sex-drugs-barack-obama-tucker-carlson-interviews-larry/

07-08-2023: You don’t say! Cause or effect: https://www.psypost.org/2023/09/older-adults-who-regularly-use-the-internet-have-half-the-risk-of-dementia-compared-to-non-regular-users-183597?utm_source=PsyPost+Newsletter&utm_campaign=7dd5400519-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a44dd6ef29-7dd5400519-127440501

05-08-2023: An (unsung) Australian Hero: https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2023/09/australian-hero-of-the-resistance/

05-08-2023: Just when you thought you had gotten away with it: https://edition.cnn.com/2023/09/01/europe/germany-98-year-old-nazi-guard-intl/index.html

05-08-2023: An epidemic of ‘buyer’s remorse’ with EVs: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.motorbiscuit.com%2Fprices-of-used-electric-cars-are-frefalling%2F  The price of used EVs is in free-fall: https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/buyer-s-remorse-why-are-20-of-early-ev-adopters-now-defecting-to-internal-combustion/ar-AA1gdLUa

05-08-2023: Do you really want CPR – disturbing reading: https://www.newyorker.com/news/the-weekend-essay/the-hidden-harms-of-cpr

04-08-2023: “People will grow to love their oppression, to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think” Aldous Huxley.

04-08-2023: Come off it Dutton! Is this ‘being half pregnant’ or ‘creating the truth’? Whilst there is no doubting that human beings have been present in Australia for many thousands of years, identifying these humans with any one group today is a step too far. We do no identify the extraordinary cave paintings in Europe (Chauvet etc) with any existing group, which is quite right. There is no known connection. In a similar way we already know that the earliest fossil human remains so far examined have no relation to any living humans, yet these remains (Mungo Man etc) are clearly tens of thousand (possibly hundreds of thousands) of years later than other evidence eg the Bradshaw paintings and the lake sediment data suggest that human occupation began. Any existing human group whether they identify as ‘indigenous’ or not came much later – and maybe exterminated the previous inhabitants – quite unlike what Europeans have done in the last couple of centuries. Those who identify as indigenous/aboriginal today outnumber the estimated pre-colonial population by at least three times. We also know that there wer pygmies in Cape York up until the C20th at least. What if forensic work on their remains (or the re-emergence of a handful of them from the bush) should prove they pre-date all other ‘indigenous’ groups, as is only too likely? What would their position be if we had written the presently accepted ‘indigenous’ into the constitution? In any case, it is just dreadful racist policy to create a special sub-set of human beings on the basis of race or autochthonicism. The past is interesting to say the least, but we should look to a future where every Australian is simply treated equally before the law and the constitution. https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/politics/peter-dutton-pledges-new-referendum-solely-on-recognition-if-voice-fails-and-liberal-party-wins-next-election/news-story/ebd519d8c787f9e641a4ac71970eea0f

04-08-2023: And the very worst thing really is that these poor kids are being deprived of a sex life altogether – and that’s not harm?Also, so-called transgenderism is being used to erase gays and lesbians. Effeminate boys are being told that, rather than being homosexuals, they’re girls. To achieve that, they’re being chemically castrated and surgically mutilated. Meanwhile, masculine girls are being told that, rather than being lesbians, they’re boys, after which they’re chemically sterilized and surgically mutilated. No anti-gay movement could have done a better job of erasing homosexuality than the transgender cult.“ https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/09/a_distraught_transgender_persons_video_brings_important_truths_to_light.html

04-08-2023: Preparing yourself for long covid – sinister warning: https://richardsonpost.com/david-archibald/32887/covid-start-antivirals-sooner-rather-than-later/

03-08-2023: “The purpose of compulsory education is to deprive the common people of their commonsense” G..K. Chesterton.

03-08-2023: We have encountered some in the Vic mountains but…Where feral cows roam free: https://www.popsci.com/environment/feral-cow-island/

03-08-2023: Heat your home during the day when there is plenty of solar electricity around. Also trending, “Let them eat cake’: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.telegraph.co.uk%2Fpolitics%2F2023%2F08%2F26%2Fnew-net-zero-advice-turn-heating-up-only-during-the-day%2F

03-08-2023: I fear Peter Smith is right: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/08/19/democracy-in-its-death-throes/

02-08-2023: Do not forsake all hope Montag, there are young people who are the hope of the world. Here’s one: https://www.thefp.com/p/free-press-high-school-essay-contest-winner?utm_source=substack&publication_id=260347&post_id=136521670&utm_medium=email&utm_content=share&action=share&triggerShare=true&isFreemail=false

02-08-2023: Some good news: Reversing cancer – it can be done: https://www.sciencealert.com/aggressive-cancer-cells-transformed-into-healthy-cells-in-breakthrough

02-08-2023: Ramesh is right – we must never repeat the awful pandemic response we have just had. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine would have saved millions of lives yet here they were banned. The people responsible for this ban should be brought to justice and receive life sentences for murder. Likewise those who caused so much harm and death by forcing an untried and dangerous vaccine upon the public: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/09/ivermectin-makes-a-comeback/

02-08-2023: The AEMO is just nuts.There will be major blackouts and unaffordable power. Nothing sensible is being done about it – indeed the reverse. Bowen is committed to ‘extracting sunbeams from cucumbers’ – as Gulliver put it. It is ridiculous that Della and I are actively planning to spend tens of thousands of our own dollars to prevent these consequences for us, but this is an inefficient and unreliable way to proceed as compared with (the State or others) building large reliable base load power stations, like coal or nuclear – nothing else currently exists.: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/09/panic-now-the-australian-national-grid-manager-admits-blackouts-are-coming/

01-08-2023: And you thought you were dumb: https://nypost.com/2023/08/28/they-tried-to-conceive-for-years-turns-out-they-were-having-sex-all-wrong/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=nypost

01-08-2023: Well said, Mrs America 2023, “I have felt this feeling seven times now as I bring these sacred souls to the earth. After I hold that newborn baby in my arms, the feeling of motherhood and bringing them to the earth is the most empowering feeling I have ever felt.”: https://www.sportskeeda.com/pop-culture/news-who-hannah-neeleman-all-south-dakota-mrs-american-2023-pro-life-response-wins-hearts

01-08-2023: Justice is slow but it does sometimes happen - though I can think of a more appropriate punishment for monsters like this: https://rmx.news/crime/german-isis-bride-who-left-5-year-old-yazidi-slave-girl-to-die-of-thirst-in-midday-sun-jailed-for-14-years/

01-08-2023: Just awful. Heresy trials are back world-wide: https://thecritic.co.uk/on-trial-for-a-question/

31-08-2023: Remember when we used to warn our children not to talk to strangers? Maybe this was why: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/08/kidnappers-caught-act-heroic-truck-driver-rescues-15/

31-08-2023: Gary Johns (Labor ex Minister) is right: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/08/terrific-common-sense-on-albaneses-vanity-voice-from-labors-gary-johns.html

31-08-2023: Just imagine A$25 a day tax on driving your old car – the only type you can afford or have ever afforded (if you are like us, ie most people). Yet this is London 2023. You would vote for this? You did vote for this? Economic rights in a capitalist country have always been our most important rights (way ahead of ‘representative democracy’) but now they are being snatched away as we ‘subsidise the richest people’s dreams of renewables, indigenous rights, trans rights etc, etc: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/08/london-wakes-up-to-the-nightmare-on-ulez-this-net-zero-bill-cant-be-hidden-and-the-people-are-furious/

31-08-2023: Beware Oz. The UK is already going the way of South Africa: https://moonbattery.com/london-denounces-white-families/

30-08-2023: Just maybe it would be nice if we all had a ‘Voice’. ‘Representative’ democracy is seriously flawed. Our ‘representatives’ clearly don’t. Almost universally they advocate minority opinion. We should go back to Direct Democracy’ as in ancient Athens. The internet now makes this possible (and desirable – despite the lesson of the Melians?) If we were in charge ourselves we would not be able to blame our ‘representatives’ for failing us; we could but fail ourselves.


30-08-2023: Monkeys shouldn’t be drinking in the first place: https://bigthink.com/health/gene-therapy-monkeys-alcoholism/


30-08-2023: Unintended consequences: https://moonbattery.com/democrats-hand-trump-black-votes/


30-08-2023: Disgusting! No-one should be ashamed of wearing their country’s uniform, but they certainly should be ashamed of being forced to identify with homosexuals: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/08/young-soldiers-ordered-to-wear-purple-to-celebrate-gays.html


29-08-2023: Is there life after death? You decide: https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2023/07/a-j-ayer-and-the-meaning-of-life/ &  https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/ive-studied-more-5-000-133633458.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly9jaXRpemVuZnJlZXByZXNzLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAADsqm-abmksIVcGZoHT8_ISNtsH8mwnDo9NXepYxrSXjUNkQ2aaR5j4akA4HjYRG0BqQZ6jTyJ0VuxShZtOqC6kkM60vVFLSVkzUHp5Roout65OzQ9V0_3LcfpfOBcmo891F7N7KhZnjwmbRwlra2KwQgQZ71lSnVVRsi3Rh6BAo


29-08-2023: Such nonsense we are told about ‘the aging of the population’ yet ‘In 1700, if you made it to age 25, you had a good chance to make your 80s barring farm accidents.’ http://maggiesfarm.anotherdotcom.com/archives/37792-Life-expectancy.html   


29-08-2023: Eight truths that the mugshot reveals: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/08/the_mugshot_heard_round_the_world_eight_truths_that_the_mugshot_reveals.html


29-08-2023: Yay! “Prime Minister Meloni is the most successful world leader – male or female – of our time, and the left despises her for it because they know that she is not only inspiring others by example, but opening millions of eyes to the maleficence and corruption of the left which has devastated the disenfranchised and working-class for years.” https://www.skynews.com.au/insights-and-analysis/no-wonder-theyre-losing-their-minds-lefts-reign-of-totalitarian-incompetence-coming-to-an-end-thanks-to-giorgia-melonis-success-story/news-story/2f540fe8e2f1f5ac50fa1889a116e509


28-08-2023: The Thief His Wife And The Canoe’ is the story of fraudster John Darwin and his wife Anne who unsuccessfully faked his own death (for years) in order to defraud insurance companies. As we watched this (forgettable) documentary (couldn’t face the ‘dramatisation’ which followed) we became more and more certain that the allegation in Murders in the Outback’ that Falconio and Lees faked his own death (credible independent witnesses saw him ‘after his death and he had previously expressed an intention to just so defraud insurance) and that an innocent if somewhat revolting human being (Brad Murdoch) has been in gaol for a very long while for his supposed murder.


28-08-2023: De-industrialising Germany. The Greens achieve what the Allies could not: https://instapundit.com/601755/

28-08-2023: You said it brother: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/08/23/german-scientists-global-warming-a-corrupt-fear-mongering-scheme-headed-by-super-rich/

28-08-2023: So, how good are those paper straws (for the environment) apart from their foul taste and that you go through 2-3 of them every drink. Well, terrible actually & unsurprisingly: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/08/paper-straws-have-forever-chemicals-that-may-be-worse-for-us-and-the-environment-than-plastic/

27-08-2023: We should know where MH370 is by now: https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/clue-could-finally-reveal-location-of-doomed-flight-mh370/news-story/ccd2153a1af1e062d8b5ba562f30b796

27-08-2023: When the lunatics are running the asylum: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/andrew-bolt/andrew-bolt-iceberg-looms-as-chris-bowens-green-plans-sink/news-story/5f3ebe03e3548e0e3b382744903f720c

27-08-2023: The ‘joys’ of unrestricted immigration: https://www.statista.com/statistics/283100/recorded-rape-offences-in-england-and-wales/

27-08-2023: Even if it was under his arm the fine is clearly stupid, intrusive and onerous. The seat belt legislation is anyway just an Auntie State over-reach: https://www.news.com.au/technology/motoring/on-the-road/queensland-driver-fights-1000-fine-and-insists-he-did-nothing-wrong/news-story/efafc7f47e902158bdd73dec59c45e7c

26-08-2023: How capitalism liberates: The Rwanda genocide is now a thing of the past: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/08/23/economic-miracle-in-rwanda/

26-08-2023: Unbelievable: https://notthebee.com/article/german-daycares-introduces-sexual-exploration-rooms-freedom-childish-sexuality

26-08-2023: Free Speech Now: The EU has already enacted this internet censorship and our government in Oz has an identical  bill before it at the moment. This is the largest scale totalitarian move against freedom of speech and information in world history: https://europeanconservative.com/articles/commentary/the-eus-orwellian-internet-censorship-regime/

26-08-2023: Imagine how quickly the ‘climate crisis’ would evaporate if the so-called ‘scientists’ were paid to find there was no problem (ie climate reality) instead of the opposite.

25-08-2023: Economics 101: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/08/23/the-concept-of-crowding-out-and-the-dangers-of-untrammeled-government-spending-of-opm/

25-08-2023: Kiss My Feet – Or Else’. Islam’s growing demands. We import these people at our extreme peril: https://pjmedia.com/columns/raymond-ibrahim/2023/08/23/kiss-my-feet-or-else-islams-growing-demands-n1721416

25-08-2023: This piece by Labor ex-Minister Gary Johns is a must-read. Today’s faux aborigines are the most dreadful rent-seekers who also strive to keep real (outback) aborigines from advancing and integrating into our society as their own ancestors (and probably yours and mine too) clearly did: https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2023/08-online/intergenerational-trauma-and-all-that/

25-08-2023: If the Deep State think they can destroy Trump and Tucker they should think again: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/08/boom-trump-breaks-internet-more-people-watched-trump/ You should watch the whole thing. Trump is great!

24-08-2023: Maybe I’ll buy a guitar too: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/08/getting-grumpy-should-i-buy-a-guitar/


24-08-2023: The 40 cities who will ban meat, dairy, cars, air travel etc by 2030. You want this?: https://pjmedia.com/columns/kevindowneyjr/2023/08/22/14-american-cities-agree-to-go-full-marxist-end-dairy-meat-and-cars-by-2030-n1721063


24-08-2023: Don’t mess with Putin: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/08/putin_plays_for_keeps.html


24-08-2023: At last the man in the moon sounds like Spike Milligan: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/08/breaking-india-lands-chandraayan-3-lunar-south-pole/


23-08-2023: Worth a try: Foxlights: https://www.foxlightsaustralia.com.au/buy-foxlights/

23-08-2023:Why do we have a tiny segment of our population totally reliant, generation by generation, on taxpayers for all of their needs even as they deliver lectures about how uncaring — indeed, callous in the most racist way — are their fellow citizens?” : https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/australia/2023/08/its-equality-not-dna-that-makes-an-australian/

23-08-2023: Nurse Letby is not the only medico afflicted with the ‘God Delusion’ though. For example, during the so-called ‘covid pandemic’ like medicos and their running dogs actually murdered millions with their banning of effective treatments, lock-downs which produced a suicide epidemic, compulsory ‘vaccination’ which was more dangerous than the disease itself & etc. They also did this knowingly but (being Gods) they expect to escape the same punishment as this nurse, ie life without parole. I think Andrews and Sutton (for two) ought to receive a like sentence: https://www.bbc.com/news/explainers-66573845

23-08-2023: These clowns (who annually burn down millions of acres) can’t see the wood for the trees. In about a month they have managed to collect about enough to have a very basic barbecue yet they envisage it as an ‘ecological disaster, lamenting what the poor echidnas will do when they want play ‘Pick up Sticks’. Bloody eco loons: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-08-21/hiking-sticks-carnarvon-national-park-rangers-environment-qld/102755076?fbclid=IwAR1_RwC_HPOS_M_AMJovcabTT0WVJT0X6As9HntzFsktHbOBDEO1va_DAQ8

22-08-2023: What an interesting idea. This might work for us. We have 100 metres of head on our small farm. I have been toying with the idea of a small pumped hydro storage system as a way of utilizing excess solar or wind energy anyway: https://newatlas.com/energy/waterless-high-density-hydro/

22-08-2023: The DIY Lego house: https://www.gablok.com/en

22-08-2023: The Left have no sense of humour – and cannot bear the truth: https://www.news.com.au/finance/work/leaders/violent-black-men-comedian-slammed-for-cpac-speech-mocking-traditional-owners/news-story/aa8163fa0431f4bff71add1aa420aeb1

22-08-2023: Criticizing people on welfare isn’t un-Christian. See Thessalonians: “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you: that if any would not work, neither should he eat.” https://www.biblegateway.com/verse/en/2%20Thessalonians%203:10

21-08-2023: Is this Bigfoot? https://www.news.com.au/technology/science/animals/incredible-bigfoot-video-leaves-sceptics-stunned/news-story/eb69eb5fb62436cd18d583f787ed16ed

21-08-2023: The cashless society just gives Government (Big Brother) too much power over us: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/08/getting-grumpy-should-i-buy-a-guitar/

21-08-2023: But ‘scientists’ say that the sun can’t be responsible for our weather: https://phys.org/news/2023-08-clouds-neptune.html

21-08-2023: When furries attack: https://moonbattery.com/furry-attack-on-public-beach/

20-08-2023: Converting Hiking Poles to Tent Poles: I have fiddled with this before but without a really satisfactory result which meets every need. It is easy enough if you have adjustable poles or the type which one section from another pole can be added to the first one but the method below works whatever type of poles you have.

I have played around with interesting uses for rubber bands and inner tubes before so I have plenty of spare material lying around.

Here I have cut two approx 12" x 3/4"  strips from a heavy duty car inner tube which was much more suitable for making the lightweight shoes really. The strips work out about 15 grams each. If I locate a motorcycle inner tube or even a pushbike one I can probably get closer to half this - which I will. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/08/19/converting-hiking-poles-to-tent-poles/

20-08-2023: Ancient Mariners – to Crete 130,000 years ago and to various islands in Indonesia even longer ago before we were what is now considered fully human: https://www.ancient-origins.net/ancient-technology/ancient-navigation-00963?fbclid=IwAR2WvHrcfJtNCYcACrLAwLhxYp6mCkwCSY-3SBa9vgZmt370H0nFXmY_YhE

20-08-2023: We have a few spots nearly as good as this in Melbourne too: https://babylonbee.com/news/9-best-camping-spots-in-california

20-08-2023: Fascinating. Biology is all around us yet after centuries of study we are no closer to understanding it: https://stoneageherbalist.substack.com/p/biological-vitalism-or-what-is-life

19-08-2023: Who would have even thought this was a thing? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/08/top-u-s-doctor-group-wants-taxpayers-fund/

19-08-2023: Surely what murderers are supposed to look like: https://nypost.com/2023/08/16/heavily-tatted-man-50-accused-charged-with-girlfriends-murder/

19-08-2023: Soon no-one will be able to afford a home – what do we have a government for? https://richardsonpost.com/paulzanetti/32769/a-homeless-and-housing-crisis-of-our-governments-own-making/

19-08-2023: The real Fargo. Well done Officer: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/08/god-bless-this-copper-and-all-those-who-trained-him.html

18-08-2023: Arctic exploration the easy way: https://twitter.com/CitizenFreePres/status/1692236750033162569

18-08-2023: You may come to wish that ‘your’ ancestors’ (allegedly) genocidal policies had not failed so miserably. Enough of this nonsense: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/08/the-death-of-democracy-victorias-hush-hush-indigenous-agreements/

18-08-2023: Maybe you still think the US did not have a coup d’etat back in Nov 2020 but the fate of the Jan 6 protesters ought to convince even the most skeptical – how can this be happening in the ’home of democracy’? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/08/national-disgrace-photos-leaked-horrific-january-6-prisoner/

18-08-2023: The rise of a vile kind of warfare we  thought we banned a couple of generations ago: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/08/rfk-jnr-were-developing-bioweapons-with-36000-scientists/

I suspect this may be good advice – anyway I will be taking it: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/08/dont-rely-government-stockpile-critical-medications-now/

17-08-2023: We should not have a Ministry of Truth. We should be able to decide what we take as true –as we always have, not Big Brother: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/08/the-acma-ministry-of-misinformation-will-fine-australians-6m-for-publishing-the-truth/

17-08-2023: What is wrong with the Libs (& the Nats)? Aren’t they supposed to represent the views of conservative voters? My own local MP is banging on about the ‘virtues’ of a proposed offshore windfarm here instead of advocating for a new coal fired power station: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/08/state-libs-go-cuckoo/

17-08-2023: In fact tens of thousands of climate scientists cast doubt on the theory of ‘global warming’ yet we throw away billions on this dubious hypothesis: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/08/16/there-is-no-climate-crisis1600-scientists-worldwide-nobel-prize-laureate-sign-declaration/

17-08-2023: Trump is being charged with casting doubt on the 2020 election results (a view shared by more than 50% of Americans actually) but in fact there was election fraud. For example, https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1691228480556429312

16-08-2023: Seriously good news: https://www.thebrighterside.news/post/revolutionary-implants-can-restore-20-20-vision-to-the-blind-and-visually-impaired

16-08-2023: Ford says the hard part out loud: https://prospect.org/economy/2023-07-31-ford-electric-cars-arent-affordable/?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Ford+Says+Electric+Cars+Just+Aren+t+Affordable+%7C+Prospect+Weekend+Reads&utm_campaign=Weekend+Prospect+Reads+08042023

16-08-2023: Things haven’t changed much with the weather in 120 years after all: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/08/no-changes-in-global-droughts-since-1902-when-horses-and-carts-were-common/

16-08-2023: I like girls but this is just nuts: https://bettinaarndt.substack.com/p/is-bhp-discrimining-against-men

15-08-2023: The ‘Walking Tree’: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Socratea_exorrhiza

15-08-2023: ‘Progress’ in aboriginal land ownership: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/07/the-horrors-of-native-title-you-will-own-nothing-and-you-will-be-happy/

15-08-2023: And we worry about plastic bags: https://www.space.com/worlds-largest-asteroid-impact-structure-in-australia

15-08-2023: So many problems could be solved with more euthanasia: https://moonbattery.com/final-solution-to-socialized-medicine-wait-times/

14-08-2023: Is America quite sane? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/08/lizzo-accused-weight-shaming-forcing-dancers-eat-bananas/

14-08-2023: Unfortunately I fear Peter Smith is right – we have become a communist state. Hopefully we can behave as bravely and resolutely as the Hungarians in 1956: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/qed/2023/08/the-voice-black-and-red-all-over/

14-08-2023: The vast majority of South Africans must long for the peace and prosperity of the previous ‘apartheid’ regime: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/08/hate-speech/

14-08-2023: Giving new meaning to the phrase ‘Squatter’s Rights’: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/08/handyman-devises-simple-system-legally-get-rid-squatters/

13-08-2023: Vargo Pocket Cleats: Tractional security just got even lighter. The new version of Vargo's ultralight crampons weigh a little over one ounce each (32.6 grams) as compared with their previous version which was around twice that. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/08/12/vargo-pocket-cleats/

13-08-2023: A cogent argument (as usual) against EVs from the incomparable Matt Ridley: https://www.mattridley.co.uk/blog/why-ill-be-buying-a-brand-new-petrol-car-just-before-the-2030-ban/

13-08-2023: Not letting truth get in the way of a ‘good story’: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/aborigines/2023/08/australian-films-fade-to-blak/

13-08-2023: Why would you even bother to employ police? – Oh, we need them to harass honest citizens: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12164829/Police-failed-solve-single-burglary-HALF-English-Welsh-neighbourhoods.html

12-08-2023: Testing the US army’s new electric combat vehicles: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2023/08/testing_the_armys_new_electric_combat_vehicle_a_parable.html

12-08-2023: Is this the most chilling headline you have ever read? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/08/minnesota-will-no-longer-report-number-babies-who/

12-08-2023: At least 300,000 of our 800,000 ‘Aborigines’ are fakes (according to ‘other aborigines’) – but they would be the ones who got ‘The Voice’ you can bet. Enough of this bizarre racist nonsense. We are all just Australians of the human race who should be treated equally by the law and society: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/andrew-bolt/andrew-bolt-how-fake-aborigines-are-hurting-their-cause/news-story/26691d7ce1b67e0b18c06aa4a79f5704

12-08-2023: Of course it could just be an unfortunate coincidence; on the other hand it could also be true. Strange times we live i: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/08/ron-johnson-claims-covid-was-pre-planned-elite/

11-08-2023: Good on you Gina: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/queensland/gina-rinehart-backs-gold-coast-bid-for-2026-commonwealth-games/news-story/3a6d0b2b4acb5ff522dde7ea4bd3e6b7

11-08-2023: Cancelling Traveller is a step too far – after too many such: Lee was likely also America's greatest ever general. Remember he nearly won the civil war even though his side was enormously outnumbered and under-resourced: https://www.thecollegefix.com/canceled-washington-lee-university-removes-plaque-honoring-robert-e-lees-horse/?fbclid=IwAR1BtJRz-zgYU0FFBEfISSF33mpnIbjDFUf65oYi9yq4kMV-iAkNl8QOY0E

11-08-2023: Ain’t it the truth? Grow a pair guys. The people await: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/rita-panahi/rita-panahi-voice-debate-reveals-liberals-can-win-by-standing-up-for-their-values/news-story/2997280bf0d9c0f9b6ee7acc34fd6f27

11-08-2023: What’s not to like? https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/08/09/virginia-life-is-good-and-getting-better/

10-08-2023: At last a mailbox which is (nearly) big enough: https://www.milkcan.com.au/letterboxes/picket-fence-letterbox/?fbclid=IwAR3bWJikrQMFP9Ao8kUpDpVcepdPJGlzZQEXBkzj6f2Q5mvEKuqU3qJBYqE & https://www.milkcan.com.au/product/parcel-pal-2-parcel-mail-charcoal-merbau-pillar/?fbclid=IwAR2tBvOHgShOa3hgFCWfggd65s7BoCWSVvrU5pPKT-GFLf2nY25065rHAY8

10-08-2023: Such a great idea: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/08/new_data_shows_temperatures_above_86_f_begins_a_precipitous_decline_of_ev_performance.html

10-08-2023: The Decline of the West? https://moonbattery.com/muslim-woman-wants-his-testicles-back-from-his-boyfriend/

10-08-2023: “If your boyfriend is dating a chatbot, perhaps it was already time to start looking for a new boyfriend anyway” https://hotair.com/jazz-shaw/2023/08/07/ai-girlfriends-called-a-threat-to-womens-rights-n569638

09-08-2023: “Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all you know on earth and all you meed to know” John Keats (https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/44477/ode-on-a-grecian-urn) : https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/08/the_war_on_truth.html

09-08-2023: Duh:” Unfortunately, our thesis that the heart of man is intrinsically good, well it proved to be...really, really false. Like, it's the most wrong anyone's ever been about anything. It seems that unlike in movies, following your own heart directly leads to pain and brokenness” https://babylonbee.com/news/report-record-number-of-people-following-their-hearts

09-08-2023: It is now patently clear that Albo and the Left are lying to us about the Referendum. It is now a dead duck. Thanks Peta Credlin & Jacinta Price. Now to rid ourselves of its ‘ducklings’ in all the states who are hastily and against our wishes implementing ‘treaty’ - and worse: https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/voice-to-parliament/shadow-indigenous-australians-minister-jacinta-price-calls-on-prime-minister-albanese-to-come-clean-about-the-uluru-statement-from-the-heart/news-story/eb60c39ef5d111b7e84edb7bc4ec3808

09-08-2023:The Hunga Tonga sub-surface ocean volcano eruption and its “unprecedented” production of extra stratospheric water vapor could be to blame.”  Remember water vapour is responsible for 99%+ of the ‘greenhouse effect’. https://www.drroyspencer.com/2023/08/uah-global-temperature-update-for-july-2023-0-64-deg-c/

On the other hand: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/08/07/hunga-tonga-mysteries/ 

08-08-2023: What if it’s right: https://blog.physics-astronomy.com/2023/08/ai-built-to-discover-extraterrestrial.html

08-08-2023: Professional crybaby Brittany Higgins may soon lose all her ill-gotten gains. Good riddance: https://www.rebelnews.com/senator_follows_through_on_threat_to_sue_brittany_higgins

08-08-2023: People are beginning to wake up to ‘the internet of things’ controlled by the CCP – as if we hadn’t already ‘decided’ to impose communism on ourselves here in Oz already in multiple ways: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/08/how-to-paralyze-a-city-with-one-easy-ev-update/

08-08-2023: Whatever the real figures the truth is that tens of thousands of people are being killed in yet another senseless war. I suspect (the real) President Trump would have been able to prevent it. The Democrats always seem to start wars rather than end them: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/08/highway-hell-ukraine-loses-2040-men-since-friday/

07-08-2023: Some good news. Go girls: https://www.upi.com/Health_News/2023/08/03/yoga-women-aging-brains/9721691074086/

07-08-2023: Fifth Columns – what could go wrong? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/08/intelligence-breach-two-u-s-navy-sailors-chinese/

07-08-2023: From Milton’s Paradise Lost:

“Sweet is the breath of morn, her rising sweet,

With charm of earliest birds; pleasant the sun

When first on this delightful land he spreads

His orient beams on herb, tree, fruit, and flower,

Glist’ring with dew; fragrant the fertile earth

After soft showers; and sweet the coming on

Of grateful ev’ning mild; then silent night

With this her solemn bird and this fair moon,

And these the gems of heaven, her starry train:

But neither breath of morn when she ascends

With charm of earliest birds, nor rising sun

On this delightful land, nor herb, fruit, flower,

Glist’ring with dew, nor fragrance after showers,

Nor grateful ev’ning mild, nor silent night

With this her solemn bird, nor walk by moon

Or glittering starlight, without thee is sweet.”

07-08-2023: The seemingly innocuous word ‘recognition’ is the key Trojan Horse in the foreshadowed Referendum - which must be rejected. One of the major flaws in the notion of constitutionality is that such foundational documents are a way of ossifying ‘truth’ for all time (why they are made so hard to change). The ‘truths’ they establish are supposed to work like the ‘axioms’ in Euclidean geometry (if you remember your junior high school maths). Everything which comes after is supposed to ‘follow’ logically (with certainty ie needing no further proof or justification) from them. Unfortunately if you make the axioms out of falsehood (as this one is) then what ‘follows’ will be all sorts of evil stuff.
This particular falsehood is that prior to the establishment of Australia as a British colony the ‘country’ was inhabited (solely) by ‘aboriginal’ folk who somehow constituted a ’race’ or ‘nation’ (which or what is it?) a statement which is clearly false. This is not to deny that human beings (and probably earlier types of humans have lived on this continent (and just about every other save perhaps Antarctica) for a very long while indeed (tens of thousands of years anyway) judging from the pollen record here.
But when British rule began (in 1770 when Cook claimed it or in 1788 when Phillip established the first British colony?) there were already a very diverse collection of people living here including a number of ‘white’ colonies, some descended from shipwreck survivors and others represented by sealers and whalers – and who knows what else? There were clearly earlier European inhabitants as evidenced for example by the strange ‘Bird People of Grute Etland who carry a defective gene which arose amongst Jewish Portuguese people in the C16th.
Linguistic and no doubt DNA studies have shown or would show other foreigners arriving at various times, some maybe predating many ‘aboriginal groups linguistic studies of whom show some arriving even in the Christian era possibly as late as the C17th! And most not more than a couple of thousand years ago in fact. Malays, Polynesians, Arabs, Chinese, etc.
Even amongst the so-called ‘aboriginal people anthropologists (and linguists) long ago established clear ‘waves’ of arrival.
Whoever the first of these might have been (perhaps the pygmy people of Cape York?) few if any living Australians could establish a direct lineage let alone a lawful inheritance from them (since it is unlikely they had a system of property ownership - as this has been the subject of many important legal cases over time).
However the ‘Bradshaw Paintings’ blow all that away too by depicting people completely unlike any present-day aborigines living along the Kimberley Coast as long ago as 45,000 years. Asiatic type people wearing ‘Batik’ type clothing of a kind obviously unknown to our present indigenes.
Of course even those folk were unlikely to have been the ‘First Australians’ whose fossil records are yet to be found. Homo Erectus has been found c800,000 years ago in Indonesia only 100 kms or so away so it is unlikely if they could walk that far they were not present here also.
The reality is all living Australians are all descended from migrants one way or another. What changed in 1788 was that we all came under one system of law as equal citizens. Yes this is true. From day One (26Jan 1788) no-one (eg) could be murdered without exactly the same penalty required by law – and indeed this was not infrequently applied.
Certainly too some of the local Sydney Cove) ‘aborigines’ at least very quickly entered into European civilization, traveling back and forth the the UK and the USA in the C18th. We have records of this. Under Macquarie around 1815 one young ‘aboriginal girl was the very most outstanding scholar in the colony (winning prizes for such as reported in the local papers). Probably she married into colonial society as women were in very short supply (especially educated women). No doubt some of those wanderers afar had descendants elsewhere too.
It was also commonplace for colonists to adopt orphaned aboriginal children (eg from the measles epidemic around 1790 who then raised them as their own. Their ancestry is lost to time in the absence of accurate BMD records in the early days of the colony. Della (whose parents migrated to Australia from the UK after WW2) may even have one, as she has an ancestor born in Sydney c1810 whose ‘name’ mother was very old indeed to be having such a child. He returned with his parents to England after his name father finished his thirty years’ service here. Della’s mother recalled that even his grandson (her father) around 1930 still had the nickname ’Darky’ probably for obvious reasons, just as one of my own great grandfathers was known around the Hunter Valley as ‘The Negro Frenchman’.
The point is it does not matter a jot who or what our ancestors were. All that counts is our own strength of character and what we make of our lives. For a very long time (since the time of Phillip and Macquarie even there has been (at least) equality of opportunity if not even a bit of an extra ‘leg up’ for those who most needed it in our great society. It is no use at all crying that you are ‘disadvantaged’ eg by the colour of your skin. I see delightful young African and Asian Australians practically every day who are working hard (and cheerfully) to make something of themselves completely undaunted by any such silly ‘disadvantage’ as their skin colour might confer – other than not needing to spend quite so much of their hard-earned cash on sunscreen!
However, once you ‘recognise’ a ‘special group’ in law or in a constitution what awful evil consequences might follow? And how hard will it be to eradicate that distinction at a later time from our supposed egalitarian society?
Fortunately the referendum is dead in the water, but it should not be watered down to a ‘simple recognition’ statement either. It should just be abandoned as unworthy of us: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/nsw/redbridge-poll-finds-majority-intend-to-vote-no-to-indigenous-voice-to-parliament/news-story/b7effa13dfe827da111e8816fe39fea7

06-08-2023: I think I will buy this book. May be the best $25 I have ever spent: https://www.amazon.com/Survival-Medicine-Handbook-Essential-Guide/dp/0988872501?crid=2C48VY7APFZRR&keywords=survival+books&qid=1691100687&s=books&sprefix=survival+books,stripbooks,113&sr=1-6&linkCode=sl1&tag=drhelenblog-20&linkId=f7ecf717c9afc395e3bfaf2600cc1197&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl

06-08-2023: The trouble with heat pumps is they don’t work when it gets really cold so more folks will just die in the coming Ice Age: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/08/green-madness-uk-style/  & https://hotair.com/tree-hugging-sister/2023/08/02/debate-over-heat-pumps-replacing-gas-in-the-u-k-gets-hot-n568833

06-08-2023: Progress at last: First nuclear power station in thirty years in the US: https://hotair.com/david-strom/2023/07/31/finally-first-new-nuclear-reactor-in-more-than-30-years-comes-online-n568237

06-08-2023: How ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’: https://richardsonpost.com/raymond-ibrahim/32501/the-long-promised-houris/

05-08-2023: And here we go: https://www.news.com.au/national/western-australia/west-australia-government-to-scrap-controversial-botched-aboriginal-cultural-heritage-laws-within-days/news-story/6c5d547616bdc677a4e81b6df8b78329

05-08-2023: Biggest ever? Move over blue whale: https://www.popsci.com/science/perucetus-colossus-heaviest-animal-whale/

05-08-2023: These legal actions against Trump may actually result in the overturning of the 2020 election: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/08/lawyer-newest-indictment-gives-trump-legal-power-never/

05-08-2023: Well said, “Reparations are never a topic based in historical equality. Colonial Australians can trace their histories back through thousands of years of persecution, enslavement, victimhood, oppression, and terror. The difference is, civilisations that look backwards never build a future.” Our state governments shoving this rubbish down our throats against our will can only fuel a huge anger against ‘black Australia’. It will likely lead to ‘blood upon the wattle’  https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/08/canadas-indigenous-land-tax-on-dockets-is-a-taste-of-things-to-come/

We did not vote for this and would not vote for this; ergo it should not happen – or it should be undone if it does: https://www.rebelnews.com/dan_andrews_grants_sweeping_powers_to_aboriginal_land_councils

05-08-2023: Truly awesome (one should save words for using with their real meaning). Snatched from the jaws of death. Lest we forget (For the backstory read: https://nypost.com/2023/08/03/us-soldiers-seen-liberating-thousands-of-jews-from-nazi-train-found-video/ ): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8YBXnvNrRo  

04-08-2023: What a hero Farage is. I hope he is the next UK Prime Minister: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12353605/Nigel-Farage-says-wants-build-powerful-lobby-group-tackle-major-national-scandal-banking-revealed-banks-shutting-1-000-accounts-day.html

04-08-2023: Do you still say you are against the death penalty? https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/08/if-guilty-hang-him.html & https://www.rebelnews.com/calls_for_death_penalty_after_shocking_child_sex_abuse_case

04-08-2023: When Richard Dawkins finally fell out with the Left: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/08/richard-dawkins-frank-sex-talk-infuriates-internet/

04-08-2023: Great Barrier Reef Fraud – why would anyone think that the reef (which clearly did not exist c10,000 years ago during the last Ice Age when it was solid land there) was in danger from ‘global warming’ when eg coral reefs in the Red Sea exist at over 20C hotter ocean temperatures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5C0XGVDPUg

And read (and weep about) what the Labor Govt intends to ‘do’ about it: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/08/labor-party-sells-out-australia-panders-to-the-un-to-avoid-a-naughty-reef-sticker/

03-08-2023: “I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” Rabindranath Tagore

03-08-2023: It is a disgraceful economic and environmental disaster – if it would help ‘save’ the forests there might be some justification, but it will actually destoy them after ‘mixed use’ has preserved them for the last 200 years. And you should realize that not only is forestry ‘renewable’ but that it also is carbon sequestration in that the furniture and homes built from its products last hundreds of years. : https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/07/labors-destruction-of-the-victorian-timber-industry-threatens-forests/

03-08-2023: Bruce Lehrmann may have a win in court yet (and Higgins get her come-uppence): https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/national/bruce-lehrmanns-revenge-former-liberal-staffer-plots-million-dollar-compo-claim/news-story/6046aa9585cd46e2d4ac9a9b3d42d6c5 & https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/sofronoff-report-alleges-shane-drumgold-lied-during-lehrmann-rape-trial/news-story/8c0e1d85c61b81f9e1da454a1f86b475

03-08-2023: The ABC needs to go. They are beyond belief bad: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/08/climate-extremists-go-to-woodside-ceos-home-to-vandalise-intimidate-and-the-abc-is-there-to-help/

02-08-2023: The most powerful essay I have read this year. We have destroyed our young and now we can no longer count on them to save us: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/07/cutting-off-your-thumbs-to-spite-your-country/

02-08-2023: The great retreat from the Green Blob. Something is breaking here: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/07/british-pm-is-pro-car-and-on-the-motorists-side.html & https://joannenova.com.au/2023/08/the-beginning-of-the-end-of-net-zero/

02-08-2023: The ‘Voice’ will not save Chalumbin forest, the world’s oldest tropical rainforest, that has been ranked as ‘the second most irreplaceable natural land area on the planet’. Albanese & his leftie mates are about to destroy it in an awful croney capitalist deal no doubt replete with corrupt bribery and profiteering for themselves: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/07/aboriginal-voices-on-the-voice/

02-08-2023: Ah for a good healthy steak: https://nypost.com/2023/07/31/vegan-influencer-starved-to-death-friends/

01-08-2023: The ‘culture wars’: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/07/kill-boer-farmer-radical-south-african-political-leader/  & https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/07/dancing-shirtless-man-pumping-gas-new-york-stabbed/

01-08-2023: Schadenfreud: “We're conditioned to think that our lives revolve around great moments. But great moments often catch us unaware-beautifully wrapped in what others may consider a small one.” https://twitter.com/Gr8fulSusan/status/1685815134802063361

01-08-2023: In the U.S., the EPA’s own “Heat Wave Index” for the continental states shows that the 1930s was by far the hottest decade of the last century: https://the-pipeline.org/hot-and-bothered-about-heat-waves/

01-08-2023: If we have to pay for them, why can’t we demand they provide a DNA result to prove they are? In the same way, why can’t we demand people work for a living? https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/andrew-bolt/andrew-bolt-the-voice-will-merely-serve-to-worsen-giant-fakery/news-story/4c47e4dabf5664584cf62476f82ceb8b

31-07-2023: I liked this meme: “It is not a Voice. It is an Invoice to be paid endlessly by us and our children”.

31-07-2023: Why not become a dog? https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life/man-spends-22000-to-become-a-border-collie-dog/news-story/ced5e61487e73f28c2cbcc257e4ff746?utm_campaign=EditorialSB&utm_source=News.com.au&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_content=SocialBakers

31-07-2023: She’s a top girl this one. Oh the good old (brown) gravy train: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/andrew-bolt/andrew-bolt-this-aboriginal-identity-craze-is-too-much/news-story/420ce909cd89314f0fadab8be22b0c49

31-07-2023: A long time at sea: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/sandy-point-skeleton-mystery-solved-after-95-years/news-story/73c351ad972d87d61dd0f93ff69d94d9

30-07-2023: Rejuvenation at last! Just Wow! Bring it on I say. Where can I buy this stuff? https://www.aging-us.com/article/204896/text?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=campaign&utm_campaign=Sinclair%27s%20New%20Study%21%20Age%20Reversal%20with%20Chemical%20Cocktails&_kx=B_yKIF84vdC2pCqcV7aJGBH2521TDLZN-HiRd6gtUa5LzgwS6_YvcgomZEyi7h9R.RmdNXZ

30-07-2023: Global warming conspiracy theorists insist the world is boiling – as if 1936 never happened, “The percentage of the US to reach 100F this year is currently at a record low 18%, down from 79% in 1936”: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/07/more-lies-global-warming-conspiracists-insist-world-is/

30-07-2023: Sad really – what an awful world they will be creating. Still like choosing homosexuality, such a derangement will disappear in a single generation and the world will resume without them: https://thenationalpulse.com/2023/07/28/data-50-of-millennials-gen-zers-want-to-focus-on-themselves-instead-of-having-kids/

30-07-2023: NZ is a basket case because of the simply awful Ardern Government. Our little rat mates Albo, Bowen, Chalmers et al are rushing us down the very same slippery slope. Read this and weep: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/07/in-it-for-who/

29-07-2023: Wifi Booster And Security Cam Set-up:  We have had a spate of burglaries on rural properties around here. Even our next door neighbour had a break-in and a car stolen recently , so we decided it was past time to upgrade our front gate security (at least). The first challenge was to get a wifi (computer/internet connection) to the front gate which is nearly 100 yards away. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/07/28/wifi-booster-and-security-cam-set-up/

29-07-2023: Absolutely: https://t.me/TommyRobinsonNews/49924 I know a few people with Phds who wouldn’t have passed the matriculation exam back when I was 15!

29-07-2023: The worst experiment in medical history: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/07/silent-heart-damage-found-in-1-in-35-people-who-were-vaccinated/

29-07-2023: Might be a problem though if it doesn’t work just when you need it most: https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-first-smart-gun-is-finally-coming-to-market-will-anyone-buy-it-67314e0?mod=djemalertNEWS

28-07-2023: A fair few houses in this one: https://allthatsinteresting.com/tallest-tree-in-asia?fbclid=IwAR0Z2u_PTfQbM2ijwSwxJO17SDcsnr2Oyeo_StBWbR-FhIR3Y5snZKp1PtQ 

28-07-2023: Three cheers for Alex Antic,Those of us who do believe in Liberal principles will continue to strive for a better future for our nation, while Labor and the Greens enrich themselves and disempower hard-working Australians with their senseless Net Zero and identity-politics agendas.” https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/07/far-right-or-traditional-liberal/

28-07-2023: Easy come, easy go': all agree is tautologously identified with welfare recipients, heir/esses and lotto winners; ie no-one values what they have not earned. Governments display this propensity in absolute excess: they should be denied all funding!

28-07-2023: Indeed, “Warren Mundine put it best recently when he explained that the only credible solutions to indigenous disadvantage are education, employment, hard work and home ownership…this is why, after centuries of struggle and injustices, we have settled on a democratically elected parliament where every citizen gets one vote regardless of race, religion or class as the most efficient and just form of governmenthttps://www.spectator.com.au/2023/07/self-harming-the-nation/

27-07-2023: ‘The Password Is Courage’ is a remarkable film and book by a truly remarkable WW2 hero, Sgt Charles Coward. Beg, borrow or steal it (from Pirate Bay): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Password_Is_Courage

27-07-2023: Coming soon to Victoria too with a treaty no-one got a chance to vote on (but I’d guess they will want repealed in the future): https://www.news.com.au/national/we-havent-messaged-this-well-startling-admission-as-wa-farmers-rage-at-aboriginal-cultural-heritage-act/news-story/c35abddcbd55bf372dadb8698a8f8752

27-07-2023: Good luck with no more rate rises in Oz Albo. Methinks yesterday’s inflation figures were very rubbery too: https://www.reuters.com/markets/rates-bonds/fed-poised-hike-rates-markets-anticipate-inflation-endgame-2023-07-26/

27-07-2023: If true it would be the biggest news ever. It seems so improbable though that someone with the technology to travel between the stars would crash on earth in an unreliable craft: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/07/ufo-whistleblower-us-recovered-non-human-biological-pilots/

26-07-2023: How does a civilized society deal with severely mentally ill people who refuse assistance? Filling the streets and gaols up with them wasn’t such a great idea either. https://stuartschneiderman.substack.com/p/bring-back-the-asylums?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=1523886&post_id=135399437&isFreemail=true&utm_medium=email

26-07-2023: Why would anyone want/allow this for minors? “Every single child, or adolescent, who was truly blocked at Tanner stage 2 [by age 11] has never experienced orgasm. I mean, it’s really about zero.” https://hotair.com/tree-hugging-sister/2023/04/25/tragedy-when-a-colon-just-wont-work-as-a-vagina-n546290

26-07-2023: About those (much worse) Medieval heat waves: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/07/european-heatwaves-soldiers-died-in-the-heat-in-1160-rivers-ran-dry-in-1303-animals-fell-dead-in-1393/

25-07-2023: Take that T Rex: https://gizmodo.com/preserved-fossil-mammal-preying-beaked-dinosaur-1850664541

25-07-2023: The Bidens and the ‘Deep State’ are just so corrupt: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:https://nypost.com/2023/07/20/the-joe-biden-bribe-allegations-need-a-special-counsel-now/

25-07-2023: The Hungarians are a remarkable people: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/07/review-the-courage-to-care/  You may not remember the Hungarian Uprising in 1956 as I do but if not you should read Mitcheners ‘The Bridge at Andau’. Now they are taking the lead in the poush-back against the globalists in Europe, They would long ago have disappeared as a people if they had not stood up for themselves.

25-07-2023: If conservatives drop this ‘Net Zero’ b------t they might well rocket back: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/07/uk-surprise-byelection-shows-why-conservatives-must-stand-against-netzero/

24-07-2023: Extraordinary: https://www.sciencealert.com/a-cracked-piece-of-metal-healed-itself-in-an-experiment-that-stunned-scientists?fbclid=IwAR01aJnwJt7IAOxsiiJqUoMciE5FkmvSdnGyMOZ6IgXxyCQjWc888cOGRWU

24-07-2023: Some good news: https://www.wsj.com/articles/chief-diversity-officer-cdo-business-corporations-e110a82f

24-07-2023: A very succinct and accurate rebuttal of the whole global warming myth: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/07/eight-important-facts-not-opinions-that-totally-debunk/

24-07-2023: Looking more and more as if we have only scratched the surface: https://edition.cnn.com/2023/07/21/china/china-second-superdeep-borehole-intl-hnk/index.html

23-07-2023: Winter Joy: (Della): Sharing some winter joy in my garden. When I first created my rose garden 30 years ago, I was sad to see it so bare and drab during the colder months. After retirement, I worked on finding things that would add winter interest, and this afternoon’s warm, setting sun helped to reward me for my efforts. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/07/22/winter-joy/

23-07-2023: A new type of ‘one stroke’ engine: https://newatlas.com/automotive/innengine-one-stroke-engine-design/

23-07-2023: Is it quite mad for society not to have lunatic asylums? https://www.wsj.com/articles/its-time-to-bring-back-the-asylum-ec01fb2?st=ipzldf9sj6i6oe2&reflink=article_email_share

23-07-2023: More dirt on the Higgins-Lehrmann ‘affair’: https://bettinaarndt.substack.com/p/feminist-capture-of-justice-system

23-07-2023: I really hope that Malcolm Roberts is right and that the tide has turned against the Green Blob. At least it is most entertainingly written: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/07/the-great-green-backlash-is-labor-next/

22-07-2023: The continual erosion of civil society: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/07/15/civil-society/

22-07-2023: And they’re right! Why bring them in the first place? https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/benbartee/2023/07/18/nearly-three-quarters-of-french-public-wants-to-strip-migrant-rioters-of-citizenship-n1711646

22-07-2023: The cure for poverty and climate change is nuclear: https://quillette.com/2023/07/07/humanity-should-split-more-atoms/

22-07-2023: The new Green My Lai – destroying the world in order to ‘save’ it: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/07/chalumbin-the-new-franklin/

21-07-2023: Just what you want: some ‘culture warrior’ rendering your land valueless: https://www.rebelnews.com/wa_property_owners_fear_worthless_land_as_indigenous_heritage_laws_take_effect

21-07-2023: Bad news for bank robbers at least (and the public) – cashless banks: https://www.rebelnews.com/bank_s_cashless_branches_leave_customers_empty_handed

21-07-2023: Motorists are fighting back (and wining) against 15 minute cities: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/07/the-cars-are-winning-against-the-15-minute-cities-in-the-uk/

21-07-2023: Anything to create panic: “What we experienced over the past days was most intense climate lie since temperature recording began…The problem with that report is that none of it is true.” In Sicily the temperature reached only 32°C over the weekend – a far cry from 48°C, which illustrates the great difference between ground surface temperature and readings taken 2 meters above the ground: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/07/19/europes-48c-horror-that-never-wasesa-media-sharply-criticized-for-manipulative-reporting/

20-07-2023: Neil Oliver on the ‘fear mongering hoax and scam’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vkpcBMmvP0

20-07-2023: Do you have a right to a bank account in Australia? Sounds like not, “AFCA generally accepts that a financial firm can stop providing a financial product or service, so it is unlikely we will require the financial firm to reopen the account”. https://www.afca.org.au/about-afca/publications/factsheet-accountclosure This is a real worry in the light of all the ‘debanking’ which is going on for political reasons: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/07/banks-do-a-nero/ This is something you might want to change the constitution so as to guarantee it.

20-07-2023: If so, millennials are just crazy. What kind of society do they want? https://jonathanturley.org/2023/07/16/pronoun-lockdown-almost-half-of-millennials-want-jail-time-for-misgendering/

20-07-2023: Ayn Rand, “You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding realityThere is no difference between socialism and communism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.” https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/07/ayn_rand_has_some_prescient_thoughts_about_democrats_avoidance_of_reality.html

19-07-2023: A Democratic Society. That is what we have prided ourselves on for nearly two centuries in Australia. One where pretty much all public organisations were open to all equally and were run democratically by their members. This has been true of the various tiers of government (but not the anachronistic Senate), public companies, public groups (sporting clubs, voluntary associations, trade uions) & etc. Often the elections are supervised by the Australian Electoral Commission to guarantee that the fundamentals of democratic behaviour are preserved. So what is it with the proposal to create a third tier of ‘government’ (and that is what it is) at the Federal level in our constitution which will not be democratic. Its membership will not be open to all, not even all ‘aborigines’ though it remains illegal to ‘define’ what exactly an ‘aborigine’ is (probably even to speculate on it), and I’m sure I don’t know - when there are at least tens of thousand of people today who are ‘accepted’ as ‘aborigines’ who have absolutely no (genetic) descent from aboriginal ancestors. There are clearly others who though they do have aboriginal ancestors (or may even for all I know be ‘full-bloods’ whatever that may mean) who will be denied any ‘Voice’ as this third house will not be elected from ‘the membership’ so that some people will clearly have no say in who gets to ‘represent’ them. All we know for sure is that they will not be elected, but we have no idea how they will be chosen or who will do the chosing. This is not just a simple step backwards democratically speaking but is the very essence of tyranny. Since this third house (or Voice) will clearly have some veto role over our elected government (though details of how this will work have yet to be decided) then it seems likely that our government will never be able to hold a referendum to remove this undemocratic third house from our constitution. I would have thought that if changes to how we are governed (federally) are to be made that a proposal to  (at least reform) or abolish the utterly anachronistic and undemocratic Senate should be on the table. How can it be just that in the Senate voters in one state or territory can have the equivalent of ten votes as compared with one for those from NSW for example? It (the Senate) also clearly normally just interferes with the delivery of the promised platform of elected government, that being the  group or party which has the majority in the ‘People’s House’ ie the House of Representatives. Just say, ‘No’.

19-07-2023: Maybe we should all go back to smoking menthol cigarettes (Alpine). Remember when doctors used to give them away free? Those were the days. Of course if you don’t remember, here’s why: https://scitechdaily.com/alzheimers-breakthrough-inhaling-menthol-improves-cognitive-ability/

19-07-2023: Maybe retirement isn’t such a great idea? Just ask Jayne who started her current job of 26 years at age 75: https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2023/07/12/100-year-old-woman-still-works-4-days-a-week-her-best-career-advice.html

19-07-2023: Won’t this be something – if it works? https://www.sciencealert.com/worlds-largest-nuclear-fusion-rocket-engine-begins-construction

18-07-2023: I must admit to being shocked this morning to realise that I actually know someone who says s/he will vote, ‘Yes’. All my life (and I include also my parents’ and grandparents’ lives…) I have held to the belief that it is more than wicked (just downright evil) to treat someone differently on account of their race or birth nationality, as the Nazis so infamously did. Six million Jews and two million Gypsies can’t be wrong! Such racism is just about the worst vile trait that one can have, yet evidently many of my fellow countrymen still have it, though we voted in a referendum back in 1967 to never ever again allow ‘race’ into our constsitution. One country for all equally under the Southern Cross. Yet here we go again only fifty years later with a new apartheid proposal, and one which will end our democracy as well. I stand with what I have always believed, that we should always be treated equally under the law as we are not responsible for  how or where we were born. I don’t think the same of religion which I consider a choice, though as I view all religions as equal manifestations of insanity (or at least delusion) perhaps it is no more a choice than other forms of insanity are. However, I long ago learned from that great book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ (and elsewhere) that one can choose one’s mental state too and make oneself and indeed the whole world, better by doing so. You can get a free copy here: http://new-free-pdf.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/man-search-for-meaning-by-viktor-frankl.html

18-07-2023: When you are old and lonely at least you will have GR-1: https://www.euronews.com/next/2023/07/12/worlds-first-mass-produced-humanoid-robot-to-tackle-labour-shortages-amid-ageing-populatio

18-07-2023: What does ‘Universe 25’ mean for the human race? No doubt many of us can ‘see’ the aberrant behaviours developing amongst us which presaged collapse in the mouse ‘universe’: https://www.the-scientist.com/foundations/universe-25-1968-1973-69941

18-07-2023: On ‘the hottest day ever’ the satellite record showed it as -.1C less than the fifty year average, so global cooling? https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/07/16/hottest-days-manipulation/

17-07-2023: Why not end our democracy forever? Because that is just what ‘The Voice’ is: the replacement of centuries’ long progress in making ‘The People’s House’ supreme with (what went before) an unelected hereditary (racially based) ‘nobility’ (of whom and chosen by whom; we are not told)  – no better than being dictated to by the ‘Norman’ House of Lords and the monarch, probably worse. We will have no ability to have another referendum to remove it when we realize what a dictatorial disaster it is because it will have the Veto over our will. It will only be able to be removed by a violent revolution – something we have avoided in British society for a long while.

17-07-2023: You would hope the Fadden by-election result is the beginning of the end of the disastrous Albo Government: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/andrew-bolt/andrew-bolt-anthony-albaneses-honeymoon-as-pm-is-finally-over/news-story/9d020ec6bc332a44f7d7b9db8a53f913

17-07-2023: Billions of people are alive (healthy and prosperous) today because the world is warmer: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/07/15/untold-story-of-climates-holocene-gift-to-humanity/

17-07-2023: Just a reminder; Winter is coming: https://www.coricks.com/2023/07/04/it-is-winter/

16-07-2023: It ain’t half hot mum. Della was reminding me of just how hot Leo experienced the summer of 1900 in ‘The Go Between’ when the thermometer was often over 100F (37C) in Norfolk. Air temperature that is, not the spurious ‘surface temperature’ the alarmists are spouting at the moment (48C in Sardinia & etc) – as if you couldn’t always fry an egg on the tarmac or a car bonnet on a hot Aussie summer’s day! Remember people doing that when you were a kid? I do. And if ‘today’ is the hottest day ever (in Europe) how come for a couple of thousand years at least (from Roman Britain until the end of the Middle Ages with the ‘Little Ice Age’ c 1450AD) you could and did grow wine grapes right up to the Scottish border - when grapes will not grow outdoors anywhere in Britain today?. https://wattsupwiththat.com/2012/07/14/newly-found-weather-records-show-1930s-as-being-far-worse-than-the-present-for-extreme-weather/?fbclid=IwAR3yYeZ2NjxWszbm8ZTeYbh_2O6LV9RypggHhpUFCh2CD1Dkb3E17i1HUYw

16-07-2023: ‘Time’s Winged Chariot’. This morning I have been thinking about mortality a bit and mused, ‘How many folks have known people who were born 200 years apart?’ (Just a bit more than the age of our country). A really lot is the answer. You figure it. My own great grandfather lived the entire C19th, just as an example. The last person to have known Queen Victoria (who died in 1901) only died in the last decade or so. When I was young I met an old lady who had met Ned Kelly. There were many veterans of the Sudan War (1880s) back then, Winston Churchill for one. This does not mean that we should believe people’s often concocted family narratives though. False memories are easily come by. I come from a long-lived family who usually had their children in their thirties so that generations are quite a distance apart. My grandmother was 45 when my mother was born for example. My paternal grandfather remembered quite clearly his own grandfather who was a convict. Della’s mother remembered her own grandfather who well remembered his wife's grandmother (a soldier's wife) who gave birth on the First Fleet! Nonetheless very few reliable anecdotes have come down to us through the generations – only a handful from the C19th and none from the C18th.

16-07-2023: I agree with James Allan, it deserves to fail:I still think it will fail now because it proposes to undermine the core notion of equal citizenship on which liberal democracy is founded. I also think it will fail because it makes very likely the possibility of judicial activists rewriting the constitution at the point of application and because it will further clog up our already sclerotic law-making processes (only two other democracies have anything like our powerful upper house Senate), and because, at core, I have huge confidence in the good sense of the average Australian.” https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/07/setting-the-record-straight/

16-07-2023: Please save us John Connor!: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-07-15/whats-your-pdoom-ai-researchers-worry-catastrophe/102591340?fbclid=IwAR3j-1zVs-CqUyorfrp35HwMoLCq4vodExbH93txzTJywz-sZVkxoQkf5Bg

15-07-2023: In France it is still Bastille day. Vive La France: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwO6ryPwsGQ&t=69s

15-07-2023: Thank Monash: Electricity from brown coal is still only 3 cents a kilowatt hour:Imagine a world where Australian electricity prices were cheap again and industries moved here from all over the world. With the extra funds Australian families could afford laptops, music lessons, books and adventure camps for every child, or trips to the Whitsundays, Ningaloo, whatever turned them on. Parents might not have to work two jobs. What a life of riches we gave up so easily, with so little thought, because we were badgered and bullied into a futile quest to change the weather?” https://joannenova.com.au/2023/07/inflation-be-damned-brown-coal-is-still-making-electricity-for-3c-a-kilowatt-hour/

15-07-2023: Hope for a Rise of Conservatism – the Alternative For Germany Party is showing huge swings there: https://europeanconservative.com/articles/news/germany-young-educated-and-wealthy-increasingly-support-afd/

15-07-2023: Just in case you have forgotten what a disaster Atsic was and don’t realise why you should vote, “No’: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/the-voice/2023/07/50-reasons-why-normies-should-vote-no/

Here’s another five: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/rita-panahi/rita-panahi-five-reasons-you-should-vote-no-to-voice/news-story/dd4c1375cc4de38f08e430483094144c

14-07-2023: Things I did not know: The name ‘bungalow’ means "house in the Bengal style." https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/six-bedroom-bungalow-dubbed-fair-outlook-sale-nearly-2-million

14-07-2023: There are vast numbers of Nobel Prize winning scientists who repudidate the climate crisis. You don’t get this from the mainstream press though: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/07/another-skeptical-nobel-laureate-of-physics-climate-science-has-metastasized/ 

14-07-2023: When the Left decides to reject the climate mantra: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/07/11/uaw-to-biden-where-are-the-good-paying-green-jobs/ & https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/07/12/i-hate-tree-huggers-britains-opposition-leader-on-net-zero-proposals/

14-07-2023: Good Idea: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/07/keeping-it-simple-for-the-idiots.html

13-07-2023: Further twists in the Russian ‘mutiny’: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/putin-held-3-hour-meeting-wagner-chief-days-after-revolt

13-07-2023: This (disastrous wildfires which kill everything) is the main reason I oppose the very existence of ‘National Parks’ and the failed ideology of ‘conservation’ which motivates them. We had better protection for a diversity of native plants and animals under nearly 200 years of mixed use of our state forests including sustainable logging , seasonal grazing, some mining…including a wide range of personal freedoms (4WDriving, camping, fishing, fossilizing, hunting etc): https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/doomed-planet/2023/07/canadas-grim-lesson-in-bushfire-management/

13-07-2023: Sad, but not so instantaneous then: https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/titan-sub-victims-likely-realised-their-fate-between-48-and-71-seconds-before-deaths-horror-movie/news-story/a5c5b748ebdb8b05331f9ba22be591c9

13-07-2023: Kill the bush! All right for some: https://www.skynews.com.au/opinion/andrew-bolt/greens-senator-to-cut-down-trees-making-way-for-her-own-luxury-townhouses/video/0db5061bc893de9e4594a5b5dff363e5

12-07-2023: No evidence required; just debank: “The guideline recognises that banks don’t need legal evidence of domestic violence, such as an Apprehended Violence Order, to be able to offer assistance to customers… Hmm, can you imagine the banks cutting off the accounts of women who refuse to work or contribute to household bills? That’s clearly not going to happen. https://bettinaarndt.substack.com/p/weaponising-banks-against-men

12-07-2023: It is not just France. It is a problem with mass migration, particularly from folks who will not assimilate eg from Islamic countries: “If we do nothing or if we do little, we are going to head either towards a progressive implosion of social trust in France, that is to say towards a society where the quality of life will collapse and where it will be less and less pleasant to live, or, by successive explosions, towards confrontations that will make France a country where one will not be able to live at all.” https://www.zerohedge.com/political/french-riots-show-decades-mass-colonizing-immigration-could-lead-collapse-says-former

12-07-2023: It’s going to be ‘fun and games’: https://www.news.com.au/technology/environment/sustainability/aboriginal-elder-says-tree-planting-event-was-shut-down-because-it-honoured-queen-elizabeth/news-story/e33739e1116d4a55cc7c30bc4afe0ff1

12-07-2023: These Big Tech monsters are sinister. Soon there will not even be a memory of freedom in our country: https://www.rebelnews.com/meta_to_fact_check_indigenous_voice_referendum_with_new_funding_amid_free_speech_concerns

11-07-2023: Good God: https://www.dailywire.com/news/anglican-leader-says-opening-of-lords-prayer-is-problematic-for-some

PS: I would have thought the pronoun 'which' is the biggest worry.

11-07-2023: That breastfeeding bloke is the last straw: https://www.spiked-online.com/2023/07/05/that-breastfeeding-bloke-is-the-last-straw/

Unless it is Target selling tampons to ‘menstruaters’: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/07/tgp-reacts-gender-inclusive-tampons-woke-brand-calls/

11-07-2023: Are you the same person you used to be? https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2022/10/10/are-you-the-same-person-you-used-to-be-life-is-hard-the-origins-of-you?utm_social-type=owned&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_brand=tny&mbid=social_facebook&fbclid=IwAR1r3s3gfFpeai8neuXGoda7Zf5JjJbCpxufWM1_xnCLlBxUJwhKl6IlsEU

11-07-2023: Good points: How I learned to stop worrying and love CO2: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/07/08/how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-love-carbon-dioxide/

10-07-2023: The state of California has officially outlawed speaking Spanish over the language's bigoted use of exclusively masculine or feminine nouns."The entire Spanish language is literally transphobic hate speech," https://babylonbee.com/news/california-bans-spanish-over-nouns-having-only-two-gender-options

10-07-2023: Ronald Reagan, "I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” “A 3% increase.  Wonder what those babies think of that?  They are too young to answer the question today, but let's ask them in 15 years.  My guess is that most will say thanks for getting a chance to live rather than to have someone decide to put them among the 60 million who never got the chance.” https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/07/reagan_was_right_about_abortion.html

10-07-2023: Sad really. When you want your imaginary friends to think you have a really exciting life instead of spending it staring at four walls somewhere inside a vast megalopolis: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/07/dad-dies-front-children-wife-films-attempt-viral/

10-07-2023: Our actual life: Each afternoon we take the dogs for a walk in one of the forests nearby. Here are a couple of shots from yesterday. A very fine rainbow and six charming fallow deer. You can maybe see why I have ordered a phone with a better camera (https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/06/25/what-a-star/) . Fortunately my memory has many more megapixels than my phone. Of course there were also the usual half a dozen black wallabies and a dozen or so kangaroos - & etc.

9-07-2023: Holidays on Mars maybe sooner than you thought: https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/research/a44475938/nuclear-fusion-rocket-engine-hotter-than-sun/?utm_campaign=socialflowFBPOP&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social-media&fbclid=IwAR1vWQg2eYKJcCbwtRQYf_Qcwowvdux_TaVa60pb_i_gMi5ML44qM3QVUj8

9-07-2023: A Castration Robot – what a great idea: https://www.city-journal.org/article/oregon-health-science-universitys-castration-machine

And, How easy it is to have yourself castrated (22 minutes) : https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/06/a_22minute_intake_will_get_you_a_genderaffirming_testicle_removal.html

9-07-2023: Take a look at the energy use of the most populous countries, then tell me why we are ruining our economy with this ‘renewables’ religion: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/07/07/fossil-and-non-fossil-fuels/

9-07-2023: Moonbattery as a disability: https://moonbattery.com/moonbattery-as-a-disability/

8-07-2023: Probably a fair point. Chris Hedges: “They Lied About Afghanistan. They Lied About Iraq. And They Are Lying About Ukraine”: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/chris-hedges-they-lied-about-afghanistan-they-lied-about-iraq-and-they-are-lying-about

8-07-2023: A great essay: Conservatives “need to reassert what was once obvious—that the biological, married family is the best environment for raising children and that to be heterosexual is not merely an inferior option in life for those who just can’t for some reason join up with the alphabet brigade. They have to reassert the legitimacy of bourgeois norms and insist that children deserve to have their innocence regarding sex preserved for as long as possible”: https://www.city-journal.org/article/a-battle-for-cultural-survival

8-07-2023: This is good news. I’m sure I’m not the only person just wanting to do business without a dose of ‘save the world’ religion thrown in: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/07/global-climate-police-thwarted-us-republican-states-win-against-net-zero-insurance-cartel/

8-07-2023: You don’t say! Portugal regrets decision to legalise drugs: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/once-hailed-for-decriminalizing-drugs-portugal-is-now-having-doubts/ar-AA1dxFl3

7-07-2023: Things we really need a referendum on and a guarantee in the constitution for: I can think of a heap myself. For example, free speech, political freedom, the right to lawful assembly and association and free movement, protection from arbitrary arrest, the right to a fair trial, the right to own private property and guarantees about what that means, the right to be treated equally before the law, one person one vote, our right to decide before our government enters into international agreements & especially UN conventions, abolishing the utterly undemocratic and anachronistic Senate, fixed date annual elections (as in ancient Rome),,.I’m sure you can think of a few more important things than setting up an unelected racist assembly above our elected leaders: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/07/big-win-against-big-tech-censors-in-usa-shows-australians-need-a-referendum-for-free-speech/

7-07-2023: The UAH’s global temperature for July. I'm sure that you know that this is the most reliable international measure of world temperature (though the satellites don’t cover the polar regions). The most telling thing in this 50 year history is that global temperature seems to be constrained to a narrow limit of +/- .5C. I think this is an extraordinary thermostatic effect. You would think much more ‘climate’ effort would be spent on understanding why this is the case than preaching alarmist memes about ‘the hottest day in world history’, imminent doom and other such nonsense: https://www.drroyspencer.com/2023/07/uah-global-temperature-update-for-june-2023-0-38-deg-c/

7-07-2023: Remembering the incomparable Michael Crichton twenty years on:  https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/06/26/anniversary-issue-the-crichton-caltech-michelin-lecture/

7-07-2023: Go Ladies:  https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/06/meet-the-australian-women-making-a-stand-for-free-speech/

6-07-2023: "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect.“ Mark Twain

6-07-2023: $60K a year to go to Uni for life. Why not spend even more money on ‘aborigines’? Reparations anyone? https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life/my-husbands-been-at-uni-for-20-years-is-that-a-red-flag/news-story/53238bdf9c78b47a88dff2da6943cf54

6-07-2023: At least he died happy: https://nypost.com/2023/07/05/uk-nurse-failed-to-get-help-when-her-patient-died-during-sex/

6-07-2023: ‘Scientists’ claim that it was the ‘hottest year ever’ last year, a year when no-one was able to raise a single tomato in Southern Victoria. For comparison I remember during the 1980s (when it was supposedly much colder) we had tomatoes every single year and some years watermelons/rockmelons too. If people believe this stuff it is simply the Goebbels Effect. Meanwhile there has not been a year in living memory anything like 1939 no matter how much they try to fake it.

5-07-2023: I have always been pro-vaccine but, “Not one childhood vaccine was pre-tested in a placebo controlled trial”. Good Lord: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/07/r-f-kennedy-jnr-not-one-childhood-vaccine-was-pretested-in-a-long-term-placebo-controlled-trial/

Tragic: I wonder what the cost/benefit of the covid vaccine is/was. Will we ever know? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/07/tragic-news-actress-succumbs-assisted-suicide-following-covid/

5-07-2023: France’s George Floyd – time we stopped making heroes out of evil scum. Why shouldn’t they be shot down in the street like the mad dogs they are? BTW: 75% of French people want an end to immigration. Repatriation would be a good idea too. : https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/07/france-has-fallen-17-year-old-victim-was/

5-07-2023: 3 times as much food (grain) as there was in 1961 – 50% more than there was in 2000. It surely is the ‘end times’: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/07/its-biblical-climate-fire-and-brimstone-except-the-un-wants-to-be-god/

5-07-2023: Debanking: the next big step in social control. You can see why they want to get rid of cheques and paper money now perhaps: https://richardsonpost.com/stephen-wells/32222/nigel-farage-gets-debanked-and-youre-all-next/

More here: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/07/theyre-only-making-plans-for-nigel/

4-07-2023: Volkswagen “are experiencing strong customer reluctance in the electric vehicle sector”: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/07/02/volkswagen-strong-customer-reluctance-in-the-electric-vehicle-sector/

And: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/07/ev-fantasia-hits-multiple-speed-bumps/ 

4-07-2023: The Pareto Principle: https://resumelab.com/career-advice/pareto-principle?utm_source=google&utm_medium=sem&utm_campaign=6540517835&utm_term=%2Bpareto%20%2Bprinciple&network=g&device=c&adposition=&adgroupid=104311758447&placement=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpIDYnOfv_wIV7sbjBx26LAZJEAAYASAAEgImAPD_BwE

4-07-2023: “All the solar and wind in the world combined doesn’t provide even a third of the energy we get from wood and dung.” Good old carbon still represents 93% of world energy use: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/07/03/the-myth-of-replacing-fossil-fuels/ .

4-07-2023: What a ‘delightful’ character Yunupingu evidently really was: https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2023/07/galarrwuy-yunupingu-lord-of-the-manor/

3-07-2023: Fancy a cashew: https://www.coricks.com/2023/04/07/560/

3-07-2023: There shall be only one truth (and like ‘work’ at Auschwitz) it will set you free: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/06/labors-censorship-bill-a-threat-to-democracy/

3-07-2023: Apparently we never had it tough with interest rates at 21% back in 1990. It is today’s spoiled darlings with interest rates of 6% who have it tough. You can prove anything with figures if you try/lie hard enough. Of course they have more debt because of the ‘cheap money’ which has caused house prices to explode: https://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/interest-rates/double-whammy-facing-aussie-homeowners-as-interest-rates-soar-while-wages-stagnate/news-story/013d5cacec26162df72dd688fff03cea

3-07-2023: When the world was much warmer (just a few thousands of years ago) there was so much more life  on earth – the Sahara was green and dotted with rivers and lakes: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/07/only-6000-years-ago-the-world-was-warmer-and-the-sahara-was-lush-green-and-wet/

2-07-2023: What you get when you allow a vast Fifth Column to invade your country. We need an immigration re-set now: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/06/france-grip-anarchy-cities-transformed-war-zones-amidst/

Good question: https://richardsonpost.com/tyler-durden/32179/france-deploys-armored-military-vehicles-to-combat-nationwide-riots/

2-07-2023: Certainly big news if it proves to be true. Hit by a comet perhaps?  Problem for the gay community? https://allisrael.com/did-sodom-and-gomorrah-really-exist-biblical-archaeologist-reveals-new-evidence-on-the-rosenberg-report

2-07-2023: Yeah! Being alive is bad for your health. None of us will survive this: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.theatlantic.com%2Fhealth%2Farchive%2F2023%2F06%2Fartificial-sweetener-aspartame-diet-coke-cancer-link-who%2F674586%2F

2-07-2023: I do enjoy a morning dose of Stuart Schneiderman: https://stuartschneiderman.substack.com/p/saturday-miscellany-ad4?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=1523886&post_id=132334649&isFreemail=true&utm_medium=email

1-07-2023: Sure looks cold: Spring near the Martian North Pole: https://hirise-pds.lpl.arizona.edu/PDS/EXTRAS/RDR/ESP/ORB_078300_078399/ESP_078343_2500/ESP_078343_2500_MRGB.abrowse.jpg

1-07-2023: Hachiko: If this does not bring a tear to your eye, you are not human: https://www.coricks.com/2023/06/30/hachiko-the-most-loyal-dog-in-the-world/?fbclid=IwAR2iZ7zl2y1dkmDPZhYKm-uYeIYPoAf8kOf4jXnheBHieHs-S40AmLF3x00

1-07-2023: Pell deserves sainthood: “The case against Pell was nothing more than an appalling police sting operation protracted by grossly erroneous judicial reasoning by Victoria’s two most senior judges. Thankfully, his prison journals revealed a Christian who was able to find grace in the midst of adversity and profound injustice.” An incredibly well-written article Frank Brennan: https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2023/07/cardinal-pell-at-the-hands-of-the-victorian-justice-system/

1-07-2023: In the US the Supreme Court has found that ‘affirmative action’ based on’race’ is wrong – yet here in Australia we are rushing to enshrine this obscenity in our own constitution…”All men are created equal…” https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2023/06/the-time-has-come-today-3.php

30-06-2023:  A new idea for an expandable camper: https://newatlas.com/outdoors/flip90-vw-truck-camper-rotates-roomy-backcountry-cabin/

30-06-2023:  Exactly: https://babylonbee.com/news/pedophile-jailed-for-flashing-kids-at-playground-kicking-himself-for-not-doing-it-at-pride-parade-instead

30-06-2023:  We must fight back against the Left. The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship sounds like a step in the right direction: https://www.rebelnews.com/former_australian_prime_ministers_join_global_group_backed_by_jordan_peterson

30-06-2023:  Why should this small but vocal group have more than one person and one vote? This vocal minority will not be happy until they have ‘cradle to grave’ support from other hard-working Australians. https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/06/hear-my-voice/

29-06-2023:  The Ultralight Sauna: Fancy a sauna in the back country? I thought I had pretty much sorted out Bathtime on the Trail with that post as well as  The APC and the Sponge Bath and Keeping Clean on the Trail & etc, but the ingenious Tim Tinker has now come along with a modification of my Hiking Desalinater which enables a half-hour sauna even in the snow! Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/06/28/the-ultralight-sauna/

The steam generator for a backpacking sauna. It has a large bore steam tube that was custom made from silnylon.

29-06-2023:  A splendid essay, “The empire was not in essence racist, exploitative or senselessly violent. It learnt to correct its sins of commission or omission.” : https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2023/06/measuring-the-elephant-the-morality-of-the-british-empire/

29-06-2023:  “Whether you think you can or think you can’t — you are right.” Henry Ford: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/06/think_you_can.html

29-06-2023:  It doesn’t get any stranger than this: Big Tech Cage Fighting: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/06/musk-zuckerberg-cage-fight-elon-will-train-legendary/

28-06-2023:  Bombshell: Over 500 excess deaths a week involving heart diseases have been documented since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the British Heart Foundation: https://www.bhf.org.uk/-/media/files/what-we-do/influencing-change/strengthening-health-and-care-systems/excess-deaths-involving-cvd/excess-deaths-involving-cvd-in-england_an-anlysis-and-explainer.pdf

28-06-2023:  A heart-warming story: Vanilla the chimp, caged for entire life, sees sky for first time: https://nypost.com/2023/06/26/vanilla-the-chimp-caged-entire-life-sees-sky-for-first-time-in-heartwarming-video/

28-06-2023:  It is sad that these five billionaires are dead at the bottom of the sea, but it is great that they used their wealth to ‘push the envelope’ for the rest of us. Someday because of such folks your grandkids will holiday on the moons of Saturn or cruise to Alpha Centauri. “Most cutting edge technology starts out as a rich man’s toy.  Automobiles, passenger airplanes, VCRs, etc. all started out that way.  Letting rich people buy the tech drives the technology and pushes prices down over time so that ordinary people can afford it.  I don’t think ordinary people will ever be interested in doing miles-deep dives, but improved subsea technology is a very big deal.  We often hear about how unexplored the deep ocean depths are, and there’s a reason for that – we aren’t very good at it yet.  We get better at it by doing it.  We can do it more if people are willing and able to pay for it.” Glenn Reynolds. Should the sub have been tested on poorer people first?: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/06/in-praise-of-megarich-adventurers/

Mind you, they didn’t suffer: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2023/06/26/what-happened-to-the-bodies-of-those-killed-in-the-titanic-submersible-implosion-n2625013

28-06-2023:  What is going on with these UFOs? It seems vanishingly unlikely they are crashed spaceships from a distant and superior civilisation, so what exactly is the fuss about? Maybe someone (the US/China?) has superior technology we don’t know about: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/06/ufos-or-not-something-is-up/

27-06-2023:  Wonnangatta Pack (Raft) Track: Many people may not know that the famous C19th Wonnangatta Station was ‘serviced’ by a pack track up the true right bank of that river (ie the right bank facing downstream) along which all its supplies came (including even a large piano).

No doubt other sections still exist below the Moroka Junction, but this post concerns its remnant from the Moroka Junction to the Hernes and Wombat Spurs. Clearly it also went on after that but as with the lower section there is now a road or track which can more easily be followed, eg by those wishing to pack raft the river or explore it for other purposes – deer hunting (excellent), fishing (which is good), bush walking & etc. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/06/26/wonnangatta-pack-raft-track/


27-06-2023:  Too many unmeritorious rape case are destroying social life: https://bettinaarndt.substack.com/p/scope-creep-and-the-sexual-assault

27-06-2023:  Remember (just yesterday) when the famous (song) phrase, “I am woman” was something to be proud of? What is the matter with the world? https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/06/the-sex-that-dare-not-speak-its-name/

27-06-2023:  The ‘Twitter Files’ reveal just how sinister the Big Tech players have become: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/06/to-condition-people-to-censor-themselves/

26-06-2023:  Today is the 50th anniversary of the Limits to Growth, which used state of the art computer models that were not validated to predict that humanity faced a devastating collapse from the lack of food, oil, other commodities, etc.

26-06-2023:  What a Star: Available now on Kickstarter the new Unihertz Jelly (Star) phone for US$169ea (or US$310 for two).

I have been using the Jelly 2 for a couple of years now and found it just great. I will be ordering this new model because of the (much) improved camera. From 16 Megapixels to 48! Wow! Huge!

I have taken most of the photos on my blog The Ultralight Hiker the last two years with it. I don’t think you could complain about their quality, but the new camera looks set to blow them away. I will be able to zoom in and crop much smaller detail for example. Roughly (the equivalent of) ten times zoom I guess. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/06/25/what-a-star/

26-06-2023:  Wind energy just crashed: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/06/siemans-energy-stocks-fall-36-turbines-are-degrading-faster-than-expected/

26-06-2023:  Contrariwise, I think the kids got it right, “You identify with the sexual organ you were born with. That’s basically what you’re saying, which is really despicable.” https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/06/teacher_calls_student_despicable_for_questioning_classmates_claim_shes_a_cat.html

26-06-2023:  “Ron Klain, until recently Joe Biden’s chief of staff, is quotable here. In reply to a Vox post on July 14, 2014 showing ‘68 per cent of Americans think elections are rigged,’ Klain tweeted: ‘That’s because they are.’” https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/06/yes-us-elections-can-be-hacked/

25-06-2023: Ephemera: When I am filling the kettle to make the morning coffee I usually happen to glance out the kitchen window just to see what wonders the day has in store for me. There are always some, a number of which you have been a party to over the years, such as this secretive rabbit which I made a feature of in an item about Responsible Sambar Deer Hunting. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/06/25/ephemera/



25-06-2023: Nice people: Moslem-American scholar defends marriage to 9-year-old girls: https://worldisraelnews.com/watch-muslim-american-scholar-defends-marriage-to-9-year-old-girls/

25-06-2023: Stranger and stranger: Why should lesbians sleep with men? As long as they do, you might say: https://unherd.com/2023/05/why-should-lesbians-sleep-with-men/

25-06-2023: What is Milk? I admit I had trouble milking an almond: https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2023/06/milk-mammalian-evolution-nutrition/674487/?utm_source=apple_news

25-06-2023: Cowboys and Indians: Biden Dons Feathered Headdress To Welcome Indian Prime Minister: https://babylonbee.com/news/biden-dons-feathered-headdress-to-welcome-indian-president?utm_source=The%20Babylon%20Bee%20Newsletter&utm_medium=email

24-06-2023: Steve Jobs, “No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there…And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it…death is very likely the single best invention of life. It is life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.” https://unherd.com/2023/06/the-billion-dollar-search-for-immortality/

24-06-2023: Dare we go where Sweden has gone before? https://joannenova.com.au/2023/06/sweden-axes-renewable-energy-targets-shifts-back-to-nuclear-power/


24-06-2023: This will not end well: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/06/german-politicians-move-ban-eliminate-afd-populist-party/


24-06-2023: Is a civil war looming in Russia? https://www.gbnews.com/news/russia-civil-war-wagner-group-vladimir-putin-ukraine


And: https://www.politico.eu/article/russia-army-retreating-yevgeny-prigozhin-wagner-boss-feud-anti-war-tirade/


23-06-2023: Adam Smith at 300: The Gospel of Mutual Service: “He described the increase of capital as another great cause of prosperity and said very truly that it was not the result of government foresight, for governments were generally prodigal and profuse, but of the frugality and good conduct of individuals desirous of bettering their own condition” https://reason.com/2023/06/20/adam-smith-at-300-the-gospel-of-mutual-service/


23-06-2023: Is the Jihad over? Only if you are a racist twat: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/robert-spencer/2023/06/18/americans-assume-the-jihad-is-over-in-africa-its-bloodier-and-more-aggressive-than-ever-n1704322


23-06-2023: Reflections on the ‘Titan Sub’: Not even enough time to think, “Maybe we should have done more testing”..But who/what was doing the knocking? The same person/thing responsible for the MH370 pings perhaps? Am I paying for the search? Where do I demand my money back?


23-06-2023: Who Knew: The world’s forests already ensure that we are at ‘Net Zero’. Absolutely no need to do any more economy destroying non-science: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/06/earth-is-already-at-net-zero/


22-06-2023: (Past) time for another Menzies. Who can it be? Andrew Hastie perhaps? https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/06/why-menzies-still-matters/


22-06-2023: I’m afraid we will miss them sorely: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/education/2023/06/why-good-teachers-are-fleeing-the-classroom/


22-06-2023: If you wonder why your vote doesn’t count think how much does it cost to buy an MP: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/06/these-guys-run-the-world-blackrock-recruiter-caught-boasting-about-buying-senators-cheap/


22-06-2023: “Good news, folks. We can stop raising taxes, banning cars and sending EPA SWAT teams to people’s homes for trying to fill in swamps on their own land.” https://www.frontpagemag.com/climate-change-turns-out-to-be-a-71-year-old-guy-named-ed/


21-06-2023: Time for a ‘good news’ story: https://archive.is/uBmlA


21-06-2023: ‘100 Places to See After Your Die’ – interesting title for a book: https://www.washingtonpost.com/books/2023/06/13/ken-jennings-afterlife-100-places-see-after-you-die/


21-06-2023: “One could argue that not only should the teacher be immediately terminated, one of the students should take over. The kids in this case have more brains and common sense than the so-called adult in the room.” https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/06/woke-british-teacher-throws-fit-after-girl-mocks/


21-06-2023: Mayo with that? Yeah. Why don’t you just vote for ‘The Voice’ and throw your country away? https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/06/in-their-own-words-the-simple-truth-behind-albaneses-vanity-voice.html


20-06-2023: Beatlejuice. It sure will be something to see: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/06/betegeuse-may-go-supernova-in-our-lifetime-brighter-than-the-moon/


20-06-2023: Your wife certainly had a valid excuse with, ‘I just need to get dressed’ back in 1896: https://twitter.com/UmarBzv/status/1668564492119048194


20-06-2023: One tenth of one degree in 50 years – well within the range of error anyway. Nothing to get excited about. No doubt much the same situation applies most places - except those getting cooler! https://www.drroyspencer.com/2023/06/epic-fail-in-americas-heartland-climate-models-greatly-overestimate-corn-belt-warming/


20-06-2023: Exactly. Long since time ‘aborigines’ said, ‘Sorry’, “Aboriginal people must accept that they are no more indigenous than anyone else born in Australia.”: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/aborigines/2023/06/not-sorry-for-not-saying-sorry/


19-06-2023: If the cost of home ownership keeps going up you might also decide to go live in a tree: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/06/in-need-of-a-tree/


19-06-2023: Some good news from the UK at least. Oz needs its own Nigel Farage – is it Tony Abbott? https://europeanconservative.com/articles/commentary/britain-poised-to-unite-the-right/


19-06-2023: Take careful note: How life on earth was once before destroyed by a shortage of CO2: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/06/12/how-co2-starvation-plate-tectonics-caused-the-greatest-mass-extinction-the-permian-great-dying/


19-06-2023: A couple more ‘green dreams’ wither on the vine:  https://joannenova.com.au/2023/06/thousands-of-evs-rotting-in-fields-in-china/ & https://joannenova.com.au/2023/06/bad-news-for-electric-planes-batteries-only-last-a-few-weeks/


15-06-2023: The huge fires in Canada were caused by bad forest management. The same thing will happen here as a result of the change from native forest logging etc to (even more disastrous) ‘National Parks’. This is bad conservation: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12171711/What-sparked-Canadian-wildfires-wreaking-havoc-US.html


15-06-2023: When Andrews brings us even more gibberish: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/06/bread-circuses-and-moon-worshipping/


15-06-2023: Tucker Carlson Episode 3. Will they succeed in silencing this guy in the same way they are determined to destroy Trump? : https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1668747661028081664


15-06-2023: ‘What a tangled web you weave.’ 'Saint' Britanny and the ‘pub test’: https://bettinaarndt.substack.com/p/saint-brittany-or-scheming-charlatan


14-06-2023: Horrifying! Our leftie political leaders are handing over our country (including our freehold land) to dubious faux ‘aborigines’ who never had to do a day’s work or pay for it (as you did) to the extent even for eg that in WA (after 1 July) you will have to ask ‘aborigines’ before you can do anything on your own land (plant a tree, plough a paddock, graze a sheep etc). Such changes will ultimately lead to a real ‘war’ against such ‘aborigines’ in the future, mark my words. There really will be ‘blood on the wattle’: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/rita-panahi/rita-panahi-the-slide-in-support-for-the-socalled-voice-to-parliament-has-been-rather-dramatic/news-story/46c942caba6d9743eb410335eff88471


14-06-2023: No more cars – and soon. What the rich want for you: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/06/and-the-workers-shall-not-own-cars-wef-plan-to-get-rid-of-75/


14-06-2023: The German economy may have to shut down next year. This is the future the Greens have in store for us all: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/06/vc-habeck-says-german-industry-may-shut-down-hopes-russia-and-ukraine-will-play-nice-on-gas/


14-06-2023: Now the truth is finally out: covid was a bioweapon developed by the Chinese military (to destroy the West). Worked well too, didn’t it? https://hotair.com/david-strom/2023/06/12/bombshell-covid-19-developed-by-military-at-wuhan-lab-n557307


13-06-2023: A truly great survival story: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.theguardian.com%2Fworld%2F2023%2Fjun%2F11%2Famazon-plane-crash-colombian-children-survived-on-cassava-and-fruits-family-say


13-06-2023: Absolutely Ron. Our government needs to go back to nation building instead of nation destroying: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/06/we-have-done-it-before-lets-do-it-again/


13-06-2023: Nearly one in three GenZers want the government to install surveillance cameras in everyone’s houses. These kids have been thoroughly indoctrinated by the ‘march through the institutions’: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/06/nearly_one_in_three_gen_zers_want_the_government_to_install_surveillance_cameras_in_everyones_homes.html


13-06-2023: “Sixty-six percent of college students think shouting down a speaker to stop them from speaking is a legitimate form of free speech” https://jonathanturley.org/2023/06/10/survey-roughly-three-fourths-of-princeton-students-believe-shouting-down-speakers-is-acceptable/


12-06-2023: Why Trump simply cannot be guilty. He took the documents while he was President and ‘classified’ them as was consistent with his constitutional power. Neither have they fallen into any other ‘hands’. Th whole shemozzle is just part of the ‘coup’ against him. God help us and him that he wins through in the end: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/06/trump_did_not_violate_the_law_because_he_could_not_violate_the_law.html


Kari Lake: "If you want to get to President Trump, you're going to have to go through me, and 75 million Americans just like me. And most of us are card-carrying members of the NRA. That's not a threat, that's a public service announcement"


12-06-2023: Why there is absolutely no danger to the climate from CO2: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/06/co2_is_a_climate_red_herring.html


12-06-2023: How Meta (Facebook, Instagram etc) is the most massive pedophile network: https://richardsonpost.com/tyler-durden/31915/instagram-is-home-to-an-organized-and-massive-network-of-pedophiles/


12-06-2023: Good Lord! How crooked can you get? It’s no wonder they ban safe and effective drugs and foist dangerous experimental treatments on the population: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/06/when-the-government-agencies-that-approve-drugs-are-actually-96-funded-by-big-pharma/


11-06-2023: Tell me what we gain by importing hordes of such people? https://rmx.news/crime/it-is-always-the-maghrebi-types-who-follow-whistle-at-and-insult-me-french-women-recount-their-experience-with-sexual-harassment-from-foreigners/


11-06-2023: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” Watch what happens here when folks realise they really don't like 'aborigines' for example: https://rmx.news/germany/afd-party-should-be-banned-argues-german-human-rights-group-funded-by-german-government/


11-06-2023: One of the biggest ‘problems’ with the (12) alien spaceships mystery is why after flying zillions of miles to get here they should be so poorly constructed as to crash? https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/06/10/good-reasons-to-be-skeptical-of-alien-spaceship-claims/


11-06-2023: How to deal with ‘junk science’: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/06/09/dig-deeper-learn-more/


10-06-2023: Toyota just canned the ‘need’ for EVs. https://www.realclearenergy.org/articles/2023/06/06/you_may_not_need_an_electric_vehicle_after_all_904060.html


The new ‘Liquid Piston’ engine will completely destroy them: https://newatlas.com/automotive/inside-out-wankel/


10-06-2023: Tucker, Episode 2. This guy is great: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/06/breaking-tucker-carlson-releases-episode-2-his-twitter/


10-06-2023: Well said as usual, Bettina – but I fear you have gone too far this time: https://bettinaarndt.substack.com/p/sometimes-men-still-do-it-better


10-06-2023: The latest attack on Trump is just a continuation of the ‘Deep State’ coup which brought Biden to office: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/06/another-bogus-attack-dc-court-already-ruled-2012/


09-06-2023: This looks to be a handy gadget. Now if I can just set it off with a motion detector. https://www.amazon.com.au/Perimeter-Reusable-Warning-Security-Property/dp/B0C1ZMJ2XL?th=1 & https://tripalarms.com/


09-06-2023: 104+ million people watched the first new Tucker programme., Sure did a great job shutting him down. Still trying though: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12169523/Tucker-Carlson-broke-media-matrix-Twitter-broadcast.html


09-06-2023: One thing is certain: changes to the solar flux and the PDO are much bigger ‘drivers’ of climate than tiny differences in the amount of CO2: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/06/06/the-sun-in-june-2023/


09-06-2023: What really happened to the Kakhovka Dam? https://meduza.io/en/feature/2023/06/07/what-really-happened-to-the-kakhovka-dam


08-06-2023: Bizarre footage from security cams. My neighbour has one of these and he swears I ‘would not believe ‘what he has caught on camera. I am now inclined to believe him: https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life/topless-witches-caught-munching-on-deer-carcass-in-bizarre-cctv-footage/news-story/93c30c8c4a2ba58687a6a83656b46924


08-06-2023: Strange this should be happening if we are having ‘global warming’. Could this be why our Southern Vic tomatoes continue to fail to ripen? https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/06/02/antarctic-ice-shelves-growing/


08-06-2023: The story of the century – might even be true: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/06/new_whistleblower_insists_ufos_have_landed_here_and_the_us_government_has_them.html


08-06-2023: How many people do you think want giant windmills and huge power transmission towers on their land? Not me at least. And all for nothing anyway: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/06/who-needs-farmers-the-greens-create-10000-km-of-high-voltage-transmission-line-pain/


07-06-2023: Tucker is back – and he’s great: https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1666203439146172419


07-06-2023: ‘It is a matter of opinion,’ or ‘That is just your opinion’ & etc. I am always astonished that people feel that this is a valid riposte: Listen up, folks, there are no matters of opinion; only matters of fact…Everything is either accessible to rigorous testing as to whether it is true or not. If it is not, then it is simply gibberish, and not worth saying, let alone repeating! All the world’s beliefs are like this, ie provable/falsifiable or nonsense. Think: God, after life, socialism, Tim-Tams, etc, etc. Actually that last doesn’t fit the pattern; as Horace remarked ‘De gustibus non est disputandum’ ie ‘In matters of taste, there can be no disputes’.


07-06-2023: Should we celebrate ‘pride’: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2023/06/pride_is_nothing_to_celebrate.html


07-06-2023: Rowan Atkinson’s experience of electric cars is interesting: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/06/rowan-atkinson-our-honeymoon-with-electric-cars-is-coming-to-an-end/


It is also extremely unlikely that EVs will actually reduce rather than increase CO2 output – as if that mattered anyway: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/06/no-one-even-knows-if-evs-will-reduce-carbon-dioxide/


07-06-2023: Australia’s energy nightmare. Once government’s used to be responsible for this eg by building new power stations (usually coal) but now they are destroying them. If you are very fortunate (and cashed up) you may be able to spend $20-50K of your own money building a ‘system’ which will improve your personal position for the next ten years or so but with no certainty still you won’t suffer blackouts. Our household is going down this route. We figure if we can spend eg $20K to avoid an annual electricity bill of $3K that this is a good return on capital – though the maintenance will be a chore. We are in the process of ordering NiFe batteries and will add a vast amount of solar as well as a vertical wind turbine and mini hydro as well (probably) as a personal) pumped hydro system (as an additional ‘battery’). We also have quite a lot of our own firewood on hand and will plant more. If you don’t have the space or money to do similar you are going to suffer because of the evil green dreams of the Left, increasingly abetted by the conservatives too! https://joannenova.com.au/2023/06/green-australia-where-industry-is-on-edge-the-grid-precarious-and-electricity-prices-up-25/





05-06-2023: Will you be able to get by on just one sausage a month? Thank goodness we have our own lambs: https://hotair.com/tree-hugging-sister/2023/05/31/the-threat-to-german-sausages-is-real-n554708


05-06-2023: Cows and sheep are not so bad after all: “Dutch and Irish politicians have failed to recognise that regenerative farming techniques allow livestock farmers to help mitigate climate change by sequestering carbon in the soil. The technology needed to measure soil carbon accurately has recently been developed by a British company, Ecometric. The results are startling. Some British livestock farmers are now being paid for the net carbon sequestered into the soils after the methane from their burping cows has been accounted for. It would mean changing the way we farm to embrace holistic methods; mainly replacing cereal-based cattle diets with grass, but it can be done.: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.telegraph.co.uk%2Fnews%2F2023%2F06%2F02%2Firelands-mooted-cow-massacre-warning-to-net-zero-britain%2F


05-06-2023: The true costs of energy. (The world is currently building over 1,000 new coal-fired power stations. Why can’t we have just a few, please?) : https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/06/02/the-actual-levelized-cost-of-energy/


04-06-2023: Clint turns 93: https://twitter.com/HeyJudyH/status/1664006951502508033


04-06-2023: How China will win WW3 unless we act now: https://richardsonpost.com/david-hilton/31846/leftists-persucute-ben-roberts-smith/


04-06-2023: Aren’t we all? https://www.rebelnews.com/australians_sick_of_being_welcomed_to_their_own_country






03-06-2023: The plight of English teaching in our schools. Imagine having to have an MA to teach comics and TikTok – and no Macbeth: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/05/what-is-the-point-of-teaching-english/


03-06-2023: We really should have a Royal Commission into Covid: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/06/garlic-19/


For example, how many died because of the ban on the very effective (early) treatment Hydroxychloroquine? https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/covid/2023/05/the-curious-tale-of-hydroxychloroquine/


03-06-2023: Not yet, but maybe soon? https://www.livescience.com/space/extraterrestrial-life/repeated-signals-from-the-center-of-the-milky-way-could-be-aliens-saying-hello-new-study-claims


03-06-2023: The ‘sea of faith’ is waning. Now we are hearing only ‘its long melancholy roar’ as it retreats. Hopefully civilization can still be saved from the climate vandals: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/06/peak-esg-is-behind-us-investors-throw-out-climate-fantasies-at-exxon-and-chevron/ 


2-06-2023: The continuing ‘Boer War’: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/06/three-murders-every-hour-south-african-farmers-set/


2-06-2023: Just the beginning of banning flying to ‘save the planet’: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/06/climate-lockdowns-begin-for-the-workers-france-bans-short-flights-for-passengers-but-not-private-jets/


2-06-2023: Though ‘primary industries’ are clearly the most ‘renewable’ and sustainable’ they are being targeted by the ‘climate cabal’ for closure. Dan’s shutting the native forest industry (and fisheries) was only the beginning. The real purpose of these moves such as the attack on fertilizer use is to reduce the world population (by starvation): https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/06/hohmann-globalists-rev-up-plans-engineer-global-famine/


2-06-2023: We have two million plus  public servants in Australia. If we had any more we would begin to look like a gigantic episode of ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’! Surely we don’t need to have so many ‘servants’? This is getting on very close to every second household having its own butler (now, that would be nice – or at maybe a downstairs maid at least!) It really begs the question though, doesn’t it, ‘What can all these ‘servants’ be doing?’(And how much of our money are they being paid?)  It clearly isn’t what any sane person would describe as ‘Work’, so what is it exactly? And why couldn’t we do without just a little bit of it/them? I think I would be able to balance the budget and pay off the national debt quite quickly if allowed some elbow room to do so. Over to you: https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/labour/employment-and-unemployment/employment-and-earnings-public-sector-australia/latest-release


01-06-2023: Apparently greenies are offering to paint my 25 year old Land Rover – though unfortunately not the colour I wanted. Somehow they have figured that it is more wasteful (even though it does better than 10 km per litre) than ‘modern’ cars and particularly electrics - not figuring in the added cost of producing those new cars as compared with keeping my old one running. Damned fools: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/vandalism-for-the-planet-climate-activists-deflate-tyres-to-try-to-make-it-impossible-to-own-an-suv/


01-06-2023: Who is an aborigine? Why we should reject ‘The Voice’. Well said: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/05/who-is-an-aborigine/


01-06-2023: Good on you Pauline: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/05/pauline-hanson-putting-weak-lnp-to-shame-over-palasczcuks-aboriginal-treaty.html


01-06-2023: The ‘internet of things’ just got mighty serious/ Folks will want to delete these things – but will they be able?  https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/05/the-next-chinese-tech-threat-is-already-here/


01-06-2023: Albo?


31-05-2023:  No trigger warnings. No snowflakes back then: https://petapixel.com/2013/10/29/honored-photograph/


31-05-2023:  Nuts to that you might say but your heart does not agree: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/eating-nuts-and-seeds-may-reduce-risk-of-heart-disease/


31-05-2023:  Beware when the bogus aborigines take charge: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/aborigines/2023/05/bogus-identity-and-constitutional-change/


31-05-2023:  Is the UN climate cabal coming undone: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/un-netzero-cartel-wants-to-make-insurance-firms-into-climate-police-but-giants-are-fleeing/


30-05-2023:  I must (not) go down to the sea again: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/researchers-think-other-orcas-are-imitating-a-single-killer-whale-that-first-started-targeting-boats-leading-some-to-sink/ar-AA1bLqmC

30-05-2023:  What is wrong with Keynesian economics: https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2023/05/money-out-the-door-australia-in-the-shadow-of-keynes/

30-05-2023:  Well said Maggie: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/05/margaret-thatcher-on-raising-living-standards-for-everyone.html

30-05-2023:  Our tomatoes have certainly known it has been getting colder but not the BOM: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/thats-a-big-climate-surprise-frost-season-growing-longer-across-australia-and-for-years/

And it’s been getting colder all over: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/05/28/cold-grips-globally-alaskas-4th-cold-winter-record-cold-down-underuks-delayed-spring/

29-05-2023:  Neil Oliver on how bad the Greens really are. You really need to know about Clintel – and the facts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kD9KG-j7C0M

29-05-2023:  Unfortunately true: “Polls show as many  as two out of three Democrats voters still trust the media, while barely 1 in 6 Republicans do. If the media were not so nakedly biased, those statistics wouldn’t be so skewed.” https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/this-is-what-mind-control-looks-like/

29-05-2023:  Important lessons from a long life: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2023/05/22/david-von-drehle-book-excerpt-dr-charlie-white/

29-05-2023:  Certainly spooky stuff – what once used to prompt vampire legends. No doubt there is a rational explanation: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/05/miracle-missouri-catholics-flock-missouri-convent-see-exhumed/ 

28-05-2023:  A really big scientific dilemma. CO2 and temperature are not coupled: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/05/26/the-holocene-co2-dilemma/

28-05-2023:  This man, Norman Borlaug is responsible for saving the lives of over a billion people. If the climate becomes colder as was predicted in the 1970's (& some current predictions, see eg: http://wattsupwiththat.com/.../the-cia-documents-the.../...) we will need several of his kind to prevent catastrophe. Remember this, the Little Ice Age killed something like 1/3rd of Europe's population. Much more agricultural research is needed, particularly in the field of adaptation to a shortened growing season (and genetic engineering of plants to flourish in colder conditions): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norman_Borlaug

28-05-2023:  DNA doesn’t lie. I admit I have been sceptical, though I have trusted friends (fellow hunters) who report having seen one, but if these things can exist in Scotland they can certainly exist in Victoria: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/definitive-proof-huge-black-panthers-29951838.amp?fbclid=IwAR0siCyLy5aWTMmGE9o4yFXXdBuSXawUpWtsotgcs2aJ4P2W2o3s4D1ZGu8

See Also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymzlcAXiT-0

28-05-2023:  Our state government is hopeless. Under Dan the number of public servants has more than doubled (as has their remuneration – particularly the vast horde of ‘upper echelons’). Meanwhile in the latest budget, spending for road repairs has fallen from approx $700 million to around $400 million. You may need new shock absorbers! You may have also noticed signs springing up which say things like ‘Rough Road Next 4km’. Expect this to rapidly become 40 km! There is a rough road ahead for Vic there’s no doubt. I did not vote for them (or the present so-called opposition).

27-05-2023:  Easy Hammock Tarp Centre Line: A centre line is the best idea when using any tarp rather than just trying to tension the tarp back towards the tree against its own weight which is all too likely to damage it or tear out the grommet or tie-out.

You will also want to secure one to the tree/s quickly and easily, so here is a method using just a few readily available plastic bits and pieces. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/05/26/easy-hammock-tarp-centre-line/

27-05-2023:  Gina explains Australia’s dangerous (dare I say ‘suicidal’) state so well. If we don’t listen to her and change direction very, very soon, we are doomed: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/05/plucking-the-hissing-goose/

27-05-2023:  If only we could trust how the world temperatures have been measured and recorded – but we cannot. One thing we can trust however is whether we were able to grow pumpkins and tomatoes in our gardens over summer (in the higher latitudes like Southern Victoria). ‘Strangely’ while the BOM, CSIRO, IPCC,  WEF and etc tell us we have been experiencing the ‘hottest ever years’ our tomato and pumpkin crops have been poor indeed. Even children in their thirties can remember how hot it was going off to cut a Xmas tree in summer when they were young or the many, many long days spent cooling off in the rivers or ocean then on endless blistering hot days (which have been absent in recent years). Those of us who are older remember those months of above 100F/38C days we used to ‘enjoy’ in the summers of our youth. In a similar way, did you know that during the Middle Ages (and for millennia) they used to grow wine in the UK as far North as Scotland whilst today not a singe grape vine survives in the whole country? https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/05/26/bureau-capitulates-but-overseas-model-unlikely-to-solve-all-temperature-measurement-issues/

27-05-2023:  The future is rushing towards us – here come the cyborgs: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/05/elon-musks-brain-computer-company-neuralink-receives-fda/

26-05-2023:  ‘Take up thy bed and walk’: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fdnyuz.com%2F2023%2F05%2F24%2Fa-paralyzed-man-can-walk-naturally-again-with-brain-and-spine-implants%2F


26-05-2023:  Some hope here at last: https://newatlas.com/health-wellbeing/trial-drug-slow-early-alzheimers-decline/


26-05-2023:  You sometimes hear that ‘climate deniers’ are financed by ‘Big Oil’ though I for one am still waiting for my cash, but the money trail motivating ‘renewables propaganda is easier to find: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/media-giant-ap-news-sells-out-journalism-for-just-8m-from-billionaires/


26-05-2023:  Horror stories from our Oz budgets. Horror stories from our Oz budgets. ’Dictator Dan’ having put every Vic household in hock for $70.000 is terrible news enough when we often personally ‘have neither a borrower nor a lender been’, but wiping out an entire primary industry (Forestry) at the sroke of a pen has to be som kind of ultimate display of power. It sends shivers down my spine – and tough luck if you want toi build a sturdy lasting residence. I realize that such folks can next be expected to do absolutely anything (‘disarmament’  abolition of private property, the pananopticon state through mobile phone, controlled movement, compulsory euthanasia…I guess they are all on their agenda). And we have several years left of such governments both state and federal before we get to ‘choose’ again. Meanwhile the ‘opposition’ seems to have just joined with them instead as serving as a focus for an alternative approach.


25-05-2023:  Happy Birthday Bob: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sldgunY3Fw


25-05-2023:  It had to happen: https://babylonbee.com/news/google-doodle-celebrates-first-indigenous-transgender-waterskiier-with-no-legs


25-05-2023:  Albanese: 'Liberals May Have Standards, But We Have Double Standards'


25-05-2023:  This is how the Greens (and the renewables industry generally) are creating slavery. These people are seriously evil. You may remember how their concocted ban on DDT led to the deaths of 100 million people from malaria. Of course they do actually want the population of the world to be reduced – by whatever means: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/solar-panels-now-in-top-five-worst-slave-industries/


24-05-2023:  Interesting to know how a green conspiracy works. Clearly the same strategies exist in the green and black conspiracies in Oz: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/how-the-foreign-funded-climate-cabal-bought-germany-to-its-knees/


24-05-2023:  Will ‘The Voice’ be like the UN? You betcha. At least it will not be democratic. It must be opposed with the last fibre of our beings: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/qed/2023/05/so-much-talk-so-very-few-answers/


23-05-2023:  The adult in the room – Exxon warns of civilisational collapse with ‘Net Zero’:  https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/91411/


23-05-2023:  Back from the dead. Might be a good idea to try this out before your loved one departs though, then you could chose which one to keep: https://futurism.com/ai-seance


23-05-2023:  Ladies, from now on you are hens: https://europeanconservative.com/articles/commentary/an-egg-producing-female-is-a-hen-not-a-woman/


23-05-2023:  So much for good deeds: https://nypost.com/2023/05/22/california-man-fatally-hit-by-car-while-helping-ducks-cross-busy-road/


22-05-2023:  Wonder why (for decades) snow cover in Greenland has been increasing: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/05/20/the-snows-of-greenland/


22-05-2023:  I’d say so: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/05/how-america-has-fallen.html


22-05-2023:  Now it is absolutely certain that the 2020 election was rigged, the urgent problem is to stop this happening in 2024 – then punish the evildoers: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/05/former-deputy-national-security-advisor-claims-fbi-cia/


22-05-2023:  Another unexpected problem with EVs – and they’ll wear out our roads faster: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/evs-increase-pollution-heavier-cars-wear-out-tyres-50-faster-increasing-waste-and-poisonous-particles/

21-05-2023:  Should you blow up your mat by mouth? This has to be one of those great hiking myths like whether you need to filter/purify your drinking water. (in most cases, No, but if you want to consider this post: Trouble With Water Filters).

Folks are convinced that the moisture (nasties?) in their breath will ruin the inside of their hiking mat so they carry an assortment of inflation bags or other devices for blowing them up.

By and large this is just unnecessary weight, like so many other things. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/05/20/should-you-blow-up-your-mat-by-mouth/

21-05-2023:  There must be other interesting historical footage around. Maybe none from the Revolutionary War or the French Revolution but many recordings must exist of people who witnessed major C19th events. There is an (audio) recording of Truganini (the last Tasmanian) for example: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/man-born-in-1846-talks-about-fighting-in-the-civil-war/


21-05-2023:  The End of Remote Work? http://stuartschneiderman.blogspot.com/2023/03/the-end-of-remote-work.html


21-05-2023:  More BOM fakery: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/what-if-the-airport-radar-was-generating-false-record-high-temperatures-through-random-electrical-noise/


20-05-2023:  Chimney dampers. Our green overlords long ago banned the sale of these in Oz but they are still available on Ebay, Aliexpress & etc (for less than $20). They allow you to use about a third less wood yet produce more heat from you wood stove. Very easy to install, just drill two holes in the pipe and assemble the damper inside it. We have recently replaced our 40+ year old Masport Logger with the newest model (<$900) and put one in the chimney pipe. The old stove came with one. You can see in the pics how well they work. For a month we were using the stove without it. Our wood usage has now dropped by nearly half a wheelbarrow full each day and the house is (more consistently) warmer. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/05/20/in-praise-of-chimney-dampers/




20-05-2023:  These Ni Fe (Nickel-Iron - 100 year batteries) which you can use to back up your solar or wind system are available on Alibaba from approx US$165 (delivered) for 400 Ah and US$208 for 500 Ah (per 1.2 volt cell). You would need 10 to provide a 12 volt system, 20 for 24 volt, 40 for 48 volt etc. This works out actually cheaper than lead or lithium and much more reliable. Choice tested several available (mainly lithium) battery systems for six years. Only one actually lasted the six years! They did not test NiFe. The croney capitalists behind the ‘renewables’ boondoggle will not tell you about them. Not enough profit in something which never needs replacing: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/1-2v-400ah-nickel-iron-batteries_1600426449731.html


20-05-2023:  Just suppose we were being asked to squander billions of dollars and change all our lives because ‘scientists ‘ had installed faulty equipment: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/what-if-the-airport-radar-was-generating-false-record-high-temperatures-through-random-electrical-noise/


19-05-2023:  Remembering just how wrong Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’ was and the evil it did (100 million people died – at least because of it): https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/05/17/carsons-silent-spring-fails-test-of-time-new-york-times-verdict-in-2007/


19-05-2023:  Something to look forward to: Wonderful load-sharing blackouts help South Africa meet its climate goals: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/south-africa-half-the-country-without-electricity-plans-power-cuts-32-hours-long/


18-05-2023:  Unbelievable: https://hasanjasim.online/in-a-french-cave-15000-year-old-bison-sculptures-have-been-perfectly-preserved/?fbclid=IwAR0KNzGd8jOtdXN_YCn4tcU_jzMVXLhnU9LgGNO19gMLmABJvO_Cn21vnU0


18-05-2023:  Let’s all reject the ‘welcome to country’ and ‘smoking ceremony’ b------t: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/rita-panahi/rita-panahi-woke-athletes-slamming-our-national-holiday-just-not-cricket/news-story/ddeca02554475e07cb4c6a22a7546feb


18-05-2023:  Well who knew? I have the perfect body: https://www.news.com.au/technology/online/ai-defines-ideal-body-type-according-to-social-media-heres-what-it-looks-like/news-story/407d1d557c36280c0a6eb407967f4d2f


18-05-2023:  Some 'feminists' make me cross: https://bettinaarndt.substack.com/p/perverting-justice?fbclid=IwAR32FbKow0WSSPPVmxkiAyLG8reK_fPdki5ca20t5iZroyPnme5k_dgcurI


17-05-2023:  Something else for worry-worts – I wonder what it registers in beer or wine? https://ashbtop.com/products/tm?fbclid=IwAR0S-I9z-f7THPhnbgBMUKsimy43T9vwg-7JpLaiM8j6Cu-fVcXYNGsL1tQ


17-05-2023:  Supercapacitors (and NIFe batteries) are apparently a ‘now’ technology for battery backup of your home or replacement battery for your car. We will chose NiFe (Edison) batteries for our home storage system as it is a proven technology which has been shown to last for around a century.This guy has an interesting site: https://micropowergrids.com.au/_Energy_Storage/Super_Capacitors/index.html


17-05-2023:  You stole my dreams: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/05/mit-scientists-create-device-that-can-hack-dreams/


17-05-2023:  Ten years ago and no improvement; nor will ‘The Voice’ bring one. As in South Africa it will only worsen conditions for everyone until the whole country resembles this. We need to all be part of just one Australia: Tony Thomas: ‘Sexually mutilated infants, toddlers raped, children sodomised, women so badly beaten they come to envy dogs. Stripped of cant and buck-passing, beyond a patronising and indulgent judiciary, remote Indigenous communities are being eaten alive by the cancers of grog, misogny and endemic violence.’ The incidents in this article are so shocking I had trouble even reading about them. What life must be like for the indigenous women and children who have to suffer such horrors is unimaginable. We MUST put an end to this. I think forced assimilation is the ONLY solution which has ANY chance of working. I mean, ‘NT politician Bess Price told the Parliament that gaol was safer for young people because there was no alcohol, three meals a day, the company of family members and language groups, and a healthier environment’: http://www.quadrant.org.au/blogs/bennelong-papers/2013/05/when-the-horrific-is-mundane-


16-05-2023:  The unreliability of renewables is just terrifying. It is incredible that otherwise sane people should promote such a disastrous ‘system’: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/six-gigawatts-of-total-wind-generation-collapsed-in-16-hours-last-week-and-nobody-cared/


16-05-2023:  I have always found them distasteful (at best) if not completely disgusting but they have been spreading like a plague lately. The return of the Picts perhaps. I am somewhat consoled that those people did quite suddenly disappear from history – as I hope this phenomenon will too: https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2023/05/a-shoulder-to-crayon/


16-05-2023:  Strange that it is still a world of ‘miracles’. Something defective about human intelligece that it falls for such hocus-pocus: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/05/vatican-investigating-possible-miracle-us-church/


16-05-2023:  The big problem with going organic. Lomborg: ‘Organic agriculture’ could optimistically support 4.7 billion people – ‘Industrial agriculture’ could optimistically support 12 billion – Current global population is 8 billion: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/05/14/lomborg-organic-agriculture-could-optimistically-support-4-7-billion-people-industrial-agriculture-could-optimistically-support-12-billion-curr/


15-05-2023:  We need more Moira Deemings, not fewer: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/moira-deeming-says-shes-not-going-anywhere-in-explosive-interview-with-peta-credlin/news-story/85719918c27246ae5f45a56c15b6f2b8


15-05-2023:  Who would have thought: https://www.firearmsnews.com/editorial/winchester-model-1894-vs-ak47/77834?fbclid=IwAR3V4fW2BpyorPTANBfUdxRBHWWEQOByLIDxzwR7v4lC6dGoYPGt_zmy0sw

15-05-2023:  What Ancient Roman Sex Was Actually Like: https://getmegiddy.com/ancient-roman-sex

15-05-2023:  There is no doubt that if we did not sell them India and China would have to come and simply take our resources: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/china-wants-what-we-have/


14-05-2023:  The original Gidget girl – a nostalgic feast and fascinating reading: https://quillette.com/2023/05/12/the-girl-of-the-endless-summer/


14-05-2023: Hardly a frontier war: https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2023/04/not-a-battle-not-a-war-but-definitely-defiance/


14-05-2023: The angry vegans who probably don’t mind killing people to stop them eating animals: https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/world-gone-mad-now-vegan-family-respond-with-second-letter-after-their-complaints-over-a-barbecue-go-viral/news-story/53bb6b941b78e578345347c2d55e42f7?fbclid=IwAR3bLTk5TGTMmCDhzw_u4wtMRB0L8U_dW8hx8qD2DWnmzHuCWPNMj5kc3vs


14-05-2023: This is South Africa today – read it and weep all you folk who worked so hard to destroy it with your anti-apartheid & etc. It is also the future for Australia if we implement the Voice. Where will all our own‘white’ émigrés go one wonders (whilst millions of like South Africans are also desperately trying to flee from a once wonderful land): https://layoftheland.online/2023/03/29/south-africa-at-war-with-itself/


13-05-2023:  “The number of whites who were enslaved by the Barbary pirates in North Africa exceeded the number of Africans enslaved in the United States and in the American colonies before that—put together. But nobody is going to North Africa to ask for reparations, because nobody is going to be fool enough to give it to them.” Thomas Sowell: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/05/thomas-sowell-on-the-slavery-reparations-industry.html


13-05-2023:  5 bird deaths per MW per year. If we installed 50,000MW that would be 250,000 birds per year (and not counting bats as well). How many for Net Zero? “The vast majority of these dead birds will be songbirds. It is ironic that the environmental movement first took off with Carson’s “Silent Spring”, which warned about the potential extermination of songbirds.” https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/05/11/how-much-wind-killing-do-we-want/


13-05-2023:  I will keep eating my lamb chops to ‘save the planet’. Thanks Jo: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/fake-meat-could-make-25-times-more-co2-than-real-beef/


13-05-2023:  I suspect this lady has been dating the wrong men. Most men’s lives are much more like the bower birds’ ie spent largely caring for women and children: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/may/12/classic-first-date-stuff-what-men-could-learn-from-bowerbirds-and-their-courting-efforts?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other


12-05-2023:  Since they have begun killing whales, birds and bats en masse & etc, I suspect it won’t be long: https://issuesinsights.com/2023/05/05/were-taking-bets-how-long-before-environmentalists-start-attacking-evs/


12-05-2023:  Things are getting serious(ly evil)  in Canada: https://www.frontpagemag.com/1-in-4-canadians-agree-with-euthanizing-the-poor/


12-05-2023:  This sort of horror/nonsense/evil should never have been allowed to arise and should not continue. Making our society more racist (as with the Voice etc) can only make such situations worse. One Australia for all ought to be our guiding principle: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/aborigines/2023/05/glimpses-of-daily-life-in-a-remote-aboriginal-community/


12-05-2023:  We have huge and powerful enemies waging a war on our right to ‘free speech’: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/the-fake-hybrid-warfare-of-the-censorship-industrial-complex/


11-05-2023:  At the Pillars of Hercules 5 million years ago that would have been some waterfall: https://bigthink.com/hard-science/worlds-largest-flood-refilled-mediterranean/


11-05-2023:  Like to put your ‘hand’ up for this? https://hotair.com/david-strom/2023/05/05/nih-is-looking-for-volunteers-to-study-effects-of-castration-n548550


11-05-2023:  The (sinister) power of unelected bureaucrats: https://hotair.com/tree-hugging-sister/2023/05/04/eu-ensures-dutch-farmers-booted-forever-from-farming-n548345


11-05-2023:  Who shot JFK? This is really interesting: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/05/mantik-and-corsi-new-book-provides-indisputable-scientific-evidence-jfk-was-assassinated-in-a-crossfire/


However, https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2023/05/rfk-jr-is-crazy.php


10-05-2023:  This is both mad and bad: A Liberal Party which cannot answer the question, ‘What is a woman?’ is determined to expel one (or more) and go down further in the process: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/05/the-victorian-liberal-party-beyond-farce/


10-05-2023:  Meanwhile Antarctica is the coldest it has ever been and hasn’t warmed in my entire lifetime (70 years) but Facebook doesn’t want you to know this (as you will see as soon as I post it): https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/05/08/facebook-censoring-the-inconvenient-truth-about-antarctic-temperatures/


10-05-2023:  EVs will destroy our roads. The EV ‘revolution’ has not been well thought out. As they weigh over half a tonne more than conventional cars many structure (roads, bridges, car parks) were not designed to handle them (in such numbers): https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/does-500kg-matter-heavy-ev-cars-may-break-bridges-and-car-parks/


09-05-2023:  NSW was short of electricity within hours of closing Liddell – when will we come to our senses on this mad Green crusade against coal? https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/04/30/a-couple-of-hours-after-liddell-power-station-closed-aemo-issued-a-market-notice/


09-05-2023:  Back to the Stone Age? Hard to believe: https://newatlas.com/electronics/worlds-first-working-wooden-transistor-ewaste-biodegradable-tech/?fbclid=IwAR0fNAHi99MiF_c4mv9BTX9ldacX2RYxFFGYW-1RWgW4RI9c84Ek7VxKjjo


09-05-2023:  Ways we should improve our democracy: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/05/02/the-peoples-vote/


09-05-2023:  I still had one of these in the 1990s. The world has rapidly gone down the gurgler since: https://rosebyanyothernameblog.wordpress.com/2023/03/14/theres-no-gun-problem/


08-05-2023:  Why do the left try to demean the astonishing achievements of Captain James Cook – surely one of the Enlightenment’s greatest heroes: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/04/the-achievements-of-captain-james-cook-are-a-story-for-the-ages/


08-05-2023:  Can you believe this? The TGA has now lifted its Ivermectin ban – but not before thousands of people have died because of its decision to ban it. These people should be tried for crimes against humanity: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/australian-government-tga-lifts-ivermectin-ban/

08-05-2023:  A great quote from Roger Scruton, “Vulgar relativism has no hope of surviving outside the minds of ignorant rascals…The writer who says that there are no truths, or that all truth is ‘merely relative’ is asking you not to believe him. So don’t.” and one can hardly disagree with the author’s reasons for ‘preferring’ home schooling. Such a tragedy: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/05/homeschool-if-you-can/

08-05-2023:  Extraordinary: ” Sea ice extent off the west coast of Svalbard in the Western European Arctic has been highly variable in spring and summer for centuries: some decades had much less ice, some decades had much more. Currently, there is more ice than was present in early May in many years of the 1600s. Amazing how useful a bit of historical perspective can be in cooling down the hot air.” https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/05/06/17th-century-documents-1970s-ice-maps-show-sea-ice-habitat-in-svalbard-has-always-varied-greatly/


07-05-2023:  Meanwhile, A.I. Calculates It Will Be More Efficient To Just Let Humanity Destroy Itself: https://babylonbee.com/news/ai-calculates-it-wil-be-more-efficient-to-just-let-humanity-destroy-itself


07-05-2023:  Conservatives fight back. I will try these: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/good-news-tusk-is-a-conservative-ai-a-browser-and-a-search-engine/


07-05-2023:  Will UATX rescue higher education? Certainly hope so: https://www.city-journal.org/article/college-of-the-future


07-05-2023:  If wishes were fishes: https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/dished-up-by-3d-printers-new-kind-fish-fry-2023-05-03/


04-05-2023:  Meanwhile the war in the Ukraine is not going so well: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/05/a-view-from-the-edge-of-the-abyss-by-thomas-lipsccomb/  The Ukraine’s legitimate leader deplores Zelensky’s attempt to assassinate Putin: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/05/former-president-dimitry-medvedev-russia-has-no-choice-but-to-annihilate-zelensky-following-drone-attack-and-attempted-assassination-of-vladimir-putin/


04-05-2023:  Sundown for Gordon Lightfoot: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/05/sundown-you-better-take-care-singer-songwriter-gordon-lightfoot-passes-away-at-age-84/


04-05-2023:  Other nations have a work for welfare rule. Why don’t we? https://nypost.com/2023/04/30/why-the-whining-over-work-rules-for-welfare/


04-05-2023:  Great news! https://www.upi.com/Health_News/2023/05/01/mind-reading-brain-scans-language/4171682958271/


04-05-2023:  May Day, or ‘Victims of Communism Day’. We let it pass without even a mention. Just how many people did the  Left murder in the C20th? We should include the Nazis (National Socialists) in that. Well over 100 million, likely over 150 million. Yet this dangerous ideology is till being pushed by the nation’s school teachers (and others).: https://www.battleswarmblog.com/?p=1191


03-05-2023:  A (Christian?) cult which causes is members to starve themselves to death is (rightly) viewed by most people as evil/nuts: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-65423645 but a global warming/vegan cult which has the same motif is supported by the UN and the Green Left. Science is fighting back however, https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.telegraph.co.uk%2Fnews%2F2023%2F04%2F29%2Fvegan-diet-meat-scientists-british-beef-livestock-farming%2F


03-05-2023:  Is it any wonder gold is going up. Banks in the US are failing. Get ready for a bad recession. Debt will ruin you: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2023/may/01/us-banking-titan-jp-morgan-to-snap-up-most-of-first-republic


03-05-2023:  Our BOM is trying to hide how they are cooking the temperature books. We are unique in relying on faulty (uncalibrated) temperature probes to determine how our climate is changing: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/05/01/bureau-cant-dodge-differences-in-temperature-data/ & https://joannenova.com.au/2023/05/why-is-temperature-data-a-national-secret-bom-still-hiding-data/


03-05-2023:  World News still exists but not in the Australian media. Try these: https://www.bbc.com/news/world & https://www.reuters.com/world/ 


02-05-2023:  Cancel Mozart: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/04/cancel-mozart/

02-05-2023:  “No Bricks, No Glass, No Cement” – What Net Zero 2050 Demands: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/04/29/no-bricks-no-glass-no-cement-what-net-zero-2050-demands-according-to-government-funded-report/

02-05-2023: The Higgins/Lehrmann case is so fraught with injustice and political interference: https://bettinaarndt.substack.com/p/canberras-rough-justice


02-05-2023: You don’t think the NDIS has caused this sort of thing? Think about the tiny percentage of folks who were TPI (Totally and Permanently Incapacitated – what it used to be called) after WW2 when there was an almighty reason there would be lots, as compared to today. We have had an explosion of ‘disabled’ folks (several times percentage wise) as a result of ‘investing’ in them. Do you wonder why? If you build a trough you will get pigs, as the old saw has it. In Australia today we have several million people on the government payroll (one scam or another – including the public service/s) supported by a dwindling workforce – what could go wrong? Well per capita GDP for one thing has not risen for over half a century, after increasing smartly for a century before that. The country is going down the gurgler, being consumed and ruined by the swine of various lineages: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/05/from-transgender-to-transable-new-trend-shows-people-are-choosing-to-identify-as-handicapped-video/


01-05-2023: Looks very like mass murder on a grand scale to me. (Fortunately we had plenty of sheep drench and malaria treatment on hand - plus zinc and Vitamin D): https://richardsonpost.com/harryo/31356/what-happened-in-hospitals-during-covid/

01-05-2023: Powering the future. Some solid data, “A telling indicator is that some 70% of people who bought an electric vehicle buy a petrol or diesel one as their next purchase… Diesel is the first pillar of civilisation; the other three are plastics, cement and steel… Thanks to Bergius’ 1931 paper we know that brown coal will yield 5.1 barrels of diesel per tonne of coal dry weight. So the 65 billion tonnes of brown coal in the Yallourn Valley of Victoria would yield 166 billion barrels of diesel on conversion.This is equivalent to 450 years at Australia’s present consumption level. Any fuel shortage that Australia experiences from here will be self-inflicted.” https://richardsonpost.com/harryo/31370/current-ideologically-push-to-renewable-energy/

01-05-2023: Is it time to ban the LQGBT flag in public places? https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/04/time_to_ban_the_lgbt_flag_in_public_places.html

01-05-2023: All right for the Plebs! German Bundestag Admits Conversion To Heat Pump Systems For Its Own Buildings Not Possible! Yet, expects its own citizens to convert their homes beginning next year! https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/04/29/irony-german-bundestag-admits-conversion-to-heat-pump-systems-for-its-own-buildings-not-possible/

30-04-2023: So Liddell is gone too - like Hazelwood.. AGL’s green overlords will blow it up soon. Hope you have s good store of firewood in the shed for the coming winter (as we have - and a new stove) as there are bound to be blackouts when demand soars whilst wind and solar fail: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/04/vale-liddell-coal-given-away-for-nothing-and-destroyed-by-predatory-capitalism-and-a-screwed-market/


30-04-2023: When you can no longer make bricks I guess you make your house out of sticks except they have also banned logging. Straw then? They are coming for  farming too: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/04/28/brickworks-closes-west-australia-branch-cites-energy-costs-and-planning-delays/


30-04-2023: Flooding the country with new immigrants. Who wants this? https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/04/immigration-out-of-control-time-to-wake-up.html


30-04-2023: It is a sound  parallel - as the original ‘Children’s Crusade’ sold the unfortunate youth into slavery and death: https://www.city-journal.org/article/the-transgender-childrens-crusade


27-04-2023: Beware the chatbots: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/04/01/did-an-ai-convince-someone-to-sacrifice-himself-for-climate-change/

27-04-2023: No doubt this is the Voice we should listen to: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/04/how-the-world-sees-albaneses-australia-and-its-voice.html

27-04-2023: How much do you really want to give up to ‘save the planet’ or satisfy your new Green overlords? Forget about cars, air travel, steak, lamb, home heating…Me, I am not willing to give up a single thing: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/04/absolute-zero-plan-means-no-new-normal-cars-most-airports-gone-and-half-the-beef-by-2030/

27-04-2023: Yes: “I believe more and more people are starting to feel the way I do”: https://ace.mu.nu/archives/404125.php

26-04-2023: Universal stove jack-Fit all tent stove pipes: Another brilliant and thoroughly useful post from the indefatigable Tim Tinker. I was going to have to make a stove jack myself once I perfected my tent stove and chimney, projects which I have not given up on - just that other projects are ahead of them in the queue...such as perfecting the tent! Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/04/24/diy-universal-stove-jack/

26-04-2023: We all know they are doing this – and it is sick! Who do they think will care for them in old age? Who will love or remember them even: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12008035/The-rise-DINKs-dual-income-no-kids-Couples-shun-babies-favor-luxury-vacations.html

26-04-2023: Unlike practically all the others, Tucker actually stands for something. I think this will be very important down the track as America fights back against the tyranny which is overtaking the West: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/04/tucker-carsons-weekend-speech-going-viral-story-lone-brave-person-crowd/

26-04-2023: After John D Rockefeller (of Standard Oil) saved the whales (back in the 1880s by making kerosene cheap and plentiful), the Greens are once again killing them big time with their off-shore wind farms - just as they are decimating birds and bats too. Great conservationists the Greens, also destroying millions of hectares annually with their ‘National Parks’ wildfires & etc: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/04/skeptics-are-saving-whales-while-greens-lobby-for-industrial-plants-in-the-wilderness/

25-04-2023: Sacking Tucker only confirms that the Fox payout (to Dominion) was simply a signal that the Deep State had taken over Fox – and that (likely) Fox owns Dominion. With his millions of viewers per day Tucker will not be silenced. He will just take that audience to AOL or elsewhere. Seems like he, Elon and the Don are pretty much the last major stand-outs against the tyranny which is destroying the West: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/victoria-taft/2023/04/24/we-could-see-tucker-carlsons-split-with-fox-coming-n1689824

Something particularly dirty involved I would say. Fox probably owns Dominion through some shell company anyway. There is just too much quite hard evidence that the 2020 election (and several previous ones) were rigged against conservatives in multiple ways. The US really needs to clean up its democracy. It is a tyrannous laughing stock : https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/04/its-a-settlement-that-never-should-have-happened-something-else-had-to-have-been-involved-harvard-professor-and-attorney-dershowitz-on-fox-settlement-with-dominion/

25-04-2023: Big Brother will create truth. You will get this: https://summit.news/2023/04/20/tiktok-to-censor-content-that-challenges-global-warming-dogma/ Instead of this: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/04/40-years-of-expert-failure-new-noaa-star-satellite-temperatures-only-show-half-the-warming-that-climate-models-do/

25-04-2023: Can’t make electricity out of it; can’t make a profit out of it…Scrap it: https://oilprice.com/Alternative-Energy/Wind-Power/Wind-Power-Has-A-Profitability-Problem.html

25-04-2023: I will not ‘acknowledge country’ either. What a lot of bull: https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2023/03/why-i-will-not-acknowledge-country/ PS: How awful that the Dawn Service in Melbourne was preceded by a woke ‘welcome to country’ segment!

24-04-2023: At last, something you can do to prevent Alzheimers: https://www.upi.com/Health_News/2023/04/20/sleeping-aids-Alzheimers-disease/2961682008414/

24-04-2023: Snowfalls are now a thing of the past: https://reason.com/2022/04/22/after-53-earth-days-society-still-hasnt-collapsed/

24-04-2023: A flat-pack EV for US$11000. If electricity could be ‘found’ to run it this might be a ‘game changer’ for city folks: https://www.freethink.com/transportation/microcar?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_campaign=echobox_freethink&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR2I3zXXl2uXshpEF6zjP7K_IElDbhFuJnrrLgl9yWLZywjMcndFs5tBoUs#Echobox=1682197393

24-04-2023: We are living through a complete break down of law and order. Police do no respond to thefts and break-ins any more (what good are they?) and we are largely disarmed, thus unable to protect ourselves. It is long since time that the lash and the rope were brought back. If we shortened people who sought to steal from us there would be no shortage of human spare parts, and public safety would increase very quickly: https://www.rebelnews.com/aussies_scammed_out_of_a_record_high_3_1b_in_2022

23-04-2023: A new fetish – castration. It is astonishing that young people who could not have a tattoo without parental consent can yet have large sections of their anatomy removed: https://hotair.com/david-strom/2023/04/13/its-time-to-recognize-and-medically-affirm-eunuchs-n543718

23-04-2023: The many lies of the covid era: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/04/the_lies_about_hydroxychloroquine_were_the_worst_of_the_covid_era.html

23-04-2023: Absolutely - long since time for ‘aboriginal’ Australians to say ‘Thank You’ for being rescued from an awful existence and culture, and also long since time you all stood on your own two feet and shifted for yourselves, instead of biting the hands that feed you: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/the-voice/2023/04/blunt-truths-from-an-old-bushie/

23-04-2023: 19,000 new volcanoes, yet the models correctly predict the climate? One was discovered in just 2010 that was the size of Victoria. These things churn out a lot of heat, CO2 and other stuff: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/04/the-science-is-settled-but-we-just-found-19000-new-volcanoes/

22-04-2023: Back to the 50s: https://donsurber.substack.com/p/desantis-wants-to-bring-back-the

22-04-2023: We were told 80% of aborigines supported ‘The Voice’. Mind you all you need to do to ‘be’ an aboriginal  is identify as one. Then you get all these extra rights and perks. Maybe sign up today if you have to self-pride: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/04/albaneses-vanity-voice-yes-campaigns-bullshit-survey-of-aborigines-they-asked-300-.html

22-04-2023: Contrary to a century old protocol (Stevenson Screens) in the 1990s two changes were made. They changed the paint on the screens and they replaced minimax thermometers with electronic ones. They did no calibration of these two changes, calibration which had been occurring (in Australia) since the First Fleet. Independent calibration indicates that all the ‘warming’ since then is down to these two changes: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/04/is-climate-change-really-caused-by-electronic-thermometers-the-bom-dont-want-australians-to-see-the-data/

22-04-2023: Our Green BOM masters have just thrown away science (and history) in pursuit of their global warming religion. You pay for this (big time): https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/04/20/parallel-temperature-data-except-for-cape-otway-lighthouse/

22-04-2023: Happy Birthday Liz: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/04/today-would-have-been-her-majesty-queen-elizabeths-97th-birthday-long-live-the-king.html

21-04-2023: This is just b------t. We loved this campsite. Locking us out of our own country after paying welfare for 250 years. Both have to stop: https://www.sgst.com.au/news/bear-gully-campsite-closed?fbclid=IwAR0E66ZyFNqC75gVz-JRWxM2DKTYRpngGoJ-2OF1WjxOvOTUJ72hX22PFz4

21-04-2023: Let children work – or even require that they do: https://reason.com/video/2023/04/17/let-teens-work/?utm_medium=email

21-04-2023: Should the BOM be renamed the ‘Ministry of Truth’? Honestly heads should roll over this – quite literally. Once judges (public servants) were highly paid to prevent (such) corruption, but now the corruption is endemic and is being used to control us and indeed to transform society. Back then corruption (eg of judges) was punishable by death – a sound principle. If we subtracted the warming ‘caused’ by the changes to the Stevenson Screens (size, paint, measuring device) we would end up with a world-wide cooling over the same (approx 30 year) time period: https://electroverse.info/australias-bureau-of-meteorology-caught-red-handed-cooking-the-temperature-books/?fbclid=IwAR0PDJu4ynXgMsvRrB9m1Kl5VfDU-rBrxuakJ6a3-8an21ZcRNe9AlElMq0

21-04-2023: Lidia Thorpe's father on his 'very racist' daughter. How many of the new faux aborigines are like her rather than like Jacinta Price whose mother is a full-blood and whose living grandmother was one of the very last people to make contact with European society when emerging from the Western Desert in the 1970s? Whose ‘Voice’ do we really want to hear? https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/04/lidia-thorpes-father-on-his-very-racist-daughter.html

20-04-2023: A robotic laser weeder – what a great idea: https://carbonrobotics.com/autonomous-weeder

20-04-2023: Curing prostate caner in only one hour – bring it on: https://www.thebrighterside.news/post/landmark-surgery-cures-prostate-cancer-in-under-one-hour

20-04-2023: Say ‘Goodbye’ to cheap flights: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/04/19/the-end-of-cheap-flights/

20-04-2023: The UN wants to decriminalise pedophilia. Do you need any further reason why we should stop funding and supporting this awful body. Australia needs to take back its sovereignty by repudiating all the concessions it has made to the UN: https://www.dailywire.com/news/un-backed-report-suggests-normalizing-pedophilia-decriminalizing-all-sexual-activity

19-04-2023: Preen: the new glyphosate for busy gardeners (Trifluralin is the active ingredient of Preen. Google it for prices cheaper than the brand name): https://www.preen.com/learn/how-preen-gardens-works/

19-04-2023: The ‘cashless society’ is sinister – just another way to control us. We should avoid it. Take paper money out and use it for all your transactions: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.telegraph.co.uk%2Fbusiness%2F2023%2F04%2F17%2Fcash-becomes-less-useable-high-street-goes-contactless-boe%2F

19-04-2023: Of course EVs are ‘unfit for purpose’. They are the same as all the other Hegelian nightmares which accost us. ‘Falsifying’ everything which has traditionally been accepted as real is not a viable way forward. Many  things are simply true, always have been and always will be, eg that there are two sexes, men and women. The attempt to destroy such reality is just an attack on our sanity and the soundness of our society: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/04/17/unfit-for-use-more-ev-woes/

19-04-2023: Looks like the climate ‘religion’ is losing its effectiveness especially amongst the young who have been most indoctrinated with it. This was also a symptom found eg in the Hungarian Uprising of 1956. (Read Mitchener’s Road to Andau) Those who rebelled and took on tanks with just their bare hands were most often those who had been propagandised most with ‘the communist faith’. It should serve as a warning to those who continually seek to subvert us (‘to make the worst appear the better reason’ – as Socrates put it) that ‘the people’ can become very angry when they decide to reject their new masters en masse, and will take the law into their own hands: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/04/democrats-independents-and-young-americans-losing-faith-that-climate-change-is-man-made/

18-04-2023: Budweiser Replaces Clydesdales With Cows Dressed As Horses: https://babylonbee.com/news/budweiser-replaces-clydesdales-with-cows-dressed-as-horses

18-04-2023: Strangely enough if you take your dog to have a sex change they just throw you out. How can this even be legal? https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/gender-comedy-gold-at-the-pet-clinic/

18-04-2023: “Clearly the international efforts to reduce CO2 emissions are having no obvious impact. This is unsurprising since global energy demand continues to grow faster than new sources of renewable energy can make up the difference.” https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/04/14/co2-budget-model-update-through-2022-humans-keep-emitting-nature-keeps-removing/

18-04-2023: When the workers of the world unite against wokeness: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/04/the-french-left-is-becoming-anti-woke/

17-04-2023: The Golliwog War: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/04/british-police-raid-pub-seize-racist-dolls-in-hate-crime-investigation-defiant-owner-replaces-dolls-and-puts-them-back-up/

 17-04-2023: ‘I’ll drink to that’ doesn’t seem to apply to the trannie phenomenon: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/04/anheuser-busch-suffers-astounding-3-billion-loss-while-bud-lights-new-brand-ambassador-dylan-mulvaney-whines-they-dont-understand-me-video/

17-04-2023: Where people live. Most of the world is wilderness: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/04/a-map-to-change-the-way-you-think-about-the-world/


17-04-2023: Do you want this here, “Half of Germans will no longer be able to afford a car” https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/04/15/cars-soon-unaffordable-for-50-of-germans-expert-warns/

16-04-2023: At least Rishi knows one thing: https://www.aol.com/rishi-sunak-says-100-women-073310025.html

16-04-2023: Tens of thousands of ‘excess death’ per year in Oz and practically no-one wants to report it: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/australia-hasnt-seen-death-numbers-like-this-since-wwii/

16-04-2023: Do we really want to hand over our sovereignty to an unelected UN body clearly run by radical Marxists – after the last ‘pandemic I don’t think so: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/04/leo-hohmann-biden-regime-leading-all-nations-into-global-beast-system-that-would-require-compliance-with-digital-health-tyranny-enforced-by-u-n-world-health-organization/

16-04-2023: There has in fact been only half the warming predicted by the IPCC’s climate models (in forty years). This is much more consistent with the natural warming  of the world just continuing to emerge from the Little Ice Age than anything else: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/04/14/ross-mckitrick-the-important-climate-study-you-wont-hear-about/ 

15-04-2023: I think we all know about this one: https://babylonbee.com/news/child-grows-out-of-carseat-before-dad-can-finish-installing-it

15-04-2023: The disappearing redheads: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/why-are-redheads-being-erased-in-media

15-04-2023: Reparations (and apartheid) are the elephants in the referendum room. Of course every self-identifying ‘aborigine’ wants to be a millionaire – without working for it. Who wouldn’t? Where do I join? Oh, wait a minute; someone has to pay. Are you really going to vote to make every (faux) aborigine a multi-millionaire? https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/the-voice/2023/04/an-ambassador-for-reparations/

15-04-2023: Maybe you think witchcraft trials ended (in New Salem) in the C18th? They are alive and well in Africa – and of course here in Oz it is other beliefs which have been forbidden and demonized: people who like fossil fuel etc: https://stoneageherbalist.substack.com/p/ghanas-concentration-camps-for-witches

14-04-2023: Astonishing: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-04-05/michelle-lee-first-woman-rower-pacific-ocean-solo-237-days/102193290

14-04-2023: Exercise is better than drugs – hard to believe: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/04/exercise-therapy-is-better-than-drugs-for-common-type-of-heart-failure/

14-04-2023: Dallying Lama - Weird old guy: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/04/dalai-lama-issues-apology-for-asking-young-boy-to-suck-his-tongue/

14-04-2023: “Badly behaved students have no right to take away the education of others.” Well said Tom Lewis. How is it that today’s young teachers (quitting the profession in droves) do not know this: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/education/2023/04/how-to-help-teachers-make-the-grade/

13-04-2023: Silnylon Deerhunter’s Tent Progress: I know I have promised the pattern and instructions (or even production and sale) of this for years following my original post about it in The Deerhunter’s Tent way back on May 12, 2016. I also realise heaps of people have made (its progenitor) their own Tyvek Solo Fire Shelter using the pattern and instructions I posted there and so are keen for an updated version…But I have intermittently ‘worked’ on it, and following my post about and invention of the DIY Ultralight Sprung Tent Pole Extension last week I thought I was pretty close. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/04/12/silnylon-deerhunters-tent-progress/

13-04-2023: Best Reagan joke: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/ronald-reagan-joke/

13-04-2023: The (Centrelink) benefits of polygamy (call it what you will): https://www.yourlifechoices.com.au/centrelink/centrelinks-changed-polyamory-rule-offers-extra-benefits


13-04-2023: At last Germans have given up on green energy – Did anyone else really believe in it anyway? https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2023/04/germans-have-given-up-on-green-energy.php


12-04-2023: Retro Ultra Light: https://firemaplegear.com/products/orange-camping-gas-lantern?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=paidsocial&utm_campaign=wx-test&fbclid=IwAR3VtiR8HbnOzTc8w-jGAJl759cvIFjyhq3aPKbnWsFssjTzE-cAokkyMWo


12-04-2023: Absolutely, “The solution to the gap lies in doing what the overwhelming majority of Aboriginal people have done, abandoning segregation and becoming fully assimilated.”: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/04/menzies-warned-us/


12-04-2023: I will say it out loud (and risk the brickbats): the trannie phenomenon is just pure evil, Satanism for our times. There are over 6,000 genetic differences between men and women. Everyone who was ever born was one or the other. There has never been a single person born who was both. Sexual ‘dysphoria’ is a mental health condition; that is all: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/04/09/men-aint-women-and-vice-versa/ & https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/society/2023/04/how-fashionable-to-prescribe-the-cruellest-cuts/


12-04-2023: Glimmers of Light? Sure hope so: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/04/10/climate-hysteria-in-the-dark-age-are-we-seeing-glimmers-of-light/


11-04-2023: Better than a pack rifle? Unless you live in somewhere like Australia there is a greater choice of ultralight and miniature firearms for hunting/hiking/self-defence & etc. The magnum round packs a lot more punch though, so would be good for defence against wild dogs and to secure slightly larger game (than rabbits, possums etc. A follow-up shot would also be reassuring.The Mini Master from North American Arms at 10.8 ounces (308 grams) might be a suitable alternative.Read more: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/04/10/better-than-a-pack-rifle/


Here is an example of a ring gun. It would certainly give someone a nasty shock, though they are intended more as an interesting (working) souvenir !




11-04-2023: Australia has more than reached net zero emissions, and we are in surplus, argues the nation’s leading climate scientist: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/03/australia-has-already-achieved-net-zero/


Has Australia warmed or cooled since European settlement? See for yourself. Go to the BOM records for Cape Otway and Wilson's Prom Lighthouse for example and then click 'Highest'. You will see that nearly all the warmest temperatures were in the C19th (and that it was by and large 2C HOTTER then than for the last 30 years). Cape Otway here: http://www.bom.gov.au/jsp/ncc/cdio/weatherData/av?p_nccObsCode=36&p_display_type=dataFile&p_startYear=&p_stn_num=090015 and Wilson's Prom here: http://www.bom.gov.au/jsp/ncc/cdio/weatherData/av?p_nccObsCode=36&p_display_type=dataFile&p_startYear=&p_stn_num=085096


11-04-2023: Breathes There The Man... from The Lay Of The Last Minstrel

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832)

Breathes there the man, with soul so dead,

Who never to himself hath said,

'This is my own, my native land!'

Whose heart hath ne'er within him burned,

As home his footsteps he hath turned,

From wandering on a foreign strand!

If such there breathe, go, mark him well;

For him no Minstrel raptures swell;

High though his titles, proud his name,

Boundless his wealth as wish can claim;

Despite those titles, power, and pelf,

The wretch, concentred all in self,

Living, shall forfeit fair renown,

And, doubly dying, shall go down

To the vile dust, from whence he sprung,

Unwept, unhonoured, and unsung.


11-04-2023: Will smart phones make you happy? Perhaps jusr as well for me that I have stuck to a tiny fob pocket phone which pretty much never texts or goes on the internet – thugh I confess to taking photos with it sometimes: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/04/the-plague-of-mental-illness-in-teenage-girls/


10-04-2023: A credo from the Funeral Speech of Pericles:


“We do not copy our neighbours but try to be an example. Our administration favours the many instead of the few: this is why it is called a democracy. The law affords equal justice to all alike in their private disputes, but we do not ignore the claims of excellence


The freedom we enjoy extends also to ordinary life; we are not suspicious of one another, and do not nag our neighbour if he chooses to go his own way. But this freedom does not make us lawless. We are taught to respect the magistrates and the laws, and never to forget that we must protect the injured. And we are also taught to observe those unwritten laws whose sanction lies only in the universal feeling of what is right.


Our city is thrown open to the world; we never expel a foreigner. We are free to live exactly as we please, and yet we are always ready to face any danger.


We love beauty without indulging in fancies, and although  we try to improve our intellect, this does not weaken our will.


To admit one’s poverty is no disgrace with us;  but we consider it disgraceful not to make an effort to avoid it.


We consider a man who takes no interest in the state not as harmless, but as useless; and although only a few may originate a policy, we are all able to judge it.


We believe that happiness is the fruit of freedom and freedom that of valour, and we do not shrink from the dangers of war.


To sum up, I think that Athens is the School of Hellas, and that the individual Athenian grows up to develop a happy versatility, a readiness for emergencies, and self-reliance.”


10-04-2023: So now it is official: around the same number of people died from the vaccine as from covid – how much suffering and death could have been prevented cheaply and easily with Vitamin D, Zinc and Ivermectin? https://joannenova.com.au/2023/04/vaccine-damage-300000-deaths-in-the-us-148-billion-lost-and-10-say-a-member-of-their-house-died/


10-04-2023: The futility of wind (and solar) power: https://www.manhattancontrarian.com/blog/2023-4-1-important-new-report-explores-the-futility-of-wind-power


10-04-2023: The Decline of the West: Oxford Uni replaces St George’s Day with Eid: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/04/915713/


9-04-2023: Back to the future – reviving the Stirling cycle engine: https://phys.org/news/2023-04-china-stirling-orbit.html


9-04-2023: 'Envy is the emotional core of deconstruction. Its opposite is a work ethic...Aquinas notes that it befalls someone who believes that someone else’s gain is his loss. It derives from seeing the world as a zero-sum game.' Stuart Schneiderman . A very interesting article. We can become ‘our better selves’, or as Buddha notes ‘eliminate desire’ and so find happiness: http://stuartschneiderman.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/the-politics-of-envy.html


9-04-2023: At last a real ‘climate related’ death. I’m sure many of us have wished nosey self-righteous people ‘were dead’ though most would not act on such a wish: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/04/07/did-a-queensland-woman-die-because-of-a-recycling-bin-dispute/


9-04-2023: The National Disability Insurance Scam – how closely it resembles the ‘National Indigenous Scam’:  https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/04/pauline-hansons-please-explain-the-ndis.html


8-04-2023: The ‘Liquid Piston’ engine certainly looks like a great advance: https://newatlas.com/automotive/inside-out-wankel/


8-04-2023: Fascinating Reflections on (a) Paleolithic Venus – as many cults inform them today as when they were created: https://stoneageherbalist.substack.com/p/trying-to-make-sense-of-the-venus


8-04-2023: You were told FDR was not a communist: https://fee.org/articles/fdr-s-other-day-of-infamy-when-the-us-government-seized-all-citizens-gold/


8-04-2023: Why Some cancers shouldn’t be treated: https://www.realclearscience.com/blog/2023/04/05/why_some_cancers_shouldnt_be_treated_891881.html


7-04-2023: DIY Ultralight Sprung Tent Pole Extension: Never have your tent sag again! I mentioned this idea in my previous 1600th Post. I have been into the hardware this morning, bought a few cheap nick-knacks which will make several, and quickly constructed a couple using 19mm (3/4″) poly irrigation pipe. Took only a couple of minutes. Cost (way) less than $10 each. They weigh 20 and 22 grams for the shorter and longer versions. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/04/06/diy-ultralight-sprung-tent-pole-extension/



7-04-2023: Only in Qld: https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20230406-australian-police-seek-pair-seen-with-platypus-on-train


7-04-2023: Kel Richards is right. We need to amend Section 51 of the constitution to abolish racism forever not insert a new apartheid into it: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/04/to-abolish-racism-fix-the-constitution/


7-04-2023: What an excellent beginning to understanding how to ‘fix’ the education ‘system’: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/04/the-devolution-of-western-teaching/

06-04-2023: 1600 Posts: Today marks my 1600th post here at The Ultralight Hiker. Quite a milestone. And time maybe to recall the last hundred or so – or roughly the last year. A year ago in February (2022) I finally ‘bit the bullet’ and had that pesky worn old left knee replaced with a shiny new titanium one. See A New Knee. Three months later ( a little early) I was trying it out on a short hiking trip into the Vic Alps something like the one in the post A River Somewhere. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/04/05/1600-posts/

06-04-2023: Mothers of Sons. I think it’s great that someone loves men – it’s just that it’s not the law. Coercive control laws are sinister: https://bettinaarndt.substack.com/p/call-in-the-troops

06-04-2023: When the tyranny of the minority dominates the majority: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/04/88-of-germans-dont-believe-in-the-solar-and-wind-green-energy-transition/

06-04-2023: Seems like Daniels lied about having an affair with Trump anyway, but who cares who had (consensual) sex with whom twenty years ago? https://360newslasvegas.com/breaking-evidence-stormy-daniels-lied-about-trump-affair/

05-04-2023: Now you can eat mammoth – even vegans ought to approve of this: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/04/scientists-create-lab-grown-meatball-from-dna-extinct-woolly-mammoth-to-spark-debate-about-climate-change-crisis/


05-04-2023: 152 shots fired – 6 dead. The Nashville ‘trans’ killer’s ‘score’. This is ‘normal’ for ‘amateur’ mass murderers. What remains utterly strange about Port Arthur is that the gunman there managed to shoot (dead) 19 people (in the head) in twelve seconds with just 19 rounds. Whoever did this seems much more capable than the (alleged) retarded man they have in gaol for the crime could have been. Let’s cancel the 75 year secrecy block on this event and complete the coronial inquest so we all know what really happened. It just may also be that we have held an innocent man in gaol for 25 years: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11934493/Nashville-school-shooter-Audrey-Hale-fired-152-rounds-assault-rifle-handgun.html


05-04-2023: This most inbred Family underlines the undesirability of this (culturally) popular choice in some community groups: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11931011/Inside-inbred-family-Members-Whittakers-family-BARK-people-grunt.html

05-04-2023: “It doesn’t matter how loved or respected you are – or how much you have contributed during your life. These activist ideologies are ruthless and populated by a generation that cares nothing for respect or achievement. Like the ‘Great Leap Forward’, we are watching the mass purging of reality.” https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/04/richard-dawkins-committed-the-cardinal-sin/

04-04-2023: There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/massive-ocean-discovered-beneath-the-earth-s-crust-containing-more-water-than-on-the-surface/ar-AA19lg7R


04-04-2023: Recollections of My Slavery Days. “I have lived through the greatest epoch in history, having been born August 10, 1835, at Newbern, North Carolina. That was not so many years, you see, after the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and the winning of the Revolutionary War. But in the country of the Declaration of Independence I was born a slave, for I was a black man. And because I was black it was believed I I had no soul. I had no rights that anybody was bound to respect. For in the eyes of the law I was but a thing. I was bought and sold. I was whipped. Once I was whipped simply because it was thought I had opened a book.


But I lived to see the institution of slavery into which I was born and of which I was for many years a victim pass away. I wore the uniform of those men in Blue, who through four years of suffering wiped away with their blood the stain of slavery and purged the Republic of its sin. I met, too, that great man who led those men as their great Commander-in-Chief; he shook hands with me, yes, talked to me. I can still see his sad, tired worn face as he spoke to me that day. And in those days since I was whipped simply because it was thought I had opened a book. I have seen the books of the world opened to my race. And with the help and sympathy of God's good people I have seen them make a beginning in education. And in my old age when a nation across the seas sought to enslave the world as once my race was enslaved, I saw the boys of my race take their place in the armies of the Republic and help save freedom for the world.” https://docsouth.unc.edu/neh/singleton/singleton.html


04-04-2023: It had to happen: Very first short film made entirely by AI. Pretty impressive. Even humour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dtSqhYhcrs


04-04-2023: If the police won’t act, why not DIY: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/04/san-antonio-man-uses-apple-airtag-to-track-down-thief-who-stole-his-truck-then-fatally-shoots-him/


03-04-2023: (Della): Nice little crop of orange pumpkins - well done Steve! We opted for a quick-maturing variety this year due to the late summer season; I suspect that my preferred Queensland Blue variety would not have ripened in time! Cherry tomatoes are producing nicely now, although the larger varieties are only going to get to the green tomato pickle stage. Fortunately we love green tomato pickles.



This harks back to my post about growing them from seed back in Spring: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/.../short-season-crops/ These guys were from Diggers and were called 'Potimarron' The 'Blue Ballet' pumkin did well too over a cold summer - and the Romanesco Zucchini were spectacular.



03-04-2023: Does AI need to be banned to protect humans from extinction? I doubt we have long to consider this: https://www.theepochtimes.com/if-we-go-ahead-on-this-everyone-will-die-warns-ai-expert-calling-for-absolute-shutdown_5163074.html


03-04-2023: Well said Alexandra. She has a fine way with words, “Imagine a generation being so stupid that they were born eating the best, cheapest food in human history and yet long for a diet of lab-grown garbage and soy-fried cockroaches so they can attain a higher social status on TikTok. Only a cult could damage people’s minds so badly.” https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/04/the-politics-of-hunger/


03-04-2023: No wonder we have a teacher shortage – better to get a job in a bar, “Studies in the United Kingdom have concluded that an E grade in a maths paper in the 1960s is equivalent to a B grade in 2010!” Do read on: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/03/let-teachers-teach/


03-04-2023: Aston & onwards: Libs, grow a pair. Forget about Labor-Lite. And blast the Greens to hell and gone: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/peta-credlin/peta-credlin-liberals-need-to-get-back-to-being-true-conservatives/news-story/b109d5067f96725d938c1c9aa3fd407b


02-04-2023: Best Ultralight Hiking April Fools’:



02-04-2023: Spreading Out: People need to be more widely dispersed in the back country, the very opposite of the (Nuts to) Leave No Trace folk, who have got it all wrong. I know you may not want to hear this, but please read on: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/04/01/spreading-out/



02-04-2023: 'Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys'. P J O'Rourke.


02-04-2023: Thanks Bettina, “We live in a society that is so busy highlighting women’s drudgery that men simply aren’t allowed to complain about being forced to work full-time all their lives to pay the mortgage, often in jobs they hate, whilst many women still have choices.” Then there’s living seven years’ less: https://bettinaarndt.substack.com/p/women-work-harder-than-men-phooey


02-04-2023: When the junk education on offer is just not worth the cost – and kids would be much better off just working anyway: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/04/poll-majority-of-americans-now-think-a-college-degree-isnt-worth-the-cost/


01-04-2023: Now we know plants feel pain – it’s not just mandrakes which scream – does this mean the end for vegans? https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.vice.com%2Fen%2Farticle%2F3aknn3%2Fplants-make-sounds-when-hurt-scientists-confirm-and-now-you-can-hear-it


01-04-2023: T.Rex’s smile was quite different to Jurassic Park’s depiction of him: https://www.wsj.com/articles/t-rex-dinosaur-lizard-lips-teeth-e04dc630?mod=djemalertNEWS


01-04-2023: ‘Age segregation’ is not a ‘lay down misere’. For example, young people (and many others)  would benefit from learning about the virtues of hard work: https://instapundit.substack.com/p/the-age-barrier-and-its-costs?sd=pf


01-04-2023: Get Trump’ or ‘Get Democracy’? The coup in America is alive and ‘well’. (This should help Trump win all fifty states in 2024): https://joannenova.com.au/2023/04/the-one-man-the-democrats-fear/


31/03/2023: Happy 90th birthday Michael Caine: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/03/30/wolfmanoz-at-the-movies-64/


31/03/2023: Should you be concerned that IQ is falling – I think so: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fstudyfinds.org%2Famericans-iq-test-scores-drop%2F


31/03/2023: Has Ukraine run out of ammunition? After throwing $100 billion at them will the West now throw them under a bus? https://richardsonpost.com/andrew-korybko/30962/ukraine-is-out-of-ammo-maybe-they-should-fire-zelensky-instead/


31/03/2023: Mark Latham has never been reknowned for his tact but ‘unpersoning’him because of what is/was a perfectly normal (if somewhat graphic) view about sodomy (not so long ago a serious crime – boiling in oil in Henry 8’s time, but still gaol until a decage ago) is over the top. We should not all have to kow-tow to the homosexual lobby’s views. If we still find their behaviour and beliefs aberrant, abhorrent or plain disgusting (or even that they should be re-criminalised as happened recenty in Uganda) we should be able to say so and exhort others to avoid them as well. Freedom of speech should have precedence over whether it offends people. Everything ‘offends’ someone. People either need to toughen up or find new friends: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/03/30/graphic-to-be-sure-but-not-a-capital-offence/


Of course many of us would have wanted to respond (as Latham did) to being described (by the gay MP) as being a ‘disgusting human being’. People who live in glass houses: https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/politics/one-nation-mark-lathams-stunning-response-to-backlash-over-homophobic-tweet-about-sydney-mp-alex-greenwich/news-story/0f4b6eafb5ffd29ca0050654e44da767


30/03/2023: At last- something for nothing: https://blog.sciencenatures.com/2022/10/the-impossible-quantum-space-engine.html?fbclid=IwAR3UXl1b1yb95IYBjCLFWA9XQ35U4SP5L8zuVwCLUgsAZCAhTavZoCA2bDk


30/03/2023: The Perfect Ultralight Firearm: How lovely is this? A miniature single-shot .22 calibre pistol which weighs a mere 7 ounces (200 grams).Our restrictive gun laws in Australia mean that I can't have one, but one can wish. Introducing the Trailblazer Lifecard Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/03/30/the-perfect-ultralight-firearm/





30/03/2023: Did the BBC commission someone who hates Dickens to adapt Dickens? https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/03/the-bbc-has-ruined-great-expectations/


30/03/2023: This might (just) work for me, “Humans to achieve immortality in 8 years, says former Google engineer” https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/techandscience/humans-to-achieve-immortality-in-8-years-says-former-google-engineer/ar-AA19bs7a?li=BB122DJx


29/03/2023: Looks like Oumuamua was not Alien after all: https://www.wsj.com/articles/mysterious-space-object-oumuamua-not-alien-scientists-say-d6f2ccd0?mod=djemalertNEWS


29/03/2023: Please save us Tony. As Menzies did, create a new ‘Liberal’ Party out of the multitude of conservative groups jockeying for our vote. Enough of Labor and Labor-lite. Call it the Conservative Party. They would romp home - for decades: https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/politics/tony-abbott-weighs-in-on-nsw-election-result-saying-the-liberal-party-must-stand-for-something-and-take-its-members-seriously/news-story/643f0381a5639fe10db185e225505f01


29/03/2023: How do you think a referendum on this ‘net zero’ nonsense would go here? Would anyone except a few evil lunatic greens vote for it? https://joannenova.com.au/2023/03/this-is-why-we-are-not-offered-a-climate-referendum-82-didnt-endorse-it/

29/03/2023: “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” George Orwell, 1984.

28/03/2023: So now we know: https://www.popcorn.org/All-About-Popcorn/What-Makes-Popcorn-Pop


28/03/2023: Progress at last! Breaking the glass ceiling – at last (trans) women are mass murdering folks in the US: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/03/28-year-old-deceased-nashville-shooter-identified-audrey-hale-an-illustrator-identifies-as-transgender-included-manifesto-photos/


28/03/2023: The most mysterious thing about these petroglyphs is that if they are 8,000 years old (as claimed) how they are at sea level still: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/the-mystery-of-this-petroglyph-covered-alaskan-beach-180981858/


28/03/2023: “As citizens, it is our responsibility to make sure we are never again so easily manipulated into committing abuses of human rights on our peers. If the state asks us to violate every pillar of civilisation – tell them ‘no’”. Another great article by Alexandra Marshall: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/03/were-vaccines-a-political-treatment-for-public-fear/




27/03/2023: The terrifying danger of Putin’s hypersonic missiles: https://richardsonpost.com/alex-krainer/30930/russias-hypersonic-weapons/


27/03/2023: Aboriginal Australians oppose ‘The Voice’: https://www.advanceaustralia.org.au/_we_are_one_australia_fair_australia_indigenous_delegation_demands_to_be_heard_in_canberra


Here’s Warren Mundine’s take on it: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/03/warren-mundine-albaneses-so-called-voice-a-dangerous-con-job.html


27/03/2023: Wrong Again: A 'time traveler' predicts our future: Aliens will conquer earth on March 23: https://amp.marca.com/en/lifestyle/world-news/2023/03/18/6415fbfe22601da5518b4587.html


26/03/2023: Don’t buy a new computer. Solid State Drives (SSDs) are great. I transformed our two computers with these (Western Digital purchased from Amazon – approx $100 for 1Tb, $200 for 3Tb - delivered in two days) and used EaseUS to clone them, then replaced them. The old ones can still be used for back-ups. The difference in speed is just unbelievable. Better than a new computer really. You can do this yourself.


The other essential (also inexpensive) is upgrading/adding RAM. Look up the max RAM your chipset/motherboard will take and install it. It just plugs right in to the motherboard. This is also likely to costs only $50-100. System 'cleaning' software is also good. We use Norton Utilities but there are lots of others (CClean etc).


26/03/2023: ‘Organic’ mumbo-jumbo. You would have to be infantile to believe this stuff is actually good for you or for the planet: https://geneticliteracyproject.org/2023/03/21/viewpoint-challenging-myths-organic-farming-fleeces-consumers-and-does-not-significantly-promote-sustainability/?mc_cid=78d2e2950c&mc_eid=214af8a3b7


26/03/2023: People with real Doctorates in Theology (whatever that might mean) could surely object to Ms Thunberg and Kermit the Frog being awarded one: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/03/24/greta-thunberg-doctor-of-theology/


26/03/2023: Sleep may be more important than food yet we have ignored the dramatic change in our sleeping ‘habits’ (and its consequences) –what could have caused this: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/03/a-tired-civilization-sleep-deprived-people-are-more-corrupt-lazy-deviant-apathetic-and-free-loading/


25/03/2023: Thanks Bettina: Coercive control – how the new weapon against men may backfire as women are past masters (mistresses?) at it: https://bettinaarndt.substack.com/p/coercive-control-con-job


25/03/2023: Secrets of the Ice emerge as the Little Ice Age continues to retreat. Note that all these artifacts got there during the Middle Ages when the earth was clearly a lot warmer than it is now: https://secretsoftheice.com/news/2020/04/16/mountain-pass/?fbclid=IwAR2PfiIUVbYF7W6GE9jRofDU3VjXiKJrjCXgTYzLHbjLVkIA5rAAxSdAUrQ


25/03/2023: What is it with ‘Dictator Dan’ seeking (only now – after 80 years) to ban the’Nazi Party’ and all its symbols? When we had a referendum about whether Australia should ban political parties (in the 1950s) , in that case the Communist Party – not much different really – the referendum was lost because Australians believed in freedom of speech and belief, even though we had only recently fought a war against that particular ideology. At least then we got a say in it, but not now. The real way to expose the flaws in someone else’s ideology though is if there exists a free flow of ideas and discourse. Banning things only makes them more attractive without exposing them to the rigor of public debate. This is foolish. The Nazi symbol (the swastika) is to be banned as well but not the just as hateful ‘rising sun’ (Nippon) image which has been clearly incorporated in the so-called ‘Aboriginal’ flag which now flies over many of our public buildings - along wth the hateful ‘rainbow’ flag. We got to vote and have our say about those too, didn’t we?


25/03/2023: How woke are chatbots? https://notthebee.com/article/just-got-invited-to-try-googles-new-ai-chatbot-and-i-asked-it-the-same-question-about-biden-and-trump


24/03/2023: Ultralight beer for hiking: https://newatlas.com/lifestyle/powdered-beer/


24/03/2023: “Rights and liberties must systematically constrain governments, not the other way around… Women and girls are suffering in Victoria because this government cannot or will not define what a female is, and as a result every woman and every girl in Victoria has lost the right to enjoy female-only sports, female-only change rooms and countless other female-only activities. As a result, what most women would consider to be sexual harassment and indecent exposure is now legal in Victoria. As a result, there is right now at this very moment a twice-convicted male rapist housed with the female prisoners in my area in the Dame Phyllis Frost correctional facility.” Read to the end. We need more Moira Deemings, not fewer: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/sicktoria/2023/03/nazis-trans-and-a-half-cocked-liberal-leader/


24/03/2023: You might think the huge swing to the ‘Farmer’s Party’ in Holland would save their food supply, but the greens are more insidious than that. Get ready to have compulsory dieting (or starvation) folks – after all we all know that the obesity ‘epidemic’ is the real problem, don’t we?   https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/03/dutch_farmers_will_probably_be_the_majority_party_in_the_netherlands_parliament.html   


24/03/2023: “What sort of pollutant is it that when you remove it, everything dies.” Richard Lindzen (probably the world’s pre-eminent climate scientist) about CO2 being a pollutant: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/03/23/climate-change-isnt-particularly-dangerous-richard-lindzen/


23/03/2023: Just Wow! 15,000 year old bison sculptures: https://hasanjasim.online/in-a-french-cave-15000-year-old-bison-sculptures-have-been-perfectly-preserved/?fbclid=IwAR0KNzGd8jOtdXN_YCn4tcU_jzMVXLhnU9LgGNO19gMLmABJvO_Cn21vnU0


23/03/2023: Industry (union) super funds – I hope you are not expecting to retire on them. They clearly have shonky accounting practices and are being milked by the same thugs who run the unions. Can I suggest you move your funds ASAP to a self-managed fund? We have been doing so for many years. We do our own accounting and the audit plus lodgement costs us $450 per year. That is all. Every other red cent is ours. Please compare with your own fund which will be charging you several percent of the (supposed) total amount, eg 3% of $200,000 or $6000 – which would be much better in your own pocket (in the long run). This is (probably) the biggest leftie scam currently running: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/03/business-robbery-etc-111/


23/03/2023: Write offs. Another great feature of EVs they forgot to tell you about: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/03/the-not-so-sustainable-evs-that-have-to-be-written-off-after-a-scratch/


23/03/2023: Students behaving like this deserve the stick and teachers should be able to use corporal punishment to discipline them. This woke nonsense went too far long ago. Pavlov was right. Pain is a great teacher: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/03/nsw-teachers-association-all-talk-nowhere-when-needed.html


22/03/2023: Doubtless people who make false rape allegations have some sort of serious issue but that does not mean that their crime should go unpunished: https://www.cbsnews.com/sanfrancisco/news/stanford-worker-false-rape-claims-perjury-suspect-jennifer-gries/


22/03/2023: Yay: “A referendum proposal that would enshrine unambiguously the limiting of the power of the state over the people, would ensure that one constitutional change will get up this year. That is a referendum we can all vote yes to!” https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/03/17/a-constitutional-change-that-we-all-can-agree-on/


22/03/2023: The Lord’s Prayer, a central tenet of Christianity for 2,000 years. Even if you are an atheist, there is so much wisdom here:



22/03/2023: Remember when as C S Lewis put it, pride was the greatest of sins, but being proud of sodomy is for me a step too far: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/03/20/pride-cometh-before-the-fall-into-dissolution/


21/03/2023: Flashman 200! Probably my favourite literary character: https://quillette.com/2023/03/17/a-jolly-good-scoundrel/


21/03/2023: I have to say that I fell for the line that anti-fluoridationists were nut-jobs but it now seems they were right after all (and that it dd not even reduce tooth decay): https://www.uncoverdc.com/2023/03/17/blocked-govt-report-finds-fluoride-lowers-kids-iq-case-heads-to-court/


21/03/2023: While the IPCC’s AR6 continues its speil (like a fundamentalist cult) that we are all going to burn, in the real world hundreds of thousands of animals are freezing and starving to death: https://cowboystatedaily.com/2023/03/20/half-of-antelope-in-rawlins-red-desert-could-die-as-brutal-winter-hammers-wyoming-wildlife/


21/03/2023: About that ‘Nazi’ salute. Listen to what Moira Deeming says – particularly read the last paragraph: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/03/statement-from-victorian-liberal-mp-moira-deeming.html


20/03/2023: Do we live in (Swift’s) Laputa Land? "A fourth appeared with sooty hands and face, his hair and beard long, tagged and singed in several places. His clothes, shirt and skin were all of the same colour. He had been eight years upon a project for extracting sun-beams out of Cucumbers, which were to be put into vials, hermetically sealed, and let out to warm the air in raw inclement summers. He said he did not doubt but that, in eight years more, he should be able to supply the Governor's gardens with sunshine at a reasonable rate." Another was engaged in “reformulating human excrement back into food.”

Sound familiar? https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/03/18/a-simple-reason-why-net-zero-is-impossible/   


20/03/2023: An ‘idyllic’ pre-European existence: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/03/contemporaneous-account-of-aboriginal-savage-tribal-war-and-cannibalism-in-gundagai-.html


20/03/2023: What you can do with GPT-4: https://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/how-to-use-gpt4-image-shows-the-world-has-changed-forever/news-story/0b7970ad1415744f7e7eb94ed6116ec6 You can try it for free: https://www.livemint.com/technology/tech-news/users-can-now-try-gpt-4-without-going-through-a-waitlist-here-s-how-11678956604155.html  


20/03/2023: Are you a ‘starseed’ or are you just bleeding nuts? https://www.sciencealert.com/people-among-us-identify-as-aliens-inside-the-starseed-phenomenon?fbclid=IwAR2e_jvdXaoTn-pPVjZUppxV_QPn_LklnF2zmu6aC8dhdW9vJevWFIofskM


19/03/2023: Way before the pyramids there was Dolmen de Soto: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolmen_de_Soto


19/03/2023: Yes, you will be able to have gin and tonics on Mars: https://hasanjasim.online/stunning-photos-show-huge-crater-on-mars-full-of-ice/?fbclid=IwAR3hg1g6CLnnfzpiQ92ydthkeB6Tm1tBBIpDZt73wFtn8UaUL6US5JLynAo


19/03/2023: Revenge is sweet: https://www.ranker.com/list/historic-acts-of-revenge/will-morgan-1?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=post&pgid=144361577286&utm_campaign=historic-acts-of-revenge&fbclid=IwAR27klfg6hVzAOdzc0T0JsiBmUeVPvuRfS-_VoTe-KErtmGC4DdfSDjHvJk


19/03/2023: A brief guide to ‘Newspeak’. BTW: have you noticed recently the odd meme “diversity is our strength” replacing ‘Unity is strength” as if a chain was no longer “as strong as its weakest link” or that “pulling together” was worse than having a “fifth column”: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2023/04/equity-language-guides-sierra-club-banned-words/673085/?utm_source=apple_news Do you remember when migrants had to pass an “assimilation” test? ie they were expected to fit into Australian society, and support themselves. I wonder if the current spate of ‘First (Worst) Nations” types had this test applied to them would any be allowed to settle/remain in Australia.


18/03/2023: Getting things ready for the beginning of ‘The Moon is a Harsh Mistress’: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thetimes.co.uk%2Farticle%2Frolls-royce-plan-to-put-nuclear-reactor-on-moon-p3r3q5k3w


18/03/2023: Well, I can imagine some worthwhile purposes to which it might be put (defence of ‘home and hearth’ etc – of course you would have to build a chimney first) : https://cowboystatedaily.com/2023/03/16/feds-say-wyoming-man-has-no-right-to-make-his-own-machine-gun/


18/03/2023: Understanding the difference between ‘equality’ and ‘equity’ – a lesson from South Africa we’d better learn – and soon: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/03/the-fallacy-of-equity-south-africas-warning-to-the-west/


18/03/2023: Clive Palmer really did try to save Australians from dying of covid (and would have saved many lives if governments hadn’t banned his procedures). Now they should be charged and gaoled for ‘crimes against humanity’. So far over 20,000 Australians have died from this and how many have died or had their lives blighted by (compulsory) experimental MRNA vaccines? https://joannenova.com.au/2023/03/clive-palmer-donated-37m-doses-of-hcq-and-1m-for-research-and-the-australian-government-destroyed-both/  PS: I suspect if he wasn’t so fat he would have been PM.


17/03/2023: Mitchell River Overnight: We have canoed this section of river before but not as a two-day (weekend) overnight trip and not at such a low water level.

I completed this section by myself in 9 1/2 hours paddling (in a packraft) and could have shortened it by another hour if I had exited at Bull Point on Czydel’s Rd instead of Angusvale (Mitchell River National Park), meaning that a (longish) day trip is possible for this excellent section of river.

If you can exited at Scotts (don’t know whether the gate is locked), you would save another hour and avoid three closely spaced Grade 3 rapids just below Scotts (beginning with the Surprise rapid – it is). It is possible to portage all three (recommended) along the right bank. Younger people (or more water) would speed this time up even further. I am 73.

I started the trip at the Castleburn Creek confluence (about a kilometre along the Castleburn Creek Rd – just off to the right before you cross that creek on the way to Waterford). This saves several hours’ paddling as compared to beginning at Meyers Flat camp ground just before the Waterford Bridge on the Dargo Rd..

The gauge height was 1.62 on the Waterford gauge and .72 on the Glenaldale gauge, but rose slightly as I went along due to some rain the day before and overnight during he trip (to 1.64 and .77 respectively). At this height I had only to get out about 6 times (the first day for a few yards), but I scraped the bottom many more times. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/03/17/mitchell-river-overnight/

17/03/2023: More anti-aging. Bring it on: https://mindblog.dericbownds.net/2023/03/an-arthritis-drug-mimicks-anti-aging.html


17/03/2023: Jacinta Price – some common sense in the racist mess that is ‘aboriginality’: “I am half Warlpiri and a mixture of Irish, Scottish and Welsh. My sons are of Warlpiri, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Malay, Indian, French, African, Chinese, Scandinavian and ­German ancestry. My stepson is half Scottish and a quarter Mauritian. They are all 100 per cent ­Australian…Most of the self-identifying indigenous members of our community who claim to feel hurt by Australia Day being held on January 26 would also have white ancestors in their family trees and may not even have been born if the First Fleet hadn’t come.”


17/03/2023: With apologies to R.M.Renfield the Dracula (Brad Stoker) character who had the same dietary obsession:



17/03/2023: The UN is just dreadful. Guterres (its head) is a mouthpiece for the most evil propaganda, this time that (conquering) Islam is the religion of ‘peace’: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/robert-spencer/2023/03/15/un-secretary-general-for-well-over-a-millennium-islams-message-of-peace-has-inspired-people-n1678525


16/03/2023: The Tale of a Rail: A Lewin Water Rail. Della now tells me that there have only been 146 confirmed sightings of this bird in the last 150 years! So I/we have been astonishingly fortunate. Imagine our consternation to find it tangled in the bird netting around the strawberry bed this morning! They clearly like strawberries as blue-tongued lizards do! Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/03/16/the-tale-of-a-rail/



16/03/2023: (Maybe) a room temperature superconductor at last: https://www.sciencealert.com/physicists-claim-creation-of-a-superconductor-at-near-ambient-conditions?fbclid=IwAR0gH4ea-IiiqY5Ki2Zt7kDMz7ZuNTmXCLVh6kLT1lDQsSzFLrycgriBt8c


16/03/2023: No wonder Biden wants to ban Tik Tok – are the Chinese communists behind this too? https://nypost.com/2023/03/13/critics-say-viral-trad-wife-movement-romanticizes-sexism/amp/


16/03/2023: Of course it is a religion and as such should receive no government funding or support: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/03/rasmussen-poll-shows-60-of-americans-believe-climate-change-is-a-religion-that-has-nothing-to-do-with-climate/


Just a few ‘for examples’: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/03/15/climate-crisis-what-climate-crisis-part-one-the-evidence/


16/03/2023: The real problem is that most ‘education’ is just worthless – that’s why so many of the best and brightest eschew it: https://www.thecollegefix.com/associated-press-frets-about-young-adults-choosing-work-over-college/


13/03/2023: How Caesar and Cato’s Deadly Rivalry Destroyed The Roman Republic. Fascinating reading – though maybe not as compelling as Shakespeare’s version: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Ffreebeacon.com%2Fculture%2Fthat-time-a-republic-really-ended%2F


13/03/2023: Just how mad/bad are the Greens? https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/03/greens-off-on-another-planet/


Does anyone really think they will ever build anything a fraction as great as Monash did? https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/03/monash-betrayed/


Other countries are beginning to wake up to this green nightmare and reverse direction – will we before it is too late, or is it already? https://stopthesethings.com/2023/03/10/reality-bites-europes-wind-solar-disaster-forces-serious-reversal-on-green-transition/


13/03/2023: Can you ‘detoxify’ yourself from unwanted effects of the covid vaccines? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/03/dr-peter-mccullough-on-the-holy-grail-of-covid-19-vaccine-detoxification-2/


13/03/2023: Righting the wrongs of the past is impossible. Why people who never owned slaves should write checks to people who never were slaves is inexplicable.Will ‘blacks’ one day be forced to pay compensation for eating the ancestors of ‘white’ folks. We have similar idiotic (and unhistoric) nonsense here in Oz where every person became an equal citizen under the law from 26 Jan 1788 on: https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2023/03/minnesotans-to-pay-reparations-for-slavery.php 


12/03/2023: The search for America’s greatest hidden treasure is over – or is it? What a fascinating puzzle: https://www.popularmechanics.com/adventure/a43061508/forrest-fenn-treasure-hunt/?utm_campaign=socialflowFBPOP&utm_medium=social-media&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR39FN_lsX3dSxMMT79dAQ69lYtWSduIZnt4FWCk81jw6HNgMzy3d0144yY


12/03/2023: Some of the forces of evil at work in Ukraine: https://www.wsj.com/articles/fight-for-bakhmut-becomes-moment-of-truth-for-wagner-founder-6146583f?mod=djemalertNEWS


12/03/2023: An examination of the whole US temperature dataset shows only a .07C warming per century (clearly within the levels of instrumental error anyway). This is a wonderfully uniform temperature (clear evidence surely that the earth has a thermostat) and that we need not worry eg that ‘climate change’ is an ‘existential threat’: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/03/11/the-us-blows-hot-and-cold/


12/03/2023: Yet we have attacks on the very ‘staff of life’ like this: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/03/dutch-government-sends-military-trucks-and-military-gears-as-farmers-plan-the-biggest-demonstration-yet/


12/03/2023: Tough times ahead? If you remember last year several Chinese banks collapsed. Now it is US ones. I may have been right to put much of our savings into gold stocks after all: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11847965/Financial-markets-brace-following-Silicon-Valley-Bank-death-spiral-bank-stocks-50.html


11/03/2023: Charles Kingsley was right. Imagine finding one of these in your garden. A Lewin Water Rail. We admit the garden has become a bit overgrown, but we also suspect the fox-proof fence is helping make a haven for various unusual critters. I was slashing some umbrella sedge which had becomes a little too enthusiastic when this little guy scuttled out and went to hide in the asparagus patch. It is only the second one I have ever seen. “No-one can say water-babies don’t exist because no-one has ever seen one not existing.”



11/03/2023: Rare Cat Found Living On The Tallest Mountain In The World: https://www.beautyofplanet.com/rare-cat-found-living-on-the-tallest-mountain-in-the-world/?fbclid=IwAR3Ot1H1goTfd7gdZAJcXp0W3p9bZL9bj1qxlnPLv099_43XxjNUyOGQmhI


11/03/2023: If you have trouble walking this may help: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hypershell/one-horsepower-ai-exoskeleton-powers-your-everyday-adventure-0?ref=8ett9x&utm_source=jellop&ja=jcf&utm_term=013.jcf&utm_content=Hypershell-VD01&utm_medium=facebook&utm_id=fb&utm_campaign=WjI1aFBTUWtKR2R1ZGowa0pDUnZZVDBrSkNSMmVUMGtKQ1IyY0dsdGVYUjFQU1FrSkdSNVBTUWtKSGh2WVQwa0pDUnphSEp0ZVQxTmIzcHBiR3hoTHpVdU1DQW9WMmx1Wkc5M2N5Qk9WQ0EyTGpFN0lGZHBialkwT3lCNE5qUTdJSEoyT2pFd09TNHdLU0JIWldOcmJ5OHlNREV3TURFd01TQkdhWEpsWm05NEx6RXhNQzR3SkNRa0pDUWtaSGx6ZVQweU1EQWtKQ1FrSkNSeVl6MHhOamM0TkRnMU1qYzBPVEkxTG5WamVISWtKQ1E9


11/03/2023: How far can you go with libertarianism: https://thepostmillennial.com/sex-positive-fat-activist-says-men-with-rape-kink-should-be-able-to-pay-to-drug-consenting-women


11/03/2023: Just when you thought men might become redundant it is women’s turn: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/03/scientists-in-japan-create-mice-by-using-two-fathers/

10/03/2023: The legend of a ‘lost white tribe’ in Central Australia gets some further credence from Les Hiddins, the ‘Bush Tucker Man’: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/history/2023/03/were-there-dutch-castaways-in-central-australia/

10/03/2023: The EPA is also unfit for purpose. All it really does today is crusade for green causes and enhanced authoritarianism. Here’s a case in point. Another is the nonsense crusade against gas stoves: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/03/09/pm2-5-mass-killer-or-mass-fraud/


10/03/2023: I think I will just go and eat worms: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/03/05/cinderella-citizens-ard-public-broadcasting-expects-regular-germans-to-eat-worms-live-in-squalor/


10/03/2023: During the 2008 presidential campaign, Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin warned that if Senator Barack Obama were elected president, his “indecision” and “moral equivalence” may encourage Russia’s Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine’: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2014/02/28/Flashback-Palin-Mocked-in-2008-for-Warning-Putin-May-Invade-Ukraine-if-Obama-Elected-President

09/03/2023: Who’d have thought – a 3D printed space rocket blasts off: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/worlds-first-3d-printed-space-rocket-is-ready-for-launch/

09/03/2023: Islands are dynamic things. They have been robust for a very long time (like corals): https://joannenova.com.au/2023/03/1000-pacific-and-indian-islands-are-not-shrinking-due-to-climate-change/

09/03/2023: As Ukrainian troops in Bakhmut appear to falter Biden seems to be ramping us up for WW3: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/03/is-nato-bluffing-or-is-it-beefing-up-forces-to-back-a-ukrainian-offensive/

09/03/2023: Nick Cater in The Australian: “In a normal world, a rise in the export price of coal from $US80 a tonne in January 2021 to today’s price of about $US300 a tonne would have been a signal for the finance markets to invest in new mines, railways and wharves. Yet almost no such investment has been made….

Potential investors, including the big banks, are sinking money instead into the utopian dream of greening the grid and electrifying everything, a project that will cost between $US3 trillion and $US4.5 trillion incidentally, according to a 2022 study by McKinsey.

An ESG rule for super would potentially free up a lazy $3.3 trillion more to be thrown at that project. The 15.6 million Australians who own that capital might or might not think that to be a good thing. Under a government intent in removing their agency, they may find it difficult to object. As Assistant Treasurer Stephen Jones said, the government’s concern is the health of the hive, not the bees who made the honey.” Sheer bloody lunacy.

08/03/2023: Wings Over Fiordland: I have written about this wonderful airline, Wings And Water before. For our 50th anniversary we just had to have a flight into Supper Cove (since we did not quite make it on our walk) and a tour of Dusky Sound and some other beautiful fiords: Breaksea, Dagg, Doubtful, etc.

The flight took approx 2 1/2 hours and cost around $500 each (for five people), though I suspect Kylie gave us a discount as being long-term return customers. Well worth it though whatever the cost, believe me. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/03/08/wings-over-fiordland/

08/03/2023: I now have two new eyes. I chose these lenses: AcrySof IQ Vivity® IOL because they give both distance and excellent intermediate vision with the ability to read things on the computer or held at arms length. I have some excellent folding reading glasses which clip onto your pocket for reading. The eyes are still settling down – I am less than a week out from having the second one done, but I can certainly say that it was a good decision. I have better all-round vision than I have had for years and can now see where I am putting my feet down on difficult ground very clearly. I can also see in rain and humid conditions without that nightmare of having one’s glasses fog up. I am now also back to having better than 20:20 vision, which is great: https://www.myalcon.com/international/professional/cataract-surgery/iols/vivity/


08/03/2023: Is the mammoth on the way back? https://www.beautyofplanet.com/28000-year-old-woolly-mammoth-cells-brought-back-to-life-by-scientists/?fbclid=IwAR3mGOdMxnCwIJS1s8ULGlTV_pYDASv7TPlAzFtf_iPJbFmCDcHVFaM4ON8


08/03/2023: Are EVs evil? I think the answer is, ‘Yes’: https://issuesinsights.com/2023/03/02/its-time-to-admit-it-evs-are-evil/

08/03/2023: Just in case you don’t think the ‘deep state’ is running America. Police instigated and assisted the Capitol ‘insurrection’. Just up the street Trump held a rally of 500,000 people without any violence. And Tucker airing the footage that proves this is described by the Left as an ‘attack on democracy’: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/03/89869/

07/03/2023: Remembering Auden: https://www.thefp.com/p/things-worth-remembering-w-h-audens?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=260347&post_id=106264168&isFreemail=true&utm_medium=email

07/03/2023: Welcome to degrowth communism. “I used to think Communism, with its famines, purges and abuses, was probably the worst system of government which could be inflicted on people. Now I know better.” Perhaps you can see how this pernicious ‘theory’ has already infected the woke classes. https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/03/05/degrowth-communism-green-communism-whose-explicit-goal-is-destroying-the-economy/

07/03/2023: More negatives re the ‘absent father’ syndrome – and same sex marriage: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/03/06/some-thoughts-on-mothers-drag-queens-trans-groomers-grooming/ PS: If we had a true referendum about this today I doubt it would be passed.


07/03/2023: Our BOM is simply not fit for purpose. Anyone 40 or older can remember how much colder it was in the 80s, then how much hotter in the 90s and now how we haven’t had a summer for three years – yet the BOM manufactures ‘the hottest year ever’ every year. The satellite records show practically no change over the average temperature during all that time (+.08C of one degree). Indeed the last ten years it has been cooling: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/03/just-another-warm-summer-day-made-to-look-like-hell-on-earth/


06/03/2023: It is not just Britain which is committing national suicide: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/immigration/2023/03/the-suicide-and-conquest-of-britain-revisited/


06/03/2023: Lies, damned lies and politicians: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/03/05/lying-occasionally-or-for-all-seasons/


06/03/2023: Where will the materials for the ‘green revolution’ come from – mining the sea perhaps? https://stoneageherbalist.substack.com/p/hidden-costs-ecological-realism-and


06/03/2023: Good luck with our being able to defend the country: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.zerohedge.com%2Fpolitical%2Fmore-75-americans-aged-17-24-arent-fit-military-service-dod


05/03/2023: Can China survive demographic change? https://financialpost.com/news/economy/china-lost-40million-workers-3-years


05/03/2023: The Federation Cross – Spot On Viv: https://australianclimatesceptics.com/?p=805


05/03/2023: The woke war on the world’s food supplies: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/kenya-gmo-approval & https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/03/04/farmers-blockade-eu-capital-to-fight-fertiliser-restrictions/


05/03/2023: Democracy has declined so much that even the dead and the brain dead are ‘representing us’. This may not be far from the truth. I suspect the public has declined similarly. The problem is not exclusive to the US. Our leaders in Oz, Albo and his rat-faced understudy Bowen are not much better: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/tucker-fetterman-is-not-well/


04/03/2023: Seems very unlikely that Russia (or the foks on the ground there) will ever give up Crimea. Instead of escalating the war with more and more munitions (and deaths) a workable solution which does not inexorably drive Russia into the Chinese camp needs to be worked out. Russia needs to ne on ‘our’ side. There are two great enemies of civilisation (presently): socialism/communism (and its guise of environmentalism) and Islam. Let’s focus on that before we have another World War which just leaves these more powerful (as WW2 did): https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/msnbc-reporter-goes-crimea-shocks-viewers-telling-truth


04/03/2023: Who knew? A ‘cure’ for homelessness – likewise many similar socially undesirable traits I am willing to bet: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/03/a-must-read-for-democrat-mayors-how-one-ca-republican-mayor-eliminated-homeless-population-in-his-liberal-state-video/


04/03/2023: The electric car ‘market’ collapses: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/03/free-market-squeals-subsidies-end-and-electric-vehicle-sales-collapse/ 


04/03/2023: There goes that pain in the back! Bring it on soon, Please: https://newatlas.com/medical/single-injection-chronic-lower-back-pain-relief/


03/03/2023: Alan Moran does a good job of calling out the hucksters and shamans of the environmental movement - as well as putting it in an interesting historical context. As I have said a hundred times, there is not a scintilla of evidence for this bizarre cult: https://zephr.spectator.com.au/2023/02/climate-change-short-on-proof-drowning-in-nonsense/


03/03/2023: “Media, Education System Are “Racist Against Whites And Asians” Scott Adams didn’t get away with saying this obvious truth. Let’s see how Elon Musk fares: https://www.weaselzippers.us/489039-elon-musk-media-education-system-are-racist-against-whites-and-asians/


03/03/2023: What is Andrews on - raising the age of criminality. Thugs of 10-14 know they are doing wrong. Five year olds know they are doing wrong. All this will do is increase the size of and worsen the criminal classes. We should bring back corporal punishment. Here’s a similar example: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/03/update-florida-student-who-viciously-beat-unconscious-teacher-over-nintendo-switch-will-be-charged-as-adult-was-arrested-three-times-for-battery-in-2019/


03/03/2023: The Mandela Legacy – this is the future the Left wanted. Do you want it for Oz too? It is coming if we don’t wake up: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1629707620792582146.html


02/03/2023: So long ago already: the Soviet Union ended on Australia Day 1991, 32 years ago – yet (listening to the Labor Party, Greens etc banging away in Parliament) I realise so many on the Left still hanker for just the same old class warfare and the same old commie notions that held over half the world in slavery for 70 years – and still enslave China!


02/03/2023: ‘Just trust the science’, they said: https://www.vice.com/en/article/qjkgap/scientists-now-want-to-create-ai-using-real-human-brain-cells


02/03/2023: This story of John Franklin is much like the lives of so many ‘aborigines’ I grew up with in the Hunter Valley and Northern NSW, ie of hard work, acceptance and assimilation. Re-inventing the past and inventing its many ‘injustices’ is never the way forward for a peaceful, prosperous nation. My best friend at primary school was an ‘aboriginal’ boy named Roy whose memory I cherish to this day. After an afternoon playing in the mud on the riverbank no-one could have told which one of us was the ‘aboriginal’ – and no-one cared. His father and mine both worked (as fettlers) on the railway or timber-getting in the nearby forests. We all attended the local school and whatever social events were available: dances, open-air cinema, hunting and fishing, the local show etc. There was no discrimination – we were all just Aussie kids growing up in our ‘sunburnt country’: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/identity/2023/03/a-family-heritage-overpainted-with-ochre/


02/03/2023: A huge increase in death and disability amongst the young. Seriously disturbing stuff. We have so far lost over 20,000 people to covid most of them unnecessarily if only sensible health measure as in India had been applied. Now, how many are we losing to the MRNA vaccines? https://joannenova.com.au/2023/03/its-the-greatest-crime-scene-in-history-for-the-first-time-the-healthy-employed-are-worse-off-than-the-unemployed/


Those excess deaths are up 43%: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/03/breaking-by-ed-dowd-society-of-actuaries-excess-death-numbers-released-for-december-in-age-group-under-44-number-is-43-higher-than-expected/


01/03/2023: There is an interesting critter called ‘rubisco’. It’s not a biscuit. It’s not even a critter either really, just the most common protein on the planet. It’s made by ‘chloroplasts’ which are not some evil chemical fluoridationists add to the water supply but just the most common photosynthesis factories on the planet. If these two interestingly named things (rubisco, chloroplasts) did not exist, there would be no life on the planet and we would not be here arguing about whether they can or can not transform a little more CO2 into useful things to avert the great heat death which awaits us all - if you believe some panicky chicken-little folks!

01/03/2023: Fair point – the ‘global warming that wasn’t (global): https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/02/27/non-global-warming/

01/03/2023: I am so over the gender wars. I have never been a ‘bad man’: https://www.spectator.com.au/2022/11/the-sin-of-masculinity/

01/03/2023: We suspected this all along: https://babylonbee.com/news/confirmed-resurrection-was-complex-april-fools-day-joke-that-got-disciples-tortured-killed

28/02/2023: Before you go stir crazy at this, let me tell you that a year ago I ‘cured’ a sheep of a cancer which had always killed them before every time with fenbendazole, a cheap sheep worm drench which has been around most of my life. I am about to start on another one today. If/when I get it I will be drenching myself in the same way. Costs about 20 cents a day and certainly won’t do any harm anyway: https://veryvirology.substack.com/p/curing-the-incurable-cancer

28/02/2023: For a year now we have been led towards WW3 over the Ukraine but it still seems like the baddies vs the baddies to me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7I5mrWipls

28/02/2023: Meanwhile, for the first time in 100 years it is snowing in Saudi Arabia - gotta worry about that coming Ice Age folks: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/it-is-snowing-in-saudi/

28/02/2023: Bettina on Higgins: ‘evasive, unco-operative and manipulative’. This woman should not have been handed millions of our dollars without evidence and a verdict. Similarly Lehrmann deserves a chance to be exonerated: https://bettinaarndt.substack.com/p/evasive-uncooperative-and-manipulative?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=448263&post_id=103978759&isFreemail=true&utm_medium=email

27/02/2023: Mushrooms will save the world: https://www.theverge.com/23610087/mushroom-plastic-waste-research

27/02/2023: We are running out of oppressed classes in need of saviors, so apparently, we must expend every more effort to find people to save: https://hotair.com/david-strom/2023/02/23/a-major-civil-rights-victory-that-will-change-america-forever-n532630

27/02/2023: Should there be government funding of public education? It is a good question. Ask yourself how much food would cost if its production, distribution etc was a owned by the government. There would be mass starvation. I think everyone realises this. What then are the advantages of having education, health, welfare, defence etc in public hands? Surely the outcomes would be better if they were all managed privately and government shrank enormously? https://zephr.spectator.com.au/2023/02/is-it-time-to-defund-public-education/

27/02/2023: The CO2 Scam. I just hope you realize that there has not been a single shred of real evidence for this (false) hypothesis – but vast amounts of evidence that it is false. Just the fact that during multiple ice ages the CO2 level was higher than it is now should be enough to wake you up: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/02/jo-nova-wins-the-dauntless-purveyor-of-climate-truth-award-2023/ & https://legalinsurrection.com/2023/02/former-reuters-science-writer-slams-climate-hysteria-promoted-by-todays-media/

26/02/2023: Beware super-massive runaway black holes: https://www.livescience.com/runaway-black-hole-the-size-of-20-million-suns-found-speeding-through-space-with-a-trail-of-newborn-stars-behind-it?utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_content=livescience&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR2N0_q2Cpqh8Q8TBHYOzCA5NG2L3v5AKqTByK0LRZaNnwQNTxgrSJUQ0oo

26/02/2023: Just when we are absolutely certain CO2 is not responsible for ‘global warming’, instead is an enormously beneficial gas (to life) and that natural gas is largely abiotic and ubiquitous so that all our energy problems are ‘solved’ for pretty much all time, we decide to destroy our economies and societies by banning both. I guess this is what happened to the Ja’ins a few thousand years ago when they decided that it would be ‘wrong’ to eat anything living…

26/02/2023: Words women use – I think maybe this guy understands women better than I do: http://maggiesfarm.anotherdotcom.com/archives/38419-Words-women-use.html

26/02/2023: P.J O’Rourke was just great. He went missing a year ago today, eg “The poor of the world cannot be made rich by redistribution of wealth. Poverty can’t be eliminated by punishing people who’ve escaped poverty, taking their money and giving it as a reward to people who have failed to escape. Economic leveling doesn’t work. Whether we call it Marxism, Progressive Reform, or Clintonomics, the result is the same slide into the stygian pit. Communists worship satan; socialists think perdition is a good system run by bad men; and liberals want us to go to hell because it’s warm there in the winter.”: https://amgreatness.com/2023/02/24/remembering-p-j-orourke/

25/02/2023: The triumph of the autochthons: https://althouse.blogspot.com/2023/02/today-nearly-half-billion-people.html

25/02/2023: What do you suppose ‘commendable’ means then: https://wirepoints.org/not-a-single-student-can-do-math-at-grade-level-in-53-illinois-schools-for-reading-its-30-schools-wirepoints/

The same trend here: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/nsw/strict-school-discipline-will-give-aussie-students-the-best-chance/news-story/3136f894d7d6a0ca51d04bb0701fbba2

25/02/2023: It probably will kill you but who would eat it anyway when there is lamb? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/02/are-they-trying-to-kill-us-lab-grown-meat-backed-by-bill-gates-has-cancer-cells-and-could-cause-other-scary-health-issues/

25/02/2023: But why not give it a shot? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/02/new-skin-rotting-drug-is-literally-turning-drug-users-into-zombies/


24/02/2023: Whether they are ‘gravity batteries’ or some other kind, intermittent energy storage will never keep up with continuous energy demand. If you don’t want carbon emitting energy you simply have to use nuclear. It is the only current feasible option. Wind-up toys no matter how big will not cut it: https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/Could-Gravity-Batteries-Win-The-Energy-Storage-War.html

24/02/2023: “Healthy soil, the underpinning of civilization throughout history, is created in interaction between grazing animals and soil microbiologyPeer-reviewed research from Rodale has shown how regenerative agriculture can sequester more carbon than humans are now emitting”: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/02/the-ecologist-who-says-we-need-huge-herds-of-cows-and-sheep-to-stop-desertification/ Has to be better than shooting 14,000 elephants anyway – besides I like lamb.

24/02/2023: We must reject this utterly undemocratic (and racist) ‘Voice’. Who does it represent, how will representatives be chosen anyway, and why should they have control over the vast majority ‘s democratically elected representatives? https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/andrew-bolt/the-voice-will-almost-certainly-have-the-power-to-block-the-government/news-story/4881474896302fb00a5cbd4b3f8e1ff3

23/02/2023: Paperless. For how long has this been a weird green dream? Soon we are to find out as Victoria’s largest paper mill is set to close due to not having any native timber to make paper from. All the native timber is now needed to fuel massive (one million acre plus) wildfires. Over 150 years of careful forest management has ended. ‘Apres moi le deluge’ as the saying goes – as if Andrews was a Frenchman. Many other (good) things are also ending (such as reliable energy, financial responsibility…we are drowning in woke bullshit. We are in for very tough times which will probably (as the history of the Weimar Republic shows) result in something far worse before things get better again. All this because of a tiny minority of greenie (communist) saboteurs. I have said for forty+ years that there needs to be an open season on these types. Such a day will come. 

23/02/2023: Jeanne Calmert took up smoking at 112. It only took ten years to kill her: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/02/21/longevity-expert-3-reasons-the-worlds-oldest-person-lived-to-122.html

23/02/2023: More neat tricks from the Clinton team. (You would have to say this compares favorably with the Victorian woman who was supposed to have suicided by shooting herself twice in the head). Someone may have stolen the gun: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/02/arkansas-police-rule-suicide-in-death-of-clinton-aide-found-hanging-from-tree-with-shotgun-blast-to-chest-despite-no-sign-of-gun/

23/02/2023: It didn’t work. I wonder how data would compare Novavax ad Ivermectin treatment to what was forced on everyone? “If the entire medical system were a mafia cabal designed to create Pfizer profits by banning cheap drugs and useful tests, while guaranteeing indemnity in secret contracts and forcing drugs on people who didn’t want them, what exactly would our Minister of Health have done differently?” https://joannenova.com.au/2023/02/18-months-too-late-natural-immunity-is-almost-as-good-as-vaccination-except-when-its-better/

22/02/2023: I long since had enough of perversion and have called it what it is for many years no matter whether my views are stigmatised or criminalised. No amount of force will turn good into evil – or the reverse.: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/02/21/perversity-under-liberalism/

22/02/2023: A Doubtful Deluge: Milford vs Doubtful Sound? Which is your favourite? The road to Milford is one of the most wonderful in the world I’m sure, and there is no doubt that Sound is the more famous, but for my money the Doubtful beats it hands down, and if you can manage a trip there the Dusky beats it too!

We were ‘lucky’ enough to be ‘cruising’ the Doubtful on a beautiful rainy day. This drove most of our fellow travelers indoors, but Della and I relished the rain out on the deck. This deluge transformed the whole Sound into a million waterfalls. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/02/21/a-doubtful-deluge/

22/02/2023: Solar-powered lighter. Forget the BIC. These guys have lighting a fire (or even a cigarette) covered: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/solis-x-world-s-first-solar-rechargeable-lighter#/

21/02/2023: Canoeing the Hollyford 21/02/2023: Canoeing the Hollyford: There are many wonderful sights along the Milford Rd. This trip we witnessed some intrepid whitewater canoeists. I thought I had done a lot of whitewater work - but not like this.

The guy reckoned this was Grad 3+. I beg to disagree. I have canoed a lot of Grade 3 water in Oz but it was nothing like this, which has to be Grade 4/5 I think.

They were doing an approx 12 minute trip down from the viewing/parking point by the river above the Hollyford Rd (Gunns Camp) down to Marian Creek on that Rd. Read More (and watch the video): https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/02/21/canoeing-the-hollyford/

21/02/2023: The Irish are wimps: https://headlinereporter.com/2023/02/irish-man-died-after-being-attacked-by-chicken/?utm_source=rm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=em


21/02/2023: Stem cell transplantation cures HIV: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-11772327/Man-CURED-HIV-D-sseldorf-patient-virus-free.html


21/02/2023: Indisputable evidence covid was around in 2019 – so where exactly did it come from, who made it – and why? https://billricejr.substack.com/p/early-spread-evidence-in-one-document


21/02/2023: Is Snowy 2.0 the greatest Green disaster ever: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/02/snowy-2-0-could-win-prize-for-most-globally-stupid-green-engineering-project/ & https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/02/20/the-debacle-of-snowy2-0/ Remember it is costing (much) more than several coal or nuclear plants which would deliver several times the electricity constantly for 50+ years and at a fraction of the cost per kilowatt hour. NB: We have Turnbull (& Rudd) to thank for the hopeless NBN too.


20/02/2023: Alas that O’Rourke is no more: "The Free Market Is a Bathroom Scale

The free market is the greatest repository of our freedoms. Economic freedom is the freedom we exercise most often and to the greatest extent. Freedom of speech is important—if you have anything to say. I've checked the Internet; nobody does. Freedom of belief is important—if you believe in anything. I've watched reality TV and I can't believe it. Freedom of assembly is important—if you're going to an assembly. Most people are going to the mall. And, at the mall, they exercise economic freedom.

The free market is not a creed or an ideology that political conservatives, libertarians, and Ayn Rand acolytes want Americans to take on faith. The free market is simply a measurement. The free market tells us what people are willing to pay for a given thing at a given moment. That's all the free market does. The free market is a bathroom scale. We may not like what we see when we step on the bathroom scale, but we can't pass a law making ourselves weigh 165. Liberals and leftists think we can.

The free market gives us only one piece of information, but it's important information. We ignore it at our peril, the way the leaders of the old Soviet bloc did. They lost the cold war not just because of troops or tanks or Star Wars missile shields. Even Reagan and Thatcher couldn't win the cold war by themselves. They needed allies. And the allies were Bulgarian blue jeans. The Soviets lost the cold war because of Bulgarian blue jeans. The free market was attempting to inform the Kremlin that Bulgarian blue jeans didn't fit, were ugly and ill-made, and nobody wanted them at any price. People wouldn't wear Bulgarian blue jeans—literally not to save their lives. But the Kremlin didn't listen. And the Berlin Wall came down".

P. J. O'Rourke. Excerpt(s) from ‘Don't Vote It Just Encourages the Bastards’


20/02/2023: A good news story about gun ownership: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/02/el-paso-mall-shooter-stopped-cold-bystander-pulls-weapon-fires-police/


20/02/2023: How woke can you get? https://www.outono.net/elentir/2023/02/13/the-spanish-government-legalizes-bestiality-and-imposes-prison-for-injuring-a-rat/


20/02/2023: Imagine if you fled one totalitarianism only to discover another. “At Columbia University they were literally saying that all the problems that we have is because of capitalism, because of white men, and the solution for all these problems is a communist revolution in the name of equity.” North Korean defector, Yeonmi Park: https://legalinsurrection.com/2023/02/north-korea-defector-compares-woke-education-in-america-to-regime-she-escaped/


19/02/2023: People are failing the AI ‘mirror test’. This is not quite what you might think it is, but on the other hand I wonder how many real people could not prove they were sentient: https://www.theverge.com/23604075/ai-chatbots-bing-chatgpt-intelligent-sentient-mirror-test PS: Only this morning Della received a ‘compilation’ from Google Photos of ‘water fountaining’. Google’s AI had put together a host of photos of us with waterfalls etc – which it clearly recognized, all by itself.


19/02/2023: As Tucker points out our constitution prevents our government from having (or establishing) a religion – but that’s just what the ‘climate cult’ is. We need to urgently push back against this nonsense: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/02/18/tucker-carslon-the-climate-cult-has-grown-stronger/


19/02/2023: Back in the 1930s there was a board game about how to turn your country into a communist ‘utopia’. None of this stuff ever dates. I have just re-read Michener’s ‘The Road to Andau’ about the Hungarian ‘Revolution’. I think you should too. (I found a ‘free’ copy on a torrent site). I had (almost) forgotten how awful the Soviet ‘system’ was – and how enthusiastically 99% of Hungarians rejected it (to their great loss! I don’t know whether you remember the Melbourne Olympics water polo match, but I do.) Yet today we are rushing to just the same state control (of everything) in Australia and many other countries as the soviet system exemplified. For example it is already illegal to express a divergent opinion about many cherished communist ideals - racism, sexism, the environment, etc. Don’t believe me? Try posting about how you disagree with homosexuality on social media! https://bigthink.com/strange-maps/toward-soviet-america-board-game/


19/02/2023: What an extraordinary poll! ‘We the people’ need to take back our countries. We need to be the government and have much less government. The sooner the better: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/02/half-of-americans-believe-the-media-is-trying-to-mislead-them-and-the-people-running-the-usa-are-unknown-to-voters/


18/02/2023: A Taste of the Kepler Track: Undaunted by our (unsuccessful) fiftieth anniversary foray on the Dusky a couple of days later we decided to give the Kepler Heli-Hike a try. It involves a (claimed) 3 1/2 hour walk down from the Luxmore Hut to Brod Bay on the Western shore of Lake Te Anau (pretty accurate - for us anyway) as well as a helicopter ride from Te Anau to a peak a little further up the range (from Mt Luxmore) before landing at the hut to begin the walk. The walk culminates in a water taxi ride back to Te Anau instead of another 3+ hour walk. The cost was NZ$325 per person. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/02/18/a-taste-of-the-kepler-track/



18/02/2023: We need more old men: https://instapundit.substack.com/p/the-power-of-old-men


18/02/2023: Ah, the rubber! Hat’s off to ‘The Bed Sitting Room’: https://nypost.com/2023/02/15/im-sexually-attracted-to-objects-and-i-make-out-with-balloons/


18/02/2023: Maybe Biden did shoot down a ‘party balloon’ but how long before a passenger jet hits one of these? https://joannenova.com.au/2023/02/did-the-us-air-force-just-use-an-f-22-fighter-jet-and-a-sidewinder-missile-to-destroy-a-13-hobby-balloon/


17/02/2023: Dusky Track 50th Wedding Anniversary Walk: Della has covered much of this ground already (on Facebook) but I have a few snippets to add (and a link to my hiking blog): https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/02/17/dusky-track-50th-wedding-anniversary-walk/



17/02/2023: If I have seemed somewhat quiet (since our return from Fiordland) I have been getting new eyes (well, one so far). Two days in I can now see things (with my new left eye) which have been invisible for years. How I look forward to being able to walk in humid rainy conditions without my glasses fogging up so that I am (was) walking blind.


17/02/2023: I have to agree with Michael de Percy, they need to open a ‘philosophy factory down the road’ or as Heraclitus put it, ‘It is weariness upon the same things to labor and by them to be controlled.’: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/02/on-labors-heraclitus-the-fragments-of-socialism/


17/02/2023: The BOM has been faking the temperature data for decades to hype their ‘global warming’ fantasy: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/02/15/hyping-maximum-temperatures-part-6/


15/02/2023: You heard how around half the current ‘aborigines’ who demand a ‘voice’ (aka control of our country) are recent fakes? The other half are mostly simply older fakes, the likes of Michael Mansell etc whose 1/32nd ‘heritage’ is almost certainly less than yours or mine. ‘One continent, one nation’ was what our founders in 1901 had in mind, a good enough notion for the next couple of hundred years too: https://richardsonpost.com/davidhiscox/30509/300000-fake-aboriginies-rorting-exorbitant-black-privillage/


15/02/2023: You heard too that it was the ‘Deep State’ which blew up Nordstream? Let’s hope that this is not like the ‘Phoney War’ which was the precursor to WW2: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/02/the-us-cia-blew-up-nord-stream-an-act-of-war-bombshell-broken-from-a-blog/


15/02/2023: Long since time everyone gave up on this ‘climate’ nonsense and went back to enjoying life: https://issuesinsights.com/2023/02/14/the-climate-scare-narrative-continues-to-collapse/


15/02/2023: It had to happen, but you go first: https://legalinsurrection.com/2023/02/yale-professor-mandatory-mass-suicide-of-elderly-a-solution-to-japans-rapidly-aging-society/


30/01/2023: What kind of pill should you take – I choose the white pill: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/01/29/take-the-white-pill/


30/01/2023: NASA has reignited its nuclear propulsion rocket system it cancelled with Omega decades ago: https://www.sciencealert.com/new-nasa-nuclear-rocket-plan-aims-to-get-to-mars-in-just-45-days?fbclid=IwAR3slVtRk0ONpaShEauzboR__ZxtL-dMyuwTYDnSkPpWuIxm4BUuTW9r0sg


30/01/2023: Will the public ever see a ‘No’ case? https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/01/voice-referendum-doomed/


30/01/2023: Eagles are probably incapable of learning to avoid wind turbines: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/01/28/guardian-google-are-not-trying-hard-enough-to-censor-climate-deniers/


29/01/2023: Interesting New Windscreen: A reader drew my attention to this interesting piece of parallel evolution. The X-Boil is a roll-up windscreen very similar to my roll-up titanium stove which I posted about here a year earlier than the X-Boil. I made later modifications to it in pots here and here, though until last week when Craig alerted me to it I had never heard of X-Boil. I have copied the photo of it from their site - I hope they don't mind - I don't speak (or write) German.

It has an interesting button-loop closure which is another solution to the hook and eye type ‘chimney’ closure I finally settled on. I think the latter has perhaps slightly less ‘give’ in it which may be preferable in the field.

X-Boil has come up with some added ventilation options (which Craig seems to think mine needs), though I have not as yet found this myself. I have to congratulate X-Boil on the modification to the upper edge which allows for the use of a frypan. This is an outstanding idea. As a keen Ultralight Fisherman I wholly endorse this change and will incorporate it in my next model. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/01/28/interesting-new-windscreen/

29/01/2023: Lunch Atop A Skyscraper: The Story Behind The 1932 Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QCYDzsQ_yM


29/01/2023: How well do these Nato tanks measure up – and will they need to send nukes next? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11674247/M1-Abrams-tank-vs-Leopard-2-Challenger-2-differences.html


29/01/2023: It had to happen: Denmark calls for mandatory military service for women: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.straitstimes.com%2Fworld%2Feurope%2Fdenmark-calls-for-mandatory-military-service-for-women


28/01/2023: Garden Doings: (Della) We often see satin bowerbirds in the garden at fruit-ripening time, but yesterday gave us a special treat: I discovered a hesitant fledgling bowerbird that had been separated from his frantic mother by a flock of noisy cockatoos wheeling overhead. Mum was flying about and calling from a nearby tree, and you can see her join her baby in the video before being frightened off again by a lone cocky. Eventually (after I had retreated with my camera) they were able to find enough peace to reunite and fly to safety together. Welcome to our newest eater of the windfall apples and other fruity delicacies from our garden. The other random pic is one of my giant birds of paradise trees that I caught flowering spectacularly whilst I still had camera in hand.





28/01/2023: So much can still be learned from ancient thinkers such as Epicurus and Buddha: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2023/jan/26/living-for-pleasure-by-emily-a-austin-an-epicurean-guide-to-happiness


28/01/2023: The Left and their ‘trigger warnings’ meet Shakespeare and Beowulf – It could get ugly: https://jonathanturley.org/2023/01/26/tragedy-might-be-triggering-british-universities-add-warnings-for-greek-and-shakespearean-plays/


28/01/2023: Who knows whether this Project Veritas story is true or not; we may never know. I certainly believe that the power of evil is immense and that the forces of good have always fought a rearguard action against it. In this instance I long ago observed that Pfizer had undoubtedly suborned a myriad of ‘important’ folk (politicians, health bureaucrats etc) with cash payments in order to further their profits – indeed long before they discovered the awesome cash potential of the coronavirus: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/01/blockbuster-claims-in-video-of-pfizer-executive-making-mutant-viruses-capturing-official-agencies/


28/01/2023: It isn’t the Virgin Mary or Jesus but it certainly looks like a bear: https://www.sciencealert.com/astronomers-just-discovered-a-bear-on-mars


27/01/2023: The Dark Harbour Hermits:

“There’s many a coat that is tattered and torn, 

That beneath lies a true honest heart. 

But because he’s not dressed like his neighbors in style, 

Society keeps them apart. 

For on one fortune smiles, while the other one fails, 

Yes, no matter what venture he tries. 

Time calls them both to the grave in the end, 

And six feet of earth makes us all one size.” 



27/01/2023: If someone else was massacring whales, birds and bats as the Greens are, you would expect someone to get upset – at least the Greens would get upset, surely? https://joannenova.com.au/2023/01/the-strange-coincidence-of-the-offshore-wind-industry-and-178-dead-whales/


27/01/2023: Heart attacks up 17%, but who cares? https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/fatal-heart-attacks-up-17-percent-in-australia/ This will bankrupt Pfizer: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/01/breaking-the-silence-do-mrna-vaccine-harms-outweigh-benefits/


27/01/2023: All along our coastline you can see this same evidence that sea level has actually fallen – just open your eyes. Then maybe you will begin to doubt the global warming doomsters. Sea level has (naturally) been falling since the Holocene (maximum  6-8000 years ago) the warmest period between the great ice ages when the earth was at its warmest. Since then we have been slowly moving back into another ice age. Don’t expect to be able to walk to Tasmania very soon though: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/01/22/sea-level-update-from-noosa-national-park-queensland-australia/


26/01/2023: On this day in 1778 Della's great great great grandfather Private Lawrence Richards Plymouth Marines on board Prince of Wales arrived Sydney Cove with his wife Mary and son Samuel (born on the voyage thus maybe the first Australian). They were the first settlers on Norfolk Island and later had land at Bankstown (near where Della was born). Lawrence (and his son William) served in the 102nd regiment till 1810 and thence in the 73rd Regiment (the Black Watch) until his retirement in 1816. Not many of us can claim a 'First Fleeter' in our ancestry.


26/01/2023: I have always loved butter, cream etc. Now I know for sure it was good for me too: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2018/07/cheese-butter-not-necessarily-linked-to-death/565253/


26/01/2023: Forget about the lithium and cobalt shortage; there is just not enough plain old copper in the ground for the ‘net zero revolution’. It is madness to mandate the impossible as Canute demonstrated: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/01/24/the-copper-conundrum/


26/01/2023: Maybe you can remember when Jacinta Price warned that dropping the welfare cash card controls would lead to a spike in alcohol fueled violence (especially against women) in remote communities. Then Albanese and his mates decided to end alcohol bans as well – because they were ‘racist’, even though the victimized women wanted them. Now without recourse to a ‘Voice’ at all, he has re-introduced them. What’s next? Another Howard style military intervention at hell-holes like Wadeye which is doubtless just as bad (if not worse) than it was back then? https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/01/albos-alice-alcohol-back-flip/


26/01/2023: There is a point where I cease to be a libertarian and echo those who would see the death penalty for child molesters. I think I now want to include fantasy child molesters in this too: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/truecrimeaustralia/predatory/instagram-slammed-for-letting-child-sex-dolls-to-be-sold-online-as-border-force-seizes-illegal-trade/news-story/cbedb136cae4afbd23cdc284a8d8ed77


25/01/2023: How good are ‘scientific trials’? This (satirical) paper shows that there is no evidence that parachutes help: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/03/rct-study-shows-parachutes-make-no-difference-when-jumping-from-aircraft/


25/01/2023: Could ultrasound be the fountain of youth – it had better hurry up for me if it is: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fstudyfinds.org%2Fsound-waves-reversing-aging%2F


Another one here – will we live forever: https://12ft.io/proxy?ref=&q=https://studyfinds.org/anti-aging-gene-fountain-of-youth/


25/01/2023: The Land Rover Defender replacement is just about to hit the market: https://www.carsales.com.au/editorial/details/spy-pics-ineos-grenadier-ute-breaks-cover-139231/?fbclid=IwAR3WPg7Qsb8DZVICQPUANvp7iPUXtnTXm9hZSyntvc8FYwzMJ65-k07iz1M


25/01/2023: You have to honour the spirit of sacrifice:




24/01/2023: A solar powered lighter – an expensive way to make your BIC renewable: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/solis-x-world-s-first-solar-rechargeable-lighter#/


24/01/2023: Let them eat bugs:  https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2023/01/let-them-eat-bugs.php But there already is a food production ‘crisis’: https://richardsonpost.com/michael-snyder/30286/the-worst-food-crisis-in-modern-history/


24/01/2023: Of course our climate thermometers are always perfectly sited (as they are supposed to be) with only (mown grass) within 50 metres or so of them - and there is no urban heat island effect by the growth of a huge city all around them: https://www.drroyspencer.com/2023/01/urbanization-effects-on-ghcn-temperature-trends-part-i-the-urbanization-characteristics-of-the-ghcn-stations/  & https://joannenova.com.au/2023/01/jolly-odd-what-sydney-observatory-record-cold-spell-broken-with-help-from-awol-solar-panel/


24/01/2023: You and I who have lived in the bush all our lives (and love it) would call it ‘alienation’: https://scitechdaily.com/natures-decline-the-distance-between-humans-and-nature-is-growing/


23/01/2023: So, birds were around before the dinosaurs vanished: https://scitechdaily.com/evolving-backward-discovery-overturns-more-than-a-century-of-knowledge-about-the-origin-of-modern-birds/


23/01/2023: China may be going down the gurgler: https://www.manhattancontrarian.com/blog/2023-1-19-in-china-things-are-heading-south-quickly


23/01/2023: Yeah, sure. The boys will love their new quiet choppers – and buy them like crazy: https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/harley-davidson-will-soon-be-all-electric-ceo-says/ar-AA16zEgK?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=edb475dccdbf485bb961be3fe042063c


23/01/2023: 15 Reasons Completely Unrelated To The Vaccine People Are Dying Suddenly: https://babylonbee.com/news/15-reasons-completely-unrelated-to-the-vaccine-people-are-dying-suddenly


22/01/2023: Buzz still has the right stuff: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/special-punch-in-honor-of-buzz-aldrins-93rd-birthday/ & https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/01/famous-astronaut-marries-93-excited-eloping-teenagers/


22/01/2023: Norwegian government funds research to find out if white paint is racist: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Ftpn.net%2Fnorwegian-government-funds-research-to-find-out-if-white-paint-isracist%2F


22/01/2023: Rats had a bad press: https://www.sciencealert.com/we-might-have-been-wrong-about-the-role-rats-played-in-the-black-death


22/01/2023: Duh: “When you start to think about it, it’s pretty extraordinary that we – a select group of human beings, because of whatever touched us at some point in our lives – are able to sit in a room and come together and actually talk about saving the planet…It’s so… almost extra-terrestrial to think about, saving the planet. If you say that to most people most people, they think you’re just a crazy tree hugging and lefty liberal, you know, do-gooder, whatever.” John Kerry at Davos


21/01/2023: ‘Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fat.’ Alex Levine


21/01/2023: Graphene Fabrics on the way: https://backpackinglight.com/forums/topic/graphene-embedded-polymers/

21/01/2023: This will work out well: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/it-takes-5-days-to-charge-a-hummer-ev/

21/01/2023: Let them not eat cake: https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/british-food-tsar-hints-cake-ban-office-compares-health-harms-passive-smoking

20/01/2023: Leeks were eaten in ancient Rome and regarded as superior to garlic and onions: https://www.epicurious.com/ingredients/geeked-about-leeks-recipes-gallery  

20/01/2023: Anti-aging is on the way, but hurry up guys: https://www.science.org/content/article/two-research-teams-reverse-signs-aging-mice

20/01/2023: These ‘elites’ are just barking mad: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/01/its-a-cult-the-wef-are-the-select-few-touched-as-saviors-of-the-world-to-master-the-future/

20/01/2023: Viagra anyone? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-11649627/Viagra-users-25-likely-suffer-early-death.html

19/01/2023: “Your husband is a polar bear, skinny.”: https://apnews.com/article/fema-alaskan-native-wrong-translations-707ab611f0d171ae2e34fc3f284454a7

19/01/2023: Wonnangatta Again: After three days of (once again poorly reported) ‘evidence’ I think we can begin to piece together the solution to this ‘mystery’: Russell had visited the area a week before (if you remember). Almost certainly this was to choose a campsite and quite probably to get in a good supply of firewood. At ‘normal’ times when there are few folks about this might have worked out, but not a week before a holiday long weekend. On this occasion when he arrived there were (presumably) already two cars camped at ‘his’ site, one of them Lynn, the other the man in the white ute whom we have not heard from yet – presumably he did not have a phone! A lesson there for future ‘murderers’! It will be interesting to learn when/why he left. Witnesses have described Hill as a ‘grumpy old man’ and we have heard before about his becoming involved in an altercation with the ‘Button Man’ when he also decided to camp at (or too close to) the latter’s campsite. I’m sure we have all encountered people like that, unfortunately. The witnesses also expressed surprise that Russell ‘decided’ to camp right next to the other two campers (when there are around forty kilometers of river to camp along for less than 200 people even on a holiday weekend). It seems likely that the situation was inflamed further by Hill flying his drone over Lynn’s camp, presumably after dark when they were both likely liquored up too! My guess is that Lynn shot the drone down with his shotgun which I’m sure many of us might feel like doing in a similar situation. Police forensics experts suggest that Hill came to Lynn’s camp and seized Lynn’s shotgun. During a struggle over the shotgun it went off, shooting Clay in the head. She was doubtless hovering around trying to stop them fighting. No doubt this further enraged Hill who perhaps had the shotgun in his hands by then and when Lynn feared for his life (properly so probably) he stabbed Hill perhaps in ‘self-defence’. All this was very tragic but if it had happened say at Tidal River in front of lots of witnesses he may even not have served any gaol time at all. Unfortuntaely he decided to cover the whole situation up and flee. These were his substantive crimes (that and having a shotgun where only a deer rifle is permitted), probably ones which don’t carry a much longer gaol time than he has already served! In any case those of us who enjoy camping in the High Country can again do so without fear of being stalked by homicidal madmen – though I think we need to learn the lesson that we should spread out more and not fly drones over each others’ camps!

19/01/2023: Maybe you voted to make this possible? I did not: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/01/update-gruesome-details-released-gay-activist-couples-crimes-adopted-sons-warning-content/

19/01/2023: ‘Racial’ classification is just nuts, whether it is the US, Oz, Nazi Germany or apartheid South Africa. A ‘drop’ of blood from ‘another race’ does not make you any different from the rest of humanity, I’m sorry. All you are, all you should want to be, is human. I could claim to be French (one-eight) or Irish (three eighths) for example. I suspect there is even some negro/gypsy in there way back. A cousin’s DNA analysis (I have not done one) indicates this likelihood. Della could claim to be Scottish (half) or even Jewish (one eighth – ‘Jewish’ is a religion, surely?) but all we really are is Australian people. The very idea that people should have some sort of ‘special government’ or ‘special treatment’ on account of their supposed ‘race’ (whether it is a benefit or a ‘disadvantage’) is just truly abhorrent. The ‘Voice’ is a disgusting idea, best quickly buried. One Australia for all – a land of free people, please: https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2023/01/our-insane-racial-classifications.php

18/01/2023: SpaceX is just great: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/spacex-launch-is-awesome-and-thats-how-we-will-land-on-mars/

18/01/2023: Wonnangatta Murders: Goodness knows how this will work out, but by the third day police seem to have one clear piece of evidence which will damn Lynn – Russell’s phone at Mt Hotham at (roughly) the same time as Lynn’s car was captured on a camera there. Very hard to explain this away otherwise than that he was implicated in their deaths – unless the times don’t quite match. Others no doubt used the same route out as the road to Jamieson was (unexpectedly) closed

One would think that the phone would have been switched off, yet nonetheless ‘modern’ ‘fixed battery’ phones now have a supplementary battery which keeps time/geolocation alive even so. Edward Snowden alerted us to the ‘spooks’s ability to track this (after the event) even if no search warrant had been issued (before the event) – and it appears he is right. Future crims will be alerted to this if they had not been by 1990s Bruce Willis movies! Astonishing that an airline pilot (who should have known better) carried these phones so far. My own ‘guess’ was that the murderer would have disposed of the bodies and such evidence as soon as possible (before reaching ‘populated’ areas) – but not this guy apparently.

The first day of ‘evidence’ was weird – and made no sense. ‘Witnesses’ gave ‘evidence’ of events completely contrary to the ‘known’ movements of the couple from nearly two years ago now, ie that they called their friend around 3:00 pm on the Friday afternoon 20th March from the Howitt Road  outside the valley (for directions) then drove into the Wonnangatta (Dry Creek) and called him again at 6:00pm 20th March saying he had just arrived at camp in the Valley. The previous night (Thursday 19th March) they had (‘always’) spent on the Howitt Plains outside the valley – the haunt of the so-called ‘Button Man’ – if you recall all previous reports of their movements. One wonders why police had interviewed that individual if phone records (pings from the Howitt Rd) showed the couple driving into the Wonnangatta (down the Zeka Track) on the 19th – a day earlier than previously supposed, and so had been nowhere near his camp. Their burnt out car was found around lunchtime on the Saturday 21st March. These two witnesses are claiming they saw the missing couple  camp at Dry Creek in the Wonnangatta on Thursday 19th then that they heard shots on the Friday morning 20th (so what?) and saw the couple afterwards at a graveyard (Wonnangatta Station Homestead) and again driving into the Dry Creek Camp also on the 20th where there were apparently two cars, a blue Nissan and a white ute. I wonder what route these guys took out of the valley?

Still, further police evidence yesterday (presumably geolocation from Lynn’s phone) claims that he revisited the spot where the bodies were buried again in May and November of the same year as the ‘disappearance’. He would need pretty compelling excuses for these three marks against him, but it is all circumstantial after all and not forensic evidence

18/01/2023: Our masters need their mistresses who can be flown in by jet plane (all at the public expense – what a trough!) whilst we peddle bicycles and eat bugs: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/01/report-high-priced-prostitutes-descend-davos-high-powered-leaders-world-economic-forum/

18/01/2023: The Albanese communist government’s ‘reforms’ of the gas industry are not working out well –if you try to control prices you curtail supply: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/01/the-government-waved-a-magic-wand-and-turned-the-gas-industry-into-a-stone/

17/01/2023: Nuclear power in your pocket? ‘Soon’ to come for future ultralight hikers: https://www.nextbigfuture.com/2023/01/nuclear-power-cell-for-space-satellites-that-are-cup-size-instead-of-dishwasher-size.html

17/01/2023: The Shed: If only all of us could triumph over the ‘planners’ as this old man did: https://www.spectator.com.au/2023/01/the-old-mans-tale/

17/01/2023: Remember when electricity cost <$30/meg and we had a reliable supply: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/01/12/south-australia-does-it-again/


17/01/2023: Excess deaths likely caused by MRNA vaccines: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/01/temporary-morgues-built-across-uk-due-unprecedented-increase-excess-deaths/

16/01/2023: DIY Shoulder Pouches: My new Zpacks Arc Haul Ultra came without shoulder pockets (or pouches) as I could so easily make my own, as I have done this morning (forgetting to photograph the process too sorry!) If you have ‘recently) purchased a sewing machine as I have (often) suggested, you can make a pair too. I hope this post helps you do so.

I measured the space on the pack where they would have to fit and came up with dimensions of my four pieces of material as follows. Two pieces for the pack strap sleeves that started at 7″ x 6″ and two pieces for the pouches that stated at 6″ x 15″. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2023/01/15/diy-shoulder-pouches/

16/01/2023: Ibn Battutah, The Islamic Marco Polo. “Whereas Marco Polo was rather tight-lipped about sex, Ibn Battutah seems to have copulated his way across the then-known world with hundreds of slave girls, concubines, and temporary “wives.” He also left more than a few offspring in his wake. His trip lasted 29 years and was three times the length of Marco Polo’s. He writes about not only what he actually experienced, but also includes gossip, rumors, and legends about the things and the people he encountered. Some of it is rather horrifying.”: https://www.amazon.com/Travels-Battutah-Macmillan-Collectors-Library/dp/1909621471/ref=asc_df_1909621471/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312021455910&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=3526682798586221892&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9003435&hvtargid=pla-489921632055&psc=1


16/01/2023: In case you don’t think the transgender cult has gone too far: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/01/frankenstein-.html


16/01/2023: Frankly I think gas stoves were just about the best kitchen ‘invention’. We would not be without ours: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/01/14/calls-to-ban-gas-stoves-are-anti-science-anti-freedom-and-anti-energy/


16/01/2023: Electric cars are not working out well for the UK. People can’t afford to either buy them or charge them. They won’t work out any better here either: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/01/uk-electric-cars-sales-fall-people-cant-afford-to-run-them-on-wind-and-solar-grid/ 

15/01/2023: Finnsheep - Unexpected second lambing. This fourteen year old ewe has lambed unexpectedly for the second time this year. I hardly expected her to live (She had been quite ill after her first lambing back in August), let alone do this. She has been a spectacular ewe with four working teats who has often raised quads (when she was younger).

She and another brilliant old ewe have been in a small ‘retirement’ paddock just in case they happened to raise a bonus lamb (in 2023) after a long and productive life (around forty lambs raised each - in paddock conditions).

I have had a very special young triplet ram in with them just so he doesn’t get hurt by the other rams as he has outstanding genetics and we really want progeny from him (later this year).

I was very surprised to see her with this (second, unplanned) out-of-season lamb at foot this morning. It is only one but it is a four-teated ewe lamb - so somewhat like winning the lottery for us.


The proud dad:



Here she is with a set of quads last year.



Finnsheep can relatively easily be managed to lamb twice per year. We have clients with thousands of our Finnsheep in air-conditioned sheds eg in the Middle East) raising 6+ lambs per year over two lambings: http://www.finnsheep.com


We do not usually lamb ours the second time because there is not enough stock feed here in summer to raise a second lambing well so it is too hard on the ewe and the lambs.


15/01/2023: “I do not own a coal mine. I am a professor of literature at an American college. We professors, like the mine owners, do not do hard manual labour for a living. Unlike those mine owners, if I may speak generally, we spend none of our time around such men. We do not break bread with them, we do not live near them, we do not worship at the same church, our children do not see one another on the streets. We are almost entirely insulated from the exigencies of bodily life. We do not grow our own fruit and vegetables, we do not build our own homes, we do not raise our own livestock, we do not dig our own wells, we do not repair our own vehicles, we do not clear our own fields, we do not pave our own driveways and roads, we do not lay the bricks for our own schools, we do not fight our own fights.” Anthony Esolen, reflecting on John Ford’s great movie, ‘How Green was My Valley’ (& who also does not know what a semi-colon is). Far too many like him – and yet unlike, for most show no remorse and are ever assured of their own superiority! God save us from the ‘elites’: http://www.frontporchrepublic.com/2014/01/theres-equality-theres-equality/


15/01/2023: The nation state is increasingly a prison and moreso a ‘panopticon’ one where we should certainly believe ‘we are being watched’,  as we have no control over ubiquitous cameras and microphones which (are intended to) surveil us and control us. The prospects for ‘liberty’ are dismal. It is still (though barely) within living memory that the passport was invented (an ‘emergency World War 1 measure – like the income tax – Yes!) it is not just our movement across (so-called) international borders which is circumscribed but increasingly our movement within our own areas and nations. The so-called covid ‘pandemic’ was either invented for the purpose or eagerly morphed into a vehicle for such social control. Who could have believed before then that (‘free’) Australians could be limited to their own homes or a very restricted neighbourhood – and all their other (social) activities likewise entombed in red-tape, even our ‘rights’ to work and worship, for example. There was very little ‘push-back’ against this – though you may have noticed (for example) Della and I continuing to ‘sneak out’ now and then for a camping trip in the Vic mountains (& etc) in defiance of ‘Dictator Dan’s’ edicts, though we were (from the outset) more careful than most to avoid infection – just common sense really. (And may I add, better prepared to treat it than any Oz government). We have (at least) three tiers of ‘Government’ in Australia and that is not counting all the bureaucrats and various official and unofficial ‘police’. This trammeling up is best exemplified by the explosive growth  of rules and regulations (and cops). During the first year (alone) of John Cain’s government in Victoria he was proud to have passed more pages of statutes than had existed in the whole 150 years of Victoria’s history up to then. I am not making this up. Since then every successive Australian government (including local) has sought to excel his record – often successfully. Tony Abbott’s government alone actually tried to (successfully) reduce this burden. I have never even been convinced that the ‘nation state’ is/was a ‘good idea’. It would be interesting to watch a debate about this issue – wouldn’t it? Or that the idea of ‘government’ itself is! Without doubt there are other (likely better) ways of doing things which most people over most of time have employed. Or should. Really.


14/01/2023: The last free people…I was wondering around 3:00am what has become of them. Do any exist in the brave new world order which has been building its walls and stringent controls all around us. You know, people like the Lapps and Samoyeds – the reindeer people, and the various gypsy tribes for example. What an astonishing achievement by the former. Imagine domesticating reindeer which can live where there is only (inedible) moss to eat, and yet move about with them and thrive in the most inhospitable of wildernesses- and sustain a lively culture. The closing of the Soviet borders must have had a profound effect on them. When we were in Nepal we were talking with a Sherpa in Namche who observed that when he was a child with his family moving back and forth through the high passes from Tibet one of the greatest dangers was wolves (one of ) which could take a full-grown yak!. That way of life ceased when the Chinese imprisoned the Tibetan people (in 1956). I guess ‘everyone knows’ that the Nazis murdered over 90% of Europe’s gypsies (a much larger percentage even than Jewish people). The ossification of the nation state since the Second World War must have further trammeled what is left. (Interesting to note that before the First World War no passports existed or were required anywhere). Of course surveyors and land-owners have further restricted the movement and ‘rights’ of nomadic peoples who must have enjoyed (intermittently) the same tracts of land perhaps for thousands of years until someone else decided ‘they’ owned them. Older owners no doubt continued to recognize the traditional camping practices of Romanies (etc) on their estates but as those properties have changed hands (and the ‘common lands’ disappeared) the ‘traveling folk’ must have been increasingly circumscribed. I know many people still dream of ‘taking to the road’ eg becoming ‘grey nomads’ etc, but such choices are being limited more and more by bureaucrats and other nasties. Is there any prospect for freedom at all in our future? I’m sometimes glad I will not be around to see it.


14/01/2023: Surviving the Holocaust but not our Brave New World (Order): https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/01/holocaust-survivor-hiding-ordered-psychiatric-institution-german-court-faces-forced-covid-vaccine/


14/01/2023: Let’s see the Greens get behind this one: https://www.world-nuclear-news.org/Articles/Holtec-claims-SMR-160-can-repurpose-any-coal-fired?fbclid=IwAR0b0sVTcF6VChSoXpsPcrlhKQqfaIScHKq1THqyMiQovafVtEPpJGQm02A


14/01/2023: Antarctic icebergs have not changed in 300 years; so much for catastrophic global warming: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/01/2000-gigatons-of-plant-wrecking-co2-and-icebergs-around-antarctica-are-the-same-as-the-1700s/


13/01/2023: Why ‘Adam’s Ale’ is the best drink: https://edition.cnn.com/2023/01/02/health/hydration-disease-aging-death-risk-study-wellness/index.html


13/01/2023: Much as they tout ‘diversity’ the elites in fact favor only conformity, so innovation is stifled: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/01/its-official-everywhere-in-science-theres-a-mysterious-lack-of-ground-breaking-papers/


13/01/2023: Big Brother is watching you: A friend points out that  WA are trying to introduce legislation that will consider anyone that is working from home will have their home deemed a workplace, which will then fall under the same state workplace OH & S and right of access by government department and union officials.


13/01/2023: War of the Worlds #1 – Are we Martians then? https://scitechdaily.com/researchers-discover-mars-may-have-had-the-conditions-for-life-before-earth/

12/01/2023: Don’t miss the rare green comet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9DTkxXoQqw 

12/01/2023: When Labour’s William Beveridge ‘invented’ ‘The Welfare State’ in 1942 ‘his goal was ‘the abolition of want’. Labor has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams: Want has all but been abolished: fewer and fewer want to work, want to marry, want to raise children, want to lead a life of any purpose or dignity’ (Steyn) ‘The welfare state is the oldest con game in the world. First you take people’s money away quietly then you give some of it back to them flamboyantly,’ Thomas Sowell.

12/01/2023: Where are the greens when you pave over 5,000 square kilometers with solar panels or  clear the forest and halt the wind with so many wind turbines – not to mention the god-alone-knows what effects of all the monstrous transmission cables: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/01/big-solar-goes-big-bust-largest-solar-plant-in-the-world-dies-before-it-can-be-built/

12/01/2023: I notice that the radical left have been eager to celebrate the death of George Pell – a death no doubt hastened by their vitriolc witch hunt of a demonstrably innocent man. Instead, we should be celebrating the life of one of Australia’s outstanding intellectuals and faith leaders: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/01/tony-abbotts-statement-on-the-death-of-cardinal-pell-ac.html 

11/01/2023: "If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing poorly." G.K. Chesterton

11/01/2023: Really, what’s wrong with being a man, manly even? I’m sure the women and children of the Birkenhead (and millions like them) agree with me: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/01/11/its-time-to-celebrate-men-and-masculinity/



11/01/2023: Beware of pollies trying to sell pigs in pokes: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/01/therapeutic-albanese-couldnt-be-clearer-about-the-voice-vote-first-find-out-what-for-later.html BTW: A ‘poke’ (bag) is a cognate of ‘pocket’.


11/01/2023: The poor old elephant – who could have known: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/01/huge-elephant-dies-suddenly-we-dont-know-why-but-we-know-it-wasnt-that-one-thing/


10/01/2023: When even the Labor right (does it still have one?) become worried about Defence you should too: https://spectator.com.au/2023/01/bombers-defence/


10/01/2023: How mandated car seats actually ‘kill’ children. These things and other such social programmes are really depopulation strategies. We have entered an era when only junk people can ‘afford’ to have children. This will not end well: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3665046


09/01/2023: The world’s first analogue computer from the genius which was ancient Greece: https://tocharus.substack.com/p/ancient-greek-analogue-computer


09/01/2023: Common sense on tax and money from the great Ronald Reagan: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/01/homespun-genius-from-the-late-great-ronald-reagan.html


09/01/2023: Della and I have been ‘green’ all along without even knowing it: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/01/08/new-york-times-there-has-never-been-a-better-time-to-be-short-mate-with-shorter-people-for-a-greener-planet-to-save-the/


09/01/2023: What an interesting idea: https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/world/481990/londoner-solves-20-000-year-ice-age-drawings-mystery?fbclid=IwAR1E84dEqLFCa3nz1NlFzuTxcYkZcYeIhFyV5rnPfnZUMQzNS49-bbdo0FU


08/01/2023: How materials technology will change the world: https://bigthink.com/the-future/cellulose-nanocrystals/?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR2oBmFknKXHLzGkEJmbCW1mkhuM443bljYUhdo9gCCsXAxkSg5qKeJVu4I#Echobox=1673049074


08/01/2023: The art of ancient Roman concrete: https://www.sciencealert.com/we-finally-know-how-ancient-roman-concrete-was-so-durable?fbclid=IwAR3bjxGoeiGbiZ50ukBD3K4-1VizdPsxuM-b5jIjaDS24Alpyh1QsKDrPVw


08/01/2023: In 1800 there were 3 cities in the world with populations over 1 million. Now there are 442! This represents the major transformation of human life. We cannot hope to understand what makes the average human tick unless we understand their circumstances. Having lived in a city (reluctantly) for less than 8% of my life I admit to a deep ignorance. I pretty much hardly even know any 'city people'.


08/01/2023: When they are not killing birds and bats and producing no net electricity, they burn: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2023/01/smoking-ceremony-at-the-local-wind-farm.html


07/01/2023: Get ready: 6G is coming (for you): https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2023/01/230104231812.htm


07/01/2023: Once again zinc (50 mg a day in this case) is shown to be a ‘magic bullet’: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/01/if-only-our-universities-had-studied-this-earlier-zinc-may-have-stopped-40-of-covid-deaths/


07/01/2023: The Chinese Government seem to be rushing a range of science fiction scenarios: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/01/sellin-chinas-reseach-mosquitos-may-lead-using-mosquitos-bioweapon-delivery-platform/


07/01/2023: According to the satellite records the world is .05 of a degree warmer than the average for the last 44 years. It has varied by around half a degree up/down all that time. This is a dazzling unifomity. Who can really doubt that there is a natural thermostat which keep the temperature so stable? You would have to be a lunatic to believe that profound ‘climate change’ is imminent. The whole movement is just a wicked scam: https://www.drroyspencer.com/2023/01/uah-global-temperature-update-2022-was-the-7th-warmest-of-44-year-satellite-record/


06/01/2023: More details of the fate of the Franklin expedition slowly emerge. The extraordinary thing is that the ship was lost because it was unusually warm that year 150 years ago and has been colder ever since: http://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/66022


06/01/2023: Parsnips (and turnips) are very nutritious and delicious – what people ate before potatoes took over: https://insanelygoodrecipes.com/parsnip-recipes/


06/01/2023: Repatriating those ISIS war-brides is working out well: https://www.theepochtimes.com/isis-bride-who-allegedly-followed-husband-to-syria-arrested-in-australia_4963726.html


06/01/2023: If Sydney continues like this an Ice Age can’t be far off. Where is the alarmists’ response to this astonishing data: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/01/the-year-without-a-summer-in-2022-sydney-didnt-even-reach-32-degrees/


Where is that warming: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/01/04/the-new-pause-lengthens-100-months-with-no-warming-at-all/


05/01/2023: ‘It is God's gift that all should eat and drink and take pleasure in all their toil’: I’m sure you would not expect that quote from me an old avowed atheist, but one should always garner truth and wisdom from the past, not just throw it all away as so much old junk. Our Judaeo-Christian tradition has many such important lessons which it would be folly to forget. The pleasure to be found in physical work ought not be missed by anyone. It pains me how many folk are bored and indolent, whereas we never find a minute where we share that feeling. All our moments are busy ones.


This is probably my favourite Bible quote. If you are my age you may remember it better as being the words of a ‘Peter, Paul & Mary’ song! Read it in full, maybe even paste it on your wall. It is full of wonderful truths: Ecclesiastes 3:1-13:


3:1 ‘For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:

3:2 a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted;

3:3 a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

3:4 a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

3:5 a time to throw away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

3:6 a time to seek, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to throw away;

3:7 a time to tear, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

3:8 a time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace.

3:9 What gain have the workers from their toil?

3:10 I have seen the business that God has given to everyone to be busy with.

3:11 He has made everything suitable for its time; moreover he has put a sense of past and future into their minds, yet they cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.

3:12 I know that there is nothing better for them than to be happy and enjoy themselves as long as they live;

3:13 moreover, it is God's gift that all should eat and drink and take pleasure in all their toil.’

05/01/2023: With maybe 20 million covid infections in a single city China has only recorded 22 Covid deaths since December. If true they are doing so much better than Oz where we had 240 deaths in a single day recently: https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20230103-up-to-70-of-shanghai-population-infected-with-covid-top-doctor

05/01/2023: “If, a militarised, heavily armed Police force decides that it can take the law into its own hands, a great leap forward has been achieved in the progressive totalitarianism to which we are being subjected”. He argues the Qld police unit SERT had the capability to and was set up to arrest and detain just such armed ‘offenders’ as the Trains. Why then are they dead instead of facing trial so that we know the nature of their ‘crimes’? Trial by media is not the semantic equivalent of justice. https://newcatallaxy.blog/2023/01/04/what-happens-in-wieambilla-stays-in-wieambilla/ PS: Comments are interesting.

05/01/2023: Batteryland – another fantasy green dream like green hydrogen and renewables generally. Extracting sunbeams from cucumbers as Gulliver observed the crazed inhabitants of one of Swift’s fantasy lands attempting to do is just not a sensible energy or economic policy. You just can’t ‘plan’ to spend eight times the entire GDP on a battery which could never (materially) be built anyway, and likely would not work if you did. :  https://joannenova.com.au/2023/01/even-in-battery-fantasy-dreams-the-costs-dont-make-sense/

04/01/2023: 1912 – what was the world like exactly 100 years ago? http://www.danielgreenfield.org/2022/12/december-31-1912.html

04/01/2023: Add this to the ‘smart switch on your electricity meter. Too many nasty things can be done to your freedom with the flick of a switch: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/01/big-brother-will-watch-drive-disgusting-infrastructure-bill-installs-kill-switches-new-vehicles-turns-america-police-state/

04/01/2023: Some more good news (maybe) – extinction rebellion quits: https://joannenova.com.au/2023/01/extinction-rebellion-quits-realizes-being-attention-seeking-vandals-isnt-winning/

04/01/2023: Home energy savings largely a sham. I would have thought so too as people build ever larger MacMansions and architects go for two-storey high rooms, oceans of glass and the like. The average weatherboard, timber floored home of the 1950s (which had proper ventilation for human health amongst other advantages - no strange ‘peanut’ allergies and the like back then) was half the size, and had ‘living’ rooms of approx 10-15 square metres (easy to heat) and no cooling of any sort, clearly used less than half the electricity of the ‘modern’ monstrosities. Goodness knows how we even survived the houses we built in the past! https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/01/01/home-insulation-makes-little-difference-to-energy-consumption-new-study/

03/01/2023: Love conquers all – a good news story: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-64125531

03/01/2023: A plant which gave up photosynthesis: https://www.sciencealert.com/ethereal-new-plant-species-doesnt-use-photosynthesis-its-found-something-sneakier

03/01/2023: The mother of ‘conspiracy theories’ debunked: https://spectator.com.au/2023/01/lee-harvey-oswald-killed-jfk/

03/01/2023: No doubt all those folk who waited an hour or two to recharge their EVs over the holiday period will be rushing out to buy another one and advising their friends to do the same. Likewise the folks in Norway & etc who have discovered the cost of recharging is more than double the cost of filling up the old car with gasoline: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/doomed-planet/2022/12/painting-the-near-future-in-blackouts-and-green/

02/01/2023: Suppose you wanted to ditch Google Play Store: https://www.popsci.com/diy/f-droid-download/

02/01/2023: Just in case you need an ice age, here’s a great idea – and they’re implementing it without any discussion at all: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/12/go-wrong-startup-releases-particles-atmosphere-stop-climate-change/

02/01/2023: We can apparently look forward to blackouts which last several days (if we continue to follow Europe down the drain). In most of Australia people would not actually freeze solid as in Europe, but it won’t be fun either: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/12/blackouts-will-last-for-days-says-austrian-defence-minister-stock-up-now/

02/01/2023: A great essay Alexandra: https://spectator.com.au/2022/12/the-crimes-of-eco-fascism/

01/01/2023: Zpacks Arc Haul Ultra: I have been a fan of Joe Valesko’s Zpacks for nearly twenty years – back when he was just a lad sewing all the packs himself. We have kept in touch. I have tried many of his products as they became available and generally promoted them.

I doubt there has been any single person who has ‘pushed the envelope’ of the ultralight revolution quite as much as Joe. His firm has grown like topsy, which is a credit to him and I hope doesn’t give him too much stress with the responsibility of having to care for so many people and do so much work. I trust there is still plenty of time for family and for hiking.

I have a friend whose business grew so big he eventually had to sell it as it was making his life impossible. All he really wanted was to be like Maugham’s ‘The Verger’ – to have a very modest living. If you haven’t read the story, now is the time to do so. If you don’t read, you can watch it here. I’m afraid such modest ambitions are what I have stuck with since I first read the story in the sixth grade. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2022/12/31/zpacks-arc-haul-ultra/

01/01/2023: Instead of queueing from 10:00am to watch ‘pretty lights’ in the sky at midnight before going home to bed I’m afraid we went to bed at 10:00 pm and missed New Year altogether, our 52nd together actually. I really can’t believe that half a billion people ‘tuned in’ to watch the Sydney fireworks. Are we lemmings or what? If this is how it begins I have very little hope for 2023.

01/01/2023: A very powerful and insightful essay - Use These Five Easy Tricks to Identify the Marxist in the Room: https://pjmedia.com/columns/kevindowneyjr/2022/12/30/use-these-five-easy-tricks-to-identify-the-marxist-in-the-room-n1657219

01/01/2023: It is horrifying that children could be legally mutilated (castrated) by one parent against the wishes of the other and really without the child’s consent (being a minor). Women’s ‘rights’ have gone too far. It is hard to imagine the effect on this boy’s life when he grows to be an adult and realizes what was done to him – and what he lost: https://thepostmillennial.com/breaking-texas-supreme-court-rules-against-father-seeking-to-prevent-chemical-castration-of-his-son

31/12/2022: Bird-window collisions. I would have expected some more positive recommendations. On old-style windows with fly-screens (in my experience) they almost never happen. The suggestion that feeders should be placed near windows is interesting: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2022/12/221220113013.htm

31/12/2022: Time to ditch those ‘green’ investments: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/12/ouch-environmental-investors-lost-22-in-a-year-when-energy-investors-made-54-gains/

31/12/2022: It is fairly clear that the MRNA shots are not working but I would like more information about the efficacy of the conventional vaccines. I am seriously considering a booster of Novavax which seems particularly efficacious. I still have no particular desire to die from covid (if it can be prevented) though I never wanted the public to waste vast amounts of money preventing my death either (as they did). Cheap vaccination campaigns have been the backbone of cost-effective public health for a century now. It still seems (to me) that Ivermectin is more effective as an antiviral treatment than the expensive ones the drug companies have cooked up. Still plenty of sheep drench in our cupboard: https://www.conservativereview.com/horowitz-possibly-the-most-important-study-on-covid-shots-might-explain-why-covid-never-seems-to-end-2659039644.html

31/12/2022: The Faux Urgency of The Climate Crisis Is Giving Us No Time or Space To Build A Secure Energy Future. Some advice from one of the world’s pre-eminent climate scientists: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/12/28/the-faux-urgency-of-the-climate-crisis-is-giving-us-no-time-or-space-to-build-a-secure-energy-future/

30/12/2022: The long (geological) view of climate change: https://www.spectator.com.au/2022/12/blame-jacinta/

30/12/2022: Worrying. Any excuse to increase the tyranny we now live under: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/12/tyranny-aussie-cops-demand-public-rat-neighbors-anti-government-believe-covid-19-conspiracy-theories/

Qld Police have also clearly been peddling a pack of lies about the Trains (who I admit might not have been exactly angels – who is?) For example the ‘new’ excuse for the police break in was that they were serving a warrant for ‘illegal guns’ but the only such (unsecured firearm) ‘offence’ seems to have been 25 years ago. As I said at the time, we may never know what this was all about, just that it is clearly not as it seems: https://richardsonpost.com/davidhiscox/29946/dob-in-a-covid-denier/

30/12/2022: The ‘Deep State’ ie unelected bureaucrats it seems are the ones leading an insurrection against the democratic will of the people and against our cherished historic freedoms in the US as in Oz and elsewhere. Why is it happening? https://richardsonpost.com/brian-c-joondeph/29913/deep-state-insurrection/

30/12/2022: German health minister says climate change travel restrictions and prohibited behaviour will be required: https://twitter.com/BernieSpofforth/status/1605820678585958401?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1605820678585958401%7Ctwgr%5E00bb104ca66591f801b94ba6d508d53ae91796d9%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fcitizenfreepress.com%2Fbreaking%2Feco-dictatorship-coming-your-way%2F

Why not bathe once a week instead? https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/12/28/germanys-zdf-public-television-suggests-bathing-once-a-week-would-be-beneficial/

29/12/2022: Life will find a way: https://www.spectator.com.au/2022/12/bin-chickens-chow-down-on-cane-toads/

29/12/2022: The Nord Stream mystery: https://dnyuz.com/2022/12/26/in-nord-stream-mystery-baltic-seabed-provides-a-nearly-ideal-crime-scene/

29/12/2022: When the police are useless (What else?) Well done girls: https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/mothers-intuition-how-2-indiana-moms-capture-suspect-rescue-missing-ohio-baby-kason-thomas

29/12/2022: Interesting: Men are no longer going to Uni – I suspect they are getting real jobs with real pay. Remember how they (similarly) quit being teachers a decade or two ago - and schools declined horribly? I bet they are all ‘hiding out’ in the private sector on better wages: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/12/victor-davis-hanson-asks-are-universities-doomed/

27/12/2022: Will ChatGPT replace you? It will certainly write your Uni/school essays anyway and may (I hope) mean that written exams become once again compulsory. I am tired of visiting a doctor (for example) who clearly isn’t, but whose exams were obviously all done by someone else. I at least can still tell the difference, but some of these AIs are becoming devilishly clever: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/12/chatgpt-has-artificial-intelligence-arrived-will-it-crush-google-or-just-become-google-2-0/

27/12/2022: So many Christian mysteries - not least Jesus’s brothers and sisters: https://www.spectator.com.au/2022/12/brother-where-art-thou/

27/12/2022: Strange how minds work. I too have always been dubious about the ubiquity of evil, but it led me to question the existence of  God rather than move towards him: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/12/rush-limbaughs-brother-reveals-key-reality-led-skepticism-christian-faith/

27/12/2022: Before they began their wonderful ‘experiment with democracy’ under the communist terrorist Mandela South Africa was a prosperous country with a golden future, but no more. Is Oz also headed for a similar disastrous future under our adumbrated energy and racial remakes? https://joannenova.com.au/2022/12/south-africa-unraveling-army-called-in-to-protect-coal-plants-after-sabotage-theft-and-200-days-of-rolling-blackouts/

What an awful place it has become: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/12/holiday-hope-message-south-african-farm-attack-survivor-mariandra/

26/12/2022: Just worrying whether this is true: https://scitechdaily.com/common-sweetener-linked-with-anxiety-in-startling-new-research/

26/12/2022: The good news is that the world is not ending: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/12/22/the-world-is-not-ending-bjorn-lomborg-and-jordan-peterson/

26/12/2022: Is Santa Claus a communist? https://www.spectator.com.au/2019/12/10630768/

26/12/2022: Anyway, Peace on Earth: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/bing-crosby-and-david-bowie-sing-peace-on-earth/

25/12/2022: Ants for Xmas: Della: “So while everyone else is enjoying Christmas Eve, I have been enjoying a novel experiment. In preparation for our family Christmas celebration on Boxing Day I figured that people might not notice the rampant weed growth in my garden if I strategically pulled out the very biggest of the weeds. After only the first barrow-load I discovered this humongous bull-ant nest where I am sure none existed last autumn (For reference, the ant in the picture is on a flag-iris leaf).

I immediately Googled bull-ant nest eradication, and was fascinated to read that ants will not cross a chalk line drawn on a pavement as it interferes with their pheromones.


Ever the scientist, Steve immediately went out to the verandah, grabbed the kids’ playground chalk and drew a firm line in the middle of a sugar-ant trail. Amazingly, the ants immediately baulked at the line, turning around and running back the other way. Sadly the effect only lasted about 3 minutes: When Steve drew a further line that prevented entry to their nest, they baulked initially and then pushed on through.


Now I know that drinking a glass of prosecco is more fun than watching ants on Christmas Eve, but believe me, you can do both! Meanwhile, if you have any worthwhile tips on how to kill my unwelcome monster ants, let me know!


Merry Christmas everyone.”


Just a BTW: A single application of Brunnings Wasp & Ant Dust containing 10g/kg Permethrin made them disappear overnight! (likewise Jumping Jacks).

25/12/2022: Oh No: https://babylonbee.com/news/santas-sleigh-mistakenly-shot-down-by-ukrainian-missile

25/12/2022: Before you commit to the idea that Christmas is not well, Christian, maybe you should read these: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2022/12/24/guest-post-mother-lode-a-pagan-christmas/ & https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/nazis-fought-original-war-christmas-180961513/

25/12/2022: “Experts” Say Not To Joke About Cold Weather And Global Warming: Meanwhile: https://americandigest.org/the-gift-of-the-walmagi/

25/12/2022: The future of human hibernation: https://phys.org/news/2022-12-successful-hypothermia-nonhuman-primate-paves.html

24/12/2022: Is death the end? https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/a42216404/is-death-revesible/

24/12/2022: You would have to be a fool to think that the government isn’t always telling lies. Some examples: https://www.manhattancontrarian.com/blog/2022-12-21-you-must-assume-that-all-information-put-out-by-our-government-is-corrupt

24/12/2022: McDonalds opens its first automated restaurant. This (and unemployment) is what you get when you try to control wages (and prices): https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/video-from-first-robot-mcdonalds/

24/12/2022: With 240 people dying per day just now in Oz, maybe a booster dose of Novavax would be a good idea: https://newatlas.com/science/novavax-covid19-vaccine-omicron-booster/

23/12/2022: This can’t be true - surely there is only one movie plot: https://babylonbee.com/news/hallmark-researchers-say-they-are-close-to-developing-a-second-movie-plot

23/12/2022: The last Nazi war criminal to be convicted? https://nypost.com/2022/12/20/nazi-secretary-of-evil-97-convicted-by-german-court/

23/12/2022: If we did not have an Elon Musk we would have to invent  him – maybe there is hope for free speech yet: https://richardsonpost.com/bruce-thornton/29810/elon-musk-instigating-journalism/

23/12/2022: Meanwhile there are more polar bears than at any time in 60 years: https://www.frontpagemag.com/the-perpetually-endangered-polar-bears-are-doing-great/

21/12/2022: An astonishing underwater megalith teaches us how little really we know about the past: https://tocharus.substack.com/p/stone-megalith-at-the-bottom-of-the

21/12/2022: Osteoarthritis news - I definitely need this (and apparently you can get a script even if you don’t have Diabetes – this stuff also adds years to one’s life expectancy): https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/national/researchers-call-for-trial-of-metformin-as-potential-treatment-for-osteoarthritis/news-story/f5f22a8625d69d1ac3e5e15cf67fc754

21/12/2022: “It’s just a giant land and power grab by the UN, which has just finished another meeting for “Biodiversity.” Do you remember voting for this ‘world government’? Long since time we stopped handing them money and power, which is all they want after all: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/12/supercomputer-prophesy-of-the-sixth-mass-extinction-coming-like-an-asteroid-is-a-un-land-grab/

21/12/2022: Destroying capitalism from within: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/12/13-us-states-warn-that-monster-funds-are-buying-up-public-utilities/

19/12/2022: A Timely Reminder from Neil Oliver about the Importance of Christmas –and its enemies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v-axg5CJqQ&t=722s

19/12/2022: Just how secure is our government: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-12-18/ato-tax-hacked-via-mygov-services-australia-exploit/101781656?fbclid=IwAR30ypKyqQ9E_g70kegnpkQMxYDMkBi8Rx36ATikkohofAUnnnClhDZv_fg

19/12/2022: Remember this (before it is too late):  “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Ben Franklin: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2022/12/buckle_up_bill_gates_and_the_globalists_quietly_conducted_a_new_exercise__catastrophic_contagion.html

19/12/2022: Big Brother is alive and well in NZ. If you don’t agree with the government you’re a terrorist: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/12/new-zealand-guide-turn-potential-terrorists-opposing-government-policies-including-covid-measures/

18/12/2022: The Sheep That Lambs in Litters: This year’s cohort of our amazing Finnsheep are about ready to go to their ‘forever  homes’. We were just shearing their dams and sires yesterday and crutching all the lambs, some of whom are waiting their turn here:

They have grown approx 1” of wool per month as you can see. They are (rougly( 4 1/2 months’ old now. They have grown a lot since they first popped out a few months ago:

Pure Finnsheep are the world’s most fertile sheep normally having 3-4 lambs. This fertility is carried on around six genes so that half Finns inherit (roughly) half of it, meaning that you can expect half and even quarter Finns to basically always have twins. They are also (unsually) a medium-fine longwool breed which means that they can also be used to improve the length and quality of your wool.

They were keen to get back into the paddock:

They look so much cleaner after they are shorn:

You can contact us here: http://www.finnsheep.com/ if you are interested in having some for Xmas.

18/12/2022: It really is almost certain that the vaccines caused the cases of myocarditis we have been seeing. I have long since lost hope that our masters will ever apologise for or even acknowledge the wrongs they have done us in the past: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/12/a-small-smoking-gun-study-shows-covid-vaccination-likely-led-to-fatal-myocarditis/

18/12/2022: Just another move towards a (panopticon) dictatorship: https://spectator.com.au/2022/12/pandoras-box-of-genes-orwells-dna-databases/

18/12/2022: The “Deep State’ is very worrying. How have these government agencies (CIA/FBI) etc become so powerful (and so sinister)? Tucker had an agent on the other day who admitted CIA involvement in the Kennedy assassination. Robert F Kennedy (his nephew) believes it was a coup d’etat. It is unlikely that similar dark doings are not redolent in Oz: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/12/deep-state-cover-up-twitter-was-a-subsidiary-of-the-fbi-and-cia-is-still-hiding-those-files-60-years-later/

16/12/2022: A ‘Train’ wreck that looks more and more like Waco and Ruby Ridge, ie state over-reach from the outset. Many (quite respectable) people still believe in a different vision of the role of government than the usual statist narrative. From their perspective government is the servant of the people and the sovereignty and liberty of the individual and private property take precedence to the extent even that they think the state has no lawful or constitutional ‘right of entry’ to their property (providing it is appropriately designated and they have committed no criminal act). They may well be right. I would certainly treat a locked gate and a ‘Keep Out’ sign as meaning ‘no right of entry’ myself.

I know I was astonished (and alarmed) during the first covid lockdown to have a young man tap on the window not 2’ away from me where I was sitting at my desk after 11:00pm one night. Our house is 100 metres off the road. He had climbed over our locked gate and tiptoed up our drive looking (he said) for a lost puppy! As this was the night after there had been a stolen car doing burn-outs on the road outside (we live on a quiet rural property) and was subsequent to the recent (still unsolved) brutalisation and murder of an elderly farmer locally under similar circumstances, I had every reason to be alarmed. I told him (through the window) that he was lucky I was deaf and had not heard him coming – else he might have well expected to be greeted by a shotgun blast! He was young and stupid and had just not thought (there actually was a puppy, but not at our house) – somewhat like the four (young) policemen in this case, I suspect.

‘Civil liberties’ people also often hold to the centuries-old right to freely own arms for their protection and defence (including against onerous or unjust governments – a significant part of the US constitution after all, and therefore mainstream) which only really began to be circumscribed in Australia in the early C20th – and then in a rush following the Port Arthur ‘incident’ which many people also have doubts about because of serious deficiencies in the official narrative and the fact that a secrecy screen has been placed over it which will not be lifted during any of our lifetimes - which is seriously suspicious surely?

Many of these views were hard-won in the English-speaking world by such things as the Peasants’ Revolt, Magna Carta, the American War of Independence, Eureka Stockade etc – so it is not a new or weird conspiracy theory, whacko notion. It has a long and honourable tradition indeed richly fertilised by the blood of patriots. Not so long ago (circa 1980) in accordance with these traditions Victorian citizens still enjoyed pretty much an untramelled right to own firearms yet police were not permitted to have them, nor would they then have entered private property without permission unless investigating a crime – so presumably with a search warrant – likewise in NZ and many other jurisdictions. We had a different perspective of the role of the police back then, maybe a better one.

Increasingly our society has moved more and more to a ‘police state’ where the citizens are incredibly trammeled (in contrast to just such a recent past), only permitted to have certain circumscribed ‘rights’ , these ‘rights’ being conferred or withheld by the state and enforced (or removed) by an armed and belligerent police force – as during the covid lockdowns. Previously these rights were considered inalienable, ie conferred by birth/existence (not the state) and it was deemed reasonable to resist efforts by an unjust state to remove or restrict them. Indeed it was the state’s duty to protect such citizens’ rights. It is a big change which has not been properly justified or publicly endorsed. It is unsurprising if (many) people still want to push back against it - as maybe the Trains did.

It also seems that all sorts of other ‘rights’ which they previously enjoyed had been removed (quite possible illegally after all – this has yet to be tested in court) for example using the so-called ‘covid pandemic’ as a pretext. Their right to earn a living, socialize, move around, ‘own’ their own body, & etc. Nathaniel may even have thought his heart attack was caused by his (mandated) covid vaccine. There is some evidence for this view after all. It is (unfortunately) only a simple (perhaps paranoid) step to thinking that there is a ‘plan’ to depopulate the world. The death toll has been rising post-vaccine. The bans which are being implemented here and there on nitrogen feriliser do seem aimed at decreasing the world’s food supply which can clearly only have one consequence, fewer people fed. These notions may be alarmist or eccentric, but they are not mad or evil.

Such events may well have helped to fuel a paranoid view of society’s intentions towards them such that when they then ‘perceived’ a contingent of armed police ‘storming’ over their front fence as they maybe had no right to do, they felt they had to act in the way they did perhaps because they feared for their lives against such a seeming frightening  armed trespass. Who knows? In many jurisdictions you do have a right to shoot a trespasser if you fear for your life. This is well-known, surely to police?

Police could (and should) certainly have pursued a non-urgent missing person’s inquiry a little more circumspectly. It must have been known to them before they arrived that the missing man was likely to be simply visiting his brother, after all and in no danger, as well as being no danger to anyone.

All we will have from here on out is a demonisation of this family of seeming law-abiding, religious, peaceable, middle-class school principals ie the Trains as ‘murderers’, overlooking the fact that they too were murdered, but by state-sanctioned murder, so I guess that’s all right – until it happens to you or yours? The case is very worrying and I doubt we will ever learn the ‘truth’ about it any more than we will about Port Arthur (unless we live a very long time – in that case 2071?)

One further point about people being shot dead (both the police and the Trains). I do not believe that they should have shot the police even if they had the legal right to do so – which for all I know they might have had. Entering past a locked gate with signage certainly sounds like ‘break and enter’ to me, whoever you are. I have read legal opinion that public officials do not have legal/constitutional ‘right of entry’ in such cases, no crime having been committed. I do not have the legal expertise to know.

But neither do I think police should shoot people dead unless there is absolutely no other alternative. Given that the Trains could presumably be contained in the area, there should (reasonably) be no limit to the time you should spend ‘talking’ them down/out. The cost in money is quite different to the cost in lives. Neither do we have a death penalty anywhere in Australia ( a matter I actually disagree with) so that they could never have received that penalty from a court. Therefore they should not receive it from the police either. I had a friend who served many years in a European police service. They were armed. He told me that shooting someone dead meant automatic dismissal from the force. They were trained and mandated to wound and disable, to arrest, detain and turn the matter over to the courts. This seems like a sound principle to me.

The final moments of the Train siege reveal that police (Presumably using thermal imaging , night vision, telescopic sights, body armor etc) deliberately shot to kill and kept shooting until they were sure all three were dead. In most jurisdictions this would be counted as extra-judicial murder. I understand that (some at least of) the Trains are alleged to have acted similarly (which may well be true), but they needed to be arrested and tried for those offences, then if found guilty and if we had capital punishment, executed: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/breaking-news/shots-fired-wieambilla-shooters-final-moments-captured-by-police/news-story/a2c7fc3d9417441198fc0d5f498697b9

16/12/2022: Musk’s Twitter revelations now undeniably prove that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen. This can no longer be painted as a ‘conspiracy theory’. This is bold hard fact. It (and the rigged 2022 election) need to be undone/redone. The ‘greatest democracy in the world,’, ‘the home of the Free’ cannot be allowed to continue as a petty dictatorship: https://www.spectator.com.au/2022/12/rigged/


16/12/2022: It may sound sexist (notice this was also written by a woman) but this is how election demographics are currently working. And please note, things are being decided by such ‘educated’ folks (who likely could not even change a tap washer) which are completely beyond their ‘expertise’ and which will impact all of us more or less forever – such as the destruction of our energy system: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2022/12/09/wokey-women/#more-6520


16/12/2022: For example, About that energy storage pipe dream, “Here’s what tells you all you need to know: not only is there no working demonstration project anywhere in the world of the wind/solar/storage energy system, but there is none under construction and none even proposed. Instead, the proponents’ idea is that your entire state or country is to be the guinea pig for their dreams.” https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/12/03/the-manhattan-contrarian-energy-storage-paper-has-arrived/


15/12/2022: MH370: I thought this possibility was pretty obvious at the time. I am astonished that it has not been explored up to now: https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/im-an-mh370-expert-i-know-plane-was-deliberately-downed-by-pilot/news-story/340ecc83e8afd61ccb9845a0cf2d9f3d


15/12/2022: A new Jan 6th deadline. Interesting. Maybe Trump will be back, and sooner than we might expect: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/12/tim-canova-supreme-court-considers-case-seeking-overturn-2020-presidential-election/


15/12/2022: A triumph of common sense over climate catastrophism – imagine if people had access to real science how few would be convinced ‘the end is nigh’: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/12/despite-ostracism-namecalling-and-billions-of-dollars-nearly-4-in-10-globally-are-climate-skeptics/

15/12/2022: Australia’s green dreams are slowly turning into nightmares: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/12/06/green-energy-construction-company-collapse-triggers-aussie-crisis-talks/

14/12/2022: “Climate activists and politicians constantly tell us electric cars are cleaner, cheaper and better. Many countries, including Germany, Britain and Japan, even will prohibit the sale of new petrol and diesel cars within a decade or two. But if electric cars are really so good, why do we need to ban the alternatives?" Bjorn Lomborg.

14/12/2022: I’m afraid Victor David Hanson is right, that our society more and more resembles a decaying Roman Empire about ready to collapse into a new dark age: https://amgreatness.com/2022/12/11/our-parasitic-generation/

14/12/2022: Handing Higgins millions of our money (behind closed doors) is probably the most unjust act I have seen from an Australian Government recently – where is all the dough for women who have been proven to have actually been raped? She may have deserved compensation if a case had been proved, but where is the justice for Lehrmann who is simply assumed to be a rapist without proof? https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/national/brittany-higgins-secures-multimillion-dollar-taxpayerfunded-compensation-deal/news-story/071b83448718a158e6ff9178d3d010eb & https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/andrew-bolt/andrew-bolt-the-questionable-price-of-political-payouts/news-story/6f4cbc66037f7c0da89c3107cf3cc2c6

14/12/2022: The Queensland Massacre: What was actually going on with this incident? Why would four armed police turn up to make ‘inquiries’ about a missing man who so far as I can tell was not wanted for any crime? If there were safety concerns why would they not have attempted to make phone contact or allay fears first? Then having completely sealed the area so that the offenders would have to have surrendered eventually, why was it necessary to ‘execute’ all the alleged offenders so that the only narrative we now have is the official police version? I notice that the ‘perpetrators’ who may have had somewhat eccentric but by no means unusual views are now being labeled as utterly whacko and evil. I suspect we will never know the truth. The incident recalls the similar story of Stan Graham in NZ back in 1941, a tragedy which (at least from my reading of the book) clearly could have been prevented if the situation had been handled rather differently (as local police had been doing), as I suspect so could this one:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_Blood_(1981_film)

13/12/2022: Lawrence Livermore has just passed the break-even point with nuclear fusion: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.independent.co.uk%2Fnews%2Fworld%2Famericas%2Fnuclear-fusion-lawrence-livermore-laboratory-b2243247.html

13/12/2022: Plan Melbourne & Dan intend to lock you up in your neighbourhood and forbid you to go more than a 20 minute walk away from home: https://youtu.be/iw-P37Fll3Q

13/12/2022: The West did not colonise, they civilized: https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.independent.co.uk%2Fnews%2Fworld%2Famericas%2Fnuclear-fusion-lawrence-livermore-laboratory-b2243247.html

13/12/2022: Once, when someone suggested a pie in the sky proposal people used to say, ‘Do the maths’. Increasingly few people can do maths at all. Here in Victoria (for many years) maths and science are not requisite subjects for high school graduation. How such folks can ever be described as ‘educated’ is beyond me. Yet increasingly such uneducated people are being put in charge of (mandating) everything. People who can’t fix a lawnmower, weld, operate a lathe, do carpentry, cook, sew, change an electrical fuse, let alone build or repair an electrical circuit (things which in my day were normal skills of kids at junior high school) are put in charge of our entire energy system. Of course it will lead to disaster: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/12/11/the-impossibility-of-bridging-the-last-10-on-the-way-to-100-clean-electricity/

12/12/2022: Sir Roger Penrose has always produced astounding ideas but his latest thoughts about evidence of past universes (and the possibility oif communicating with them) and thoughts about the ‘quantum’ nature of consciousness are wonderfully liberating: https://www.strangerdimensions.com/2020/10/14/sir-roger-penrose-comments-on-the-universes-before-our-own/

12/12/2022: All about humans and fire – how fascinating: https://stoneageherbalist.substack.com/p/the-road-to-metallurgy-fire-and-rocks

12/12/2022: The future of childbirth – coming to you soon: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/12/german-molecular-biologist-unveils-concept-worlds-first-artificial-womb-facility-can-incubate-30000-lab-grown-babies-year-video/

12/12/2022: The coldest summer in Australia ever in Oz and in the Northern Hemisphere pretty much the coldest all of my (long) life yet no warnings of an imminent Ice Age from the climate freaks which is after all the most likely climate outcome after 6-8000 years now oif falling temperatures: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/12/the-coldest-summer-day-in-australia-and-nobody-notices/

11/12/2022: Should we revive epic poetry? https://tocharus.substack.com/p/why-epic-poetry-will-never-die

11/12/2022: When the money tree starts to wither and die: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/12/vanguard-abandons-net-zero-climate-finance-monster-group/

11/12/2022: The FBI is an unconstitutional unelected body maybe meant to be a police force, but not a government – what went wrong? https://joannenova.com.au/2022/12/the-united-states-of-the-fbi/

11/12/2022: Just throw the baby under the bus – there is no sane plan for achieving ‘net zero’ at all let alone in the time frame that its advocates envisage. Meanwhile everything else just falls apart. This is a recipe for nothing other than economic disaster: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/12/10/looking-for-the-official-party-line-on-energy-storage/


10/12/2022: The last dambuster passes: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2022/12/the-last-dambuster-sqn-ldr-george-johnny-johnson-mbe-dfm-has-died-per-adua-ad-astra-lest-we-forget.html


10/12/2022: When ‘enough’ is too much: https://moonbattery.com/teachers-continue-to-groom-small-children/

10/12/2022: Inventing the dead – how the aboriginal ‘grievance industry’ simply cooked up 100,000 murdered blacks from a record of absolutely none: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/the-voice/2022/12/the-lying-art-of-truth-telling/

Another way to assess this is to ask, ‘Where are the medals’? Those C19th folks were particularly fond of issuing medals for every tiny military engagement, yet there are absolutely none devoted to these ‘frontier wars’ in Australia, for the very good reason that they never occurred – they exist for the contiguous ‘Maori Wars’ though, surprisingly?  https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/history-wars/2022/11/oh-henry-where-are-the-medals/

This is an indication of how bad this ‘race politics’ is likely to get: https://spectator.com.au/2022/12/parks-australia-when-bureaucracy-turns-racist/

10/12/2022: Who’d have thought: Elephants flourishing in Northern Greenland two million years ago when it was 10-17 C degrees warmer: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/12/record-breaking-dna-shows-mastodons-roaming-a-hot-north-greenland-2-million-years-ago/

09/12/2022: The invisibility cloak that wasn’t: https://www.vice.com/en/article/88q3gk/chinese-students-invent-invisibility-cloak

09/12/2022: Be very sure: What they are doing in Oxfordshire is the future the left have planned for you: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/12/04/oxfordshire-council-to-trial-a-climate-lockdown-starting-2024/


09/12/2022: The long-term implications of MRNA technology read like science fiction, “The vaccine is incredibly risky, and basically, it’s achieving its goal. If the goal was to reduce the world’s population, it’s working.”: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/dr-mccullough-mrna-from-covid-vax-transfers-from-jabbed-to-unjabbed-changing-human-genome/


09/12/2022: If we want to replace coal-fired power stations (Why?) the only further question is what type of nuclear power plant to build. The conventional uranium plant does have the joint problems of nuclear proliferation and waste disposal which some other technologies don’t: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/12/07/submission-to-the-senate-inquiry-into-australias-transition-to-a-green-energy-superpower/


The WEF thinks we should leap right in to hydrogen-boron fusion (which does not yet exist) just like they think we should jump into ‘green hydrogen’ and other pie in the sky schemes: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/12/07/world-economic-forum-hydrogen-boron-nuclear-fusion-anticipated-by-2030/


08/12/2022: Soon we won’t be able to see the sky because we talk to the neighbour on the mobile phone: https://www.vice.com/en/article/ake8m4/a-huge-satellite-is-officially-one-of-the-brightest-objects-in-the-sky-astronomers-warn


08/12/2022: ‘Green’ hydrogen is likely to be the most expensive fuel you have ever heard about (if it is even possible). Around ten times the current cost of fuel: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/12/05/energy-storage-report-hydrogen-as-an-alternative-to-batteries/

08/12/2022: Scruton on Foucault – do people even know anymore where the great undermining of thought that exemplifies everything the left advocates actually came from? Foucault and Derrida were the demons behind it, but with a long history stretching back though Marx and Hegel. Once university was about examining and critiquing all such ideas. Now it is about accepting them wholesale: https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2022/12/thought-for-the-day-scruton-on-foucault.php  https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2022/12/thought-for-the-day-scruton-on-foucault.php

08/12/2022: Monty Python had a better take on all this: The Philosophers’ Football Match: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUQx8IUcIzc

07/12/2022: New Pack Suspension System: For years I have been quite dissatisfied with backpack straps. They place a quite unnecessary and undue strain on a small area of the shoulders. It seems to me that for horses this problem was solved back in circa the C14th with the invention of the horse collar and associated hardware to allow a horse to pull a heavy load without destroying the horse.

Most pack manufacturers have decided that 'transferring the load' (somehow) to the hips via a hip belt is the solution. It is not. That 'solution' only acts (rather like other forms of torture such as foot binding to transfer the problem elsewhere without solving it at all. A hip belt restricts movement and comfort in just a different sort of way, that is all. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2022/12/06/new-pack-suspension-system/

07/12/2022: “So to date, we’re spending twenty-three dollars for each gallon of gasoline saved … economic suicide…It’s nothing but a money-transfer scam to benefit the wealthy”: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/12/06/the-mirage-of-electric-vehicles/ 


Hard to believe that this post is viewed by Facebook and Norton as about 'Violence'. What a weird world. And yet we are told AI contains the word, 'Intelligence"!


07/12/2022: Albanese (& Andrews) won despite the lowest Labor vote since 1934. This is true. Just let that sink in for a moment.Then ask yourself what sort of government we would have if there had not been all sorts of jiggery-pokery with the electoral system (over time) to ensure such a corruption of democracy and the people’s will. Some of them set (in stone) in the constitution even, such as the awfully undemocratic Senate ‘system’ where a vote in Tasmania (for example) is equal to more than  ten votes in NSW. Then we have the dreadful ‘preferential’ system which leads to such excesses as we now see. Should we not go back to the ‘First Past the Post’ system still used in many countries where you have to make up your mind and the prize goes to the candidate who get the most support – what one would have expected of the notion of ‘representative government’ surely? There is much other quite real corruption including the ‘modern’ notions of early’ and ‘postal’ voting and the dominance of the counting/administration by untrustworthy left-wing hacks. We have sold the democracy which our diggers gave their lives for at Gallipoli etc for a mere bagatelle.


07/12/2022: Bruce Lehrmann’s quandary is another ‘Winslow Boy’ case. There is now to mechanism whereby he can clear his (good) name. Such a parlous state of affairs should never be allowed to happen. Such a trial by ‘media’ or ‘public opinion’, ‘Star Chamber’, ’Kangaroo Court – call it what you will ought never be allowed, never mind gain ascendancy over proper process. He should be able to prove his innocence (or that there was ‘no case to answer’, as the senior police who investigated concluded) in open court, so that he can ‘get on with his life’ which is all-but ruined: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2022/12/05/a-new-winslow-boy-case/


06/12/2022: “We are this season’s people. We are all the people there are, this season. If we blow it, it’s blown.” Schlomo Carlebach


06/12/2022: BTW: Have you noticed how everyone supports the Chinese anti covid lockdowns now? Yet not so long ago it was all, ‘Let’s stand with (Chinese) Dan’.


06/12/2022: Dark patterns – another subliminal trick: https://engage.uchicago.edu/rs/250-CQH-936/images/FY23-Fall-HL-virtual-1-LIP-Bonus-Content.pdf?s_src=N14808&mkt_tok=MjUwLUNRSC05MzYAAAGIcow7LM7CBRWkqiDmuNH0xxXKkD648GDLM9mRhpfEhkSwg3XSQbOFm2YMBPOd_DtEel-na3-PBMo3j22te4twYixXKDBT75xQFFLo8F1Yvr4W


06/12/2022: The science is settled folks – Richard Lindzen is arguably the world’s pre-eminent climate scientist, and he calls b------t. The correlation with CO2 is just not there: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/12/04/mit-climate-scientist-dr-richard-lindzen-rejects-climate-change-as-a-quasi-religious-movement-predicated-on-an-absurd-scientific-narrative/


Should you want to know more about ‘real science’ perhaps you should just check out one week’s review from the Science and Environmental Policy Project founded by Prof Fred Singer who was definitely the pre-eminent world climate scientist: http://www.sepp.org/twtwfiles/2022/TWTW%2012-03-22.pdf


05/12/2022: Good dog Casper: https://www.foxnews.com/us/georgia-sheepdog-fights-off-kills-coyotes-pack-attacks-sheep


05/12/2022: Did Monet invent impressionism with a single painting? You have to admit it was a pretty good one anyway: https://mymodernmet.com/claude-monet-impression-sunrise/

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.” — Keats


05/12/2022: Looks like in Brazil the military will act to overturn the corrupt election there. When will this happen in the US? And when will our election system be reformed to eliminate such (possible) corruption? Just a few points about our voting system here: Election officials are all solidly of the left. With early polling they have unfettered access to change (or add) as many pencil written votes as they could wish. Rubbers/erasers are cheap and readily available.With reasonable scrutiny via same day polling this influence is enormously lessened. Why don’t we have to use indelible ink on our ballots? The same is clearly true of all the (possible) corruption involved in mail-in ballots. This practice should be ceased except for the very few individuals who are too ill to attend on the day. A much closer surveillance of their votes (by all parties) needs to be implemented. Then we have the issue of cleaning up the voter rolls which no doubt contain many dead and fake individuals. Voter ID on the day is also essential. It is not hard for people to learn who does not vote and to vote in their stead, for example. You can bet your bottom dollar that the left are all over these opportunities for fraud and that their use confers a benefit to them of 5% or greater: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/12/go-time-military-deploying-brazil/


05/12/2022: Why do the left want to shut down the food supply? Is this another ‘Holodomor’? https://issuesinsights.com/2022/12/02/the-elites-war-on-food/


04/12/2022: Some progress on Alzheimers at least: https://scitechdaily.com/positive-clinical-results-for-alzheimers-amyloid-clearing-drug-lecanemab-poised-for-fda-approval/ & https://newatlas.com/medical/alzheimers-disease-root-cause-axon-swelling/


04/12/2022: The evil that Higgins and her woke feminist cronies have done to an innocent man (who will never be allowed now to prove his innocence) is incalculable. In such cases the (false) complainant should be punished to at least the extent of the law that would have been applied in a successful prosecution of the accused, ie she should do serious gaol time: https://www.spectator.com.au/2022/12/brittany-higgins-case-finally-over/


04/12/2022: You should certainly be able to chose voluntary assisted dying to end your suffering, but no-one should be able to force your decision: https://www.spectator.com.au/2022/12/voluntary-assisted-dying-is-back-on-the-agenda/


04/12/2022: The WEF, UN, (ie the Greens and Left) want you locked in a very small area indeed in your suburb. Everything that is being implemented is aimed at that. Think about the move to electric cars, locking up more and more land in ‘National Parks’ (which you will be unable to visit), etc, etc. Let’s start to fight back people: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/12/oxford-2024-climate-lockdowns-start-you-will-be-tracked-and-trapped-in-your-suburb-and-happy-about-it/


03/12/2022: I don’t suppose this is sexism: https://t.me/TommyRobinsonNews/42520 In the meantime, did you realize that whites are now officially a minority in the three largest UK cities?


03/12/2022: Vic Libs are just crazy – they are set to chose someone as leader who is even more left-wing than Guy: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/john-pesutto-tipped-to-be-next-liberal-party-leader/news-story/7cd4bb0f9e0ffbb941da8cd85e192925


03/12/2022: Long since time we stopped funding these communists at the UN – who needs an unelected government anyway. When was the last time you voted in a UN election?: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/12/un-shakedown-threats-to-list-healthy-reef-as-in-danger-just-a-way-to-extort-climate-money/


03/12/2022: Net Zero is destroying the European economy. Dutton must repudiate this nonsense soon: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/12/europes-renewable-wonderland-now-cant-make-solar-wind-batteries-or-evs/


Matt Ridley’s explanation of the UK wind- farm disaster are an important read: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/12/02/the-tories-wind-power-delusion-matt-ridley/


Meanwhile Swiss look to ban use of electric cars over the winter to save energy: https://hotair.com/jazz-shaw/2022/12/01/swiss-look-to-ban-use-of-electric-cars-over-the-winter-to-save-energy-n514785


02/12/2022: Vale the ‘last’ Rat of Tobruk. Both my father’s brother, Basil and Della’s father Bill also served in the North African campaign. How time flies. Seems like only yesterday we were celebrating their 70th or 80th birthdays. But soon even we children of the ‘Rats’ and other heroes who ‘saved the world for democracy’ will be gone  too. Unfortunately and increasingly we are finding that their efforts were not permanently successful. For a time after WW2 freedom increased, then after about 1975 it moved into decline once more. Since then the world has been falling further into a kind of dictatorship maybe more successful and omnipresent than anything Hitler and Tojo (even Stalin) envisaged and this process is accelerating. The current generation will have to rise to the challenge of fighting this evil. My time is just about done, yet I have struggled to oppose the rise of state control all my life too: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11480009/Ernie-Walker-106-passes-away-surviving-NSW-soldier-infamous-Rats-Tobruk-battle.html


02/12/2022: Yes! https://babylonbee.com/news/trans-furry-named-best-in-show-at-national-dog-show


02/12/2022: I agree witht this guy that the climate cult is ‘ultimately doomed’ because its proposals cannot possibly work but it can do a lot of harm before it ultimately fails just as Islam has been doing for the last 1500 years even though clearly it too is a false religion: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/11/30/dont-be-so-sure-that-the-climate-extremists-have-won/


02/12/2022: Makes no sense to me anyway but I am not a voyeur. I prefer to do things than watch them: https://neveryetmelted.com/2022/11/28/the-most-boring-game/

01/12/2022: The largest squid weigh half a tonne and live in the deep ocean. Much smaller cephalopods have been shown to be intelligent. Is SETI looking in the wrong place? Should we be making efforts to establish communication with these guys? https://www.livescience.com/what-is-largest-squid

01/12/2022: An important lesson from Willis Eschenbach today, (couldn’t agree more), “I learned early about the importance of sharp tools. My second real job, at 13 years of age for $0.30 per hour ($3.00 per hour in 2022 dollars), was digging out a foundation for a new house with a pick and a shovel. And looking back, I was probably worth about that much per hour.

In those halcyon pre-PC days, working with a shovel was called “Playing the Swedish banjo”. Here’s a recent picture of me doing that very thing:

And I’ve played the Swedish banjo for more reasonable wages a number of times since I was 13.

Perhaps as a result of my work history, I divide folks into three groups:

Those who have used a shovel.

Those who have made money with a shovel.

Those who have sharpened a shovel.”


01/12/2022: You thought this could never happen: https://unherd.com/2022/11/a-biostate-wont-cure-the-west/


01/12/2022: Apple is conspiring with the communist dictatorship to lock down the Chinese people. Ditch your iphone now: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/apple-helps-communist-china-suppressing-protests-disabling-airdrop-feature-just-weeks-protests/


30/11/2022: Next time you get the sniffles just slip a banana up your nose: https://scitechdaily.com/new-banana-derived-therapy-is-effective-against-all-known-coronaviruses-and-flu-strains/


30/11/2022: The Tech giants just hate free speech: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/11/its-war-apple-moves-against-twitter-helps-ccp-so-musk-vows-to-air-skeletons-and-maybe-move-into-smartphones/


30/11/2022: Dutch Government to Shut Down 3,000 Farms to Comply with Global Warming Goals: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/dutch-government-shut-3000-farms-comply-global-warming-goals/


30/11/2022: Remember when there was not going to be any more snow – is this year a ‘tipping point’ towards the next ice age? https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/11/28/the-end-of-snow-again/


29/11/2022: Thanks for that Spot: https://www.psypost.org/2022/11/a-new-study-says-time-spent-with-dogs-increases-brain-activity-in-the-prefrontal-cortex-64385?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter


29/11/2022: The Libs need to grow a couple. You have to stand for something (except ‘woke’). Dutton, hurry up and reject  the ‘Voice’, Net Zero, Climate Change, Renewables, etc, etc. You will never beat the Left by following them down their own rat-holes – as has been the case federally and in WA, SA, Vic and now NSW.


29/11/2022: This is a truly horrifying development: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/irish-government-criminalize-hate-speech-effectively-silencing-hold-different-opinions-penalty-5-years-imprisonment/


29/11/2022: Climate change makes floods less severe: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/11/climate-change-apparently-makes-floods-less-severe/


28/11/2022: A Tall Tail: https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life/baby-girl-born-perfectly-normal-except-for-extremely-rare-tail/news-story/24807183d7e8e42a9ab1ebc47b077cd0


28/11/2022: I do support people’s ‘right to die’ but encouraging it and making it a spectator sport is another thing altogether: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/sick-canadian-clothing-line-la-maison-simons-exploits-young-womans-euthanasia-market-products-video/


28/11/2022: Will you be a ‘super-ager’? https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnn.com%2F2022%2F11%2F26%2Fhealth%2Fsuperager-secrets-good-memory-wellness%2Findex.html


28/11/2022: Exactly, changes in CO2 mirror nothing which actually occurs in earth’s climate. Take sea ice for example: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/11/27/sea-ice-mysteries/


27/11/2022: Don’t try to find love online: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/online-love-gone-bad-peruvian-medical-student-lured-mexican-woman-visit-killed-harvested-organs-posting-video-tiktok/


27/11/2022: Duh! Why we should all have galvanized iron rooves. Another point is that if it is hotter insode the house this is because the roof absorbed more heat. That is we have changed the albedo (reflectivity) of our cities so that they absorb much more heat from the sun. It is little wonder then that they ‘appear’’ hotter in BOM/CSIRO data especially when the thermometers measuring this have moved to the city airports: https://www.theepochtimes.com/why-the-colour-of-your-roof-matters_4882907.html 


27/11/2022: So now we know: Astra Zenica and Novavax were enormously safer. Glad that’s what we insisted on them for ourselves: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11464097/Covid-Australia-2022-Teen-misses-HSC-pericarditis-jab-reaction-cardiologist-issues-warning.html


27/11/2022: More power to computer models. By the time we get to COP100 there will be over 400,000 attendees! That’s a lot of jet planes, steak and lobsters to produce a huge amount of hot air – why building a trough works: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/11/23/the-future-of-cops/


26/11/2022: Titanaboa: Thank goodness we do not still have these guys in the back garden: https://www.thoughtco.com/titanoboa-worlds-biggest-prehistoric-snake-1093334


26/11/2022: How extreme the WEF is - Extraordinary that anyone would think the communist Chinese dictatorship was a ‘role model’: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2022/11/the_mask_is_off_wefs_klaus_schwab_declares_china_a_role_model.html


26/11/2022: Brown coal-fired electricity still only costs 4 cents a kilowatt hour. If you had the choice, don’t you think you would choose that over this ‘renewables’ mess which sees prices of $200 per kilowatt hour? https://joannenova.com.au/2022/11/shh-despite-a-bloodbath-quarter-for-electricity-prices-hated-brown-coal-still-sells-at-just-4c-per-kwh/


26/11/2022: You just can’t imagine that this wasn’t already the law everywhere: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/italians-who-refuse-job-offers-will-have-social-benefits-revoked-meloni-warns


25/11/2022: End the green b------t. Hand Dan the Can on Saturday.


25/11/2022: I’m sure the ‘little green men’ are worried about this too: Astrobiologists concerned about imperialistic consequences of galactic exploration: https://www.thecollegefix.com/astrobiologists-concerned-about-imperialistic-consequences-of-galactic-exploration/


25/11/2022: Back when the pandemic started I said I did not want a dollar wasted trying to ‘save’ me (being in the ‘elderly’ group who were most likely to die). I’m sure many/most of my peers felt the same. I/we certainly did not want others to die for me, but that is what seems to be happening with the vaccine deaths amongt the young who would not have died from the disease. Many more deaths overall could have been prevented and more cheaply – as I said at the time) by utilisng cheap ‘medicines such as Vitamin D, Zinc and Ivermectin: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/11/in-south-australia-last-year-suddenly-lots-of-young-adults-went-to-hospital-with-cardiac-issues/ & https://emeralddb3.substack.com/p/covid-2022-here-comes-the-big-kill


25/11/2022: CSIRO and BOM unfit for purpose. Contrary to their hysterical ‘findings’ there has been no warming in Australia for the last ten years. In fact the remote historical weather stations such as Cape Otway, Wilsons Prom etc show no warming since records began – though there clearly has been a cooling since WW1: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/11/the-australian-climate-is-fine-but-the-state-of-the-csiro-and-the-bom-is-a-crisis/


24/11/2022: DIY Crampons Equals 4WD Boots: I have had a number of falls and am still suffering from a sore (almost dislocated) shoulder and similarly sprained wrist but there is still much work to do. So recently I bought (from a local Bolt shop) some 15mm hex-headed self-tapping screws. These only came in stainless steel so were fairly dear at $20 per 100, but for this purpose you only need perhaps 20, so it will not break the bank. You can screw them directly into the soles of your boots (i used an electric drill) in suitable spots to create quasi 'hob-nailed boots'. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2022/11/23/diy-crampons-equals-4wd-boots/



24/11/2022: Next we have the ‘trans-human’: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/gender-is-complicated-i-am-not-human/


24/11/2022: Is this why we banned tanning beds: https://nypost.com/2022/11/21/naked-uk-woman-gets-trapped-in-tanning-bed/


24/11/2022: Looks like Shakespeare to me: https://www.theartnewspaper.com/2022/11/22/is-this-really-the-only-portrait-of-william-shakespeare-made-in-his-lifetime?utm_source=The+Art+Newspaper+Newsletters&utm_campaign=553f580c66-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2022_11_22_02_27&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_-553f580c66-%5BLIST_EMAIL_ID%5D


23/11/2022: Sword of Damocles: A wild and windy night! We were checking on the creek and dams this morning after all the bad weather and discovered this new "Sword of Damocles"which had obviously launched itself from the huge blue gum above, embedding itself firmly and deeply in the ground on the track below. So glad no-one was underneath at the time! All the branches below are another blue-gum giant that came down last winter. It is still waiting for the farm to dry out enough so that we can get machinery in to undertake the task of removing it



23/11/2022: Well done: Army Vet Beat Shooter to a Pulp with His Own Gun: https://dnyuz.com/2022/11/21/an-army-veteran-says-he-went-into-combat-mode-to-disarm-the-gunman/


23/11/2022: About that Ivermectin again. Note its proven efficacy (third link) as against the ‘approved’ anti-virals and the number of studies (and patients) which support this – hundreds of times as much evidence for it as compared to them. Vaccination failed (as predicted) indeed has probably killed more people than the disease would have (if properly managed): https://richardsonpost.com/david-archibald/29447/covid-in-november/ & https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.zerohedge.com%2Fcovid-19%2Ftruth-about-ivermectin  & https://c19ivm.org/meta.html#tcite_whoapproval


23/11/2022: Good: Brazil looks set to declare their Presidential election invalid. The military will likely overturn the fake result. You would hope that the same would happen with the fake results we have been getting in the US – and Australia: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/brazilian-military-just-waiting-bolsonaro-give-order-arrest-corrupt-communist-judge/


23/11/2022: 45,000 junketeers fly into Egypt to eat steak and lobsters and vote for everyone else to eat insects as well as decide more communism will fix everything – for them, the commissars at least. Well past time to cut them off and force them to get a life for themselves. All this based on fake data and eg the Urban Heat Island Effect on temperatures: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/11/cop27-climate-damages-is-just-a-fantasy-plan-to-tax-the-west-for-bad-weather-and-grow-the-un/


22/11/2022: Back to the moon: https://phys.org/news/2022-11-nasa-moon-mission-exceeding-expectaions.html


22/11/2022: Reality is not what we think it is. This may not affect how many elephants there are in the room but might affect how many angels there are on a pin-head: https://bigthink.com/starts-with-a-bang/reality-objective-exist/


22/11/2022: Why it is hard to say ‘extinction is forever’: https://www.sciencealert.com/scientists-just-spotted-this-large-colorful-pigeon-that-no-one-has-seen-in-140-years?fbclid=IwAR2l_hjt-6ECqR3vY4rlxRhNeirDrFkWKwLkGNCLJluOAyeZ75crWgCeqZ8


22/11/2022: Cold kills. Here’s a little insight into why 60,000 folks died of cold in the UK last year. Our energy policies are clearly intended to thin the population: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-63602501?fbclid=IwAR2mQLwPd5k9dDXwdp9x4ux1sfyZwpYIpPEi3OkA-xfuZ3IIkOTltdmf4oc


21/11/2022: A hot dog and a beer at the world cup in Qatar:


21/11/2022: Forget Methane; its heating effect is even more pathetic than CO2. Water vapour is the only real greenhouse gas worth thinking about: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/11/19/methane-much-ado-about-nothing/


21/11/2022: Bastiat is great. Check out his ‘broken window’ analogy if you want to learn something about how economics actually works: https://archive.org/details/thingsseennotsee00bast or http://bastiat.org/en/twisatwins.html#SECTION_G002


21/11/2022: Phantom Voters – I wonder how many we have here in Oz too? This is a key metric of the integrity of our democratic system. How can the rolls go unchecked for years and years? If we have mail-in ballots (we should not except in the most extreme cases of illness/infirmity and with vast safeguards) we will have scams. The same applies if we do not have voter ID on election day and serious penalties for fraud. It is also really important that everyone is voting with full knowledge – early voting means that this cannot be so. We should all vote on the same day and all votes should be counted openly and rigorously with lots of security checks: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/can-see-phantoms-get-off-voter-rolls/ & https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.americanthinker.com%2Farticles%2F2022%2F11%2Felection_fraud_20_ok_so_what_are_you_gonna_do_about_it.html


20/11/2022: The Joy of Closed Roads: As a follow-up to my post Find Your Own Places to Explore can I suggest that for years (in Victoria - and elsewhere) our masters have been closing off previously useful access roads and tracks? Though these may not be open to vehicles (often despite sterling efforts to negotiate around piles of logs, rocks or deep cuts intended to prevent their use) they can often still be traveled by cycle or on foot - and frequently give relatively easy access to many quite delightful areas, though sometimes you may have to follow a game trail down a ridge to access a quiet camp by a stream at the end or adjacent to them. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2022/11/19/the-joy-of-closed-roads/



20/11/2022: Ukraine bombs Poland then Zelensky asks that Nato declare WW3. Who is the worst of the evil rulers involved in this bloody war? However this seems to be a very long reach for Zelensky – there are clearly other players as we saw with the Nord explosions: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11447127/Explosion-hits-Russian-gas-pipeline-amid-suspicions-sabotage-linked-Putins-war-Ukraine.html


20/11/2022: Enough of the trannie, “Be Kind’ b------t: https://urbanscoop.news/good-men-stay-out-so-bad-men-stand-out/


20/11/2022: A few decades ago they tried to scare everybody with global cooling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tAYXQPWdC0 &  https://t.me/TommyRobinsonNews/41978


19/11/2022: Forgotten animals of New Guinea: https://scitechdaily.com/new-discovery-reveals-that-giant-four-legged-kangaroo-existed-as-early-as-20000-years-ago/


19/11/2022: The ‘red wave’ was real but so was the Democrat voter fraud. We should not be so complacent here in Australia where such fraud is also well-established (again in the Left’s favour). Here (as in the US) I suspect it equates to at least a 5%  advantage at the polls. Here there is an urgent need for voter ID, to clean up the electoral rolls (which have thousands of fake people on them) postal voting and early voting and to ensure that electoral officials are more representative of the population as a whole. We really should (where humanly possible) all be voting in our local booth where we can also be visually identified by people who know us, also all voting on the same day so that we are all making our decisions with the same information to hand. I think it would be good if the ballot paper was accompanied with say a 250 word ‘platform’ for every candidate: https://spectator.com.au/2022/11/red-wave-was-no-trickle-it-was-real/


19/11/2022: “To destroy a people, you must first sever their roots.” Solzhenitsyn. “But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” — George Orwell. A somber reflection on the class war being fought in our schools by left-wing ideologues. You know this is happening here in Oz too: https://issuesinsights.com/2022/11/08/your-children-belong-to-the-state/


19/11/2022: No sooner did Trump declare himself in the race for the Presidency than the Dems launched several attempts to incriminate him. They are deeply afraid of this man – and so they should be. He might actually succeed in ‘making America great again’: https://www.spectator.com.au/2022/11/what-does-america-want/


18/11/2022: And now we have $250 hearing aids. All along it was a scam: https://www.foxnews.com/tech/apple-airpods-cheaper-alternative-hearing-aids


18/11/2022: A great way to teach science: https://bearingarms.com/camedwards/2022/11/15/coolest-high-school-science-class-ever-takes-students-hunting-n64411


18/11/2022: The best of both worlds? Why not: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/new-report-details-growing-trend-transgender-people-seeking-surgeries-male-female-genitalia/


18/11/2022: Good luck with that ‘energy transition’: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/10/global-demand-for-gigawatts-is-insatiable-to-make-one-smartphone-takes-almost-as-much-energy-as-a-fridge/


16/11/2022: Massive electoral fraud again in the US: If you can’t see that Biden could not have performed so well in the election just last week and still be getting these poll results: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/fraud-9-believe-america-right-track-latest-poll-bidens-approval-dismal-39-days-scores-greatest-midterm-election-decades/


16/11/2022: That will teach them a lesson. What a ‘great religion’ – of course women don’t have ‘souls’ so it probably won’t even hurt them. Just like Descartes’ attitude to live vivisection of dogs really: https://hotair.com/karen-townsend/2022/11/14/iranian-parliament-votes-in-favor-of-executing-15000-womens-rights-protestors-n510889 


15/11/2022: It is strange isn’t it that we can’t have more hydro dams because they ‘spoil’ the environment (though a much smaller area than wind or solar farms) and are their own batteries and do not require costly and dangerous lithium. I have long noticed that the Greens seem hell-bent on destroying the environment in order to ‘save’ it. Their huge wildfire destroyed ‘national parks’ are a case in point: https://spectator.com.au/2022/11/not-green-at-all/


15/11/2022: Artificial photosynthesis might ‘save’ us but it has a long way to go yet: https://phys.org/news/2022-11-chemists-artificial-photosynthesis-ten-efficient.html


15/11/2022: Not quite the only sane scientist in the room: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/doomed-planet/2022/11/the-biggest-public-policy-disaster-in-a-lifetime/


15/11/2022: Living within your means and paying your way: Personally I was brought up with this duo pretty much as creeds. To many they seem quaint now, if people have even heard of them. Debt always involves printing funny money ahead of its being earned/created, hence it is the chief cause of inflation. It robs the future to pay for present excess, and always robs savers and rewards spendthrifts – so is unwise (as policy) at best. It can only be justified in times of national crises (such as imminent invasion). Unfortunately people come to believe in it, that it is normal/desirable even – and keep voting for it. The popularity of a proposition has no connection with its truth (or otherwise) – else there would not be so many billions of folk wedded yet to various religions, each believing their own to be the font of all truth, yet failing to grasp the obvious fact that whilst they cannot all be true, they can all be false - and almost certainly are. Imagine believing the ridiculous proposition that there is something after death. As if road kill was going to bound back to life. And such after-lives are still so woeful geographically, being associated still with well explored ups and downs. What? Will Voyager eventually encounter God? We cannot keep on racking up debt (either personally or nationally) as if there will be no tomorrow. The piper will eventually have to be paid. Unfortunately (as the fate of Hamelin reminds us) it will be our children who have to pay that price!


14/11/2022: Who should/can we vote for at the next election? The choice seems to have narrowed dreadfully. Once there was some sort of dichotomy. Perhaps it was artificial but now we are just offered different shades of the same thing – at least by the ‘major parties. Perhaps why they have actually disappeared in some countries, such as France where neither has won an election for at least a decade. Hopefully we have at last come to that impasse in our own social life, as the majors are at present just simply dreadful, but the media (and their own inexperience) also appears to disallow the minors. I used to think of this as fascism, ie a conspiracy. Perhaps as far as media input is concerned it is. Now I am not so sure. Sometimes as the saying goes, ‘S—t just happens’. For example, I was trying to discover whether there were any Australian political parties which oppose the ‘climate’ paradigm. Who were for example in favour of new coal-fired and/or nuclear power stations, such as they are building by the thousands in India and China, for example rather than going without - as we seem to be headed for. (Aside: we would have to build the former first ie Helios as it will take at least a decade for us to develop the manpower and expertise to build the latter no matter how desirable. The demand for affordable electricity will not wait twenty years – the lead time I foresee for a switch to widespread delivery of nuclear powered electricity to your home). There may be still some Liberals and Nationals which favour this course but the leadership of their parties has made the party platforms well-nigh indistinguishable from Labor and the Greens. The Liberal Democrats and Citizens Party both favour nuclear in their platforms. One Nation and UAP both seem to still oppose the ‘climate paradigm’ I suspect the DLP and Family First would go along with them. I suspect the only thing we can do is to preference the minor conservative parties ahead of the Nationals and Liberals following them with Labor and the Greens in the hope that some conservative candidates will get up and be able to exert enough force over time to turn the ship of state around – otherwise the ship will sink.


14/11/2022: What should we talk about? Interesting. I remember being surprised reading in P.G.Wodehouse years ago about the introduction of ‘small talk’ into society. I had not realized until then that it was ‘a thing’ – but there you go. I have always found it unbearably tedious, but no doubt (to others) my conversation is replete with all sorts of social gaffes resulting in my failing to dizzyingly ascend the social ladder: https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2022/11/people-oversharing-tmi-friendship-boundaries/671970/?utm_source=pocket_saves


14/11/2022: Hydrogen-Boron Fusion Looks like a good idea. A million years’ of electric power available – will that be enough? https://asiatimes.com/2020/04/hydrogen-boron-fusion-could-be-a-dream-come-true/


13/11/2022: Writing has always served really important purposes: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2022/nov/09/oldest-known-written-sentence-discovered-on-a-head-lice-comb


13/11/2022: This is as at last an important step forward: https://www.carsales.com.au/editorial/details/aussie-company-gives-new-life-to-old-hybrid-and-ev-batteries-138333/?fbclid=IwAR0pDMQPdV9MMJuZ8zTkThcUuolNUFL-upkrFt7xBAG1Eq-870DT4q66gE8


13/11/2022: Once it was good news that the last Ice Age was going away: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/11/11/glacier-saga/


13/11/2022: They know how to do things in Wales: https://www.news.com.au/world/europe/sex-offender-dies-from-shock-and-haemorrhaging-after-genitals-cut-off/news-story/ff5d48825f701f9eae05434e424b3a40


11/11/2022: Starting to look as if the Democrat electoral fraud huge as it no doubt was, involving maybe nearly 20% fake votes may not have been quite enough!


11/11/2022: Duh! https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2022/11/08/national-park-service-warning-no-licking-sonoran-desert-toad/1341667947342/


11/11/2022: 200 million! Just a reminder of how many people leftist governments murdered in the C20th – yet you wonder why I am a conservative. The current conflict in Central Africa, a war which has cost more lives than probably all but three is not mentioned: https://reason.com/volokh/2022/11/09/data-on-mass-murder-by-government-in-the-20th-century/


11/11/2022: Lithium mining does not look like a big win for the environment: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/10/13/lithium-mining-for-electric-vehicles-is-incredibly-destructive-to-the-environment-and-about-as-far-from-green-as-you-can-imagine/


10/11/2022: De Santis’ (Florida = 20%) red wave ought to have swept the Democrats away nation-wide, but his was one of the few states which had fixed the corruption in their electoral systems. (What’s taking so long?) The crooked Democrats took full advantage of that with every form of skullduggery imaginable to steal back the election even where they were polling well under the Independents. Exit polls in Arizona for example had them at 14% and Independents at 27% yet Kari Lake (Republican) is struggling to win. Voting machines broke down, thousands of people were turned away from voting – every kind of dirty trick and fraud imaginable. Similarly there is no way the brain-dead Fetterman could have won in Pennsylvania where (in another contest) they managed to elect a dead man to represent them. When the ‘home of the free’ is no more, alas for the future of the world.


10/11/2022: It is unbelievable that people are behaving like this in the birthplace of democracy. Such vile, extreme  antisemitism: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2022/11/london-horrible.html


10/11/2022: Have we made society too equal, so destroying it in the process? We certainly have far too many people who will not do meaningful work: https://www.city-journal.org/impoverished-by-equality


10/11/2022: So true: Why the quest for happiness is a fraud: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2022/nov/07/the-big-idea-why-we-shouldnt-try-to-be-happy?fbclid=IwAR0W8SlKYwYPN2YZRX0YumH5HCE3QbCS17Co4hVclm2jtUjl4OUoE5M9wk4


09/11/2022: “Among all forms of mistake, prophecy is the most gratuitous.”

George Eliot in Middlemarch’


09/11/2022: Making VR more real, now a VR headset which actually kills you. Great idea: https://www.independent.co.uk/tech/oculus-headset-killer-palmer-luckey-nervegear-b2219992.html


09/11/2022: Soon we won’t even be allowed to be grandparents (after being banned from being mums and ads some time back). This ‘Newspeak’ nonsense is all quite insane: https://www.theepochtimes.com/australians-outraged-at-schools-renaming-grandparents-as-grandfriends_4849116.html


09/11/2022: Climate change has become a convenient excuse for doing nothing about real conservation problems. The dreadful ‘experiment’ of our constantly razed yet weed and vermin infested ‘National Parks’ which we may not even walk in here in Oz is a case in point: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/11/08/matt-ridley-green-zealots-are-threatening-real-conservation/


08/11/2022: A poignant and valid lament: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/economics/2022/11/the-stradivarius-and-the-market/


08/11/2022: Unless another massive electoral fraud succeeds the US election is predicted to be a red tsunami, ie a massive Republican (America First) victory in both Congress and Senate. Let’s hope this happens today and that it is the beginning of the wind-back of all the evil Leftist forces everywhere, everywhen.


08/11/2022: You have to figure they will want to make euthenasia compulsory so as to get rid of us troubling old (right-wing) folks and no doubt the ongoing attack on the availability of painkillers is a quiver in their bow: https://www.breitbart.com/health/2022/11/04/doctors-advised-suggest-suicide-patients-canada-runs-out-basic-painkillers/


08/11/2022: There is some hope the world may rid itself of the inconvenience of ‘daylight saving’: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/article/daylight-saving-time?rid=0BE1689690A4BEB6E8876A8F4E63485E&cmpid=org=ngp::mc=crm-email::src=ngp::cmp=editorial::add=Health_20221106


07/11/2022: Is witchcraft making a comeback: https://stoneageherbalist.substack.com/p/was-lola-daviets-murder-motivated


07/11/2022: Trudeau shuts down the Internet – the Left is coming for your minds: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/10/woe-canada-justin-trudeau-comrades-seek-abolish-internet-freedom-canadian-citizens/


07/11/2022: A new internal combustion engine which is 50% more efficient: https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/car-technology/a19909520/gas-diesel-engine-reactivity-controlled-compression-ignition/?src=socialflowFBRAT&utm_medium=social-media&utm_campaign=socialflowR%26T&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR0X4-eEkVW9-gz91cBUc1QL8s3IbIFSk6eYc9A4JaodpWE6HtC87x_OCQI


07/11/2022: Eschew Soothsayers – no-one knows what the future will be and anyone who claims they do is a charlatan. As an example, 100% of climate models predicted that it would be much warmer than it actually is: https://www.drroyspencer.com/2022/10/50-year-u-s-summer-temperature-trends-all-36-climate-models-are-too-warm/


The alleged warming becomes even less if you subtract the urban heat effect: https://www.drroyspencer.com/2022/11/de-urbanization-of-surface-temperatures-with-the-landsat-based-built-up-dataset/


And etc: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/11/05/how-ipccs-1990-predictions-expensively-failed/


06/11/2022: Tocharus – a fascinating site if you are interested in the importance of ancient history: https://tocharus.substack.com/p/the-diet-of-slaves


06/11/2022: Just in case you were thinking the recent election in Brazil was honest (or that electronic voting might be a good idea): https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/qed/2022/11/how-they-count-votes-in-brazil/


06/11/2022: So, how long will it be before more people are killed by lithium battery fires than car accidents? https://joannenova.com.au/2022/11/saving-the-world-with-lithium-four-times-a-week-an-e-bike-battery-explodes-into-flames-in-new-york/


06/11/2022: Yes we have peak (climate) madness. Australia is about to impoverish its future. We must vote out these climate parties (Labor/Libs/Greens) and elect anyone else: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/11/04/australian-government-to-ban-all-future-fossil-fuel-projects/


05/11/2022: A real anti-aging treatment – bring it on: https://scitechdaily.com/unexpected-scientists-discover-an-anti-aging-mechanism/


05/11/2022: I see the Chinese nearly lobbed a huge rocket on us (and probably you too). Only luck it did not squash us. Not really good enough Mr Xi – Try to emulate Elon in future: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/11/good-citizen-china-carelessly-crashes-23-tons-of-space-junk-on-earth-gets-lucky-but-300-flights-in-spain-delayed/


05/11/2022: Bring back Liz! Sunak must go! After re-banning fracking on Day 1 and rushing off to COP 27 which Liz shunned, he now sides with Palestinians and  terrorists – how did he even get to be PM anyway? I thought that was decided (by a stunning majority) by an actual plebiscite of Conservative Party members? https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/11/3/uk-has-no-plans-to-move-israel-embassy-to-jerusalem-pm-office


05/11/2022: Too true: “Adult toddlers throw tantrums for the same reason as children: they desperately want something and have no idea how to get it…Anyone who’s ever been a parent will recognize these actions: throwing food, spilling milk, smearing paint on the walls, sitting on the ground and refusing to move. Add in the inability to properly dispose of one’s bodily waste, and the pattern is complete. This is the behavior of toddlers.” https://quillette.com/2022/10/30/moral-toddlerhood/


Their attack on the greatest art ever produced (while they are able to produce nothing) is a grim  reminder of the ISIS terrorists who blew up Palymyra – again an echo of how much the Greens resemble, indeed emulate the Nazis: https://spectator.com.au/2022/11/climate-vandals-mimic-isis-in-their-war-against-art/


04/11/2022: Do we have ‘Peak Woke’ yet: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2022/11/woke-must-be-close-to-peaking.html


04/11/2022: Huge differences in Covid 19 between these two countries. Why? https://peterhalligan.substack.com/p/a-tale-of-two-countries-one-with


04/11/2022: The Dangers of Low Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations – from a real climate scientist: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/11/03/the-dangers-of-low-atmospheric-co2-concentrations/


04/11/2022: I realize that it was the Left (Democrats) who were the slavery party and that it was the British people and British navy which (largely) ended it – and at great public cost – but it still amazes me how the ‘elites’ of today are (still) in favour of racist distinctions and preferments whilst using that very word as a weapon against their enemies ie any don’t agree with them – and instead support Martin Luther King’s contention that people ought to be judged solely on their worth as human beings: https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2022/10/all-the-best-people-favor-racial-discrimination.php


03/11/2022: Nuts! Why we must ‘save the planet’ from our sheep: https://www.spectator.com.au/2022/11/climate-injustice-a-personal-account-from-a-kiwi-farmer/


03/11/2022: The Conservatives’ motto, “Never let go of the old, or harm it in any way, until the new is well and truly in hand.” Take the oil industry as an example. (We are in for a very rough time): https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/11/02/big-oil-small-oil/


03/11/2022: “Australians don’t want the state creating breadlines for kids – they want politicians to lower taxes, stop wasting money, fix the energy grid, get out of their lives, and return all those fines issued to innocent people during the pandemic.” But it’s not what Guy is standing for – if he stands for anything. We must put our wholesale support behind the other conservative alternatives despite some of their shortcomings else we will just have another four years of Dictator Dan, and basically ruin! https://www.spectator.com.au/2022/10/lobster-bisque/


03/11/2022: It has got to be past time they got rid of Joe. A guy who can’t even remember where and when his own son died is just not all there. But who are they going to replace him with? Not cackling Kamala surely? Do try to remember these folks have their fingers on the nuclear war trigger: https://nypost.com/2022/11/01/biden-again-wrongly-says-son-beau-died-in-iraq-in-stumbling-florida-speech/


02/11/2022: Why am I not surprised: https://www.psypost.org/2022/10/cannabis-use-does-not-increase-actual-creativity-but-does-increase-how-creative-you-think-you-are-study-finds-64187?utm_source=PsyPost+Newsletter&utm_campaign=d652cb89e1-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a44dd6ef29-d652cb89e1-127440501


02/11/2022: Good Question: Why hasn’t feminism made women happier? https://nypost.com/2022/10/29/why-60-years-of-feminism-has-not-made-women-any-happier/


02/11/2022: China’s CO2 emissions exceed the rest of the developed world (and are increasing) yet we are cutting back on everything (at our great cost). This is just a kind of mass suicide madness: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/11/china-is-the-luminous-elephant-floating-in-the-kitchen-at-cop27-the-developing-nation-that-builds-space-stations/


02/11/2022: Looks like Bolsonaro will overturn the rigged election in Brazil (which his party won resoundingly) – this is what Trump should have done. In other news Bibi is back in Israel. And looking like a red tide in the US. Can’t wait for the other dominoes to fall (Sunak, Ardern, Albanese…): https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/breaking-brazilian-president-plans-presser-tonight-will-announce-military-audit-controversial-election-may-arrest-criminal-judges/


01/11/2022: A woman in a hot air balloon realizes she is lost. She lowers her altitude and spots a man fishing from a boat below. She shouts to him, "Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don't know where I am."

The man consults his portable GPS and replies, "You're in a hot air balloon, approximately 30 feet above a ground elevation of 2,346 feet above sea level. You are at 31 degrees, 14.97 minutes north latitude and 100 degrees, 49.09 minutes west longitude.

She rolls her eyes and says, "You must be a Conservative!"

"I am," replies the man. "How did you know?"

"Well," answers the balloonist, "everything you tell me is technically correct, but I have no idea what to do with your information, and I'm still lost. Frankly, you're not much help to me."

The man smiles and responds, "You must be a Progressive."

"I am, replies the balloonist. "How did you know?"

"Well," says the man, "You don't know where you are or where you're going. You've risen to where you are due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise that you have no idea how to keep, and now you expect me to solve your problem. You're in exactly the same position you were in before we met, but, somehow, now it's my fault.


01/11/2022: Who needs a weather bureau when we can just use soothsayers instead? Things just get worse and worse. Does anyone (else) care: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/11/third-world-australian-met-bureau-cuts-back-on-weather-balloons-scientists-say-its-kind-of-horrific/


01/11/2022: Bowen is simply brain dead – he just wants us to live by extracting sunlight from cucumbers, as in ‘Gulliver’s Travels’: https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/politics/unfeasible-and-unrealistic-to-have-small-modular-reactors-in-australia-bowen/video/dee65dbfd0a711926a209cd3767baaf8


01/11/2022: Evidently the Brazilian election is also mathematically impossible. Is this the WEF and New World Order folks at work again? Probably. (In Brazil the military may overturn it). PS: I would also like to think ‘we’ did not vote for Albanese – well, only 27% of ‘us’ did actually. Anyway conservatives need to get more involved with the election process –as adjudicators and election officials – it is clearly foolish leaving all this to the Left : https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/10/coup-team-biden-bragged-rigging-brazil-election-president-bolsonaro-election-day-says-stop-steal-leader-ali-alexander/


31/10/2022: You are what you eat: https://dnyuz.com/2022/10/30/food-that-looks-like-family-michigan-mom-makes-hilarious-meatloaf-resembling-her-son/


31/10/2022: House hunting on Mars: https://dnyuz.com/2022/10/29/house-hunting-on-mars-has-already-started/


31/10/2022: Sunak wants people dead but Truss did not. The UK’s new PM is not an improvement: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/10/uk-chaos-its-almost-like-fracking-was-the-biggest-threat/


31/10/2022: Even (and at last) Greenpeace admits plastic recycling is rubbish, but it will not move on to burning it to produce electricity: https://www.city-journal.org/greenpeace-admits-recycling-doesnt-work


30/10/2022: Data shows net zero is a lie: https://www.advanceaustralia.org.au/eight_graphs_that_prove_net_zero_is_a_woke_scam

30/10/2022: Remember when the USSR crumbled and its super-power status was revealed to have had an economy the size of Portugal’s? I have long suspected that China is much the same. There is evidence of this: https://www.battleswarmblog.com/?p=53072

30/10/2022: Integration, Yes! Well said Gary, (who was an ex-Labor Minister by the way): https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/aborigines/2022/10/reframing-the-debate-in-aboriginal-affairs/

29/10/2022: The ‘Ms Higgins’ case is just awful. This is not anything like the Adrian Baillie/Jill Meagher case, nor is she an innocent schoolgirl being dragged off the footpath in broad daylight and raped at knifepoint in the bushes. The law was intended to ‘protect’ such real victims and to punish the perpetrators. I have long said that such actual crimes merit the death penalty. But to consensually go to you workplace in dead of night, dead drunk, and to have no memory of the incidents is not the behaviour of an innocent. Such behaviour in itself should be punished by dismissal from employment (for both participants). That is about where the matter should have ended. There was never enough ‘evidence’ to bring a charge of rape. If there had been ‘evidence’ at the time Ms Higgins destroyed it. Her too bad. If the case fails, will she be charged with a crime (perjury, wasting police time, defamation, etc)? I doubt it – but in such failed cases where the other person’s reputation and morale has been destroyed for months or years there should be some corresponding penalty. A custodial period at least to discourage vexatious claimants.

29/10/2022: How did Stan Grant (perhaps a quarter or one-eight caste, if any – not so long ago he used to be Irish) get to be blacker than Jacinta Price – or even her mother Bess, or even her (still living) grandmother, one of the very last people to walk out of the Western Desert, meet Europeans for the first time and (in so doing) ‘vote’ to join the rest of the human race. I suspect a lot of it really is down to ‘Nugget’ ie boot polish, which perhaps should be banned and only purple allowed: https://www.rebelnews.com/jacinta_price_calls_out_labor_s_woke_federal_budget

29/10/2022: Under Ardern NZ is now ‘The land of the thought police’. Not sure I will be allowed in either. Did plan to go there hiking again next year – perhaps they will have a change of Government before then? https://www.rebelnews.com/i_wouldn_t_be_let_in_under_nz_s_opposing_views_ban_says_andrew_bolt

29/10/2022: “The demand for electric car drivers exceeds the supply”. Instapundit.

28/10/2022: Thomson Dam at 99.8%. It’s going to flow over – tomorrow probably. Second time only – maybe you missed it in 1996. Quite a sight. Plus lunch at the Erica, Rawson or Walhalla Pubs, but book: https://www.melbournewater.com.au/water-data-and-education/water-storage-levels#/ PS: It has gone over – view from the power station is the best:

28/10/2022: ‘Farming needs to stop’ to save the planet. Does insanity have a limit? Probably not. https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/10/22/farming-needs-to-stop-thats-the-single-biggest-driver-of-climate-change/

28/10/2022: If you aren’t concerned about this you truly are brain dead: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2022/10/australian-inflation-soars-to-73-highest-since-1990.html

28/10/2022: The Green Revolution - in other news: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/10/26/wind-farm-in-germany-is-being-dismantled-to-expand-coal-mine/

And: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/10/26/destruction-of-german-heritage430-year-old-family-craft-bakery-succumbs-to-green-revolution/

27/10/2022: On this day in 2011: "Went to Melbourne to see the Queen...but we weren't as pushy as some...we saw - the backs of people's heads! Interesting to see the many Anglos in the crowd and just how civilised and well-behaved they were. One woman left her small baby with us (total strangers) whilst she took her small daughter to the toilet. Wonderful to live in such a civilised society". I suspect it has all passed now, alas. We both saw her in 1954. At the time Della’s parents lived at Toongabbie (Western Sydney) and our family had come all the way down from Paterson in the Hunter Valley to see her at Toongabbie! Della and I (who met in 1971, 17 years later – though I used to see her every day on my way to work in 1970) must have been very close that day - we have been ever since.

27/10/2022: ‘Free’ Power Bank: 'Waste not, want not' was another of my mother's favourite maxims - one I have certainly taken to heart, as my wife will attest as I has fill our house and sheds up with all sorts of 'mathoms' - hobbit for 'junk'.

I had two 'dead' laptop batteries which I probably ought to have binned or recycled but today (it was raining) I decided to dismantle them instead and stripped off the welded tabs. Each contained 6 x 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries.

Each cell was dead flat. After placing them in the single power bank I recommended here they (surprisingly) all came back 'to life'. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2022/10/26/free-power-bank/


27/10/2022: "By 2001...a chicken reached the weight at which it would be killed in one-third of the time and after eating one-third of the food compared with the 1957 breed...represents...reduction in waste and in the..land devoted to growing feed per chicken" http://www.rationaloptimist.com/blog/genetics-bigger-chickens

27/10/2022: The future that the green madness plans for or electricity/energy supply too. Vote for anyone else: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/10/unplug-the-fridge-uk-gears-up-for-hard-cold-winter-and-bbc-secretly-plans-for-a-national-blackout/

It’s the cold, stupid. The same sort of view is presented here, and the same conclusion: kick as many of our rulers out when we get the chance as we possibly can: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/10/26/lets-talk-about-real-climate-cataclysms/

27/10/2022: This new racist apartheid politics is enough (for me) never to vote Labor/Coalition again. Imagine being denied access to any public land in Australia on the basis of my ‘race’ – or ‘tribe’ as it might be! I have never considered myself to belong to other than the human ‘race’, nor I think should anyone else. If  we have not even got our humanity in common, what do we have? https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/qed/2022/10/the-grim-warning-of-mount-warning/

26/10/2022: World’s dirtiest man dies (at 94): https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/worlds-dirtiest-man-dies-aged-94-months-after-taking-his-first-shower-in-67-years/news-story/257c86cf8ba484dc5c90add6a5c95136


26/10/2022: O2 is what we should really be worried about. Its percentage in the atmosphere wouldn't have to fall too much before our kind of life found it decidedly uncomfortable (especially at elevation). What is the environmentalists' response to this impending 'crisis': Lock up two molecules of oxygen for every molecule of carbon forever (ie CO2 sequestration). Fortunately life has another way: it is called photosynthesis: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2012/10/23/earths-great-oxidation-event/#more-72919


26/10/2022: Farage is almost certainly right - Sunak is not the man: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/10/globalist-ever-saw-one-believe-conservatives-doomed-nigel-farage-blasts-new-uk-pm-rishi-sunak-video/


26/10/2022: I hope this morning you are beginning to realize how hopeless Labor and the Greens are: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/andrew-bolt/andrew-bolt-tough-times-to-get-much-harder-under-labor/news-story/88e1d2c073aa7396ad1c94ec335f036a


24/10/2022: I know it is impolite to speak ill of the dead, but just a reminder (from 2016): The Royal Commission’s findings regarding Kimberly Kitching are that ‘(v) Kimberly Kitching should be charged with and prosecuted for aiding and abetting the contraventions of each of Diana Asmar, David Eden, Darryn Rowe, Nick Katsis, Saso Trajcevski-Uzunov and Lee Atkinson (Chapter 9).’ Yet Shorten’s Labor promoted her to a place in the Senate! Her death was then dressed up as a great tragedy – as if such (corrupt) folks ought not be executed (shot) out of hand.


24/10/2022: Save the Planet’, the ‘great unwashed’ scream, yet we may have already done so (and by the unlikely means of the Industrial Revolution’). Let me explain: Plants need @ 200ppm of CO2 to survive. If the percentage drops below that (ie .02%) life will pretty much cease – yet the pre-Industrial world tilted perilously close to that. The percentage has varied from upwards of 20,000ppm in the time of the dinosaurs for example, down to just over 200ppm over time, during which warm, tropical periods and ice ages came and went completely uncorrelated to its percentage. However, steadily the percentage of CO2 being liberated by volcanism and other processes eg from the carboniferous rocks, coal & peat deposits etc where it ‘ultimately’ becomes ‘locked up, declined until just before the Industrial Revolution its percentage was such that the cessation of life on earth was imminent. The forests shrank and great plains and deserts spread across much of the globe as there was not enough CO2 to build any more forests, and much of life had to retreat to what were really oases to survive. Just in the nick of time (folks of a religious persuasion will see this as predestined) as a result of the Industrial Revolution personkind began to liberate vast quantities of carbon in the form of CO2 and a wonderful profusion of life was the result. The forests spread, the deserts and grasslands retreated and once more a profusion of life saturated the planet: That is the era we are living in: the Anthropocene. It can only get better! In the last @30 years this CO2 has caused the increase of approx two Australia’s of new forested areas in the world. Think how much life that supports. If you are pro-life, get behind CO2! More please.


24/10/2022: I think the most awful part of this story is that the audience cheered: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/10/transgender-comedian-strips-naked-live-tv-broadcast-plays-piano-penis/


24/10/2022: May be ordering some of these bumper stickers: https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2022/10/saving-australia-one-bumper-sticker-at-a-time/


23/10/2022: Cruising to the North Pole: https://us.ponant.com/destinations/the-arctic  Should you think this voyage is down to ‘global warming you shuld realise nuclear subs have been doing it for a long while: https://theaviationist.com/2016/03/21/watch-this-stunning-video-of-a-u-s-nuclear-submarine-breaking-the-ice-to-surface-in-the-arctic-circle/ and that the Vikings always used the North-West passage in their voyages to Greenland. They had to abandon their Greenland colony when the world became too cold around 500 years ago. It has not warmed much since – not enough to resume farming there or to growing wine outdoors in Northern England as used to be the case: https://notrickszone.com/2018/04/02/during-the-800s-1300s-ad-wine-grapes-were-grown-at-latitudes-where-polar-bears-now-roam/


23/10/2022: SpaceX is really transforming space – not to mention communications here on earth. Rumour has it that Musk will ‘soon’ add functionality to Starlink which will allow cellphones to also act as satellite phones (when away from a conventional tower). That would be a game-changer: https://www.space.com/spacex-starlink-group-4-36-satellites-launch


23/10/2022: Finally positive proof covid 19 came from a lab: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/10/blockbuster-fingerprint-genetic-evidence-strongly-suggests-covid-was-bio-engineered/


23/10/2022: Alas, the ‘coup’ in China was for Xi not against him. His opponents are disappearing before your very eyes: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/stunning-video-from-china/


22/10/2022: Hajimari Boomerang Ball – have your kids got this amazing toy yet? https://hajimariball.com/


22/10/2022: Michael  Shellenberger has some fine points here including that the ‘climate narcissism’ we see about us (especially in the young) might well be a result of  “overprotection and coddling of children by their parents and other adults result(ing) in anxious, depressed, and grandiose adolescents”:  https://twitter.com/ShellenbergerMD/status/1573370013054128129


22/10/2022: So much for Gillard being against ‘misogyny’. Did you realize she basically abolished women altogether? https://www.spectator.com.au/2022/10/gillards-guilt/


Meanwhile real women vote on more important issues: inflation, crime, schools, their kids’ futures  https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/10/wayne-root-las-vegas-oddsmaker-says-bet-house-gop-landslide-women-stupid/


22/10/2022: Well played Volkswagen: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/10/protestors-glue-floor-get-mad-company-doesnt-provide-bowl-urinate-defecate/

No sense warming or lighting climate protesters with fossil fuel.


In other news: https://babylonbee.com/news/sad-climate-activists-vandalize-a-picasso-but-no-one-can-tell


21/10/2022: The Simplest Electric ‘Motor’ – the black cylinder is a battery and the round object is a magnet. There are so many true and enchanting things children can be taught about the world without stuffing their developing brains with falsehoods and creeds: https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg25534051-100-show-children-how-to-make-a-simple-electric-motor-with-a-magnet/


21/10/2022: Even my dead dog wouldn’t vote for you – but evidently she could: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/10/dead-dog-receives-register-vote-mail-application-mi-dem-party-homeowners-response-priceless/


21/10/2022: China Won’t Stop Using Fossil Fuels Until Clean Sources Can Provide Enough Energy Security – why are they the only sensible nation? https://joannenova.com.au/2022/10/china-says-cheap-energy-is-more-important-than-climate-wish-list/


21/10/2022: An awful crime and tragedy. 12 such deaths so far. France is in serious trouble from its experiment in ‘multi-culturalism’:  https://www.spectator.com.au/2022/10/the-murder-of-lola-and-the-failure-of-marconism/


20/10/2022: Remembering that before John Howard and other such nanny-staters people always had the right to bear arms: https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2022/10/given-back-as-a-gift-that-which-was-taken/ PS: It appalls me that the Port Arthur ‘tragedy/conspiracy’ should have been the excuse used to remove/curtail this right. Remember that if the events of that day really played out as the official version claims the truth would not be locked away from us for 75 years!


20/10/2022: No doubt some people dream of such things: imagine finding 100 naked men on the side of the road: https://www.news.com.au/world/united-nations-demands-investigation-after-100-naked-men-found-on-the-side-of-a-road/news-story/965a04a90628bb83d4a1c17a5a02825c


20/10/2022: The covid vaccine story just keeps getting worse and worse: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/10/alice-in-vax-land-lets-test-this-on-8-mice-and-force-it-on-50-million-children/


20/10/2022: Albanese lied to Parliament and the Australian people (on a Stat Dec) and should be forced to resign. In yesterday’s Herald Sun he was openly admitting he has been in contact with his brother in Italy for at least 12 years (ie back when Gillard was PM) yet when Turnbull was PM he still claimed he did not have ‘dual nationality’ and did not know who his father was. All others who had such ‘dual nationality’ were forced to resign. He has persisted with this lie. A man who will lie about who his own father was will lie about anything. He should go: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/national/halfbrother-of-prime-minister-anthony-albanese-reveals-the-bond-they-share-for-first-time/news-story/7155127610c79b9539b3c24c076d5b7a


18/10/2022: Cipolla’s five basic laws of stupidity – they ought to be graven in stone in every public place so we may harken to them: https://spectator.com.au/2022/10/are-you-technically-stupid-check-the-third-basic-law/


18/10/2022: Past floods without CO2: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/10/the-forgotten-floods-of-victoria-from-150-years-ago/


18/10/2022: You wonder why anyone would want to create a virus that was nearly totally fatal: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/10/arrest-now-boston-university-doctors-create-new-covid-variant-80-kill-rate-funded-dr-fauci-nih/


18/10/2022: Antisemitic ALP at it again. Jerusalem no longer the capital of Israel – after how many thousands of years. Next repeal the law of gravity Albo: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2022/10/albanese-administration-drops-australias-recognition-of-jerusalem-as-capital-of-israel.html


17/10/2022: Seems there are folks who can’t distinguish between disagreeing with a culture, and ‘racism’, the newest easy ‘put-down’ – all too distinguishable from ‘thought’. They have forgotten (apparently – did they ever know?) that most of my and my parents’ lives (this is litotes) was spent fighting the dreadful culture of communism, or that some years of my parents’ generations’ lives were spent eradicating the culture of Nazism, or that my generation stamped out the culture of cannibalism in New Guinea (and with it that fascinating parasite – responsible for the dread disease ‘kuru’ – which more than anything I know of proved that ‘life will find a way!), and so much more. Evil must be fought, whether it is politically correct to do so or not. Not all cultures are equal, certainly not all are good, and some are downright execrable. A culture which supports extreme violence and sexual abuse of women and children for example, must not be allowed to remain. There is ample evidence that there are some cultures which do have horribly evil characteristics at their very core: they must be eliminated. (I have no time for the Saudis, for example). Traditional ‘aboriginal culture’ is an oxymoron. I am not (of course) advocating harming or killing any human being when I say this. For example, I had a number of friends who were ‘patrol officers’ in New Guinea in the 50’s and 60’s who were in the front-line in the ‘war’ against cannibalism and ‘cargo cults’. Some even lost their lives. One friend Jimmy, while helping to eradicate cannibalism in the Highlands, married a Chimbu girl, one of the most interesting (certainly the blackest) friend I have ever had (and the only cannibal!) who had the most awesome eidetic memory (as pre-literate peoples are said to do) and could repeat word for word conversations you had with her months or years before!…yet it was immensely to the benefit of her (and their children’s lives) that the culture of cannibalism was ended! Unfortunately we imported the ‘cargo cults’ and there are now millions of Australians who won’t live without this ‘manna from Heaven’ – or from their hard-working fellow countrymen at least!


17/10/2022: Oh Liz…Definitely not another Maggie Thatcher then, alas. Fourth ‘Treasurer’ in three months – have the Brits forgotten how to add up – like everyone else? https://www.cnbc.com/2022/10/14/uk-pm-liz-truss-fires-finance-minister-kwasi-kwarteng.html


17/10/2022: The climate is enormously, inherently stable. The world “has had millennia to settle into those planetary-scale patterns of temperatures and available sunshine…Once the average available solar power is above 310W/m2, you can add up to an additional 50 W/m2 without increasing the surface temperature one bit.”



17/10/2022: Peter Smith has a very valid point about imposing a Versailles type ‘solution’ on Russia which will just serve to ignite forces leading to further disastrous conflict. The cessation of hostilities in Ukraine needs to be handled very very sensitively, not with a sledgehammer: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2022/10/16/more-mainstream-media-mediocrity/


16/10/2022: ‘1883’ – a great new series. Della doesn’t usually share my passion for Westerns but she really enjoyed this. Get it from Pirate Bay: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1883_(TV_series)


16/10/2022: Disappointments of time travel: https://www.ancient-origins.net/artifacts-ancient-technology/ancient-technology-0017394


16/10/2022: Bring it on: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2022-10-scientists-osteoarthritis.html


16/10/2022: Serial Killer diversity has come a long way: https://www.frontpagemag.com/serial-killers-are-too-white/


15/10/2022: ‘Derry Girls’, the funniest thing to come out of Ireland since ‘Father Ted’. For about the first three episodes you will think it is in a foreign language but you will eventually get your ears around it. Lots of belly laughs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derry_Girls


15/10/2022: So, Pfizer now admits they never tested to see whether their vaccine would prevent covid transmission. We put such people in charge! https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/pfizer-exec-admits-under-oath-we-never-tested-covid-vaccine-against-transmission


Meanwhile, Dr Peter McCullough: "Before the Covid jabs, 4 in a million Myocarditis cases, afterwards, 25,000 in a million....Myocarditis at this point in time is due to the Covid jabs until proven otherwise." Myocarditis, a 6,000 times increase – just a coincidence!


15/10/2022: Ian Plimer is great: https://spectator.com.au/2022/10/my-cpac-turpitudes/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=UNFI%20%2020221012%20%20SG&utm_content=UNFI%20%2020221012%20%20SG+CID_5eacab48e9c8ceeb250824f935714947&utm_source=CampaignMonitor_Australia&utm_term=Plimer%20continues%20to%20melt%20their%20fake%20news%20with%20facts


15/10/2022: Bring back the cane for such spoilt vandals. I am sick of being lectured to by half-witted badly raised infants of whatever age: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/10/climate-activists-throw-soup-on-van-gogh-painting-to-save-the-world/


14/10/2022: Find Your Own Places to Explore An ‘extension’ of an earlier post, Gully Walking


I have always liked Robert Frost’s poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ even though I realised long ago how much he/it owed toward my even more favourite poet, Edward Thomas. However I too long ago “took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference” as Frost reflects, and I urge you to do the same.


“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.”


It is all very well (as a beginner hiker/outdoorsman) perhaps to first experience some of the outstanding ‘great walks’ which abound in your country, but soon you will realize that they are both too crowded and have long since stopped providing quite the bliss of solitude and exploration which perhaps their creation envisaged. But you have to start somewhere.


Before you head off on your own ‘road’ you first need to master some bushcraft skills such as I have been talking about here for quite some time. You need to be able to find your way unaided (ie with just your senses and intelligence through the trackless bush (for days at a time) – and this takes study and practice. Read More:  https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2022/10/13/find-your-own-places-to-explore/



14/10/2022: Just a small mistake: https://www.wxii12.com/article/suspects-finger-severed-victim-slams-door-hand-attempted-home-invasion/41585440#


14/10/2022: Do you need further proof that EVs will not work: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/10/13/dear-neighbour-please-ration-your-electricity-use-so-our-evs-can-charge/


14/10/2022: Glyphosate not the bad guy then: https://www.acsh.org/news/2022/10/11/science-finally-winning-day-glyphosate-cases-16602


13/10/2022: More questions for our time: Did Kosciuszko die of acne? http://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/65336

13/10/2022: Five compelling reasons why you should reject ‘man-made climate change’: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/10/five-climate-change-smoking-guns-reasons-manmade-climate-change-lie/

13/10/2022: Which came first – Nazism or environmentalism? https://www.encounterbooks.com/features/nazis-embraced-environmentalism/

13/10/2022: ‘Who blew up the Kerch Bridge’ – a question to add to ‘Who blew up Nords 1 & 2?’ https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/10/russian-spy-agency-identifies-crimean-bridge-bombers-reveals-route-bomb-ukraine-bulgaria-armenia-georgia-exploding-russian-bridge/ & https://spectator.com.au/2022/10/who-really-blew-up-the-kerch-bridge/

12/10/2022: A grand old lady passes: https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/angela-lansbury-murder-she-wrote-star-and-legendary-hollywood-actress-dead

12/10/2022: Peak Oil Anyone? https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/10/04/the-permian-basin-the-gift-that-keeps-on-giving/

12/10/2022: Clearly they knew about covid much earlier than we were told: https://nypost.com/2021/06/04/chinese-scientist-filed-covid-vaccine-patent-after-contagion-emerged-report/


12/10/2022: Neither do I think this was ‘misinformation’. Such ‘information’ as we got was rather poor and very one-sided. The move by ‘Big Tech’ and Big Gov’ to throttle it was dire: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/10/florida-surgeon-general-advises-men-aged-18-39-not-to-take-covid-vax-twitter-deletes-misinformation/

11/10/2022: Jacinta Price is great. Hers is the kind of ‘Voice’ we need as a nation.: https://spectator.com.au/2022/10/the-jacinta-juggernaut/

11/10/2022: How good are EVs in an emergency? Now those which got wet are exploding. Great stuff: https://12ft.io/proxy?ref=&q=https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2022/09/electric_vehicles_and_the_evacuation_of_florida.html


11/10/2022: An author to check out: https://althouse.blogspot.com/2022/10/she-holds-six-of-top-10-spots-on-new.html


11/10/2022: Today’s Left seeks to turn everywhere into Albania: https://notesonliberty.com/2022/08/13/albania-people-and-ruins/

10/10/2022: Merrin’s Wiggly Stick: This afternoon as I came out of the front door after lunch to go work on the tractor I saw the largest red-bellied black snake I think I had ever seen just sliding under the fridge on the verandah then it simply disappeared. I poked around under the fridge, even moved the fridge; yet there was no sign of it. I thought ‘No way such a large snake could be in the rat bait station next to the fridge’ but when I lifted the lid there it was. I suspect it had been there before. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2022/10/10/merrins-wiggly-stick/

09/10/2022: ‘How dare you do anything productive!’ is pretty much the motto of local councils the world over: https://spectator.com.au/2022/10/diddly-squat/


09/10/2022: When renewable electricity becomes so expensive you can’t afford to make solar panels: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/10/netzero-destroys-netzero-europe-cant-manufacture-solar-panels-due-to-high-energy-prices/


Fortunately we will be able to warm ourselves from EV fires: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/10/after-the-storm-then-come-the-ev-fires/

09/10/2022: A New Welcome to Country. Yes, ‘Before beginning, I’d like to acknowledge the sovereign land of Australia and the institutions and way of life that ensure our freedoms and liberties; one land, one nation, one people. We stand on the shoulders of giants and as a result of their legacy Australia is a beacon of opportunity, equality and justice in an increasingly dangerous and hostile world.’ https://spectator.com.au/2022/10/a-new-welcome-to-country/

09/10/2022: Remember when 3,000 people used to be killed in car accidents annually and it was a problem requiring various draconian solutions (many of which have been implemented with detriment to our freedoms, alas) but now that 10,000 excess deaths are occurring we should ignore it: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/10/new-cdc-data-shows-7-7-of-10-million-people-needed-medical-care-after-vaccination/ & https://joannenova.com.au/2022/10/10000-mysterious-excess-deaths-in-australia-that-no-one-wants-to-talk-about/


08/10/2022: Eating on the Wild Side – cheaper than the supermarket anyway: https://www.amazon.com.au/Eating-Wild-Side-Pharmacologic-Implications/dp/0816520674?asin=B08W9LRC7D&revisionId=e17c26ab&format=1&depth=1


08/10/2022: When the lunatics are in charge of our energy supply: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2022/10/05/guest-post-dr-faustus-abide-with-me/


08/10/2022: CPAC underlines the woeful state of the Liberal/National Parties. Truly a new conservative force in Oz politics is needed, soonest: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/qed/2022/10/cpac-and-its-no-show-conservatives/

08/10/2022: Regarding aboriginal ‘displacement’, one should understand that almost no women came to Australia in the early days. Most male settlers took aboriginal wives who were no doubt just as keen to ‘better’ themselves, and their (joint) descendents farmed and developed practically the whole continent. Many aboriginal orphans were also adopted and raised by the colonists as their own. All this is undeniably attested to by early observers such as Tench. No better rapprochement of two ‘cultures’ could be imagined. There are few of us whose ancestors came here in the C18th or early C19th who do not have some ‘aboriginal’ ancestors as well (though the records may be lost in time). Della and I certainly each have at least one such ‘dark horse’ in our family tree, as well as the odd Jew, gypsy, whatever – but that is all the past. What is important is the glorious egalitarian future which awaits all Australians whenever and wherever they came from: https://spectator.com.au/2022/10/unfair-dinkum-history/

07/10/2022: Be Prepared: 'A word to the wise is enough'. Unfortunately for most people 'a word' is not enough. Every year world-wide tens of thousands of poorly prepared people disappear or meet their end in the back country when they should have just been having fun, admiring the view of that far horizon, peering around the river's bend to see what's there and  breathing that clear cool air deeply. I hope I can prevent a few such unfortunate events. Read More: https://www.theultralighthiker.com/2022/10/05/be-prepared/

07/10/2022: Men’s Lib Anyone? Yes, we have a problem, eg “We also need a national recruitment drive for male teachers. Boys do better in schools with more men at the front of the classroom, especially in subjects like English. But men account for a shrinking share of the teaching profession: just 24%, down from 33% in the 1980s. In elementary schools, only 11% are men. And in the earliest years, men are virtually invisible. Just 3% of kindergarten teachers are men, which is about half the share of women flying military airplanes. Men, our schools need you.” : https://nypost.com/2022/10/01/why-us-boys-are-failing-at-schooland-men-are-losing-in-life/


07/10/2022: Hard to believe this guy (and Lomberg) used to be the enemy: https://www.amazon.com.au/Apocalypse-Never-Environmental-Alarmism-Hurts-ebook/dp/B07Y8FHFQ7?asin=B07Y8FHFQ7&revisionId=8daa18d4&format=1&depth=1

07/10/2022: Whatever happened to the notion of ‘treason’? https://www.advanceaustralia.org.au/if_you_chose_isis_you_are_no_longer_australian

06/10/2022: Might be nice if you like cruising: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EouzzYmXyhA&t=3621s


06/10/2022: Is there hope? “This is a classic case of the slowly boiling frog. We are frogs slowly boiling as we speak.  It is the fate that the great economist Friedrich Hayek warned us of in his best seller of the 1940s, The Road to Serfdom.  He argued that totalitarianism can creep up by stealth and not only through revolution. Benign innovations like the welfare state turn, over time, into freedom-destroying, socialist disasters that no one, despite being in democratic systems, voted for.  Hence, we get stuck with failed education systems that peddle propaganda and sideline parents, we get stuck with paying for subsidies to windfarms and solar panels, we get woked to death at every turn, we get abortion and euthanasia, we get COVID tyranny and discrimination.  We get rule by experts that none of us have ever heard of, and who are, in any case, seldom expert at anything except controlling us.  Oh, and we get mass immigration that has never, ever been debated on the hustings and for which nobody had a mandate.  We get the Voice, despite Albo’s getting only 31 per cent of the primary vote — about the same as the alt-parties combined. So, we get the Voice but we don’t have a voice… we now inhabit a world where our rights are reduced to nought and the values that we still cherish and which substantial majorities of our fellow citizens once did too, are now minority views scorned by loud voices across the system.  The duty to fight against the tyrannies that we have had foist upon us is more important than ever.  And the uphill battle has taken on a steepness that will be uncongenial to most of us”. Things look bad, but maybe start ‘turning up’. At least get out there and vote for the Lib Dems, One Nation, UAP, Freedom Party & etc. Let’s show Andrews and Guy that we don’t want either of them: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/qed/2022/10/the-duty-to-make-a-stand-and-fight/


06/10/2022: And you thought you could keep foxes (not to mention ‘the yellow peril’) out of Oz: https://phys.org/news/2022-09-pacific-ocean-world-supercontinent.html


06/10/2022: If they did it once then they likely did it twice: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/10/flashback-cia-sabotaged-soviet-pipeline-europe-1982-us-software-caused-massive-explosion-siberian-pipeline-seen-space/


05/10/2022: Outback Boats: A New Way to Travel to the Waitutu Lodge (and elsewhere): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN38JuNup8Y You can buy one of your own. Imagine the places you could go. I can think of many such here in Gippsland too but probably they are illegal here like most things: http://www.outbackboats.nz/ Can’t wait to get back to the South Coast Track myself. Next year Jerusalem! See Also: South Coast Track New Zealand



05/10/2022: A great business plan for the next gun amnesty: https://www.wktv.com/news/local/man-claims-he-was-paid-21-000-for-3d-printed-guns-at-new-york-ags/article_8e3be6fc-3eac-11ed-976b-7399515a1395.html


05/10/2022: A Compendium of Climate Lies: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1576596964447203330.html


05/10/2022: Thanks Dan: Another $600 million down the drain: https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2022/10/victorias-white-elephant-covid-quarantine-camp-officially-granted-white-elephant-status.html 


04/10/2022: Do you think I was wrong in 2012 when I wrote this: “So, the Reserve Bank is still playing fast and loose with our money: as if Capital was so easy to come by - instead of taking a lifetime of hard work and saving. At current levels the reserve bank's rates barely (if at all) keep pace with inflation leaving savers with no income from their hard-earned money. On the other side of the ledger the punters who want to further leverage their outlandish Macmansions are encouraged to do so to the detriment of those who in the current real estate climate can't afford housing at all and have to continue to live with their parents and grandparents: I know several 'middle class' families of Sydneysiders (all hard workers) who are sharing three generation housing. Higher interest rates would advantage savers (including those saving for a home) and force the outrageous price of housing downwards. It would take probably twenty years of interest rates above 10% to force house prices down to the more modest American level. Question: Why does it cost several times more today to create a block of land and a house than it did thirty or fifty years ago? Where are the benefits to housing of productivity growth and labour saving machinery? In the 1950's, 60's and early 70's a father could afford to be the only wage earner and support a wife and two children whilst paying off a house and car. What happened to that Australian dream? Even though we have had reasonable income all our lives with both of us working and contributing, we have only managed to pay off a modest house (about half the value of a house in Sydney) and we built every bit of it with our own hands - even the bricks it is made from. The people running this economy are fools, swindlers or both!


04/10/2022: Perrottet gets worse and worse. Today he suggested draconian penalties against folk who (perfectly rightly) objected to racist ‘welcome to country’ nonsense at the footie. Let’s just have one country for all without any of this ‘race’ b------t, please! Somehow this has now been suppressed into a news item about maybe one person giving what might have been a Nazi salute and might just have been an awkward hand gesture too. Perrottet’s love of racism is just dreadful. First we have a divisive and frankly offensive flag replacing the NSW flag on the Harbour Bridge (as if someone else built that icon) then the news that he will be handing over all the land in National Parks to a certain race, now this threat to gaol or permanently ban anyone who objects to his racist politics. What next? White slavery anyone? As if this was not already the case when you consider the huge percentage of his beloved ‘folks of colour’ who are ‘welfare dependent’. Who is doing their work for them (or paying their land rates) then? (Of course the way immigration has been going it will be other ‘people of colour’). We must just have one country, equality of all, everyone standing on their own two feet, supporting themselves without any blame games or weak claims of victimhood.


04/10/2022: In case you wonder why the Left want us to move over to electronic voting systems…You should have little doubt who Google (or Goolag as you might prefer to call it) wants to win:  https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/10/biggest-victory-patriots-history-brazil-despite-massive-fraud/


04/10/2022: ‘Lies, damned lies and statistics’. Imagine being able to completely explain away the fact that women outlive men by seven years: https://scitechdaily.com/scientists-find-that-men-have-a-high-probability-of-outliving-women/


03/10/2022: When life goes wrong: https://stoneageherbalist.substack.com/p/the-tale-of-richard-hoskins-a-life


03/10/2022: More Nigerian school-women rescued from terrorists: https://www.wnd.com/2022/09/schoolgirls-found-alive-8-years-notorious-kidnapping-case/


03/10/2022: We own the science; we own the truth – even if it is demonstrably wrong: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/10/we-own-the-science-brags-un-chief-who-works-with-google-to-suppress-climate-skeptics/


02/10/2022: Best strategies for longevity: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2022-09-older-adults-factors.html


02/10/2022: Beware: “The Voice is a move to create new constitutional entitlements by stealth. It would jettison the principle that, no matter when they or their ancestors arrived here, all Australians are equal. If it is successful, the real victims will be the majority of Australian voters who will find their country’s long-standing political commitment to egalitarianism and a fair go has been emasculated behind their back.” Giving away our National Parks and other public lands (now 60% of the country) is just creating a new hereditary ‘nobility’ this time based on supposed ‘race’ but which is not subject to the same laws as the rest of us, eg no need to pay rates or lose property because of unpaid rates. We have spent literally centuries getting rid of such evils:



02/10/2022: The green movement wants to take food production back to the Middle Ages (and population with it): https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/09/29/climate-activists-attacking-fertiliser-use-food-mass-production/


02/10/2022: 140,000 clearly fake votes found in just one county in Arizona (a state which Trump ‘lost’ by <10,000 votes) is just the tip of the iceberg of voter fraud and a stolen election: https://uncoverdc.com/2022/09/27/jovan-hutton-pulitzer-election-day-ballots-may-have-been-inserted-in-maricopa-county/


01/10/2022: So, what’s ahead? “Half a generation of traumatic experiences will eventually make firm rules of monetary stability acceptable. This time round they will have to be strictly and consistently enforced. In most nations, it will be necessary to cut back the burdens of government, although international conflicts will impose unavoidable new costs. And it will require courageous politicians who permit as much competition in capital, labour and product markets as it takes to produce a rise in entrepreneurial creativity. Nonetheless, the core elements of the 1980s recovery—stable money, smaller government, freer markets—and the political courage to oppose particular interests will again have to become the policy priorities if the huge task ahead is to be resolved.” https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2022/09/the-arduous-path-back-to-stability-and-growth/


01/10/2022: NSW introduces apartheid. Horrifying. This nonsense (evil) must end: https://www.spectator.com.au/2022/09/paying-the-rent-with-our-national-parks/


01/10/2022: Surely you just can’t vote for a mass murderer (Andrews) no matter how bad the opposition – but now there are other alternatives. (One Nation, Freedom Party, UAP, etc) The likes of Andrews are presiding over daily deaths from covid sometimes of hundreds of people due almost solely to their refusal to implement cheap sensible prevention and treatment options which others succeeded with. Compare the Daily Deaths – and think about who is responsible here: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/india/ & https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/australia/


30/09/2022: Should we live a riskier existence – an interesting perspective: https://www.city-journal.org/bring-back-risk?utm_source=pocket_mylist


30/09/2022: At least Liz Truss is having a go at economic reform. It is a better direction anyway than ‘more socialism’ which seems to be the default position elsewhere: https://www.afr.com/policy/foreign-affairs/trussonomics-revolutionises-the-tax-debt-growth-conversation-20220922-p5bk2h?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=nc&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR3T7qwzQhKTiklmlCYpFokFL61sySOlpAOHhcbQy9ySKJzElZGhTist55o#Echobox=1664080310


30/09/2022: The climate models are just so bad – you would not want to bet your hard-earned on them: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/09/climate-models-not-good-enough-to-invest-my-superannuation-in-says-modeler-prof-andy-pitman/


30/09/2022: This was a typical ‘first nations’ and victimhood scam: https://www.commonsense.news/p/the-great-canadian-mass-graves-hoax


29/09/2022: This is a profound and important essay. For example, “The self cannot bear such a heavy burden as creating its own happiness. Vitz pointed out that disengaging from institutional legacies reduces the sense of resilience, of drawing from the wisdom of the past, of being connected to others. It creates harm in attacking our respect for rational thought, in our understanding of objective reality, which ties in well with the critical theorists’ undermining of Western thought itself.” https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2022/09/the-psychologist-who-resisted-the-cultural-onslaught/


29/09/2022: What an evil witch this woman is. (Hopefully she is soon to be gone): https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2022/09/ardern-tells-un-internet-freedom-is-a-weapon-of-war.html


29/09/2022: “In a unsettled world, countries which don’t have energy security don’t have any security at all”. Can I remind you that we import most of our transport fuel and that ‘reserves’ are only about three weeks. Small modular (nuclear) reactors make more strategic sense than big energy projects: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/09/as-underwater-gas-pipes-explode-ponder-that-a-third-of-uk-gas-comes-from-an-underwater-pipe/


29/09/2022: Meanwhile, Congratulations Australia you are already at ‘net zero’: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/doomed-planet/2022/09/congratulations-australia-youre-already-at-net-zero/


28/09/2022: One Pacific island which is definitely not shrinking: https://www.news.com.au/technology/environment/natural-wonders/new-island-discovered-in-pacific-ocean-after-tonga-underwater-volcano-eruption/news-story/2168f014f4b7f78efb2492f1b8a73cfa


28/09/2022: Someone blew up the two Nordstream gas pipeleines ensuring Europe will freeze this winter, but who? Could it really be Biden who threatened to do so: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/09/nordstream-gas-pipeline-apparently-sabotaged-explosions-and-three-huge-leaks/ & https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/09/analysis-nord-stream-pipelines-sabotaged-one-country-benefits/


28/09/2022: The new Italian leader seems to be a breath of fresh air – likewise the new Swedish one. The times they are a’changing: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/09/giorgia-meloni-italy-without-roots-and-an-identity-you-are-a-slave-the-perfect-consumer/


28/09/2022: How China is destroying the West: https://dailycaller.com/2022/09/24/opinion-china-is-laughing-at-us-bastasch/


27/09/2022: It is not just our family of Joneses which arose from this Ely swamp: http://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/65203


27/09/2022: Clearly people were right to be concerned about the MRNA vaccine. Its adverse effects have proved to be worse than any other medical treatment in history: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/09/we-should-stop-all-covid-vaccinations-says-uk-cardiac-surgeon-who-once-promoted-them/


27/09/2022: Lots of Russians clearly do not support Putin’s war on Ukraine: https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2022/09/26/total-chaos-russian-mobilization-exodus-accelerates-amid-border-closure-rumors-a78894


27/09/2022: Hard to believe. Sad I can’t apply: https://chaninicholas.com/careers/


26/09/2022: Astonishing images from Jupiter: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-11238745/NASAs-Juno-probe-snaps-stunning-photo-Jupiters-clouds-look-like-frosting-cupcake.html


26/09/2022: Who knew? “According to scientists measuring cumulative energy demand (CED), production of the average lithium-ion battery uses three times more electrical energy compared to a generic battery.” So, what happens when the grid collapses? https://newcatallaxy.blog/2022/09/25/rafes-roundup-25-sept/


26/09/2022: The EU is the biggest economy in the world yet their fertilizer production is down 70%. We are going into a very lean time for the world’s food production: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/09/just-like-that-european-fertilizer-production-down-70/


25/09/2022: Very well done: https://www.fieldandstream.com/fishing/kayak-angler-catches-marlin-hawaii/


25/09/2022: Back from the dead: https://www.ancient-origins.net/news-history-archaeology/ancient-aphrodisiac-0017316


25/09/2022: Just when I got a new Knee: https://newatlas.com/medical/moximed-misha-shock-absorber-knee-implant/


25/09/2022: Two brothers who couldn’t be less alike. Your remember the rabid commie and anti-Semite Jeremy? Well here’s his brother Piers the climate sceptic:  https://www.zerohedge.com/weather/nothing-do-man-astrophysicist-says-climate-cultists-are-gravy-train-make-money


24/09/2022: It begins, maybe…Big news breaking in China: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/rumors-of-military-coup-in-china-claim-xi-under-house-arrest/


24/09/2022: Just have to hope my wife, Della does not join Peta. Not much risk of that though I suspect: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/09/peta-calls-for-female-sex-strike-to-save-the-planet-from-storms-caused-by-steak-and-sausages/


24/09/2022: Can anything save Victoria? Guy has to go so that Dan can go too. Guy’s Libs are trailing Andrews’ Labor by 12% in the polls and the state has $170 billion of debt which we will have extreme difficulty financing in future. Don’t believe any spending promises. They will have to be broken. And unless something drastic is done we will run out of electricity and gas.: https://spectator.com.au/2022/09/victorian-politics-a-desolate-landscape/


24/09/2022: Our society cannot survive renewable energy – the wind droughts will kill it: https://newcatallaxy.blog/2022/09/22/not-enough-oats-in-the-european-power-supply/


24/09/2022: Wow! Covid vaccines have been shown to be 98 times worse than the disease itself in young adults: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/09/ethically-unjustifiable-new-harvard-johns-hopkins-study-found-covid-19-vaccines-98-times-worse-disease/


But doctors may not warn you: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/09/vaccine-news-is-so-good-that-california-state-bans-doctors-from-saying-what-they-think/


23/09/2022: How to scan and share old print photos with your phone. Maybe this is a solution? Get the App 'PhotoScan by Google Photos' from the Google Play Store. The App takes several photos of the original and puts them together, finds the edges corrects them & etc. Scan the photos during the daylight maybe on the verandah. You don't want reflected light from an overhead lamp etc. If you have a decent phone camera this will make a beautiful photo in seconds. You will probably have to save it to Google drive and share it from there eg by email. It works: https://www.google.com/photos/scan/


23/09/2022: Just a year ago really: Western civilization is sliding off the cliff, and most people in the western world aren't even aware of that…Do you think there's any chance of getting Taliban